Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Englishman that was a Nanny, became a Step-father and crushed me with his Militancy as a mere child that came along with the Marriage to a Woman, 16 years his Senior.

This is me, Karen Anastasia Placek, they (my new parents) changed my name to Karen Anastasia Meakin, when my mother and step-father married. At 18 years old I had to change it back because they had never changed it legally.  So growing up every person that I ever met would and will never find me because they do not know my last name.  Nice way to isolate someone for good, don't you think?
I had never been hit in my life before my step-father, who was my Nanny first. If you had said "Shame on you" to me I would fall apart. That was all you had to do to scold me.  I will never forget or forgive what he did to me and I will never heal from the belt and buckle scars on my body.

Close your eyes and know this verse,
I won't hold back for life.
Not anymore, I count!
Its to late to be sorry,
you beat me to silence me.

Do you see me now?
Whipping me was your plan?
Denial bothered me,
started the fight you see.

Witness's will testify,
it made me cry.
No more lies
truth speaks too.
 Remember the screaming?
Remember the tears?
Remember the stripes you left on my back?
I believe I didn't make it into humanity.
This is what they said to me.

A blame child to hide all we do,
they would shout!
No one will believe you,
we will proclaim you a liar.

You are an it,
and as a thing I can do to you what I please,
without the guilt of a human being,
my step-father would boast with gleeful insanity in his voice.

Mine for Eternity!