Sunday, February 17, 2008


Independence is achieved through the constant search for oneself. In todays world people seem to be thrown by the simple and wallow in the complex. A source to lean on when beginning your journey to the 5th dimension, is simply you! I believe the mind to be the most phenomenal source library to exist. Having the confidence to believe that your mind is capable of imaginative beliefs would be an awesome start toward your own independence. Each of us was given the most incredible gift, a gift that was free of charge, from whom, I suppose, is a debate I would rather not join. But, we were all given a mind with the ability to have the freedom of thought. With this one gift so much of our everyday concerns can be sorted through, which can bring such peace to our minds when we are successful. On those days, where we have achieved our own peaceful and serene tranquility ourselves, I believe, at least for myself, there is nothing I cannot do. I feel like an enormous volcano bursting forth with molten rock as the explosive heat of my core. I feel as if I am liquid nitrogen and I will rocket to unknown places. To feel the burn of such fiery energy consume my every cell and ignite all that I am in one single explosive ride. At those moments, my mind, my thought, my heart and my soul join as one with my imagination and journey begins. I cherish this most of all because when this happens, I have never left the confines of my own being, or have I? This question and the ability to not have to prove or show anyone any of this, other than believing myself while having the exhilarating ride is what Independence is to me.

Karen Anastasia Placek