Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wall of Guilds, Halls & Mirrors

My Grandfather and Grandmother built a Church in Roseburg, Oregon. The Church was on Lookingglass and W. Harvard Ave. where I spent many, many summers.

Difficult times in Roseburg today so I looked up Shafer whom was the last Pastor at My Grandfather and Grandmothers church.

My Grandparents dedicated their lives to the Ministry of the Assembly of God.  It was very sad to read that the church that they built so long ago in the 60's completely left there story off their Web Sight, however after I read the current Church doctrine on their mission today/now I am glad that My Grandparents are not included.

Here is the current update on whom is now in residence at the Church on Lookingglass Ave right off W Harvard in Roseburg, Oregon.  I wonder if the Grand Piano and Organ are still there.  Funny times, funny changes, not such a funny take from one address to the other.

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The church you see around you today grew from a group of five families that began meeting in the home of Jeff Shafer, a Roseburg physician, in early 1983. As others joined the group, Dr. Shafer sought assistance from his former church, Grace Community Fellowship of Eugene. With the pastoral staff of Grace Community providing worship and teaching leadership, the local group continued to grow in numbers and soon needed a larger meeting place. On Easter of 1983 they met for the first time as an "official" church in the choir room at Roseburg High School. Modeling itself after Grace Community, the new church emphasized worship and teaching.
Grace Community continued to assist the fledgling church by helping in the selection of our first pastors. In June of 1983 Jeff Wells, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, became our first Teaching Pastor, and David Ashenbrenner, a graduate of Multnomah Biblical Seminary, became our first Worship Pastor. Leaders from Grace Community also interviewed men within the new Fellowship, and following the criteria of I Timothy and Titus, selected our first Elders. At that point, the church became autonomous.
In the fall of 1983, God provided a three-story building in downtown Roseburg for Redeemer's to rent. With about 15,000 square feet of usable space, the building served our needs well as we continued to grow. In the fall of 1987, First Christian Church of Roseburg sold us the building for a $30,000 down payment and an agreement to pay the balance of $120,000 on a 30 year contract. In order to repay the loan as quickly as possible, and realize substantial savings in interest payments, the Elders authorized a pledge program called "Committed to Growth." Through this program God honored our stewardship and we were able to pay off the balance in six years.

In March of 1989 Pastor Jeff, a Texas native, left Redeemer's to start a church near Houston. Bob Vogel, an Assistant Professor of homiletics at Western Baptist Theological Seminary, served as Interim Teaching Pastor through December of 1989. An exhaustive national search by the Elders of Redeemer’s culminated in January 1990 with Steve Walker accepting the call as Senior Pastor. Steve, a Roseburg native, received his masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and his doctorate from Western Seminary in Portland. He came to Redeemer’s from San Diego, California where he served for nine years––two as an associate pastor and the remaining seven as Senior Pastor.
Over the years we have been fortunate to have many wonderful people serve on staff. As we have continued to grow in numbers, God has provided additional staff to meet a variety of needs. With our current staff, and with the efforts and resources of countless others who minister at Redeemer’s, we are able to provide a thriving ministry to children, youth and adults. For both children and youth we have regular weekly programs available. For our adults we offer support, encouragement, accountability and Christian friendship through our small group ministries. With God’s leading and because of our growth, we stepped out in faith in March of 2003 and began a building program with the hope of being better able to meet the needs of our church family and community. God provided and we moved into our Harvard facility on January 21, 2007. Since then, we purchased the property vacated by a small church next to us, and now use it at Redeemer’s Youth Center.

We are woven into the fabric of Roseburg, but our influence extends far beyond. We have sent or supported long term missionaries to Africa, Asia and Central America. At present, we support foreign missionaries in China, Malaysia and Guatemala, as well as a campus ministry reaching college students and a pastoral presence in Vancouver, B.C. reaching the addicted and outcasts.
We have helped send short-term missionaries to places such as Cambodia, Romania and Papua New Guinea.For several years we have partnered with numerous other churches and have offered mission opportunities in Guatemala. Our high school students have been involved with mission projects in Mexico, rural mid-west communities, rural communities in Idaho, in the jungle areas of Guatemala and on the Navajo reservation in Arizona. After more than 30 years of existence, we find many reasons to praise God for His faithfulness and grace. As Redeemer’s continues to grow, we look forward to what God will do in our midst.


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Why We Go To Guatemala

Welcome to your online account!On this page you can access your personal information and our online directory, find info on groups, ministries and events, as well as give online and view your giving records.

For more information on managing your account, click HERE.

If you choose to give online:

You should know that there are significant fees deducted each time that you give, based on how you give.  We recommend giving by a direct bank withdrawal (called, an EFT, or electronic funds transfer) rather than a debit or credit card.  Look for the check or bank account button.

