Thursday, November 6, 2014


Chain the Nose to War on the land in the Tank of the Grand on the canyons of span,
lost at the feet of the Foot place to week the colindor of drones remotes that go wrong,
dark goes the clock to the digits at walk at electrical spark the mark of the cart,
no address needed the Sun says blanket in the same as Exact to the partner the Moon.

On the sphere of the stream for the dogs and the seam rafters form sankers and clevers go hinge,
the double swung door no stop to the shore bringing the laughter as the World jokes soar,
that on the plains of the Sands in the drink disaster is sinking the towels on the pink,
reef to the ocean saddle to creek the fill in the gap is the quick in the Fact.

Charge to the battery in the dead plug oft brain barking the whoof Coyotes that shrill,
yap yap yap on the flux the wired in duck strands of the organ grate arson to sample,
out of the air in the heat of despair chapel the singer to dawn on the fare,
cryers that wine with the hards and the longs with no matter to cause just the chase of in laws.

Catch the rye in riper to pick as the aspen is swiss but the island is kick,
swinging the log junking the bog joking to sandal and suited to mangle,
cling on the wrap sticky and sap rattle the coins oh wait it's in change,
dollars to millions of which is it named the Noun or the bargain of victors & Mane.

Action ~ The Anchor ~ The Cut ~ The Film ~ The Negative ~ The Life ~ The Scenes ~ The Product = Bloody Lines

National lampoons the additive by scoping the magnitude of directions through understanding,
saturday morning mid to Noon in the prison of the doom playing each News display caterers,
as 'Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory' was exact to Attire in describing that ab-lib,
the little people on the Watch learned about the cruelty of handed the Candy.

By design of The World and how it turns has in Time enabled rhythm to find greater lines,
in riddles of learn as the read goes to burn within the text is a sample of the churn,
the obvious is to notice the partitions of the captioned in said bitter sweetly to enable the gave,
as being forthright is frowned and often taken before it's day than communication goes grave,
the dark of the hours in the Minute Clocks have grazed these explanations by ways of explained.

Touch the human noise with a calculator to Toys the vibration of battery is wound by the ploys,
to counteract the bile on the throttle to display is knowing that history of where did it came,
going the lolly pop highway of fame does not excuse the curtain from being exclaim,
as the corporation may indeed be the brain inhabited by the human of frame,
the response to the actual in living on sane is whether or not the truth is singing or rain.

Either or in difference of Action in Heroes is dead for the grain,
soaked by the blood in the genocides war,
standing in the stank of the oxygen know more,
to feel the pain as the drip is of flesh,
on the bones of Vulture the human has thrush.

Roasting the rotten to cook all the same is Produce in markets that shot the gun lane,
rifles on badges Ranks gone captain is it cereal to eat milking Serial in glee,
or are all the stories that sync into span just another days glory of standing at pan.

Whistle to the music as the Flute has a tune,
in the trumpet on the blowing the smell keeps on Towing,
back to the basic of the interviewed brae,
making recognition than taking it away.

Forgetting while living is the seed of depraved,
for the graves and the tombstones are reminded by brave,
written in the video is a terrible a state,
just one more in vision to clapping the spank.

All for the growth of what is the pay,
saddle the girth for the Tiers of gray,
in the eye of the brought to the R.I.P. of the fought,
which is the side that spear sank the spot.

Deep in the lung where the air is a bag,
leaking the poison of apple dunk shag,
bite for the snake speaking the dog,
horses have ears and children are logged.

But don't worry it's just a mention to query,
as cowards are often at The Front with a coffin,
in the blank of the shot to the burial plots,
the shovel in dirt is made up with the Scotch.

Or Biers

Sat Tires Burn Notice

Shock in the gears of the brain to the touch ream our the Hours in the Means,
label the venue of the turkey to breast there is always a simple explanation to dress,
in the with stuffing to collar a leash on with Snap that breaks to release,
the lair of denial the compartment of side is moreover the spanking of the con on the vibe.

