Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Practical Deeds of Done

The Strangeness of Destiny,
brought a gentle hand.

Fate births Delivery,
require or purpose?

Deep or Sorted

the nature of encounter,
is difficult.


A walk on a high wire,
tension in balance.

A Lyre!!

As a desired hymn,
but the strength of found,
in a musical fare,
may have only been.

The Music Played

A piece I seem to know,
the Tune so Old,
an Ancient Introduction,
to what seems oddly,
so bold.

a plan

Should the proof be in the spirit,
or the writing in hand,
Ink leaves the Instance,
freshness with a stand.

To be an open invitation,
to experience a different lore,
I make strides towards interest,
to concrete my intentions.

To further 'Thoughts' mounting,
questions I bare.

A home in distant views,
the memory,
brings me tears.

I long for all the comfort,
nothing wrong was there.

The Love of Such,
I stare!!

The desperate Minds which keep,
and plant with seeds that sweep,
belief of what's not theirs,
has caused despair with age.

The formality of my conscience mind,
speaks with 'Thought Design.'

To etch a sketch,
a canvas of my being,
a portrait to be sorted.

To fetch a mortal existence,
and learn to live,

The missing action labors,
the breath of which is smothered,
may have only been.

I 'Look' into the deepest wells,
to find the springs of hope,
the babbling brook streams to rivers,
that just don't seem to flow.

The Waterfalls that Fell

The Pools in which I paddle,
no prevailing wind,
to calm the plight,
the drought of all that's been.

To Soak-In what was,
to bathe in my begin,
no lacking instruments,
I trumpet horns from then.

A distant place,
sadness was not known,
I accept this life,
this issuance of such,
to ascend as only One.

A miss was worth the 'Chance' of hit,
in the wilds of,

To value the worth of what was,
is the treasure I feel in what is,
to take a stab, or, make a play,
too motivate yourself to say,
what You believe,
not what you're told cannot be.

Delivers a brand new day

In an active appeal to heal,
not hang your head in dread,
or you may loose your way.

The 'Sight' of not what is or maybe right,
but what holds the promise,
of an even older 'Time.'

I know of a beautiful life

I was, I am, I will be again,
in amazement of all this then.

To prosper in an excitement,
a literal delivery of,
my last time,
 felt so long ago.

Now I Share Found:

my Life Path Number,
my Destiny Path Number,
my Birthday Number,
and My Personality Number,

A release to be true,
not due.


Courtesy of: 


The Dawn of Reason: Weave !!


The level of a day,
is the balance that is made,
when a weighted approach,
is considered as a measurement,
not a torch!

In the depths of this reveal,
do not ignore,
Wrongs as Rites.

Dismissing Actions as correct,
due to desire of an equal outcome,
will only delivery more of the same.

In every grain of sand I see a beach,
exampling the Oceans Nature,

Tides do surge,
rising water pressures Dikes,
the impending 'Sees' approach,
fighting futile,
to succumb, certain death.

In Sted,
I continue in my begin,
to heal not win.

The Death In Flash-Back

Wretched Memories,
of moments past,
as a child survivor of hideous things!

Haunted by ugly times,
where breath escaped me.

As I Stood in Death

I Gasp, in Horror,
an anxious reaction,
to having none.

Fraught with the instant of haste,
I capture myself today.

Halted I Am!

What went wrong?
What had I done?

Little I know,
Small I was,
that Night I Passed-Over though.

Not to a Fall,
but to what I Saw!

Comforts Now!

While Standing,
in dead space,
I stared at me.

Lying dead until the Squall

To the issuance of late,
I Speak gingerly.

With guarded tongue,
I wait.

The Horror, the Fear,
tips this next gear,
shifting into Want
of a Peer!

With cautious Tone,
I lay with only Me,
Alone, but not lonely,
I find Life so Deep.

The careful detail

Interest Peeks
what hides inside of me:
So Painful.

Dangerously I very softly creep,
as flashbacks do reap.

In the depths of these darkened times,
I cannot speak,
silence befalls,
as my mind is a keep!!

Banked on Account

Nature withdraws,
as I become so small,
I've locked these things-up.

To Deal, to Touch,
on an occasional try,
just to unwind this Grave.

To Frightened,
paralyzed with 'Memory Fear'
I wretch,
my body racks,
as my Mind does 'Spin-to-Time'.

Am I of an Age,
to Unlock this Cage,
and not be afraid of the Curtain,
which Covers-for-Certain,
Events I've Entombed?

Never did I think
that these locks would fail.

A Sure and Safe-Way to Nail,
that cause erupt.

Out of My Control,
the Tumbler Found.

Keys I still hide,
as I know I did Die!!

Ceremoniously I scream,
to no avail;

"As this seems Nature's Tale."