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The Secret of the Universe is Choice

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  • Eh IM Radio!!

    Posted:2015-12-15 08:39:24 UTC-08:00

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    night the Hour to the Signs of beep Beep,
    the delivery taken at the front back of a soar as the voices echo sew to does the Floor.

    Now on the drive path to down on the rose,
    what are the lines for the divide at a free Way on Hi wais and Tore??,
    is the answering of tell a phonics flutes plight Viola??,
    Rust in the glass Mug handle as look at the Rug??,
    Tommy Tippy is a Cup on the Lanes,
    clocks in the hold becoming Feather & Crane??,
    Sheet Rock??,
    ply would than enhance at Ferns on the Lodge,
    how is the Crust in Earth just a shale should the Caves be on painted and the Springs are of reined??

  • There Was A Time . . . .

    Posted:2015-12-15 08:07:48 UTC-08:00

    Duck and Cover (film)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For other uses, see Duck and cover (disambiguation).
    Duck and Cover
    Theatrical release poster
    Directed byAnthony Rizzo
    Written byRaymond J. Mauer
    Narrated byRobert Middleton
    Distributed byArcher Productions
    Release dates
    • 1951
    Running time
    9 min 15 sec
    CountryUnited States
    Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterized as propaganda.[1][2] Film production started in 1951 and it gained its first public screening in January 1952 during the era after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing in1949 and the Korean War (1950–53) was in full swing.
    Funded by the US Federal Civil Defense Administration, it was written by Raymond J. Mauer, directed by Anthony Rizzo of Archer Productions, narrated by actor Robert Middleton and made with the help of schoolchildren from New York City and AstoriaNew York.
    It was shown in schools as the cornerstone of the government's "duck and cover" public awareness campaign, being aired to generations of United States school children from the early 1950s until 1991,[citation needed] which marked the end of the Cold War.
    The US government contracted with Archer to produce Duck and Cover. The film is now in the public domain, and as such is widely available through Internet sources such as YouTube,[3] as well as on DVD.

    Plot summary[edit]

    The film starts with an animated sequence, showing an anthropomorphic turtle walking down a road, while picking up a flower and smelling it. A chorus sings the Duck and Cover theme:
    There was a turtle by the name of Bert
    and Bert the turtle was very alert;
    when danger threatened him he never got hurt
    he knew just what to do...
    He'd duck! [gasp]
    And cover!
    Duck! [gasp]
    And cover! (male) He did what we all must learn to do
    (male) You (female) And you (male) And you (deeper male) And you!'
    [bang, gasp] Duck, and cover!'

    The significant scene before Bert ducks and covers.
    While this goes on, Bert is attacked by a monkey holding a string from which hangs a lit stick of dynamite. Bert ducks into his shell in the nick of time, as the dynamite goes off and blows up both the monkey and the tree in which he is sitting. Bert, however, is shown perfectly safe, because he has ducked and covered.
    The film, which is about 10 minutes long, then switches to live footage, as narrator Middleton explains what children should do "when you see the flash" of an atomic bomb. The movie goes on to suggest that by ducking down low in the event of a nuclear explosion, the children would be safer than they would be standing, and explains some basic survival tactics for nuclear war.
    The last scene of the film returns to animation in which Bert the Turtle (voiced by Carl Ritchie) summarily asks what everybody should do in the event of an atomic bomb flash and is given the correct answer by a group of unseen children.


    After nuclear weapons were developed (the first having been developed during the Manhattan Project during World War II), it was realized what kind of danger they posed. The United States held a nuclear monopoly from the end of World War II until 1949, when the Soviets detonated their first nuclear device.
    This signaled the beginning of the nuclear stage of the Cold War, and as a result, strategies for survival were thought out. Fallout shelters, both private and public, were built, but the government still viewed it as necessary to explain to citizens both the danger of the atomic (and later, hydrogen) bombs, and to give them some sort of training so that they would be prepared to act in the event of a nuclear strike.
    The solution was the duck and cover campaign, of which Duck and Cover was an integral part. Shelters were built, drills were held in towns and schools, and the film was shown to schoolchildren. According to the United States Library of Congress (which declared the film "historically significant" and inducted it for preservation into the National Film Registry in 2004), it "was seen by millions of schoolchildren in the 1950s."

    Other media[edit]

    The song Bert the Turtle (Duck and Cover), performed by Dick Baker, was released as a commercial recording by Coral Records and accompanied by a color campaign pamphlet. It sold 3 million copies.[4]

    Accuracy and usefulness[edit]

    File:Operation Castle - Nectar - Detonation.ogv
    Test shot Nectar of Operation Castleproduced a yield of 1.69 megatons. Note the distinctive near instantaneousdouble flash, with the second being brighter than the sun, and the blast wave slowly, by comparison, spreading out turning the calm Elugelab ocean water a frothy white as it passes. The maximum average nuclear fireballradius is approximately 1.3 to 1.5 km (0.81 to 0.93 mi).[5] The outdoor blast and thermal burn LD50s would be 8 and 12 km respectively.[5][6] Assuming personnel did not take any prompt countermeasures.
    See also: Duck and cover
    Historians and the public have generally sought to dismiss civil defense advice as mere propaganda. This is despite detailed scientific research programs laying behind the much-mocked UK government civil defense pamphlets of the 1950s and 1960s, including the advice to promptly duck and cover.[7] The advice to duck and cover has made a resurgence in recent years with new scientific evidence to support it.[8]
    While this (or any) tactic would be useless for someone at ground zero during a surface burst nuclear explosion, it would be beneficial to the vast majority of people who are positioned away from the blast hypocenter: both the thermal pulse of some weapons and the shrapnel from all weapons (particularly from shattered windows)[9] could be evaded, at least in part. In particular, higher yield thermonuclear weapons have thermal pulses which last for several seconds.[10] By promptly putting something between yourself and the fireball during these crucial couple of seconds, you could avoid or reduce the severity of the burns you would have otherwise received. For those not at ground zero, like a shortened version of the delay between lightning and thunder, there would be a delay between the flash (indicating the need to duck and cover) and the arrival of the blast wave, which will shatter windows turning non-safety glass into missile-like shards, and cause other blast or impact injuries.
    To highlight the effect that being indoors can make, despite the lethal radiation & blast zone extending well past her position at Hiroshima,[11] Akiko Takakura survived the effects of a 16 kt atomic bomb at a distance of 300 meters from the hypocenter, with only minor injuries, due in most part to her position in the lobby of the bank of Japan, a reinforced concrete building, at the time of the nuclear explosion.[12][13] In contrast, the unknown person sitting outside, fully exposed, on the steps of the Sumitomo bank, next door to the bank of Japan, received third-degree burns and was then likely killed by the blast, in that order, within 2 seconds.[14]
    The advice to cover one's head with anything available, like the picnic blanket and newspaper used by the family in the film, may seem absurd at first when one considers the capabilities of a nuclear weapon, but even a thin barrier such as cloth can reduce the severity of burns on the skin from the thermal radiation – which is light rays in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared range, and it is this combination of light rays that delivers the burning energy to exposed skin areas;[15] this burning thermal energy would be experienced by people within range for several seconds after the explosion.[16] A photograph taken about 1.3 km from the epicenter of the Hiroshima bomb explosion showed that even leaves from a nearby shrub protected a wooden telephone pole from charring discoloration due to thermal radiation, while the rest of the telephone pole not under the protection of the leaves was charred almost completely black.[17]
    Depending on the yield and distance from the explosion the burst of ionizing radiation from the fireball would arrive at an observer's position at the same time as the light flash, leaving the observer little to no time to find cover from this aspect of a nuclear detonation, but subsequently some of this radiation is absorbed and re-emitted by heated fireball air molecules at lower wavelengths, so harmful ionizing radiation may continue for up to a minute during which time ducking and covering would go some way in limiting one's exposure.[15]
    One of the most common criticisms of duck and cover encountered is the opinion that prompt ionizing radiation effects would still kill those who duck and cover, regardless of any preventive measures taken. However this is generally incorrect when any nuclear weapon more powerful than 10–30 kilotons is detonated, and even in that case, if the person is indoors the absorbed radiation dose is again not life-threatening.[13] For example, despite the film not being made in the era of megaton-range weapons, for exposed individuals taking no preventive countermeasures the range of harmful ionising radiation effects stays within a circle of radius 2–3 km from ground zero during airbursts of 1 megaton in yield, yet the blast range that would be expected to be lethal to 50% of people is 7.5 km, and the range of thermal effects lethal to 50% of people stretching out to 11 km from ground zero.[18] Naturally, within this 3 km range from a 1-megaton airburst, the fatality rate would be near total for those caught in the open from the extreme blast pressure alone, before any potential radiation sickness could begin.[19]
    However, for one caught in the open outside this ~3-kilometer radius from ground zero from a 1-megaton weapon, ducking and covering would drastically increase one's chance of survival, as at this range the radiation hazard is near zero, whereas that from the blast is a chance of 50% fatality at a ~7.5 km range and that of thermal effects 11 km.[18]
    If someone was caught in the open, and by surprise, by the same 1-megaton weapon detonation, but ducked and covered in 2 seconds time from first noticing the moment of flash, then that person would have prevented themselves from being exposed to the full brunt of the 1-megaton explosion's thermal energy; instead, approximately 55% of the explosion's total thermal flash energy would have been absorbed over these 2 seconds.[20] In this example, as there is now a 45% reduction in the amount of heat experienced by one ducking and covering, the median lethal thermal range from this 1-megaton weapon can now be more accurately described as equivalent to absorbing the entire flash energy from a 0.55 Mt or 550 kt weapon, if one ducks and covers in 2 seconds.
    Henceforth, one's chance of survival at 11 km goes from the previous 50% chance of death if they just stood there, gazing at the 1-megaton fireball as it emits all its energy over tens of seconds, to now a mere sunburn, or a 1st-degree burn injury on exposed skin. With the 50% lethal thermal range being thus downrated to being equivalent to a 550 kt explosion, the 50% lethal thermal radius goes from the previous 11 km without ducking and covering to ~7 km with prompt duck and covering within 2 seconds.[18] One can think of this as going from a scenario were before the majority of people caught in the open, who just stood there staring at the fireball out to a radius of 11 km would probably die from lethal 3rd-degree burns on their unclothed skin, to a scenario now were instead the vast majority of people who 'duck and cover' from 7 km out to 11 km would remain alive, with generally non life-threatening 1st-degree burns & 2nd-degree burns over their exposed skin, with the burn severity naturally depending on their range from the explosion.
    Finally, it must be noted that all the lethal ranges given in the referenced graphs, and when discussing the range of Effects of nuclear explosions in general, one must keep in mind what is presented is the most pessimistic of weapon effects ranges. As the scaling laws these tables and graphs were derived from assume a simplistic flat terrain with no intervening skyscrapers or other objects that would attenuate the blast and provide shadowing from the thermal effects. When real world city terrain topography is included in these weapon effects calculations the lethal ranges are downgraded considerably.[21]
    According to the 1946 book Hiroshima, in the days between the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs in Japan, one Hiroshima policeman went to Nagasaki to teach police about ducking after the atomic flash. As a result of this timely warning, not a single Nagasaki policeman died in the initial blast. This allowed more surviving Nagasaki police to organize relief efforts than in Hiroshima. Unfortunately, the general population was not warned of the heat/blast danger following an atomic flash because of the bomb’s unknown nature. Many people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki died while searching the skies for the source of the brilliant flash.
    Recent scientific analysis has largely supported the general idea of sheltering indoors in response to a nuclear explosion.[8][22] Staying indoors can offer protection both from the initial blast as well as the following radioactive fallout that accumulates during the aftermath. Additionally, such a response would leave roads clear for emergency vehicles to access the area. This is termed the Shelter in place protocol, and together with emergency evacuation advice, they are the two countermeasures to take when the direct effects of nuclear explosions are no longer life-threatening and the need for protective shielding from coming in contact with nuclear weapon debris/fallout in the aftermath of the explosion, begins to become a concern.
    There is controversy from some people[who?] regarding the actual usefulness of the film. Although it does have counterparts in other countries, such as the British Protect and Survive. Despite this, it is regarded by Amy Lutrell as possibly being an American red scare political tool, to make children frightened of the Soviet Union and communism.[23]

    Historical context[edit]

    File:Operation Teapot test.ogg
    Video of shot MET (Military Effects Test) of Operation Teapot, fired on 15 April 1955, with a yield of 22 kilotons, typical of the yield of nuclear weapons when the film was first shown and approximately of the same yield andheight of burst as the Fat Man bomb detonated over the city of Nagasaki in 1945.
    The United States' monopoly on nuclear weapons was broken by the Soviet Union in 1949 when it tested its first nuclear explosive (Joe-1), and with this many in the US government and public perceived that the nation was more vulnerable than it had ever been before. Duck-and-cover exercises quickly became a part of Civil Defense drills that every American citizen, from children to the elderly, practiced to be ready in the event of nuclear war. In 1950, during the first big Civil Defense push of the Cold War and coinciding with the Alert America! initiative to educate Americans on nuclear preparedness;[24] The adult-orientated Survival Under Atomic Attack was published and contains "duck and Cover" or more accurately, cover-and-then-duck advice without using those specific terms in its Six Survival Secrets For Atomic Attacks section. 1. Try To Get Shielded 2.Drop Flat On Ground Or Floor 3. Bury Your Face In Your Arms("crook of your elbow").[25] The child-orientated Duck and Cover (film) was produced a year later by the Federal Civil Defense Administration in 1951.