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Ancient Roman Proverbs

Ancient Roman proverbs can certainly be confusing, but they are certainly rich in meaning.
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adversus solem ne loquitor literally means, “do not speak against the sun. It’s used when someone is arguing or advocating something that is obviously and blatantly wrong. Since the sun is guaranteed to exist forever (assuming that a geologic catastrophe doesn’t occur), the proverb is saying that one shouldn’t argue against something that is so likely as the sun’s existence.
ignis aurum probat literally means, “the fire tests the gold”. When ancient Roman blacksmiths refined gold, they would do so in a hot fire. Therefore this phrase is used when someone’s character is being “refined” by adversity.
aquila non capit muscas means the eagle does not catch flies. In ancient Rome, eagles were considered majestic animals. Conversely, flies were considered insignificant and a nuisance.  Therefore this proverb was used to imply that people of high rank (the eagle) won’t have the time or patience to deal with trifling matters (flies).
hic abundant leones means “here the lions abound”. The lions are a metaphor for the unknown, like uncharted territory. When the Ancient Romans were first starting to conquer other nations, some of the territories on their maps were labeled with this phrase.
auribus teneo lupum literally means, “I grasp a wolf by the ears”. It’s supposed to convey a situation where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. In other words, grabbing on to the wolf’s ears or letting go could both end in disaster.
in cauda venenum which means, “poison in the tail” is a metaphor of a scorpion sting. This phrase is used when a situation starts without a hitch and becomes deadly in the end.  
una hirundo non facit ver means,  “one swallow does not make a summer”. In Ancient Rome, swallows were considered good fortune. Therefore it means that one good outcome (or swallow) doesn’t guarantee that a situation will be successful in every single instance.

Latin Language Blog

Ignis Aurum Probat

7:05 a.m. 8.14.2015

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on operate a rotary with Paved Phone'rs Blare!!

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now the reverb is vibrators miled.

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an^Core a try Angle bring ate Sewer,
trash is my can'd the pole platter.

Art in muse is merely a fluke,
the hold is the land ding of caused,
by the years of estrangement And dial,
the lung goes to pen and handle a head.

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ocean of seas and shock is a friend,
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ice cream melts too spoons of a lensed.

Taught to walk far from humans,
feel the flight of Users & blocks,
market on corners close for Hare Squash is toe mashed with lends in a drawer.

In Cauda Venenum

August 29th, 2015

Cast one voice these daze a muster,
no Corn!!

Paddle be ladle the purchase slime,
moss handles.

The picture scrabbles board,
Monopoly dice!!

Adversus Solem Ne Loquitor

25.08.2015  4.55 A.M.

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mudslides pulse the rein!!

A disk at sun is reflections blind,
the tomb is scattered elbows rent,
above the ground vultures trump,
dirt the shirt spectacles round.

Resistance is electrical grounds the turf of copper lens,
metals break the drill to earth forcing minds touch lace,
sewn to vains of gold in caved the coffee on the thought of spoon,
stood straight up its rich to understood
{~the ring!!~}
the bounty of the claim!!

Una Hirundo Non Facit Ver

9/2/2015 Stamped Time

The robust combustion to calculation off math is still a clock of the Watch,
now the digits Talk to frequency of Stalk in the fall of a fields Seed.

The Winters Freeze of a Planets Season bursts With a Suns appeal to growth,
the sharps detail of design makes a graph to know a grids mouth,
the black Whole to the light Matter that would surround an Environment to Taste a galaxy while Once a Solars run.

The Masque of Parades create the Milky Waves belt to sound an Echo of Span,
down with a touch to bank the turns width,
traveling a Universe into the Expanse goes to Station,
the Star lit a Pads rice to Factory of a Moons breeze,
shed tools of Far Body's And the Thought resembles a reflections Pond on the Lay Oles,
a forge That Sparks to Tell of Land in the Space on an Asteroids temper to a Comets swirl!!

The Reach to a State of Being on the Horizon of Evolution to a Tale has delivered the Mind a direction,
a treat to ride the happen chance has Enveloped a Chimney on the Smoking tiles of Hard Noise,
the iron of element mile inches through charts like a Planters Pea Trail,
the burp to each Hiccup is the dignity of Sail.

Trust in Universal Changes is the Rock on a Rolling Century,
to decide that times was a grape and Lives the Vine than expression would barrel to the cellars wine of a type,
Tides of Sands on the Shallow bay are silt bound but in the deep Ocean the quest Speaks to darkness as a friends bed!!

So determination of the Journey demands only the adjustment of the Eyes to feel the Understood,
 by Communication the Navigation of locale,
Torque is the Currents of the Hand!!

Aquila Non Capit Muscas.

2.9.2015 time Stamped

The Morning of the loves demise is Singing of the Part touching the ski,
almost over the top of the snow on the mountain of life its such a sight,
the valley of lives without the bridge to feel a comfort for the gift,
at that the apron of hugs come from the clouds home.

The pain of loss is a True View to this Life of disguised Beauty,
I have Scene to Truth a Million clears to Route this fact this Hem is Mother Earths,
the slate called the wheat swayed,
it was the journey for all grace!!

I cry to Note Nothing as I am Numb in a World full of Chills,
shoulders of Society kill Every thing,
the Planet Fulls to its Brim with Death on a Meters Mile,
it is the Inch that Showed the Rule was Clover.