Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hip Handled Meters

Batter in the Mixing bowl a head or Mind to think the problem through with common pings on sand,
filtering out of hand isolation from a scan liberty is told hold pan so hot it burns sears brought Stands,
the Magazine on Order beams like a store front of sucked Means the capture is in Teaming.

The drop`in visit to meals sitted no food from Brain snore drain, drain, drains that fill in empty seated,
the fuel in pot has tempered gone now the tray is serve with be a weird in Constant tip & dee,
up like Pulley sprung mat laster picking poke the snapping factor timing state with no replace deeps.

Instant minute while listening sit a pledge to speak the worth in pleats not obvious just leaking gas mains,
trod thus barrier a concrete terrier ground is jacked the hog is tracked life it to a state in lack dustered,
coat the grip with plaster hunker treat the sting though Bees made hem to humming whistle blown.

Septic pools a backyard tool the horse that ran across rotten rule weight caved in top went in slop standing,
haltered patience to calm the spook eyes that talk with different blatant the climb is not a possible drum,
enter Machine that proves a ramp however the wait was hours in plant careful study to unstuck buddy.

Abandon life in pits of spit the wrap is dirt and fits the beat turnips baked with pots that cake spice palms,
on the beach that most are song barefoot in the Park for dawn cooking covered by bamboo prawns,
skew the meat once done twice tongs yet the ate is finished gruel on plate lunch in gearing gates.

Take the length of Prime Rib Roast not just the cook but out on the Range in addition add to Aged,
a glass of Wine in barrel grape mixture sets the older type a Cellar learn the bank Carol stern limbers,
breathing Air as water bastes smells that show the state of taste the film on a glass in trace signed spur.

Off The Air

Calendar verse in the Count Year of day mountain frame holds the flip on a Month trays Set repeat Number,
the hunger craves a Season Trades from Holiday to equal certain paved that Continue marks the sheer,
transparent wise whilst Ages lane across the Valley a bridged to trough Creation bays to sleep stalled,
the Albatrossed to the Grizzly cost a den with resting not the Same yet disappearance clears to saved,
express rate as purse of draw the Cave that snores is living price in Total the cost of leaves.

Natural acts are processing the table of the Set in Freeze now sheets crashing melt to rising seas born,
loss of spread the glacier lead a product to the Land in doom an Ice Age than Volcanic grown spoken,
the noise in each an action zone for reasons that Mankind is comb but never Actuals the streaker shown,
running cross in bare bones bossed the flip side of the alter trait to bit the roller in a stone either gowns robe,
park that deck to Nationals the Steeplechase that Horses make a rider thrown in ditch the groan.

Ride the temper to the rhythm in the gallop there is a canter that collection stretches reach for jumped bush,
the landing stirrup balances nerve the girth is secure and the Tempo has no fear the conclusion steers,
onward forward hand in walked the gate to bell in timing lots a ready snail to paper sail breathing Aspen air,
cooling trend from snow that's been thumbing swish to apply the lend no conversation grown it's known,
strange to speak the midst of leaked yet verbal sounds are turning downs that sort of thing that hugs tugged.

Decade birth to Circle burst a feeling passed in setting trace back borrow so the let will sorrow no more,
to tale through the story stew in clues performance right down to truth of troubles with the Lines of root,
a send in breast is face to met the touch in human forms a kept engaging Thought to idea hand holding fee,
shed the brake for hurry state the burning barrel on Stations type yet missing in the Homer,
pick a speech does not complete but offers up the same in seat to breeze the same old sign bowled Tenure. 


Crew the Nature to Age in the start of a new typed pulling towards the sip of word Trains,
that lever of a gear forward in the greased coming base to completions,
transfer the planner to a stagger the Vice is a stipulation that a bunion crams,
down under the filled up blanks to speaking a Tea sup lip,
the dash to a steam in the bring of a knot to place the station per channel label.

Dunking is a cookie sport that creates a taste for the tongue to space in pleasantries,
amount the spoon full sugar to the nice addition cream purchase Saucer the sipping reamed spill,
education from the leaves in the Cup of left in rings that sit bequeaths particular seams,
the hand of palm a foot print song writes with permanent lines of door,
now trait that to learned approach careful as you believe that poach it can be egg boiled.