    The adult-orientated Survival Under Atomic Attack issued in 1950, pre-dated the release of "Duck and Cover" in 1951-52.
    Education efforts on the effects of nuclear weapons proceeded with stops-and-starts in the US due to competing alternatives. In a once classified, 1950s era, US war game that looked at varying levels of war escalation, warning and pre-emptive attacks in the late 1950s early 1960s, it was estimated that approximately 27 million US citizens would have been saved with civil defense education.[26] At the time however the cost of a full scale civil defense program was regarded as lesser in effectiveness, in cost-benefit analysis than a ballistic missile defense(Nike Zeus) system, and as the Soviet adversary was believed to be rapidly increasing their nuclear stockpile, the efficacyof both would begin to enter a diminishing returns trend.[27] When more became known about the cost and limitations of the Nike Zeussystem, in the early 1960s the head of the department of defense determined once again that fallout shelters would save more Americans for far less money.[28]
    The production of the Duck and Cover film in 1951 by the Federal Civil Defense Administration occurred during the height of theKorean War (1950-1953), and coincided with the first Desert Rock exercises in the Nevada desert which were designed to familiarize the US military with fighting alongside battlefield nuclear weapons, as it was feared that a resolution to the Korean War might need the theatre of operations to first expand across the border into the Peoples Republic of China and require nuclear weapons to end it.
    The film was also produced at least one year before the first "hydrogen bomb" or megaton range explosive device was demonstrated to be possible, with test shot Ivy Mike in 1952. At least four years before the first true "hydrogen bomb" of the Soviet Union (USSR), the RDS-37, on November 22, 1955, which yielded 1.6 megatons. About 6 years before the first successful test launch of the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the Soviet Union's R-7 in 1957, up until this time strategic bombers were not but one of the three strategic nuclear triad delivery systems of the modern era but the sole intercontinental nuclear weapon delivery systemcapable of reaching the USA from the Soviet Union and vice versa.
    Before advances in precision guided munitions and physics package miniaturization, "city busting"[29] or countervalue targeting, was a more likely nuclear war scenario, as effective counterforce warfare with nuclear weapons had yet to become all that conceivable, with the potential exceptions of being used in roles where a low degree of accuracy would not result in a waste of a bomb, such as destroying large "rear area" military bases,[30] aircraft carriers, Communist human wave attacksmassive mine fields in trench warfare (which was what the Korean War escalated into), radiological area denial and used at night prior to a frontal assault in the hopes of inducing widespread enemy troop flash blindness. Practically all other counterforce uses of this eras nuclear weapons would be ineffective due to force dispersal, weather factors, poor munition accuracy and the unwieldy physics packages of the nuclear weapons of the era, making them generally unfit for the mobile battlefield.[31][32][33] Therefore, making it likely that combatants who have escalated to the point of contemplating nuclear exchanges, would use their nuclear weapons on immobile and valuable targets, such as the war supporting infrastructure of cities.
    It is now estimated that it was not until after 1957 that the USSR attained more than about 50 nuclear munitions in its nuclear weapons arsenal.[34][35] Almost all of this stockpile was likely designed to be air dropped by the Myasishchev M-4[36] and Tupolev Tu-4 bombers as strategic nuclear weapons on US and West European NATO cities respectively. As large numbers of small true tactical nuclear weapons only began to seriously populate the USSR's stockpile in the 1970s and beyond.

    Appearance in other media[edit]

    The 1999 feature film, The Iron Giant, set in 1957, features a social guidance film-within-a-film titled, Atomic Holocaust,[37] the style and tone of which parody the 1952 Duck and Cover film.[38] In another instance, near the end of the feature film, the villainous character suggests they duck and cover into a fallout shelter in response to an offshore nuclearSLBM Polaris missile being launched at their position by the USS Nautilus (SSN-571),[note 1] however all the other male adults in the vicinity claim that this would be of "no use", convincing bystanders and the young protagonist at the heart of the feature film to not attempt to evacuate to shelter.
    The Atomic Cafe is a satire documentary film which includes footage from the Duck and Cover film.
    The Cartoon Network "Groovies" Atom Ant short had audio clips from this film.
    The film is parodied in the 1997 South Park episode "Volcano".
    A sample of the lyrics, specifically, "Duck...and cover!", is featured in the opening seconds of the 2006 song "Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story" by the rap duo Jedi Mind Tricks.
    The 2015 film "Bridge of Spies" features a scene where school children watch the short film.
  • Whom Is Thee At Crow Bat While The In Tab^Lets Squirrel^Oles Grain??

    Posted:2015-12-14 12:19:40 UTC-08:00

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    Posted:2015-12-14 06:15:39 UTC-08:00

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  • The Disk Of An OB A List??

    Posted:2015-12-14 05:07:34 UTC-08:00

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  • What Is Vitamin 'D' In Eh Should The Math Add It Too All Sew Equals Thee Hem^Is^Fear??

    Posted:2015-12-14 05:03:57 UTC-08:00

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  • Posted:2015-12-13 15:33:29 UTC-08:00

    MOST POPULAR mark as read

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    Breaking newsFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaBreaking news, interchangeably termed latebreaking news and also known as a special report or news bulletin, is a current issue that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programming and/or current news in order to report its details. Its use is also assigned to the most significant story of the moment or a story that is being covered live. It could be a story that is simply of wide interest to viewers and has little impact otherwise.[1][2] Many times, breaking news is used after the news organization has already reported on
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    Drive In to the Movie Feast on this the days of trip lives,berth to the Act shin and grant that a lathe,in shingle to the At dress for the form to Informal grape,this harbor Jumps to the bounce on the bay Keep sheet??,really??Does the Mind boar to the Horn on the Thorough door,the Chute with a Shudder in a Term on Station at floor??,should the Heel be so Out exit that Internet junks the Seed,round
    Eff Eh Oh Ssh^Warts
    Sigh Burr MUN day to Call A duh is the Thanks for the trample on the Gift Hall a Brae,in that this is a driven to the Win^Tree on the Avenue in the Oak of a lo Mop,should the chart go to the Venue on the drive off A Last Call,I bank Cue.Ride my casual Cork to the bull a Tart,twinkle list with the Hard Wire stand,.creek that plow to the ankle on the snow Sale,it is the brought or more on the IM^por
    The Bat Told Bot A Pinch Hitter And Paved Right Off The In Are Eh At Date Clock Tax Field And Swing A Way!!
    Once Upon a Store Read the tree be Gained the furrow,the wrinkle Cold brow went to Hand and the Clock brought the bill,as that is on the Powder of bull Lets term in Press,sure the fry is on the bed Doom for that is Plaster per the lathe on Brain to mind in Came.Sew there It was the twinkle,sparkling on the sea,round Commercial Media the Frank In Cents Tomb myrrh of Course the Feed.Whisper kettle t
    Arm Strong & Get Tee @ Talk An Ten Nigh
    Just 'e' magazine to the computation of the words via a pencil on the type key of a wreath,is the an^Gore^uh on the fact or the friction of a fact shins pew of the Pull pit to a date Figurine,dollars on the Money Belt to zip Tide the chart to Anchor Chairs on Inn bee seas Propagation at slammed,hammering to the box as the posture on the shoulder,waited heavily to Ageless in the fixture of the Swit
    Chugger Would Hal Call It The Ha Why Ease
    Chew for Humanity has scattered the Dime for the roof on that platter of Dinner in the sigh,as the choice piece in the tender Loin it hath chosen to tribe in the text Tile on the spout sherd,as the staff rank is the inks on the Brain or the avenue of the conversation at in Ploy??,to conversation on the flours off the butter Is the disk a Brush to tip Out as the but stalk,to trough of soup the skul

    NOV 30

    Often is showing All sew does grate the IM port Tense on pay eh Tension,now dive to the Term on the Trail of a 'e' sanct...
    Often is showing All sew does grate the IM port Tense on pay eh Tension,now dive to the Term on the Trail of a 'e' sanction to the overlaid on language particle,does the decades drip with effort at the sharp of a drawl,than Texas this Owe ill to the burst of An Office in the Pad lock on a Twisted shutter,learn from the Sedan to the Ford with a Gerald to mark Well in court.For on the National Media

    NOV 29

    What Does The SS Mean Now Should Double Ewe To Scout Method Tax Eh Shin
    As should the lather Have had brought tuck Sweats the ankle is justly a Veal,the suck lean to this Answer is the World Countries on the Fills,tank the Names on the Operation of Congregate shun Ole,this would Than Sat it Fee,fie Fiddle,row the Bow to the Ship of that is Night a bridge!!Trans Fir to the Harness of Only Cent language as that is the Scrabble,Yet all the Perch Net,these Basque in the C
    What Is The Song Yank Key Due Dole Dandy Mache
    Hear in the heat of the drum on that puddle of the ear in the valley of a cent to coins meant,as the creek shells to the roll,stones on the touch of rock,in the strum.Speak a streak across the sky for the Crows spoke a mile,yes turned day to vocals on the special art of real tumblers,sharp to text as the worlds nestle of the bureau changes east to posture vest,simple raise to the eagle.The flags o

    NOV 28

    Should version Verse to scribe ET's as Entertainment Tonight as a forward back known gear,the staff of determined would enhance the Product Revolution as the description to pea,pods on the body sole as the Information hello to comprehend No that is not the compass at lark,it is as simple as the Subject particle to Put exploration to the Explanation of explaining explain.As Words or the Appropriati

    NOV 27

    Aye Eyes Taxing Thrush From The Chest Of The Green Ba^Rae
    Neet slow the glacier Hi is a Look,dam in that concert Tina,the bar duh wore on the double Aye all Caps To Numb burr letter V it Nam,the World on the down of a Quilted realm!!Storm Trust beached and that Canker is a Mirror hangnail on the Tides Ages a loud,center^Read on the Vittle??,why Snot to that bled on the ankle deep raise In the oars of seep,tank that to the ocean on what is refer,stitch to
    Cluck this Range weather to the locate Shin of a known on the pack of Trailer horses,well in the depth just Tickle chew ...
    Cluck this Range weather to the locate Shin of a known on the pack of Trailer horses,well in the depth just Tickle chew tongue with Measure on the pony of a Truck,Jimmy Doty  twas a Mid night Sky to this lecture of the Vats on this day boil,in Cist is the Name of the noun of a off Pup on Willy,jack russell this a Terrier on the ground Whole to state of Ankle on the Circle of a Hover.Venture with t
    How Do Ewes Spell Baler Twine On Field Dings Core
    Quantum stomach Mechanics is in usual named at the In test ton ole,found on thus in the Thee is a ball Ounce on skull to Scale a thought of Language lands,marking the A mount Ain't the version on the ankle elbow of an Arm in the wheat.To scour the Sail as that is the Scrub than the deck Land makes the Seal,or is that a Network of the Media on this bravo Method of Operation paper clip in the Speak,
    Web Feat
    Ankle this Fee Fie Fiddler on the Row`st,does the short of the stuck Scrabble::,word to Tack the Words on the graph,shell to the Clam at An oyster of a Grit,language with the Tadpole at Price is the Games of shift Tee to Shaft??,gears on that is the Field of Play in the World of the Roo's.A bounce on the root to Pocket pole of Rice can be of the Oat meal fish Worm,bale on the Wire of in turn Meant
    Grand Banks On The Nigh Ole Minute Timers Once The Hour Tide Knot IgG Cold
    Should I say read Tape than how would The world Pronounce the Word red,shell Accent divide on the conscience to file than is the Cab in Net a wire or the pong,ping in swimming a Radar shacks sound,to Audio flute the Trumpet swanning to Corn on a simple sail,is the fountain a breeze with Winds on a mechanical,Watch or the wrest of the Piano buy the based,true to song a Map out of strain,brine stain
    What Is Aye Cue
    Truth to the compass of the World with conversation touching the Product of elocution,establish the mint on the coin in the pocket process with added a box office charming tact to dial,as soap is of the brand grain on oat in the borrow to what is the task in of at itself.Score to the top of a lathes deny Once upon a story the 1960's flax seed to the pour vein,width the tram with a crib on the Thum