Should the balance to breathe in the suffocating worth out do the dues of the singer or quirk,
back tracking records is same to copy as the Mind in the station is that ration of day spend.

Spark to the liar should that bring the tease as the Rank of the scent is glassed with a Mint,
drinking the worm with death on the trim why be of War if the battle had hymn,
smoke in the sky or the child in die is one in the bank of the tomb that said drank.

Should the message be of character and the note be to laugh than wise is the bother that earnest is sat,
for the mighty dollar in the pocket of thief is the pick on the product to the absolute seed,
candelabra from crystal or the lamp on parade once it is written the pavement is laid.

Splattered by jest the fig of the Vest parks that robe to the discount on the throw,
the World today is up to translations in with the send and down with the save,
killing by direction Methodical in charred bring nothing to the Front for the page is the Blunt.

Taking advice is giving a brae the offer in agony is disturbing with say,
to the off chance that liberty took the chance to brave,
than in the advice is the handle a spite 'cause the songs are of bearings that bring in the dice.

Flowers that ribbon of yellow brown hair a mop or the the barf that held in the stare,
trials that listen to making the day better to be the open in came,
for as my own experience trayed in my youth the aspect was the disappointment of grave.

Know Disclosures Recorded

Human Bodies Inside Out

On this plane a planet by reign in the system of religions practice there is no order to the scream,
in that the said of ready fed by drank the blood and ate the flesh as marriage to the same ole`s less,
break the will of body still mash the feet upon the sill scrap the clots to bloody Hell lifters,
in the demons there are spirits on the angels sifting ghosts making candle in the Hosts,
lit for fragrance light of slain borrowing the Cantors lane in naming of each godly stain.

Broke the mouth on Mountain choke in the smoke of rooms and stoke,
fires on the buildings wired with the Minds of serve required,
cents to baskets full of width in the Sieve the water lisps across the barren grounds of drift,
sands that part touch Seas in the banks of all the bees death is on the rise of Fees.

Searching nothing Mastering more for on the basis of the floor it is the Tooth thats jag get,
bunnies on the Easter farm eggs that spoil green Ham in boils the grains of collection panned,
in Medusa the Hare of snake on the skin by their mistake is the counter of the Lake a swording,
forged out of Ancient bake the method of the Walls and Fates a siren for alarms in Made naturally.

Given any particular day the Calendar just runs a way and Chaos is the tune of Play,
all throughout the History spout in passing 2000 Years about a centry on the greatest shout,
spoke of general inform said that the death was brought by made and caused by seen it's sin,
the reason of the life that was is the reason that wisdom spoke to say go kill no more.

An example of the cross in bore is the Tomb of ever chore as wrapped in Foil is a score,
the verse in part is shaking stun as the shrug is going done forced by nothing is nothing,
coats of caper in the sake of the womb of merry jake is proper to the math at rake,
carver on the Ancient Walls describes the found by living lives in this the sound is loud!!

To base the butter from the milk in the top of yellow spilt the babes on nursing all but guilt,
animals have raised require to know that death is hours mire as The World turns admired,
to the Zoo I must go as the broadway is the Show that knows to silence thrown a Clown,
masque of sale to the price in the Toll it is the viced by every single word in dried.

Stiff upper clip to cutting meat The Roast upon the steak at seek is tabled with the Whine,
got it get it grab it need it want it receive it know it choke it slumber it sleep it dream it Wake it,
for the Poster of the Number on the Total of the Cost is the Picture of the loss at Trade,
traits that come through Ages rum have not considered this might be Sum.

Kind Of Strain Go Lean

Bottle Nosed Glass Is!!

So back we go to crayon joke the restaurant of brother ran to the mother board,
in the drawing of the words the water on the coffee learned that pictures paint a Tale,
as the verse is nursed the Public on the throw banking to the Weather in coldest grow,
shaking off the chill to know the goose of Feather in the ducklings plan a Swan touches better.

For as the grew took to be the sample of the rack in me,
the whipping cream to shoulder theme a message of the inside scene,
talk a whisper Speak a Crow for the book does tell you sew,
on the understanding lo the vision of the spans do row.