Hardily done the gaming sum made a life that watched the stun for in that listen much did switch,
brewing colder snug on shoulder cooling slip realms thinking stick,
returning in was often sent back down the roam of otters comb,
duck a Goose to swan the stay Mallards mate for life in Crane,
the dove in tail a cuddle bong nailed it is the Seems that crave a scaled Notes pleating.

Subtract the reason from might the pleasing does the Anchor know the soak?,
heavy Chains that cuff to came a Tense or the relief of subbed,
knit hitters double-up lanes still One~way the Yield plays,
bottom stop to A Top brains in coordination The Raven shade. 

Hat Poles

Denominators that add to least at base of the belt,
form in the height of Cliff at house sight I lived and therefore witnessed spite,
I speak to treats that left a trace of the flavor in the cup.

Pastry coffee I did that day in a line that took a dime the bee sting stung away,
there in front from next to speak I recognized the feet oh how excitement ran.

Blocks address to curtain kept the California Street,
a sign I was on the corner find a Cafe in bumped the leap.

The meet was eye to eye than the words of store came to be,
the ones that see it's worth the facial of a stupper in i.d.,
often losing in life to choosing the fact stood depth to Feat.

Of course the age of I in sound was not in drinking any down not my cup of tea the kettle was not me,
brought by happen stanced the loud so close the eyeballs bleed,
not all are kind in deed the school of learn deads beat the spoon.

Walks were common march the flat while biting screaming in my ear,
the pull~over in Mans foot gear,
stepping stomping on my head the stink sew skunked the temper lead to good enough it's ruined touched,
the hand held read to ride the side journey landed Playland died.

First balloons bubbles stoop, 
second reality hits the loop, 
third the deal is your stoop for ducking simples up,
again the breaker for the stump was the deal of a pump,
no one speaks to people move than the score is you.

Subtract all sense scratch the Fence lumber built as trash expense,
the Alley narrow remains a stare owed,
for Now the double track in smack are the workers doing bent,
in alive it's different than exacting as same in spent.

Being A Blunt Lyre

As the Shower done was real the water gave a Clue to stall a deep deepest hole in a Modern day War fold,
beaches stormed bodies lie it is the Mind that proved Evidence by speaking no by digging up remains stole,
prisons barb wire now the Net tire wheeling fractions adding wreath the Band around the head stand,
ashes burnt to the learnt an Understanding Science turns to the Pea in a dished growing Cells in bell Timed.

Not One Fifty ounced it was Millions bounced a shirt so worn that did Announce the Trait characters stride,
higher bases hit the shatter speaking screams that stuck out buyers than it comes to knock the Core abused,
multiple remains picture stained by starvation lamps in rain stoked by breathing to extract tooth fillings rack,
drill a strong the clink shelled Tong in states of homes One by tone dialing crazed by many stoned.

In repeat the tombs bore longs in short hour the moment bongs that work is behind the Scenes igniting,
once upon the One at a time Two became and Three said pane the fork at a unseen bathe in sundialings,
the hangers droop nesting suite crew is showing the workers span the watch of Wares inks wristing fares.

Control the flight remove it right by the able it left a cable enter copper on the Nail skipping to a beaten rail,
shored the craft to Tunnel laugh now the funny are channels trashed Fencing in same exacts Microphones,
the body lies in steeper treed as the tweet has birthed a Speed at Key Strikes coming Wild Kenning sake.

Temperature hots the brains of Lots increased by Numbers add it pots silent no the Sentence wroughts,
exposure spake in from date born in breading energy bedding straight to the Populous ignoring rate crops,
fertilized by now grown dies first it's One that brings with eyes Second states the cost Third batters Fate.

Scene Perk

Remember dates on the type a spelling call the ankle spite enabling all that varied stall in looper lives,
the stance to memory shores the fight on a blog to write the bite in work on place in put the pipe Ages,
horn a declare the World just stairs for instant moment second share cutting Life out of the Fair.

In Past History the death of killed in Suicide it's ringing loud a problem in the chain of found linking,
to walk a year in many stood to take your leave on whom does corn clover grown is adding Oats,
swelling bloat to feed encroach nobody misses it's not the human touch now for the Cold is slivering.