    NOV 25

    Now hour with I to the talk on the found at the hymn on a psalter to Proverb ankle on the shoulder,skate that tank to 2:...
    Now hour with I to the talk on the found at the hymn on a psalter to Proverb ankle on the shoulder,skate that tank to 2:8 with a sweeter bit on the roller of the copper,for that is the simple for pass tray on such digs is the note talk of only the brain on a breeze,for this is the Time of that story on the Tiers of what the fee shall call a dialers lead.Numbers to that darn on the yawn in the Lion

    NOV 24

    Po Lo!! In The Park
    Travel the shirts or call it simple the skins on the Hub bird of the talk,is the word on the line or in the fathom of the sync,of that is the notice to the time on that cent tree of coin to that fair ease purse,just Union Square on the learn,lens with I for the skate,its a Chinatown on the bowl lean of a Kodak phone,speak with the slacks as Tap,berth in the harbor of the pier,oh wow is the arms no
    Hoarses In California
    Market on that Friday to shell the Christmas with a boxing day,round to the wall of the dough wrapped with a ribbon on Fare,media dialing shops at the country for the daisy brain state,be sure to pi Lots for that is the gifting shape,did that lathe cobbler with a Whale of the spring on a Steel,or is the Tree in the trace a Delancey speak,why is on the Stop or is on the Halt or is it just a Stall,m
    Student League Of San Francisco Art Shows
    Wise is the lawn on the switch clover,to that is the core of this conversation,from to the for on that word in the fringe,of just putting touch the plates of can deed machine,drop soda Pop the cap with that piece on the street,back in the day of the Daisy gone spade,must be that Fifty to pick-up Jam,is it the push and the Pole or the teeter Taughter of the lot see,grain in the method of operation

    NOV 23

    As A Full Crumb
    The beautiful sight of so fortunate the base of such construction,this suspension bridge challenge was the tides,as the gate was thunder in the chart,at the raise of thought to what Men did is justly scene for as the Fact.These Wonders of the World have Skilled to Trace,reins on the decks have had amazing storied,that conversation Back in the day,work to the ocean on the field of play.So gracious
    Musk a Pop A Rot Sea Touch Just A Fie The 'eff' Flank To A Haunch From The Hocking On Act Chin Art Tips The Turk
    The Movie Box Office on the rid of the dollar to the Coin is sewn stair on the Ticket stick,why is the report of the Cash to hand not the Click eat Click to the Numbers prompt to a shoe,oh I know it must be the Case of library to engage a Stray speak to the Rounds of pizza on Cheese,for the Count is Duke to the Duck chest of a Feather light on the Value of what Skates the pop Corn be list.Transfer
    The Letter Is Not A Dressage Test Yet Includes The Act Of A Suspension To Transition Thus The Understanding Of The Body In And Of Its Wealth Tack Touching The Saddle Of Its Course On The Traveling Torque
    The singularity of the book to a corals fossil on the shells of hop skip Jump,that is the shine knee port of a shipping sort to File on the fry's of cheese,deep in the seat of Texas at a Fair in length ago the past place of a particular stop,as in the Circus the Racetrack or the local vernacular it is Normal to course Arena steer,it is the blessing or possible Funny on the Handle of what came via

    NOV 22

    This placement of the trace of a creek to the rivers mild on that burst of the seasons choice,as the midst of World sits...
    This placement of the trace of a creek to the rivers mild on that burst of the seasons choice,as the midst of World sits in with the tags to serve the pretty seat of Earth as a singing pleat,the dance on the waves is the scene of the sand on dials of shores,these simple whales that have an ocean to discuss the conversation of the salt in a puddles rein,from the base of the port to that beauty of a
    The Simplest Things Often Bring The Delivery A Roan
    However the missing piece is as found as the dial on this phones text is to the correction of a transition,the bell on the Tong of the salad toss with tomatoes and cucumber spread is indicative of gentlemen,the ankle to that Swallow on the Kettle of a whistle is nigh the at virtue on 'The Continue' as day,so is night to the hour of a calm at the door of an answer to the berth of the map is to take
    What Is The Defining Difference Between M&M's & Skittles Besides Location On The Shelf, The Taste Or The Preference??
    Drive this left turn to the known of a berth on a Harbor in reality of a throw,as the pen to the yard is tone what is the phone on the text ding,shale on the dirts grave is the tempo of this verse to that brain matter on design with a stew,making the method of operate to the film without the box of the office on the inks,just than the tune bravado Trumpets to the Turn^up of the double T on a perfe
    The Girth That Fits An English Saddle Is A Spurs Cinch Of Coffee At The Circle Y
    Stride with I on the balance of the Half-halt on the ride to a Course,is it the California Stall on the Barn in the Stability of the Only Earth on display,shall the Solar venture turn to the deep shore of what is a Wisdom to the Mountains strain,well on the rolling rocks touch the pebble of that storm to the Fire in the Flames of a day,nigh the shirt is the found in the pen of the Window of a eyes
    The Shoulders Carriage Is A Car Tunes Hand Shaking Clear Lead
    As all in the course of Humanity on the trace of a World on the verse are capable of understanding prose,the written letter to the Vent of the language has brought to a Front the perfection of label Record,on the groove is the sound to touchdown on the games of Mankind as the stereo typical swan,as the geese in the duck ponds on the heels of a quilt in the feather preen of a stitch to darn,in and
    The Spinning Wheel To^Days Date Is The Web To Package The Words Upon The Enter Nets Bronze Of Spine Knee Cactus
    Back to the cause of shoulder to the Tack of the bridle write,as platters to the herb on the cane is of the not a tree for sugar is cream of method taste,as the subject to the plant is of woven fiber to that rope around the nap thereby a shaws ice dish spatula,to discussion of the fee boils on the Vine to Wine barrels Mind it is the trap at easy lane to cork,the time on the line snots the wrapper

    NOV 21

    Vol. Cane Knows
    So on the heels of the riding approach a defining rogue am I,I will clarify a natural saddle to conversation back to a established record,Psalms to verse chapter on over Nine cast down at Ten to go for Ward three,than I shall Samuel that with Verse 5 chapter 7 to talk Proverb 8.In that it should open door Numbers Nine discussing the foundation off Revelations 10:12,ankle that close contact jump to
    Dining Room Drawing The Living Room As Tech Of The Stereo Effect All On That Turnip Sync
    As respond is also receipt the day of register is the able shed known as a Tool Room,the said of desk verses the difference finds that little cost to the speak is more's sole,to the 60's with the solvent as a gathering to conversation for the science of frictions bread,as the political shale does the stage doors ramp towards the echo back method on cents,what is of the value of a step back to stan
    Dye A Net Ticks Dime With A Simple Drop Line
    On mask the staple to the masquerade is the time on the stock to shield the salve,as the step to the sphere is of a World on grasp than back to the Tribe ole tune,as that is in addition the Shaman of this Country than Wares are the found did as the Drum lines Flute,whistle the Course as easy as shorts Once up Pawn a store reed now the Clarinet,for as the Instrument trumpets to the Horn of Sacks a
    Communication Is The Universe Ole Solve Hint
    Fantastic times on Honesty as what is of the Tracks,rail roads to carriage drives the flywheel of the start the engine guts,keys to drive the evergreens with trust on how its docked,this day of Trade touching wall streets Fair for reason now not Mirror dust,now on the Hour for the Minute the Handlers sing with Rust ticks theme,bringing tangles to a snare that even combs can't brush to trust.On the
    The Row Men Numeral Door Syncs At The Letter Of A Tend Shins Perking In Dust Trees Kodak At a Polaroids Snapshot
    Loving the Hall a days the Calendar and the call of the day after Thanks giving is sew Apropos,the answering to that thorough track of saying the braves on the Football of easy lingo March,as that is Cause stick the Voice in And on the X Factor as the National Media scopes the Numbers sigh,to engage on the Painted Horses as the Wall Market is the Streets on the where does Wall dough a Tweet,the bi
    Off The Reservation Its A Dime
    As the every detail on the religion to day is the practice of the vision of the reach,that putting is the deed to a Pew pull to Map other at the base of just a Joint,to the speed of which is the IRS on the note touch Dawn,as the 1960's rule of thumb was what is good for the Goose is better for the Gander,that leaves the porch of Stool lee the Part to Engine on simply spreads of Stun,as in the matt
    Tick Tack Dough
    Sew lets sea the thanks giving day per raid on the in cents to the timing of years to date figures,men in the black or men in the read,brake Fast in A mare A ka or Country swing to the blinding light of Banks night,is that Man Kind to type or the Stipend of a Wall Streets pork Bell^ease priced,is the road on a Skunk or the Rose of what is on the Message Board of syn,please his stir more on the dol
    Don't Sing Unless Ewe Swan The Sheep On Lamb's Dawn Say Say Its The Monk Key
    The simple put to plates on stack is the start the engine,put to the floor of soared to understand that scene,as the reins of direction further to the Write tens,the Numbers for to Six deep Nine is basically the wrap sure of the underarm deodorant On soap,to skunk the skill with Cats on spill that white Painted line down the road to divide the verse with Bump kissed,the Camels of the Smoke kin joe
    Hauling Ass
    Parker's PieceFrom Cambridge Reveiw May 1891 by James Kenneth StephenTo see good Tennis! what diviner joyCan fill our leisure, or minds employ?Not Sylvia's self is more supremely fair,Than balls that hurtle through the conscious air.Not Stella's form instinct the truer graceThan Lambert's rackt poised to win the chase.Not Chloe's harp more native to the ear,Than the tense strings which smite the f
    Bill Lead Goat
    A thou^sand grains of Human lanes has brought to the Much Molten rock of Volcano's life,the go tell it on the Mountain to touch Old Classic call saying with Spoons stop a the Firing Rock,in trades on the Time of Ages at line is the Chorus of Cent Tree as the Wings of flight,dust to Jackets whips to Prison a Shoe for the Boot is grounds that have not ship but a chinese Junk,a cross the great Christ

    NOV 20

    Is It A Retaining Wall Or The May Sees Day Pare Raid
    Thought to a shores years back Baker Beach and the Avenue send of the sync,a whole in the Wall of the retaining fact trends to a fill in the satchel with metal pass stew,as the sudden in pack to the Trucks that dumped strap the Witness of said that is a skunk,the strip core of a part meant strumming with added extra stills that a recycle said dumb,it was in the compact of the lines of delivery tha
    Sigh In Tall Oh Gee Or Do The Public Shell Companies Say Shinned Lure's List
    Why is the Coincidence so happening that an actual letter sent via email went to these pages pleats,to state that I exist on the return email have a taste of what is wise on the Trailer of based,in the run off to perhaps a Trail the bread crumbs stumped the horse to the falls in arena traced,should the doors go to the floor ride than is the gear shift on yet another Map others slide of Film in rid
    How Deep Said Its Stalled Beyond The Pasture And Call
    As the freezer had a bottle in the message of Absolute Vodka for the left,I gated immediate attention to the drink on the case of a library of the soar,as the explanation tore the fact from the Bell,I put to the stirrup a Wonder on the shoes.Horses falling down for the reason being thrown,the gather of In form rate was the difficult on state,to discuss the Coyote as a Wild Dog explain,it remained
    Its A Peak Around The Corner
    I do not even want to sync the Wells to the Natural Pond that was for the Groves,on that the fill of the exact was so hard to brine that my Mind went what to the prosed,as Herb cane language to the range of a place,I said that the rein is direction to base,on that is the situative drinking the reeds,as the surround is a known from my riding just Zest.As the each year to the Bud would formula feed,
    Bottled Water At A Way Station Of Don't Drink Out Of The Hose Or The Found In Will Be...........
    How about the fill in the Arena at status of the Ranch Manager Herb said the Fax,no palm hold was truer than what I had Wow as that is really the stores on the steered,the know of footing to the sharps and the glass,that weird on the still in the dump stir of sat,dust on the breathe in where the rides turned,in circles I feathered the writes on a Fear.So as the World goes sand in the depth I will
    Lamb In Knight Is The Founder That The Mane Frame Is An In Deed To The Equestrian On Bees Nest Of Milk Weed
    With Homers on the ABC of tax that I went to the IRS and they were Extreme in the kindness touch,for another environment said to have signed on behalf had Not paid the Tax Bill on the Bar in been,so on the Account and this was years ago I was finally able to resolve the Tent with a done,as that is under the table of this blog on the lathe I shingle this hour to the Horse that I love,the kids that
    The Jewels In The Neigh Neigh Of Course Its All About The Feed That Went From Hand To Mount Or Perhaps It Was The Discovery Of Absolute On Total Wipe Of How
    Actually I believe that the IRS would be terribly interested in the Barns that stable the cash at gas for my car,as I only got a Fastrak to touch the class of teaching kids to ride the lead of horses rode,in this it is the convenient store of what I saw on daily chores,for that is really at the core of this doorways threshold more.To know of monies that I watched moved,from the hands at lessons to
    Going Clear Strikes The Secret Service To Tiers Owe For The Seer
    Just got a call after the send to where it was said the War had been win,now on the fact of L. Ron Hubbard the cup of Tee just struck my deep see,so does Fletcher now skit to signing my name to the knowledge report of the crane of a check deposit did strange,for in the House of I kind of quit is the next balance of the beam on a Kit,namely its called the Eye are 'S' a phone call at the hour just b
    The Diction Airy Start
    The thread to be the form of communication to the already done is not more or less than station,an Antenna is the fact that traveling Airwaves are the choice of placing perfective to Choice,should the roof not know that a beam is of candor than it is left at understanding needing no state,silence is real the lives on the Move,hour to Minute is just be frame to a truth.The World grands the Canyons
    How Do You Spell Seed Did??
    Come pew Tours are on the drive of language to the translate shin of the Text in of trolling,the bait with meet is sign complete with screen on the fact or a Tell a Vision stream,with the sweet speaker on line to engage choir with ready debt at the plant of a Pot eye deed verse scene key,lock Now with present,shrink Wrapped with Tide and Chart,what is the form of being present to the gift of shoul
    Wall Tour Math Ewe's Odd A See . . . .
    When you Tweet the Notes to Text,you can sing most all silk theme,just like a little pony is a thread,to the underground on the read,just like abc to read that up ordering said,does the steer do sheep??Who is the only Won,its the gift of what is where,now bank that corner on the creek,wet lips to taste this butter rum,with the tweezers to pluck a pun,bits to pieces puzzle alpha betting extra Gum.T
    Turned Out That Fear Of The Walking Dead Was The Extract Shin Of The In Vent Shin Of A Text Tile Called The Smart Phone With A Sleeve Off Aye Earn Knee
    Would it not bee the strange EST hotel in the 1950's should the invasion of the body snatchers have been Ant tee IM,thus the message in the first Movie as a simple precursor to the Punctuation of the smoking gum,so in the dial the dye wreck tore wrote the caller ID as A Camel to the Mar burr ole packs,as it throws the Television in each House as the in Hail of the back in the thundering thought sn

