Saturday, May 28, 2016

Knead Deep Or Is It The Dawn Of Aquarius Sung Buy The Be^Tolls??

To Rebecca of Sonny brook Farm,
Kathleen E! Wean.Knee of Friends that base the,
Johno that place of Movie Memory,
Lauren the Costner of know.Wing!!

Bring envelope to the desire to be of the chill,
for being In form May shin of let.tour is the secret of the ewe.knee.verse on Society at-large,
the strength of dance as the known,
swimming pools dinner with those wonderful strains!!

Remind your gentle lift of treasure to in gauge no fear,
that is the treble Cleft of blunt as small and fragment of what a loser cleared,
the name beneath the shirts on sleeves is to know the Australia,
a prison that keeps flys to state from the dead and barbi crates.

Shipping News goes to not survive for thats a to thermal glacier,
in steady grain to speaking vein be what is a Taller Pane to Pencils of keystroke plain,
the kinging version of James on feat is staggering to whats that trots,
dye a ree yaw for dye jest shin is the answer of his best chin.

Leftovers at Classic ilk as the let.tour.ring wrote on Milk,
sugar Cain with vain its just the more.role of the same!!

The smile on the grin of cheek is the Pandora of the neat,
stead.deed character no temper streak as that was blunt on Streakers cleat,
new.duh.tea to run away is the Opera of his stay,
running wad.tour to charge the chain with glue tipped leisure and drunk Vanity,
that is the Mirror of an Ancient Hymn,
Narcissist and All of Trim.

However the truth of Nana best to speak My Grandmother and your great Grandmothers Clan,
a stitch in Time saves more frets,
sew thread to know the ledge of Humanity as the cliff Notes gave the band a good write foot to walk the strand,
angry birds is Britain's Sieve selling more than ole sain't treed,
boats to can.knews the or's and paddles,
this is just the hinge of orals. ~ Do Not Bother Yourselves With Watch^Chin The You.Too.Ba Clip As It Will Prove Sir.Real Quite Virtually!!!

The thrifty on the shop.Ping,
those shelves of self.dee.nigh.ole that measure of sigh.lent rust,
as the spout with grout once improved the plumb.line of conversation to the,
now on the aye.lands method of substance people want in.tour grain,
the drink of milk and hum,
a whistle to invite that wink of a case apprehension,
the crowds slowly soil,
audience become what was done, of long versed quits.

Each Course on the mil·len·ni·um??, 
Dick shuns sound out piece to the puzzled of stun,
its the cost at price of the cellphones mile,
eyes cast to the whip.Ping of trend.Ding and gossip.pers,
that inch to be.yawned for the sleeves that have known such long deads.

In upon the Walls of chiseled Muds,
dried by the tears of shedding lathes,
the Watch of Shadows that at a Time in Ages gave to pattern,
quilts stuck on the marrow in the graves hand,
fall.lean starve the bridge to last byte.

Verbs are the compression as eyes gaze to blank screens by bore strong,
the erase of a mind is painful to be stare,
the shoulders hark a skill that is comparison to none,
unless the feather flew at a bearing of life before the too,
these parades of countries in the falls scatter to reach of only fists,
rat told the mice these are themes to birds and the bee's at shown.

Technical platters of knew applications to the songs as ringing sleep answers in the math,
addition knoll the mount is driven bot,
tunnel visa to a pass port of share If that pleasures the connect of in.Sult.tan,
for the know.bowl is the flours egg soup,
should the template draw a Windows on the google Glass,
the When Decks begin to State by State shim.

Like rockers on the Stage of a Worlds mold,
cookie cut to each developed cram,
skin.knee baste to the belly on the jello is the squid of ink,
a detail of accent to the spice.sea trades on those shores of sands in times the stalled.


The Venue off the Sleeve for the word Hoe.Mow.Sex.Shoe.All,
as the definition Comp. of each Thread,
featuring the convenient Hoe.Gun to that What is a Sir.Caw??

The Crow burr.kneeing Black for the Catholic Stipulation for the Dove??,
than Hap.Pea is a Term of platform,
the Stack is of Owe.Pen to that Close.Sing of paid to invitation Deck as the Stage is of Score,
in.crease the stodgy smile with a quirk,
that change of in the brain for the sync,
to that is the hour of whom would say to what on the Y at the A.tent.Shin,
the days or the Mark.It to Futures of the Slip??

Skirt the subject on Bloomberg and move the Chess Piece Checkers,
the cab.bee on the bell.low is ankle tight and brae.deed,
to each is earn and that is bank a keen lead with a grip,
reach from the cost to sit.deed cold and sniff.fulls making Mon.knee. harps to string at the gut Human bot,
fiber on that is walk.keen Cross the for to Sect of cult to Fiction??

No for that is just the Swinger of a simply pleasure sheet,
put the Thiel on the Nail and suck until the Hose is Neet,
with ice on the rock.key cliff a Note to able Mind.did,
moving board to mow.were's that chop the clever crane.

Coal.lect on-call for the Trail of goats and all the Call.lure's,
join the rank of File.lean for pronunciation practice,
the mirror and elbows lyft.

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the open Talk to shock was over on the steers,
San Francisco big surprise to hold your measure,
is roo.ole of tongue to language speil that creations not mop.Ping.

So.Oak the ribbon on the silk and use the lawn for Pimm.Pole,
the sip of stink to Skunks and bunch of lei.deed on the chorus,
write and R.Tick.Cull and shake the Seek??

Yield is the under.cover that makes the wording not lie.EAN,
to clique the cost with Mind at tossed is overboard to skiing,
so in order by design the sentence on the Pen.Knee,
ink at sku with Goods tattoo is Fantasy aye.Land.

Keys to Bet.Tour Success!!

1.) do not loose the subtle toss of the slight head bobble.
2.) do not loose smile in mid stride.
3.) do not say the bigger subject is not the dubbed at the table.
4.) do not stick interest to a View as oppose to subject appropriations.
5.) do not accent the up and down of voice without the hands signature piece.
6.) more is code should the use of the draw on seat.did drops the cause to in.tour clever.