Monday, October 28, 2013

The Culmination of DONE!!

Rites to Wrongs,
we go long,
and 'Our' 

High Above and Far Beneath,
Hour Feat!!

Heals down,
the Trite are blown!!

A Way!!

Five Four Three Too

The Form of this Mortal Exist,
is the evidence of nothing more than,
an Immortal View!!

To Whom You wish to Be,
within Your Self,
an example of How to See,
the blessing.


Blinded by Your own doubt,
you reach-out too take,
the Innocent are Raped of,

In Mind, in Soul, in Being, in Wealth!!

The Fold which You've used,
is not a Blind,
but a folded stow,
the Hood Exacts,
it's black and can't speak.

The Rack is The Wares,
the Men,
B.D.S.M. Masters of "All-Ready" done.

It strikes the sum,
the distance grave!!

The closer the number,
the lower I go,
but 'Wait'
I'm Set-at-Zero!!

The Gear of Let,
know wreck,
'Just' Vengeance.

It's like a Phone,
with truth much as,
'The Keep' is a Dungeon,
my seat!!

The Wrong In Rite, Still The Plight

I gallop to the speed of the thundering hooves beneath me.
The thought of 'such-adventure' enticing me all the way,
along I go!!

Jumping across the Cosmic Lore,
I 'Halt-to-Know'
life advances Me,
in this,
'The Continue' of a Roar!!

The 'Lion-Hearted' Thor must be,
an ever and lasting more,
to the 'Halls of Vahalla'
their gates are doors,
thresholds to implore,
take thee!!

The Mount a 'Night-of-Dark'
I implore to 'The Vow'
the one that I shout!!


This is the Day,
the Hour of a Given Play,
thanks to that require,
I'm gone!!