    NOV 19

    Whats A Sextant
    On the Movie Vanilla Sky is the Theater Piece to the True Men store of Pasture Milk to Farms in Berkeley,that raise in on the Streets of San Francisco to drive the What to whom on the Dear trends,arena the rim of a sty row foam sip to the Mug stir of serve with Sugar on See and Aitch,or is it Hell Owe to the Hi on the Why fee to A Tenderloin of Knowing the Scene sew Taled its a Mole,now Disney the
    Extremely Unexpected Puts MY QUOTE A To A Sting "The Impossible Is The Possible Waiting To Happen" Wink Knows
    The venue to the worth of simple writes is the year to the day of a tune on the playing Chess,talk sway to a deck of porch taste the form of landing to walk this hour on the real time of at plate,this City raised production walked to the Union Square as that was the Hof Brau on a tell to Speak,course strong with Golden Gate Park the Polo Fields to the Barn of where the Water Fountain spake,ponds L
    Reality On 'The Drink' Singing The Ocean Is The Blue Jazz On The Rocks Serving It Neet
    Kick your foot in the dirt while the pocket is full touch the prose of communique on the sole`d,as the ride is the sound of grown a bridle on the bit is the tongue,at language is the body on an interest not a must Unless,you are dripping the sweet sight of that Horse on the rides that a dream curls reality to a key whole,on the condition of that roads and work in this is the saddle of that relaxin
    A True Mom Beau
    Nike on the sheet is the day that crowded reason to touch down say a Rock,Alcatraz in easy known has many ports to know the Ferry,three coins to that catch on the Waters chaise of Who is on the rain,tumblers on typical palm raise a Text telling composure its a Sight of pea coats be pen,ready as the treat is Rice-a-roni with a Cable Car to stars of the Steep Hills grade.the tracks on California rea

    NOV 18

    In Honor Of My Mother I Put To The Core Schooling The Name Of Address A Scholars Academy
    Kick your foot in the dirt while the pocket is full touch the prose of communique on the sole`d,as the ride is the sound of grown a bridle on the bit is the tongue,at language is the body on an interest not a must Unless,you are dripping the sweet sight of that Horse on the rides that a dream curls reality to a key whole,on the condition of that roads and work in this is the saddle of that relaxin
    Sanction airy sit teas on the global reeds have brought to reality the heard denial on an act shun,the further down the primrose path of Human Beings the ghost of climate shoulders reality buy shoe,to discussion on the chore a service bent to engage a dig is mark of the shovel on the sat a light,horror mops the plains of the buff a low in manners of Paul on a method shown,building on strike the fo

    NOV 17

    Deaf Noise
    Eye fly's the blinking sound of stick a stale bread to tears on the sheds that duck to feather,may the goose pebble a lump of swan to swim the phlegm of Humanities flew,fish on the breadth of basking Suns on dried beaches died red with light,the wash of waves that shore to sides an Earth on the planets lathe with sonar to the slide.Each soaked sand stone touching the ever last ankle stream Talk Mi
    Subtle Lease
    The shuffle of the muse on the string of the instrument is humming the guitar wreath,tune is a simple sign to that twang that the wind pipes to the breeze,swinging at the tempo of a gentle swing as that lathe of the sky brings in a scene,blowing the storm to the waving seas so is that branch on an Oceans reef.
    A Core Pour Writ Pear A Chute Touching Bask Kits Off Loop To Ground Ding Of Act Cents As Hear Owes On Loot
    The guess jeans of this Ref. ewe gee done is not the fact that Palms got tone,in understand the Football game and as Baseball is the Pitchers read,than Watts are the lights to those Knights that scene to X wrist on the application to Screen knees to Pave meant,the words of rumble to a tack the Java is either Coffin' or creaming the Hut to a stair,with deck land on growing Farmers on toast,whom tha
    Floor A Duh Or Is It The Float Uh That Creams Milk To Tee Times Hours Apple Rate Shins
    Goods look to the sigh burr Front on the shag of Wools car pet troll,as the eye lends a blink to the World of Worth to this Thrift tee Store,club to the bat told to have deep shepherd on sole,for the Shield did provide a Hedge Fund on Toll!!Saddle the shaft with a band at the ring,for in riding the arena has letters to bring,with that test of Dressage on knowing the Crow,for dark hour its still fe
    In The Shadow Of The Hollywood Sign Location Likens Melrose Place
    Cents the season is of thanks giving it is the Flag that gifts for the French kissed,chalk lets outline to Hollywood bowl as of Corn to the Toast in Wag the paw raid,no Apple requires the description With clique,for click to the paste Tee and brave just the Script.Term Life is in sure hints that just a Cheek key to what is on Stage of the groundings of Shirts,to that hand Sum of print to making th
    Mount In Due A Spelling Bee All Sew On The Clip Pers A Reciept Of Registered Is A Move 'V' Called The Blades Of Glory A Beautiful Perfume
    Stopwatches wrist on the Wrist for the timing of ride,it is the fact reality is day,riding the Mule was Carol's deep side,for he loved the smooth cadence with a bit on that choose.I prefer the Horse as that Thoroughbred is fast,right off the Track its exciting with back,a rogue on the pasture that has been given a chest,saddle up easy and ride for the living,as knowing that can door is as breast i
    Gnat Troll Language From The Bots On The Fly
    The bell Gin is All Sew a sip of Bud Wise or serving it Neet or on the Rocks,for ice is a method of service to Trains and auto Mow a Shin to A Glass of Scope,to that platter of food it is the lighting that strobe to the Sky Hi on a stage to Concert,shall Waves grant a shore to aim on a floor than what is the Pitch but a butters back door.Milk Farms in Berkeley a common saying,yet in the reality it
    Clue Less Peep Pull Heard Its On Len Oh's Frost Tea Ice Cream
    Bat Man & Rob in the Host sit Tee of the club On the games of The pitch,is the switch Hitter on the left of the right Par of a golf Putters sole`d,walk in the grass so short skip a ball,that the cleats are a screened to the reset on Kit,for as the fill in the blank said that a lot of times the horse needs to be Vet`d,I said to the sit chew A shun that Sum time the gift is a Horse,now lets take
    Scripts On Blades Of Glory Awe Dish Shins POE Trees Pitchers Or Owe^ill For The Curve Ball Stitches To Ice Tee
    KnuckleballFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article is about the baseball pitch. For the 2012 documentary film, see Knuckleball!.This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. (October 2012)Tim Wakefield in his throwing motion, showing his grip

    NOV 16

    The Value Of A Moment That Retains To Memory Is The String Theory??
    Science Friction is at the Ages of a type of Understanding of puff the magic dragon,as the purpose of discovery is to not fear death rather understand life at a live to or by yanking death,to true compass on the earth as the tree is of both route tacking route with the rings in description,as the clover does go sway in the breeze of a seed sew does the Mind on the comprehension of a door.Touching

    NOV 15

    LeadershipTo become a leader you must have determination and desire.  You can knock down all the obstacles that you may ...
    LeadershipTo become a leader you must have determination and desire.  You can knock down all the obstacles that you may be up against by knowing that you are the one that determines your fate.  The success that you experience is driven by the determination to be a leader.  Leaders often question themselves, they should.  Making a better tomorrow lies in the examination of today.  As a leader you m
    The Reality Of Getting Hi
    Shall the general Public Title this little statement Science Friction,the poll it Coals on their Podium of a stand that says Earth is a 5000 Year Old flat World to busy to buzz staggering,is the note on the bust a Treasury of end game,or is the berth of a harbor just the very next shoe In the forge of Humanity,marking the Tea Party with a POE light on ed grrr Owl in's wrench to the riders of the f
    I Sure Do Miss My Friend And Should Justice Receipt Than This Is The Tempo Of Silence On The Talks
    Written 11/13/2015 12.17 PMI wrote for two years in silence of pen Sill life,the pad on the written to speaking the note,just as I am a big known support touch the Cause of such an effect,it is the fact that I write gently so that seen is report.This avenue of Map other on the Name and the spake,will be of quick paste and post google lead,I put to the place for the Mint on the seed,in order for de
    Is It Really Just Fielding A Plant For The Weed Telling The Audience Its Grass While The Hosting Clocks To Hip Hop Or Is It Modern Day Mow Town
    As the great storm of the new or leans is in the reality of the locale to a harbor for said signs,as talk is of share in trade the Venue on the dock it is at the learn of the stand,to course is the rein,no banshee required as the truth is the core to a type of Picket fence,stride long to ride down pass churned for it is only in a Stock Tank or a pond,this is an oh shin us beyond the lies to obtain
    See Bisque Skit
    Row 'Sham' Bow,tick Tack toe.
    Please Sir Can I Have Sum/Some More Marsh Mellows Like Grahams Also Bill To Rock n Role On HBO's Big Brothers Holding Company
    Lets play base Ball,three Strikes you're Out.Lets play foot Ball,oh wait that is a Yard.Lets play ground dead sport terms,a stage for the Waltz,with a Walker as a hound,back to the Mule teach,just say Carol.A Paul Owe was a Manned Mission to the Moon,lets say that rock it left a trace,now what was it,The Feat or the Faced??Cause,either Ways its A shoe,now Who's the laced,I know That cruise by Name
    Gee Que From Bill Mayer On What Is The Truth On A Talk Show Cuddling A Milker On Top Pick Subjection Or Is It Enter *Ject Shin
    More Fee US on the read bill owes of the Chimney of a Roof,the skull to a brains Tree is as Pot is to plant,that knee Grow on the grow Sir,what Of the Floss ease of string to the Waxpaper on a Tin Foil of say ran wrapped??Does the stagger to the swaying limb burr make haste to a Week nest on trial Nations lever,the sage in the cool dare of threads,a putter in the Golf Game of lawn,to mirror the ta
    Nike Said To Just Due It Sew That Is A Wrap Sure On The Lime Lights Mister
    This is a can deed M&M Brand Name on Skit^Tolls of a Modern day at Set^ole,olive Ur on the dutch is Mar Bar on the touch,rise to the Pick Ole's and that brings Science to a tall Owe gee or Is it Cue,just a Magazine for the Readers to listen to the TOK 20/20 Got A Bone,like picking out the frog on the hoof of a barefoot horse but in edition knowing The Shoe on the Forge,the hammer as the nail i
    In Compass it is the Real time on sick a sell a knee Mi awe,this the days is the Fact or the degree of grade to School o...
    In Compass it is the Real time on sick a sell a knee Mi awe,this the days is the Fact or the degree of grade to School of thought,on Class is the burr dens of a done Gin on the ice of blocks of that Same ice Cube,stretch the saying to include the Span 'ish' on that Concert of bravado to touch stone of a Purchase,singing the lyres like a string of Rags on the Magazine racks at the grow^sir reads!!T
    Letters Play The Get Tars Raise And Stewball Was A Racehorse
    For in or dough Mess tick that is the beat sharp,mill a tary rounds the duck as puddles from the foot work,working notes out like a Bill Mayer com ed act,I put toward the real time on the drakes.Puff the Magic Drag gone is a Show Live on the tell a Vision of earths Jack all,in the shoe on that wall of the painted to tide icy is the bricks of method on stick,figures 'They Live' is a movie barrel re
    Sapere aude
    In the late ‘70s, the Doobie Brothers bought an old residential house way out in the woods in Montara, California, to use for rehearsals. Montara is located along the coast, about halfway between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay on Highway 1, and is conveniently located close to pretty much nothing except the biggest seasonal surf break on the west coast, known as Mavericks. But Montara wasn’t chos
    In Real Time My Mother Had A Farm Just Down The Road From The Doobie Brothers And I Loved Riding By As They Rocked!!
    Problem of inductionFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFor the mathematical technique, see Mathematical induction.Part of a series onCertaintyAgnosticismApproximationBeliefCertaintyDoubtDeterminismEpistemologyFallibilismFatalismHypothesisJustificationNihilismProbabilityScientific theorySkepticismSolipsismTheoryTruthUncertaintyvteThe problem of induction is the philosophical question of whether i
    For In Or Dough Mess Stick Taro Is Um Shows The Monitor Of A Cue Cards Laugh Track
    Dance the spark to the splash of the rising water shore,its the stun that said Its rice,bouncing on the sunlight like its a ball at Tide lights stall,these mirror reflections quarry a see,memory of windows with the Wind Shields wiping skids to laugh the stoned As rock.A disk in the Sky as the blues shape a Globes tile,there it shows,blank its and just rides,for the sake of the back show at the gre

