Saturday, February 14, 2015

This Is Not A Curve Ball

At torque of the Futures more lives from this not to present at stand the door is of what would not be believed,
as the gender began to up stride to the down sag the post ran to the clip by stealing the ancient mind,
by the path of nile on the crib of defense the counter grocery store did not absolve the current,
the tides shored to state of decadence not one nor desired won the feminine sigh`rd as the talk,
chalky grains to swell the flames groomed to raise the evident paced as all men de-faced to stale.

Toasted by the stringing along the bankers granted the swan to torturous planters in death fields,
no Scorpio slanted the tile it was Women whom versioned the mile to debt the aspect smash,
on the score of this rebuke I countered back to travel the tums of Time to this Age of bell,
as I turn to verse this place the blinders on the static eyes have reflected this sorted vision to plots.

Gender wars spooked one for the door the other cocked a make shift sat to kill the all of Man kinds,
trace evidence scrambled the web tights in spider to crazed ink rape but the female mind was tasting,
inevitably Men did not serious the War of the factors as the prepared filled with horror: Fright!!

Scores upon rows upon words that just rose to remember the names of the ones in the show,
on equal to gear my Mind raced the sheer to bent time clocked as today is stilled rock,
to have had that rear of the view in the trued No Man would have skirted this fit of I throw,
instead these Men would have hauled me to say what is the rent for the pen of this lay,
in that I would save the worth to the measure as the feather of beacons is screaming dish pleasured,
take a pocket full of known to the store on the sloan a dogma retrieves my grandmothers Tree.

The Oak in the driveway represented the strength safety and knowing the garden had rinsed,
far from these stories in today of the Seer I state with such venom that Men are on descendence,
down to the trough in the worse than muds cost as I can not see what I can not knock,
in that level to deal the cards on the real to folded be haved the poker is ragged,
wealth of my tension is of good to the mention as formidable times come with passing this detention.

Women will rise to skill to the Win with nothing to challenge accept the death of all send,
at the wash of the Gentleman to the Lords on the speak dukes will be punching to grid this as sleep.

Dust to the smooch kiss till you boot as in the maggot its a insectional poof,
no clotter to spillage the bled to the breast animal intention is dissected to bred,
the brain that it takes to the film on the date no letter could I write to express this bait rape,
a sponge on the glide to glycerin chord spoke its the men^rolls bought as the tune^r of the borg,
in method to done each footprint is stun as on this today I surprise this hand tied,
so much further to faster Have I put to place lines that show of the stagger that Women will climb.

Forked Men will turn as so far to have sen I must trust the only believable friend that is I,
so to that operation of mustering Self the step to the Hope is the shot of this Tell,
to wish upon a gone star is the lathe of the seal for shingles to aspect the Dali Lama revealed.

Grow Sirs List

I love Swans born grey to feather beak and measure at the egg bust of true,
in lake to Pond the over song hath brought to my life a gift gone Hi,
in ba the ki of hum to lead the fact of B.D.S.M. a trust of order to systematic design.

Basic revelations on the Talk of the short is to know that the grass is a sport,
the work to mow is a Hare in the Engine that never hops but values the pet troll for lets sea oh shin bee,
object in letters that Expression of Art lost for the Frame-In of apples at cart.

Bytes that go Watch the tree or the torque a tool beyond the fluid that pitch of the scream,
as the car is of sound to a deep throttle to pound may the gaslight come in the hand of a triple A dam,
fortnight the clock timely in stalk great property to body the rocked.

Clamps with the bust that untrained be a must to experience foundation know school of a station,
without the tribe to leather beam boot long are the tastes that gather the fruit,
wrenched to the twist of Wrist tucking scoot be wise to a belt as the notch is of proof.

Mouth with a bit of gagged by cuffed speaks does not abbreviate the closed booth,
Chaucer at headboard to cough up the smiled built a belief by entry of Mild,
pour second that mention of piano turned Vista the portion of brain that bell owed to the gamed.