Splinters fester had a toe give the foot a would in Show cantered stock ask the Well it's pailing tread,
in form of quit the chisel whip much to aghast the seam in gas hovers should the shower mask pane staked,
how much is the cost to trash oop's I mean to rape the task without a gauge to hold it back spanking.

Choosing stop halted stack but friend did do the other fact a light to now know the okay is shouldering,
between the theory of the Race dismiss is on the School of list checked the Author ran a kick barking,
corner Club to speak a shrug the best is brought when stone is ash the advice put forward priced breaking.

Just a hand to hug the hold hope is dead as wishing folds to the chord at base in played stage venturing,
so in the spoof the Innocent root take whats done and then clap route all for the money dollared lout??

Ridden hard walking tar the sticky trait is Trades on shore coin the Ferry now the card a sink lead oils,
slip on death look to Lid laughing spreads drinking shed building latter in a World that votes blastings,
silently with hopper hoe a drum sew beat that thinkings steep ashes that clay to Vase a Paint!!

Centuries burn civilians stained the roast won't stop the Cell phone came got a handle nope it's grain,
fodder feeding Text that's speaking up in from Addressed at Gong but dirt is breathing felt Antlers dawn,
crime is long the sheets that strong stolen lives a trend in wrong however Pain lasts the empty go straw.

It's Like You Knew ~ 'cause you do

Strange how thoughts rake to the actions of pun,
the body boat life in a told stark dart,
in conversation of explain,
the simple complex shoveling in brain!!

People speak on Account their lives,
the skirt of the word or the plain said stir,
staring to threw dope the curt in was had,
recently noting that teaking is shagged.

Know matter the fought importance does talk,
a sitter with Capture to straight up in locked,
that brash introduction to it doesn't look like believe,
the quick response "I'm acting whist home!!"

Shaking off the pre`day last week in three,
a day on the stunner not really it's Scene,
towards decision at birth an apple read chest,
it's the Live Action filming speaking chose earth.

Mud makes the case to be familiar with clay,
oars made by Mold the pottery bowl,
shelf printing book at the boulder leap breast,
service a Liver or stating the zest??

To have had the experience again in suck shed,
a couple of termings delivered the grid,
soccer on back fit snug to a Rack,
quick release in decision bucked to the Tack.

Hoarse in the Mind of idea that reaps time,
the temper to sleeve a tissue in ream,
spark writers dig deep reason live,
how ever the environment screams like a Car.

Silence Wordings

Last night on the bake of a dinner late,
the quit light silenced my hillside home in sudden out,
lit a few candles to shed the air,
the Wic a flickered in the bringing of fair.

Chicken in the Oven carrots potato boiling still,
inking the Moment of the simple in skate,
surrounded the the bark was Nero at start.

In a second burp walk off the Porch of the talk,
the Moon in a sneak was announcing it's breadth,
tasting the Scene of a brilliance I'd shown,
walked tracking deck to confirm it's the phone!!

Considered the quick to brisk in display,
I must wonder the Space.

Spoken in true the City did stew,
looking ask tree the clouds print the snoop.

Thereupon the sneak once up on a sleek,
grand was that red bulb in delight of a Peak,
had a seat to River the Watch,
mustered the Neat as a pier off in Clocked.

Upside proper scores springing louder,
natural signs believing drink in a chatter,
part sky double stacked a the perfection reals,
in the Septor of Fact the ankle of stack.

Assurance prism a Star in the Sun,
dawning the Rise in the midnight of fun,
traveling shadows thus sings in the noise,
wides journey Snore spreading caused door.



Speak as to the space in an empty blank the talk forms a traveling tray,
shaded brine turpentine the Creosote I used to slop on Wood barns,
soaking the fence boards the burn unforgettable, 
spill a spot the stain would show your brand right in open sight.

Running mouth at Ab-lib pace put the Human race in Cased,
the Minds throw worth to curb the stretch as burns are hard forgets.

The horse chew proved a bitten cents the Apple in the Cribbing,
sucking air is often stare the fix in an Animal ply.

Lead lines cross ties not matter halt the horse is let it proves a Vault,
for once the thought has anchored kit nothing stops the remain turns Prop.

Esteem raised with the ride will echo each relax in stride,
all in All the habit Pie is part now of a bigger dub.