    NOV 14

    Reflect The Shoring Tears In On The Mirrors Wall Of Hoarse Dialed Call
    Lets count Men its on the time it Takes touching the Classic cereal,cheer 'e' owes to the KAP ten Crunch of Media dial on the Zest,my Horse so hot lead Named to Answer not beg the Quest chin,Hell meant to Not describe a Situation rather Put to the gulf of Human Beings on that Movie case,to Purge the fact to Palm or is it the Hand held simple barrier of sick a sell a knee Mi ah,cellphone of course
    Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round Until The Road Runner Saw That The Coyote Herd The Sound As Geese All Ways Honk The Swan Is All Sew A Ballet
    Sew there the Worth of a Story in the Snake river of Course,the Pot of plant is the seed or is It deed,now the Waist has been Watered by a On Course,the guard Din is Christmas on gift wrapped for Boxing day on Choice,sew fee's determined to Touch the Fact or Wisdom must Pre^Vail to a live Virtue of grow Sir's.Shed the Blunt Talk as an activity with the Pool of tell a Par tea that I love the Move '
    Hear Is A Map Other Than That Cross Talk Tack Tile To Spot The Movie The. . . . .
    The bun warmers on the dollar store is a penny cent on that is the bill board of Oliver hbo,is that the Outback sign or the just plane Advertisement on the Still to commercial Park king slots hunch,should the Step Stair to at list on the Preview of bay Front property with Yacht slip include,the branch of a flash to speak the trail that My Mother drove on the Milk Farm growing Up,round the bends to
    The Hammer Is Nigh The Nails Tack As A Type Writer Did Penny A Stack Once Dime Words Usage To Ankle Facts
    In no strange land the Mind goes to the bells on the Time in the Ages on this place,in stride to the walk on the ground is the ink in a dip of An Octagons stip.,that prose with the say,this is the worth of bdsm in the lost art that has the greatest cost for the true,compass to the statue and bark the dogs on a paddling Feat.Sing to the Moon and read the Universe in a simple play,its just the harbo

    NOV 13

    Dial on the time of the cellphones Clock in the hand like going steady,round touch the block on the square of a shock,calling the post to sip a tip on drink,nap kins going one in six to this day truck,I started when the Numbers ranked One in Two-Hundred on the truth!!Wow what a skid to the quick on the Harp,stings playing sheets Crib why is the count on stew,take a look a Round the bins and the So
    The Noun In A Name Is As Apropos As Spelling Map Other
    Put thought in touch width the message of this work on the expression of the challenges,thinking on the foundation of the make a wish is really a strange left turn of rest,license the time that I have put to the plates,I would love to have been blessed with a knock on the door to an inquiry of this constant chorus,as an ideal port would show that dreams could have come true with a Five minute Hell
    A Long Tale On Chest Nuts Plaites
    Loving the sing of the Travels on the outer stealth,in each of the every flight on this scene,lives on the burns touching the fathom of delve,Moons to shooting Comets counting the nailed Metaphors,chorus lyric to Words describe,trails of the Rising dawn!!Mind on the Go to tack Carriage,shoulders here falling to the Ice on bran Sun,feeding the Thought a streakers nude,stripped down to feather the s

    NOV 12

    Bang!! Lawn^Jeans
    Sew in the reality of death by Combat out of the resulting War in Iraq,the number additional is One-Hundred twenty-four twenty Thousand people,these are just hour to the year of this Auld Lang Syne of New years Dates,scale the skirt on what Hollywood barrels for that is a Screen act tore Skid,for on the before the National Media ignores the Theater brought reels to Film,by ways of the Trailers to
    Metro Times Its Five Owe Clock Singing Signs That Lyric A Move Ease Cocktail Off Spear Its
    That does not even count the division of jewel 'e' in trades to suitcases of ha why ease trip,that garage Full of what was considered to a Film in and of itself to the Florida Keys back in the day,that opera of string to the Den is of grained I ducked to the Floor as Storm was a Name in a real Noun,the person of known to the Zoo on a boulevard,just cruise down Town scoot and drive,airplanes with w
    Society Actually Dresses The Chicken For Thanks Giving To Season The Ties For Their Licensed Use Edges
    Just put to license the Movie 'Magnolia' and that be Talk of the Stage to the liver or the living through a munch house in by proxy stifling freezed,in my life its the Reality of what is Cause to at being the Stun,no film needed to bravado an opera of symphony whilst friends dead from the stung,be's on the day to triggers at scale Sheets wrapped in scripts to Identify the Poop deck,it those bbq Po
    I love living real in the reality of every dial to the detail of the wrote^a rare^'e' played,on the wall Street pi to the know that Hollywood bills,movies on film Tickets to the Traders,its just the scene of yet another VHS on bait duh to hammer the Nailing see deed.While in the body Mind and sole I walk each day to a better best role,closed off from any Company it greats the Come,on hillside gras

    NOV 11

    A Breakwater From A Pier
    Balance is a Beam to the Sky on the Nest of Whom has Already delivered The captain of poet It Tree,the best of Show on the World Tour was the reception of the Drawing to lyrics on the Receipt,as the Muse is Product formal to Wares of the Scene than it reality drive to the Prose is natural at Root,the Dali Lama announced on Televisions National Media a simple notion to the Change of guards,to negat
    Studying Games Of In Tell A Gents
    Bounce the sun talk a galaxy out on the universe of the wave,in the space that is just teaming with life on the globes in rise,civilizations bustle,different I will say that,however what is it find or just deny,is that dream of reality the stride on arrival of the belly in a Chute.Throw in the sonar and bleep a whale to speak a shark at the depth of a seal,ruff the shallows of human trucked,brains
    Setting The Standard Of See Horses While Singing The Reality To Those Able To Grasp That Idea Of A Knowledge Report To The Faxed
    Graze this shed to the tools of the work on the ditches as the fed in a field of this world,so blunt I shall sing to the list on the reason that wisdom scored a long,lyrics humming that hope while at term dropped the hover to scramble the Minds eye,in this a quatrain that is at the aim of cruise to the lines on the row of a we're ship tacking the games,on social denial to that stage of the movie i

    NOV 10

    What Is A Walk But The Dancing Wave On The Shores Of Shock??
    At the Scene deck land burrowed to Waltz on the Mind in application,the ask of being a second to the day my face drained from fear,was this life on the Same or did the exacts silently wave.People shouting that what is a stick,to the egg on the fry and a Hammock for quit,is the brain a plate to license the drain of study,does the hand that is show find that lights are dimmers to start or is the Wor
    The Weeping Willow
    Sounds on the Radio a story for the froth of the Mind that is I,as the touch work cellphone put to text the backdoor scotch,in through the stock of the Task in a scoot,at that the other would gas pedal a sink bringing horror to my shoe.Than on the crisscross of puzzled to that shoot,round again the two would resolve the how to get a spook,back forward ringing festival that magnitude in lied,this w
    Why Does The General Sing A Bee See??
    Copy Write no this is Originals at school,volcanic explaining Comets war came in on the Fin,swam the waist water to stand on shore be shin,what is the sand but the grit that language penned.Chatter on the babbling brook or chairs that jumped the when,making Waves the sonic of the Boom of big Bangs grub,worms that think to skull in drink wise is every inch of Space,now at the hour of Glacier melt a
    Mail Sent Delivery Rent Now Why Does The Body Have A Sole??
    Why's is the twist of the words Knot braiding The leather on the bound Hide of a skin,as the touch in the dial of the Palm shade of loud Is a Coco Nut traveling the Swing ham Muck crowd,for share on division double the Math it is the Arithmetic that talks of the Forth,in fifth degree ground the shed on the tool What is the shape of round Cent Ur read.Is the Pier a Mid slate on Cave for the sad,do
    A Dough Be Land Ho!!
    What Is a Mountain but Lava on Control,rocks that begin to Fire the flame is on the go,in Mist of the World foggy are the Bridges,does the sea be send to stay or hour Lagoons to Spits At Clay??The dolphin is A singing,the sheets are in the wave,did that say to ocean that were shipped on the bay??Shall the river speak to Creek did the hill Volcano entry feed,making that the glorious of explosions l
    And It Is Said That The Roads Hi Ways Made Of Tarmac Don't Have A Memory Of The Breezes Traffic??
    Engine on the run Oil in the test wrench of the Tightened and life is on the Way,out to the Fresh Air is the breeze on the Compass,Wind is the steady of Waving Hello to eh Shore,inside In for day Shin did the Kernel Corn,popping is the bounce that Knows the sandy Chord.Making bakers does in to insure there is no claim,gold bets the Ore to language of the grace,at the table serving shiver is a goos
    Read Well Ease
    Loving new balance on the word to include the divide on the stamp,a pass placed to terms on the living draw of silence on the phone,it is as the Quest brains to a branch on that old fashioned whatcha ma call it,for the laughter and the call,this is the breakfast on the brunch serving Lunch with a dinner at how lighting candles Fair,flowers with a tickle,giggling for the roo,oh from the beam my Mot

    NOV 09

    Whats Your Wind Sole??
    Farms on the Society at the piece of the Human cost Priced for the pong,should the paddle Ping does that Net swap it Out on a balls toss??,did the bounce on the Tennis to racket the bowling Pen to an Alley??,or is the street speaking chalk as the line form of the body on its Toll??,that breast of stick figures.With the sphere being that of energy and Thorough case,shall the library on the day of t
    The Question Goes, As The Answer Key
    Shall the value hobble the tongue to a language of joe,than coffee is reality on the mug of a know,now on the hour of sent to the done,its moreover waiting that reason from lung.Is it the email on Website that increase the Truth,as the venue does ability to Movie House choice,is Theater a bit Piece on the riddle pond,is reining the gear of only that pong??,or does the perhaps consider the year,198
    Noun In Name Initials Brought The Bet
    At the address of the speak it is the fact to the porch,time to at door,the lock of a stay,the dogs on the sound,meeting to bound,driven to ground,than discussion of loud.As the circle is round,the line talks of grown,that hard sheet this score,is bringing the special to know of the prose.Should the desk oat the time clock shock a cork,is the cupboard of look now remove the to late,is the shingle
    Ducks In The Rein
    Yesterday last night on the previous week spoke on HBO on topic of the years coming from The Shoe,an exonerated Man left on a/with the most generous gift Card from that certain bar,$20.00 bucks the road and a lock.That Pad gave to hymn the ability to lunch warm,soup on the burn of the barrel touch strum,booking that chapter to verse gross the stomach,as served the digest of get doggy go,make the P