Dunking the plank Tons at the hook a Movie I've heard that the crowds dark absurd,
a book for the taste that Tailors to dressed Stuffed brows the Turkey to equal a lest,
language in fixture that submission Um told delicate Save or`d death on dead poled,
scout out the Option to candy bar lands Winking the Moon as the parade is of Prams,
birds that shed feather the down it ruffles placation to Dans as any can equate change of the planned.

Port touched by peer plight never not steered for even the duck is Mallard be cleared,
goose to the bump as each blanket lawns it replies to the ground best of the ....

Credits run symptoms exasperation runs ramps the tents are all Pop-Ups and that makes a stamp,
to bob on the water the eyes for the fall a face that is soaked from the tears that dried Paul.

Balance Fire with Conch the splash of the call dialing dollars instead of the maul,
spiders are working with bets that show gaul a throat latch to bridle the nose of it all,
main granders to aerial the murmaid be Jane actors that Tar Zen to zip a dee reined,
tossers that wake with the bruised on their faced twitch with compliance as vaults are not Safes.

… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses
... iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli / uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim / imperium, fasces, legiones, omnia, nunc se / continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, / panem et circenses. ...
(Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

Telegraph Hill

Great hour to section off raise with believed the bass is fish oiled with Cod and Chips,
as the frosty form is sent tends shored as the blast is of chorus to singers of chlorine,
centuries shall say to the fancy a break is the number of infinity waltzing paved lines,
from tongue to burial a list on the fried breaded for structure to shrug classic found fly`d.

Parliament list additional relate talks are so big that an Instrument figs to the loft,
hay jerry garland did Judas Priest stream with the product of label or edits on spline,
beets with a slaw Mayonnaise Law toasts pearl shells as the Natural kill,
a grit that is portions to represent skill as the Porridge is the brains that Blunt filled.

Skull to the helmet Satellite pill owed to the Karmic responsible smell,
perfume on the ornate to decor the face James less the wipe-out its really just based,
with sod at the locked to insulate side of the cheek to the lipped like a bit on the tit,
as minds go to blanch the sear is told to advance with informing to Creative sure bowled.

Heart of the porter James Blunt is a cold walking to status with levers that bolt,
in Ages of bottle the Pub for a Tin dimes on the changer Carts for bed friend,
wallow to bleak should that be your Tunnel the lights of the shorter have classical send,
to shift with the laymen on pigeons that squab represents subject to Unite why a sting.

Swatch on the sell to yearly in suite pokers a betting hand on the stage,
gross Prophets to speech the actions of rouse Form a salute to identify cubed,
thus introducing the Pi inching tusk as Ivory is the most rare of dust,
that Walrus believed that hugging was Treed to humans that take than plot to the Fluff.

A shovel to depth an insult on text is covered with lickers limping the stick,
hobble along the pain is your pong crafting a pear to apple the wrong.

Gardens that supplied a lesson on Time all the way path to cracking the egg,
batter with flowers the ribbon will say that the Oak Iron is strung yellow daisy parlay,
trued to the base of dirts that go taste double snap value to islands at state,
simple pea Pods to tell a phone case numbers to sleigh answer Rudolf to lace.

Certain with harnessed most shockers that rein won the directive thanking Santa at clay,
ginger north never it coasts to the Ice as Fishing is also the wanderers game,
gypsy relief to guest of the cheese a snippet of posts to stamp the desk love,
embrace Mr. Blunt as life is to Cat learning the wealth of the examples of Mat.

A burning resolution that rear view mirror you create remind the remember of docks on the shake,
chilly at sole is a bitter be left to maize of the body be well to know shoddy,
forge with a Teller to open hopes quill as what I have known is death by a dream,
in proper address to James of the cab in Net briskly I chalk the board to just slag.

Threading A Stitch In Time Saved Nine sincerely my gratefulness is over your kind,
'cause in all of the World I wished to say slow that person you are made hours of row,
not more for the hand that your piano did band the sheet music made my life come from canned,
a sweet to the mouth that seams bitter to taste be careful on swallow for sugar creams lace,
all in the statement it took me to say that in this reality you health`d my parade by torching the grave.