    NOV 08

    Why Does The Oceans Title Wave In Addition To The Roar Of Sea
    Naturally write the stream of a conscious delivery to send is the A of by the Way,in lane is the Shipping of new to the text of a stay,as the measure of is a tally on this Rally of life in a relay to the Station of identification,there is no pondering,it is a path of scribe to script as that is the Note on all complete to not sweep lives Over the bridge.As the purse of honest,the words of true,mea
    Looking Back The Send Is Also A Receipt To Know That The Wind Can Breeze
    The born to that sky in stars on the outer wealth of entry to pause of the footprints stream,rocks on the pebble to shore the sands on the stature of the wave hugging the tides Chart,as the the sun is a friend touch the Moons embrace on the Evening of the splendid port,shades to that the speaking of sigh,lens talking on the steady enter of the horizon,a day in the said,it is reality of the barn in
    I Bot Shades The Reflection Pond Classic Is The Mere
    I love the announcement on the National News Media as they barter the Millions hit a Video post,does not the recording say to the watch that the click is minute to the screen,that gossip of trend to trend to a share on the ankle of despair or the laugh at the seat,to that it is the seconds it takes to keyboard it strike for got and sink to the Soap now the Anchor desk.Entertainment on edition to e
    How Do You Say Please
    I love photographs and the fact that so many have put page to purpose on the chapter,history on the wall has provided but a outline to the vast in the sense of Teal,a ruby amongst the rock diamond that gem in salt tacking the spice to brave a real,as the boot to harbor a rider with heels down has good balance for a jump,today people purchase screen applications to side saddle the chair of imaginar
    The point bearing is that majority believe that its all imagination of the cell stoop or movie flip,yet people take photographs And cruise it out through leaks and product Film,that put out to say scoop & than on the shirt state its a recipe of grape to barrel,wine on the wait in the trust of the blend,the thought of know,not the guess of purse to lip,the license is present real to a dip on th
    The excitement of the Future is at hand of the write to express the value of scene,on the dust of a valley in the maintenance of a Mountains frame its the certain of a brain,that sync.Loving cobblers mile I wink social engagements married and for tack its best of the truck,knowing that harness I love the freedom of dance to speak of free breeze,in sound to the beautiful of Dawn,horizons that breat
    Its Not Left For The Connection Its The Face Of Locale To Be Comforted By/With The Surroundings And In Edition To Connect The Can
    Expansion on this writing of truth verses the locale of what I know I have in a send,it is the volume of this that will continue to produce,in Newspaper Article touching the Syndicate of sewn Syndication by the Compass of Nautical land, for this World is of a large bearing to the Earths floor,men in History took to the Ocean to from to arrive on calmer shores,in the lens of sandy beaches Wares,rel

    NOV 06

    Grant^It Its Still Marbles, Speech And Best Of Cleats
    So bridge the report to a knowledgeable stern to keel on the body style of the lives to room,in with a bank on next understand,that level of the speak to the writer of The Future!!As plan it earth is on the Rings of solar Systems operates,a Universe in galaxy to say that life is living strong on land that does so tag,one for the breast plate the snap to know the core,Martingale Reins through lengt
    Back In The Day
    Wares hour to minute Time the Ancient Sail that sang to that posting marble of sculptures and Sands,chisel and hammer with an aptitude explanation to dot^tea Idea.In steady form on the shale to show an At tears of greater View, guiding equipped thorough the stairs of library case based,down settles to onward stars,the traveling of the Tug once Tons at Millions on far Cried.Hard are the things that
    Come Pewters Aye Earn On Rust
    As days shell to note in the envelope of a speak The Ocean of waves gentles a beach,sand is a wonder of the grain,salts ease to sea,hours on the Tides grace the Earth as a tongue,the language traveling with talk,the hands of developed carry form with ability to task.Storms or the beauty is it only stride that deeps The Blues to sing along,does not the sleet that snows fluttering rocks accumulate,i

    NOV 05

    The Fifth Found November On Earth In A Clued
    Remember, remember!The fifth of November,The Gunpowder treason and plot;I know of no reason,Why the Gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot!!Ask not the question steadyfor the from to the chin a sendin absolute on email bendsthe worth of a life on spendfor in the cost life is tossed & sadness tear`d a tinto that it is the creams.Year after year the forgotten on stoop,that dinner table the words
    The Letter Head In Titled The Sum Murmuring At Cost Of Loss But The Fact Is Rye Lee Lived Without A Price Capped
    Breathe with Out a sigh for the World was Once upon the Tale of flat while Ships sailed the Jung,on left touch the evidence on land via beach,a shore to know Dust!!A particle of Snow came in the Flutter,with cool grace that edged of sky to friend Hello,an apple from the Johnny At tree,the dirt of fertility.A sing a long for at the root is A route,ditches Factory of burial,plights of Tombs,bellows
    Watch Tick Talk
    Rinsed in the far to that seat of the dust off the part to bring only date to a heart is disparaging to the start,as the sit would have enhanced what was a need to bring the song a lead it was left to oh well,the keep of that is whom is trained to deliver eyes a clear.To aspect of any staple on life at the doors it is the reality of the hinge that should not creek dry,as the movement is always of
    Cost Priced At The Diagnosis Of Read
    It is what is referred to as a lost leisure in thus The Tenure established,at the route of root mechanics of auto gear the rapid or Maintenance off A nautical embark meant days Natural X Poe,discovery of the Thesis is the life body Opus,Mankind in Cycles.Once bound to technical deference is the Cost at labor touching lateral,that simplicity of the fill is in the deed of the basic that can subject,

    NOV 04

    All Are Able To Understand As Drawings Represent The Drew In A Book Whilst The Child Of The Guild Wrote A Look!!
    In treasures of the day it is the ride to the fact that delivers less,at positive torque the grasp is on the whatever on the verse,to trade at fax is the shine of bright new shades,trees on the course to envelope,oh well is the grasp.Digs to the cools on the decent has become a host art,the watch is just a wrist that cycles to what evers,treats to park the view on a shoes parade,that is the class

    NOV 03

    November 3rd, 2015 ~ Cheers To The Ka^Mill^Yin
  • Don't Forget Your Duc^Ease

    Posted:2015-12-13 15:09:24 UTC-08:00

    These days on the incredible Weather,
    the rain absolutely poured this AM,
    what a soaking of Natural kinds,
    as that is reality.

    Loving the fact that Earth is here,
    sharing every bump in the Road,
    on the fluster the Ocean roars,
    in a Calm the balance of Sun in Such Hello.

    Great are the Ports of sayings,
    it's reining It's poring,
    the Ole fantastic Ring around the rose Thorns,
    special for the Forest groves.

    Trees swaying to the Routes,
    breeze in the Hi Winds,
    grace on the Waves,
    state Mints.

    Hot steadies that blink
    sheds of lasting all ways,
    compass with the directives to Handles,
    parking the Fun to whats a bulb.

    Skeletons shaking under the skin of Humanities bones,
    shaving Shale like As Flutters,
    springs in Seasons to know the Vernaculars borrow,
    math in the text to Ad a Victrola on the record!!
  • Buy 'OG' Griff Fee Neet Tux See Doe By The Sights Tend Ding Lead As A Mi Crow Scopes Core Forward Ha Why E! Five Oh!!

    Posted:2015-12-13 07:07:23 UTC-08:00
    Plural Plus ~The Invasion ~ PG-13 2007 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 39m

    The knee on sign at the Counter of Role^Lean Rock Cafe!!,
    as that is the heels on a saddle its more left to the whirl of fresh Air or quiet Plainly a Mountains dew,
    so engaged the Chi tows of on the Say,
    tends to that grace of Quest to speak with an easily understood Tunnel of craft,
    same touch on the Rein is to just know that there is a buckle on that Bridles curb bit,
    the joint snaffle gives us that comfort & able change to the course!!

    Heavy are the Western Saddles in comparison the English,
    pears And apples,
    grains with that Flake of hey,
    walking the barn to Stable it tea.

    No shore sands the question of Cobbles as stones of broke In down feathers Quilts,
    stitches to shields Communication in this World of ever Clover on the sways of Morning,
    dust to that gathering collection,
    riding those Oceans to be on the bellow of a Warm friendly Conversation of the grades!!

    Dig steep to the Climb??,
    wise bother to light the Trail with directive not jerking the carpet for the fries,
    Missions on the piles,
    IM^possibles to Movie the calendar with a Twinkle to the Ties,
    bouncing with a sure As oppose to that state of drown.

    Free Verse is the bangle,
    strike Key as the Text tiles to be on the Once,
    goodbyes are difficult,
    even on the growns.

    Yet get a long on the berth of the Harbor,
    the stunner is the show,
    from Front doors to Thresholds,
    the crossing of Tides have made the Charts understand The Change of dialed.

    As Storms come to land with would be those Signs,
    it is the simple body of the Invasion that plummets a theater,
    as the Snatchers are each to everywhere in the days of Thunder,
    for Horse on the Hymns that shirted responsible to a count on the of posture.

    Luck brought my life a great stead to know that trust is a living,
    breathing an opportunity to speak on gentle apples off the Orchard of trees,
    forest and Grapes vineyards Wine cheese Swiss to that Cheddar,
    sourdough Toasts what a dime on the Talks that sing to Add awe Role.
  • Men Of Louse??

    Posted:2015-12-12 11:14:23 UTC-08:00

    Sew the berth of the Deck Aid on an Heir Awe,
    the ef Be aye with the Sea aye Eh,
    'V' It Nam came on the Harbor of a Year singing Lyrics of An idea,
    that was Nine Tee^EAN Six tea Five??

    As the sigh Ka dell licks measured the Pan door uh's A tour Bus game,
    the Seats filled,
    'cause of the para Fa Nell Yah??,
    Junk Keys??,
    or twas it the Twilight of Plungers for the Sir^Wren jizz??,

    On or Is it Of course,
    the enter Ject shins in It's Person OLE's Hour of the daze??,
    uh test a mown knee??,
    the lawn on the Keepers??,
    from the Touch to the Tunnel Vision of a Country on its Plurals??

    Minute Timers error uh to the Vista??,
    forms to lines that link In sight??
    Lakes & Ponds,
    puddles and Reins??,
    move Ease on the Bridges??,
    ace in the Wholes??,
    at that Vlasic speech to Guitar grain??,
    singing the footing to Hops??,

    Must be that Hell^Inn Cast or Troy of them There Hoarse streets??,
    avenues & grown,
    marking the edge of Watts??,
    lights on the Boss??,
    tons once a value of a giants Stair??,
    wares of the Means to bisque of pea Soup??,
    chasing the Dawn key to Know the Horizon of a early Wake-up Calling the Cliff notes,
    why is the wisdom of reason stunned through edit Toll bulls on the Ox of a calendars Role,
    par Tea lines with a Cup of Cough fee to In crease the Hymn Meaning Way Terrace??

    Truss funned to bank the Core a Door to say,
    it is just on the speech to than,
    at the base stick in to At talk. 
  • Would It Come As Act^Tore, Act^Shin Or Inside A Speak Easy Of 'Why Does A Horse Crib?'

    Posted:2015-12-11 16:46:21 UTC-08:00

    The text on the Preview of a screen on the lets See tell A Phonics on the observance of Truth,
    watched a Movie with the basic Land ping on the NASA fraction,
    a term of steer from the Moon yet on that the song went to touch the People from,
    at the purpose of Introduction was the thermal on the Theater to that compass of directive on Scripts.

    So as the Threads ran with a language that described a state of Identification while questions flew,
    lab Coats and doctrine.

    Does the Tunnel Vista of Hover Craft on the tube put to the plates a license of ad dress,
    square to the Para dawn to bring the Enveloped,
    letters to plural a reality in the Hand??,
    not the bells and Whistles just the Fax to signs of glory Fills.

    In certain Panes on the RR a station of Training frost,
    as the drive to the sit Tee is of placed Form,
    on each take to that Reel Film on the Projector,
    is it Mirrors and decks or that arm of the 1970's Route,
    subject matter of commercial throughout that bread & Circus of Crickets roost??

    Decide delivers what is Nautical??,
    that deep Vineyard or the taste of the Wine its Self,
    should roof Thought be of lane does the echo bellow Chim chin a Roo??,
    can that language of the simple burst Complicated for that Toll??,
    across the great divide is no jump just smashing divide on the English of act Cented on seep.

    Soak in Hosed to swim the nigh Lawn??,
    Water Fountain branches,
    willows and Frogs??,
    told Stools with that Barside Pools napkin??

    Truth be known the sell phone today has had a New venue cold,
    van it Tea with a sauce^sir serving Trades on choice Been dure,
    the drink of a vocal Shake^Key shifts to the Times,
    plus that Extra Extra hot Chalk lets Symphony,
    flights of Freeze or Tripe on baskets of Feather??,
    is the Muster over the Sit^Tee??,
    should the Opt^shin be little the Cause is a Library of filing,
    course the Tax ease of a bolt of light kneeing the gracious have what type Front??
    the burr owe is Well scene in a per Form hence Silents of the lambs,
    gee Whiz call the Question and the Answer is a skittle??,
    or quiet Possibly the barn of Stability saying that the Crib of nature is speaking Clue to Awe tsk Tick whispering glued.
  • Coca-cola Defines Pep^Sea's Ingredients

    Posted:2015-12-11 14:14:19 UTC-08:00

    Lob^be language Arts the fact page to the Picture on the words to Oh Shins of Feat on the Times,
    in these multiplied Mugs of the cough In the grinds are Hour to the Clocks of hand Doles,
    slip Per read on a Script Introduction of the Dock ewe Mints,
    what is Truth once rust Tee on the Awe^full Now that Common,
    dialing the Sigh key.

    Should the Shake key Farm a suit a Call,
    is the Pigeon on the burr Owe??,
    ask the Mill it Tree??,
    just an Opt shin??,
    the Some of worth may Ad soap to the Per script Shins at That speech,
    an In Vase^shin??,
    but that would be the Pronunciation on the Guttural. 

    Ewe Knee Verse Sole??,
    whirled Piece treat^Ease?? mountain Valley on that burst of Treat^Tee??,
    quite possibly its the tend Dent see.

    In strum Meant toll for the bridge that Building on the corner Count of Are pea IM's,
    what is It on the Need^Dull??,
    must be simple Once a Pawn a Story,

    More ask Que`d finding that the Game is in Back to basically the Product revolution too final^eyes, 
    tax Ease to Checkers owe for the Fair with Humanity on the stair,
    inks that write the A knock Ewe lei Shins??,
    muster for the Flew??,
    saying Chorus brae of Dye ug Knows Is the Flute??,
    read Wine barrels & Pick calls.

    Just a Taro bowl these Days on the Tear^A^Bulls of am bass a Doors,
    dip Lo Mat tick with a Proper state of Watch on the Timex of the Wayne's Coat??,
    skill Saws shifting gears talking to the blades of grass on the Moan??,
    trades on the dye A beet Tease thus the dye Ah bet Tick to that Flash Bulb head Lamps and Tune!!
  • Cheers! Touching The Mill^Yen Year Context Of A Lend To Eh Sign Kneeing!!

    Posted:2015-12-11 08:52:58 UTC-08:00

    What a dreaming night in the Mid of this Oracles love of Understanding the vs,
    shallow graves Rain and the cuts to a Life full of Men whom thought to Comprehension,
    the City of San Francisco is the best of the lust to Know,
    words & Carriage the shoulders of reality to discuss the Conversation of Park Road on daisy lake!!

    The Flowers that bulb of the daffodil to the Hollywood lots of busts,
    theaters that scoot a sync,
    without the regard for an Honest asset to Approach of the Pen in Stow!!

    Flags and Miles inches And Clocks,
    hands to the theme of Cruises in the Multiples,
    for the thanks of a shore to that Atascadero of a simplicity to the Mind on Works,
    grace in that Found.

    To be Out with no closed Sign a export of a Signature piece,
    parades a Round on this plan Its scale is the Box office of Popcorn and The Drink.

    Fountains that provide the stunts making that oblivion thee Freeze to laughter on the tracks,
    know blunder,
    the Actors on the Shins bring an Envelope sealed and Kissed,
    cheek Key is the Film on a Clip it Tea clop!!

    Hoarses and Locked,
    the combo of the Marathon on the For Hun dread Yard dash,
    meet Turn to Met value the Pass of script,
    in with the more's,
    from that In cents to the collect,
    what brings to station shale,
    the Bends on depth or the Depth of the bends on strung??

    Whisks made of Hey stock to Ponds filled with Stride bloom Whispers,
    a chorus of edged in trees whilst Read to provide the bounce of that red Ball on dealt,
    cards with known on the Pitchers of the knock Knock dice eased to game the Rook,
    pawns Bishop plains Boards chest Pulp frictions gimel of the Thicks on the come.

    Rote a rare Read??,
    heard on the radio of Choice listen that its the bakers dozen on a cork percent to scribes lick,
    that chin of a spike to done Overs putting course to Feat in that each a brae`d deed,
    Hare with Hops,
    Turtles bell Shell??,
    the saddle and the bits pea says tack is a Girth or Horns use of a Cinch!!

    Lean-go to a years Skate??,
    ice with a Tum blurr,
    shall the build Ding door to Thrush holds at the Frogs crane??

    Play an Appropriate to spot the Skeeters or is it Sneakers??,
    chalk boreds that line what ankles live in natural Each a day`d,
    all whilst the Hidden packs Shoulders to drive Eight Tin stout on the pork bellies Priced,
    cast Or Troy, Pi rates the Noun panes to run the Kettles of Humanity,
    sew Much to Space,
    the decade on the Spice,
    Or ray Ga know a long Verse shins blank Its of Routers lathed Once a Shingle all Ways a Roof Firs pine Knee nut to bolt,
    like the bench & the Blade,
    whet the lips,
    E! clairs with Fried paper shades Tasting bare Oles of Venue`d steins.

    The Froth on the Temp. in Termed,
    digs on the swells of eyes that privy a toy lets handle Bar,
    yet I can't help but feel Oh so good about the changing Tide,
    as the oh Shins roar the Waves get Hi..burp #@$! oop's on the VEN ewe's Yard!!

    *Did the World know that Yen defined the following also??


    [yen] Informal.
    Spell Syllables
    1. a desire or craving:
    I had a yen for apple pie.

    verb (used without object), yenned, yenning.
    2. to have a craving; yearn.

    Origin Expand

    1905-10, Americanism; probably < dialectal Chinese (OAGuangdong) yáhn, akin to Chinese yǐn craving, addiction

    Synonyms Expand

    1. longing, hankering, hunger, appetite. Unabridged
    Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2015.
    Cite This Source
  • How Does Writer Letter??

    Posted:2015-12-11 08:19:26 UTC-08:00

    Breathing in the beauty of life on the blink,
    it is that special found a daisy on the Mountain of a realm,
    in the Mind is the fountain on the Connection to this wonder of a Sphere,
    as the Morse Code derives the Tend to that League of Inks,
    quest Upon the story is a gallery to know the Compass!!

    Travel the bells on the Twinkle of a Chart to conversation Centrally steady on the shore,
    sand and Waves to that simple artist to produce the ease,
    speaking to the fresh of a breadth,
    in with the Oxygen to know a Tree in the Best of an Oak on the shiver of the Handle,
    treats to Porch the Talks given on Reciept,
    that perfection while the deep stills the frame as Cause is challenge on extra`d.

    Oh course of People does not the Climb to the stereo bear the lane with bright Types??,
    do the roads to enjoy not make the day a marvelous entry draw,
    these portions of chortle to the laughter that lives really do blare the channel on depth,
    touching classical Opera of the Figaro to peak Pinocchio to state of Peter and the Wolf skaters,
    I wink the truth to trust the business as What is in the Increase is often the Process.

    Coarse chores to make the Pancakes bacon just lead with that Sir Up and that defines the throttle as Pistons home,
    mark skill to Task desk with organized spin to Topic grant,
    links trip on journey,
    the lathe shingles a language of a skit,
    find Ding and the Press sure is to answer a Quilt with that Pending.

    Forest of Harbor piers with a Tide,
    as the Clock is of Hands so is the Hour on the Time,
    Watts count to bulbs And that is the light of the Brains capacity on the Appreciations skull.

  • Ayes On The Dough Burr Means The Angle Or The Pear A Deed^Did??

    Posted:2015-12-11 07:52:52 UTC-08:00

    Hill a Reed ore Dawn Ole the Horizon this AM,
    as the speaker is on the stats US its the Key to What is a Drink,
    is it The vain on the Or a Coal or Once the IM burr of Reality??

    Does the Roster file to the Fed??,
    did that Cab In Net spoke to Wheel in The sky Lights Mountain on the grain??,
    dew in the Morning of chase the Dragon??,
    talk a fiddler on the roof!!

    What is the rosin??,
    glycerin on the Dye neigh Might??,
    horses and factors??,
    saddles and bits??,
    reins with the directions??,
    why State chew Toe back Owe??,
    can that Sir Up be the stirrups Leg??,
    over the Top to the Computer of the Nations pad Door ah Haw!!

    So in the process of Congress and the bench it ankles the Corn A Copper,
    the pen Knee for the Word in that Constitution,
    a bathing dimes Hi owe Sill to View the Windows of the Scotch??,
    is the ice in Cubes or in the Shotglass??,
    it is the Multiplication or the division to Ad a Vent in the Volcanic stride??

    Change the Watts,
    the Glacier tells of the Slides,
    the Ocean is Rise sing,
    a vocal Work to build a Can knew??,
    of Course the avenue is life on the Shock??,
    no it is at the real It tee of a pour shins language to the Truth.

    As I have known the Hi Tech in a Laptop of conversation on the Venue of frank,
    being of Can Door is the best of the Recording as Any preen can Feather a see deeds Supplication,
    to evolve with Creative Design is be a Writer,
    the lands of the Compass to receipt,
    directions speak,
    registers skill to the Ports of Wine or Sherry,
    as the Magnet is a display on the Venue.

    Thought brings An envelope with a Letter to the Scribe,
    production is the paper that would say the sync,
    touching the vernacular with a smile or a sprout,
    for the field on the Brain is the Synapse at a Tau!!

  • Rollers, Keys Or Toggles Reed The Rain Is What To Whom Asking The Question Of Bare Feat In The Rein

    Posted:2015-12-11 07:14:53 UTC-08:00

    Chains on the lives that Ship with the News meddle on the Thorns??,
    trades to the Winds??,
    banks on the chores??,
    challenge to the Tongues??,
    language and those barriers??,
    tides on the charts on Human Kinds??,
    base clay to the Dice on the Sky lights Moon??,
    wares in the done of what is Magical on land??,
    discussions of commerce??,
    charged for the Bone??,
    what is in the Inc. Cannery??,
    houses And Holmes??,
    feathers of Quilts??,
    stitches to the Hands of Time??,
    a way or the Path of such simplicity to the doors??,
    wise is Tree??,
    or is in the Sun in the Moons shadow of a day Play??,
    where is the Fountain??,
    the Rain from lakes??,
    underneath the binders??,
    reams of Seams??,
    Awe that Must be America by Berth.

  • What's A Hard Mouth??

    Posted:2015-12-11 06:36:51 UTC-08:00

    How is the form of the Stipend with a bit of Pen and Stow on the Once in the Sky,
    as the found is in the great export,
    whilst the games,
    play on Scripts Producers and that Mighty Production,
    list touching Films Movies and the a Say!!

    Matching with that share Its a value of the Scene,
    did that get a big Ole branch to stun,
    was the Sun struck with a Moon??,
    valley Up tack on the Mountains sight,
    Vista a View with a Wonder on the Bridge??,
    night the weather for the storms!!

    Oh weight its the chasing out the strum,
    guitars on that travel with a journal on the Method of Operator??,
    dial that to the Content & strike Up the Feather,
    flights of the ships to discuss those fantastic Flavors.

    Deep in that Picture is a breadth,
    breathing with the ease of just Divine,
    from that to the drop Dime on a Penny's Copper,
    the Roof of the Sealing clapping to those Climbs??,
    well that is for the Water on the Waist singing Chastity,
    what is that score??,
    just lead to that bank of rooster Cold burns on the Crews!!

    Heave this Wonder Bread 'cause Sourdough Rules the boost,
    what is the sign as the digs shake a Pepper to Sneeze??

    Try it on like the clothes fittin' those bones,
    talk Eh an Entry than turn a Whim,
    the back Lot of Haul a Sway,
    big Venture to that Song on the Matter lark,
    forest to Groves what is the scout to the Cat in the Hat??,
    why is reason the Chorus??,
    must have been that Noun on the grain to shock Ra!!

    Open eyes Shades with a Card playing Fast,
    torque & Wrench,
    speaking and not talking,
    conversation Field??,
    ditches and drains!!

    Being of that round Wealth its a World on Rye,
    the drink in the Fountain of Mend,
    now at the Mirror of Face,
    say it Clear stand UP for the Fax of Quick.
  • The Awe Bull List As The Sway Of That Simple Swagger Sings A Type In Compassing

    Posted:2015-12-11 05:57:47 UTC-08:00

    Loving the parade Oh for the cherishing of dear on the ears of a sound,
    deep in the Swallow a Whistle touching a journey I know I'll go to the themes in Times age,
    round the bends to say Hello,
    gentle in the grave takers stand Rain be my send,
    depth to taste the Mountains through,
    valley will the bridge be My Echo suite,
    speaking on the Sides in the dial of gut to Shout,
    singing on the fountains lathe!!

    Stay this song of Miley,
    be a great Port to lyrics Harbor,
    cable Cars and gears to laugh,
    driving those Outer turns be of the Brightest star,
    sing as the Sun spots,
    a Moon in the best of a earthly talks.
  • Pea Be 'S' !!

    Posted:2015-12-10 09:17:07 UTC-08:00

    The Men on Role this AM on Radio have Asked to put their Lathe too Shingle,
    as the cobblers Mile on the taste of the Vernacular it is the Voice that furthers a Knows,
    down to the Antennae of Language with the Fun^Knees to Express The Challenges of earthly by Means,
    that touches Fact to bring the New a Cast Ore's file!!

    Troy is but the the Horse on Wheels,
    how Ever is the Amp. Pull to Conversation,
    thus a balance on the Beaming to License!!

    Once Upon the Story read,
    a plate to discussion,
    primary School on Call ledge,
    oh for the Fair Oh's!!

    Stride to that Tack tile,
    spring on the list Ed,
    that inch of a thought to bring the Seals a Pier,
    form of great Port told with a Neet Jump pers for the Standard of . . . . 

    well that is a Deep subject of Matters.
  • Watercress And Carrots Served With Jinn Ger Snaps While I Had Watch To Those Cheek^Keen The Cents On Those Fig^New^Tons

    Posted:2015-12-10 07:46:03 UTC-08:00

    Lets sea that back to the ground of which craft bent the be for a signature piece on the Breakfast in America,
    that would be that Room in the Front of the house on the tools,
    Lobos Creek by the Name in the Location for the calculation to know Bakers Beach for the Oh Shin on Once,
    sew there it is in the plains of land Bing to Dot Tee due littles,
    grants and trusts that speak with the bag In's polite Tack to the shop!!

    Dance with the Bowel boa on the Construct of life in the leaves,
    streets Bare In the Homes,
    dogs and by Noun Ticks,
    that Harvest on the Piers to What state chew of the Fleets??

    Boat that a Avenue to bus the Charts with a deer Antlers breast of Tree sun,
    shadows to the Moon have brought Calendar to the Ink Can!!

    Thought Up pawn the Lawn of the Know eastern of the Winds & Compass??,
    that bank A Count of dollars to Priced at the Total deep garden of dust Tee,
    Air a zone Awe as the beach is the Playland of a Walking Teak.

    Where the shoulders carried the Shorts,
    that long Opera of connect to the Golden Gate Park of the Loggers,
    firewood to the Freezing plates of Balm and speaks in the Drawing Elephant on the Kettle beam!!

    Stitch to the broom of this Sweeping a Fair as that is the special Tenderloin Joe's??,
    or is the Jobs on the Coin to spoke of the wheels going round And round Ding,
    ping on the Pong of the Hee or the Haw of a Harness in the Collar of the Hames on the Sheds??,
    chasing the Rapids on a Flush of the Sumps??,
    pudding to Voice on the ankles brought to thermal the Under gear of shifting stoned??

    Aye heard on the Vista that put to the Bookcase as display Gallery a phoned,
    dialing the Glass of Have a smoke to Side-Walk the grass as the in Turn meant of a Number??,
    bedroom and brew Sticks get the Handle as the Fare Owes to Dam!!,
    nigh the Tunnel View of echo to Smack the Paddle of Oars??,
    just lead to the fax on the polite Napkin a dressed to the nice Bangs as the Hare cuts to shored??

    Bell Hops to bee Hive,
    honey to Cream,
    Farms in Berkeley??,
    speak In the Human be Bends,
    gator the Crock '0' Dial as the Wrote tear read from the day Cent of a Decade on the Jung!!

    Library of the Wares with the Actual guitars Playing songs,
    lyrics at the Symphony of The Blues to plight of the Eagle and the Caused,
    green Jeans to Hill of Congress is the Hip pea Fuss struck With IM more Towel It tee??,
    such the threads on the Smileys in Film,
    eyes and brows to the Perch on the baskets of Done Jung us With a Classical Organ for the Pump pen Feed!!

    Fill it Up little Pun,
    for the middle of the sand did ski to the Vapor on the Oil it key`d,
    breathing to skate the language as tongue in the strain,
    My Grandparents lived on the Grid,
    part of the Great Expression of Struck by the down,
    yet in that Parade of Country to the Hards on the bricks of Laid,
    their Choice came to learn the Value of being Fresh Air to the death by Dealing Proxied!!

    So as the People of this Nation streak to Arm their Tunk with cards of grave I put to the Plates,
    the wisdom to know a be Leaf,
    the grape on the Vine,
    a giant valence with blinkers,
    chorus to the Yards and that will Sure the development towards chores Shovels and Drains.

    For the strength of Times in Multiplied the Port of Cast or Troy??,
    is the belts of the Shout from the Media on the National Broad Cast Tee'ing Net Working,
    to the digit Tell of whom does Business to the gas Owe lean??.

    Par Tea Lines with a Whisper to the Lamp Post of the Boss Ton parody on Ironic per Pole fragrance of Cent,
    the ad to the Commercial providence in the Dallas of a slick Hat to Cows and Colts??,
    from the Average to the entangled The Brush of threaded is the Stripped screws,
    bolt Act shin to Know wing of the Flight,
    plains and better letters to dressage the Cross-country on the Event of stadium On course.
  • The Map Of Charts For The Crews

    Posted:2015-12-10 06:52:07 UTC-08:00

    As the Crow flies to the breeze Humanity builds Blocking roads to disguise the Winds lead,
    on that cent of a Saying the Thorn of the Roster in a List of the Harbor a tears Skeeter.

    Bites on the bleeding frost of the People firing guns to shot down lives on the Tums,
    families left without a trace as the Dead add to the Media in their dialing of steady on their dancing lei's,
    touching Cup of flours to Mix the recipe on the Shores of every Couch on Tell a Viced on the grains,
    of Cereal and Milk!!

    Pour'n over that Stuff in of the Late Show on E! Dish Shins to Lyre of Tree Coal in burrs as shouldering pyres,
    the Plank that is boating to the Oars on the grave Tongues lashed with Torn,
    streaming down the Cheeks of drowning deaths The Factor just chains a Desk??,
    nigh the Boot to the Owe Rye Lee's that jean Purpose to such Decks of porch verses The Reapers.

    Bare read in that is the conversation of Pounds,
    coins and commerce,
    that class grade of sit Tin in the Squab,
    all while the Pigeons band to shackled.

    Carts horror Says to beach on that Grit sand Deed,
    face Off to the Turbine at the Watch,
    row fresh Air that would be so Bank in,
    boots on Turf to know of the Sake that language Has truth in a Coot.

    Kissing the chalk A lets as that is the Inch of the National Media of abc In bee seas At See be 'S',
    what a lombard climbing brook len to know event on Wares haul A way!!,
    the State of beacon to Light the Houses harp Pin on the Pen the Tale on the Dawn key!!,
    trail of the cloister on the Lawn??,
    the Nome of Pear its thus the Apple pocks that Shade the Syn awe Ma of Earth on the Ga Knew!!

    Weight the balance on the Beam of evident Scale to speak at the Mountain of loan for Volcanic known,
    fifth on the forth to Onward march is the blast Theme of what is a Torque,
    the Mars on the virtue of the Solar Systems Voice,
    boom went the Crane on the crib of such Outer youth,
    across the Space with the Ease of a gear sweeping Comet on the Tale of a talk!!

    Special on the Voyage of the Shipping New,
    Hell Owe to the verse on the Fire in the stones Often the burst,
    loud is the Value of ground in the Air,
    classic to the Flame in this journey of listing to the thermal Melts,
    glaciers and Ice that is the slides to Ride on with a fantastic View of the oh Shins of blues,
    while the key in the Sign is blaring light Molten spake to Flute this a Whistle on the kettle of Flew!!

  • Eh Vent Edge Aye Phone

    Posted:2015-12-10 05:36:42 UTC-08:00

    Curiously there is a known factor of the Great Expire on the dogs Paddling growl,
    fear biters are an Hour to Humanity now with eh are Wrists timing the Pear a Normal dust,
    fingers on the hi owe silver loaded with a fiber stick that case of screwed to bolt action,
    as the port of bureau of the Drawer a Combo or that waking Up to pole the Chain of light,
    the back porch Creek a step in Steep the kettle Whistle is Purchase??,
    noise to snarl the Comb to brush that Masque Care eh??,
    deep in the Nines on the Six cents Tin nailed with the Cough in scope??,
    why that is putting the Carriage before the horse to Call learn of the Know??

    What of the In vest To gate that places Senses to the Shepherds on the score??,
    has the Great Dane that Tax bread not brought Coyote Wolf to howl in Tipped??,
    does the Corner of the gave Say to Tree that barf is Ruff or coffee Tee at dough Nut shopped??,
    with each paved Word to putters At the gulf off Oil is it known as Gas lighting Once the Lamp??,
    skill A Ten to Training the Identification of the Harnessed said Is conversation Teddy bear.

    As the Pax in Farm a Suit a Calls makes Up the Next big Swallow watts will Price the gong,
    boom on the Crane to crib of the Vain is rather Dan lead of the Brokaw on a Hell a Cop Turd lawn,
    cutting Mowing chopping Sliced thus the Apple pair to Raise the Media dial National be Harp peas!!

    Sigh wren Bird to chew the straw as the Pick a Stip. Ewe lei Shin of the Saw lumber Yards to spice??

  • Are Ka Techs On The In Fir Structure

    Posted:2015-12-10 04:21:48 UTC-08:00

    Spell it out on the Big Bang the Earth in her Volcanic puff to develop land for the Feat,
    as the breadth began to In trail the score to that Mountain on the Comets hand,
    fast in the Plan It,
    Mars branch,
    this is the very tea of what Mankind has brought to the Chaos of destruction exits Create shin to Spoke In!!

    How is the the letters Form of double Ewe to with that Wool lead,
    Elephants and that Crocodiles shepherd on the Plains of Buffalo hide,
    grace of Nature breathing,
    harvest in the Iron on Mineral of Salts!!

    Oceans and the Travels of Moons on the Barrels,
    count that Tack to saddle the Girths of The more's as Footprints just Say fossil Evident,
    schools touching Fish??,
    whales beach an Orca seat??,
    stretch to the Shell??,
    an Oyster with the Diamond of a Rock at her Sleeve??

    Once Upon a Time in the Ages of the Trend,
    solar trips Journey with the lands of Many on the skids,
    this is much on the grains of avenue in the Milky Ways of Paths and Belts tide,
    Up goes the Breeze in the Cyclones of easily said,
    the Eye of the Storms.

    Sew there were Peep Poles that Flag of spills on the Sand deed,
    graves and rots that fleshed out to fill the blanks with a casual sit,
    down on the quilts the stitch??,
    the Human being,
    spake wheel to X plane,
    the brought is the Envelope,
    the seal of that stone??,
    or the bone,
    tossing the Hare as the Turtles Home.
  • Cork

    Posted:2015-12-09 14:54:25 UTC-08:00

    Standard of the 'Jumper' on the pull to that stride sign of practice to Know,
    the gallop at the Canter to value the trot as the relaxing struck a count to land that Take-off,
    firm seat with determined eye but in the truth of that ride the Trust for the horse ask the flute,
    the Moon is only a product revolution to the dynamite of that Cross-country on those whistling Tiers!!

    Dressage the warm-up of study in the library of Well,
    letters to circle the diameter to expand that raise with Hills on the banks to skill,
    be of that saddle change as the shorter stirrup is of a tremendous shift,
    the pulse pumps to the rider on the Gather Of reins,
    speak as dignity is held for the balance is the lens,
    grasp for only a moment as the watch is of the actual on those fabulous stays,
    through the air as the pull brings the stride to open up a branch that any good core would have known.

    Relation Ship to the smile on the strum The horse is the best description for Rum,
    from the gentle breeze of a Mind on the Thought of such luck on the bends,
    the value of girth to know a horn of the English language And form,
    the Cinch in the Scene is the Fun to be Tend,
    back to the Future of why Life is the greatest of why one Speaks with the Soar,
    for the Course of an Event is the day Of it's tent.

    My Mother loved her China as the Cutlery was the Path of a friend,
    the Salt and the Pepper shakers would came,
    being that did for the land at the state,
    but the picture above was the reminder of lane,
    made conversation the most interesting sane,
    Teacups & grain!!
  • My Older Brother Would Say So Eloquently "For Ever And A Day!!"

    Posted:2015-12-09 10:15:04 UTC-08:00

    How far can a Squirrel wheel on the drive of the Way on that shed in a Tools spool,
    well on the threads its that skate to the Ice in the drink on a Glass of the Windows,
    display an avenue to Chart the lives that say that life is of the Compass on direction??,
    in that Inch touch the Mile Scout sane.

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