Down the lines like drinking show in the hand of whom knows plan,
as the digest of the tab says to get the greater last,
on that comprehensive give to Receipt it's called a move,
chess to table Pawn to rook chain the link to bible thump.

On the Books of mid to length from the body of the piece,
wrapped by bound of shall we seed the Clap of in the bangles Teased,
hair in Buns is appropriate joe as the center Hamburger glow,
burns that come from Sky Fires Reign in the satellite of loved.

Skipping rocks just like docks the dial of the counter clocked,
mechanics on the auto rotation is the wobble of the station,
now that Planet is above sank to know the gave is shove,
across the challenge not for aye as the Brow is shaved by horror!!

Grasp the channel joke the foot in the Walk is All but took,
evident by flowing screech in the Rubber natures tie,
as the ribbon enter guts to put the space to place of nuts,
grounding chords to Noise in floored the deck is built by shovels score!!

No memorize or open store ask the banks Accounts for bore,
in certificate born and bread the Sourdough is on the shed,
covered cloth to Whole the yeast is the spice a special Treats,
rice in roaming on the sphere making Mother Natures bier.

Remember that the 5th November is the day of saying stay,
passed the plot by equal shot and that just leaves the body rot,
with the flesh on hanging bones the soft go stiff and up the lip,
the name of call is absolute for the Snob is on the loot.

Brand Names Part Sand

My fingers nimble my Mind is thread in the stocking of the read,
on the compass of the Navigational theme the present is history,
ask the spinning on the Wi as the fry behaves to Team,
at basic on the doctrines seed the mustard in the yellow summed.

On orphan curtains for the feat the blank of fill is purr of still,
a settlement of steady krill questions of the answer milled,
in the fold of silo steep the grains are spilling ready lead,
the hull of plenty the Haul of lead is the anchor dragging seed.

Form and Introductions chill the Colder of the Molder 'till,
on open closing of the Sign inking fountains as the prime,
mini stirs to whip the Find ions verse to chime the nerve,
spinal Taps that wrap the fact Text in test it is a rub.

Counter Intelligence a monkey's burst type of sheet Hoot is heard,
down the Swallow whistle will Arm the engine in the Frill,
checking gage to park the Sage on the planters Pea Nuts page,
in the paper of the Tree farmers are the Toilet sleeve.

Recycles goods to mulch the Crops harrow school to floppy Tops,
mopping dirty water talks Cheerio and bread from docks,
stipulative converse Rock broken down the Trailer bachs,
in the Operator found Overseas the Ice 'Screams' loud.

Spooning scoops of Melon Balls the whether in the Pug or Read,
doggy did the ear prick Means as the collar is the seat,
down the sit to shake the Pa blind to No One on the Saw,
in that Scene of I don't care is the barker in the Swear!!

Cross your Heart and hope to dye in the News of pastels try,
cost the 10 cent cheaters Peace to the signed of real keeps,
product with the Cow Wards drink the dairy on the Berkeley cub,
in the badger on the breathe is the back of Wranglers clothes.

Artistic to the crossing Tea is the coffee Mug a read,
bounce the balls to Tennis peas on the Courts of Mag Pies leads,
open hatch to dig the best for the cookies in a Crest,
nestle over with the spoon gosh the darn is chained to Swoon.

Letters letting typers run the crowd of not to Cards on stun,
shrugging shoulders subbed is learn schooling on the gum shoe turn,
brights to break the Snapper ate the feeder on the bottom lake,
in the swim to Ole Swan drake the Dragon spoke perfecting GREAT!!


History Labors

Travel the seat of the times in the Ages of the Aeon touch the Ion of the ore in dust,
of the Spice to dimensions in Elemental by Flame in the Fire of the Art of Creation to dark,
as the list of the planets began to explode the moons in the glory of the Comets on boom,
the tail in that text of the well written bloom began  with the broader of the Universal soon,
background to poss├ęder in the thundering moves scope of the natural at the disastrous spoon,
cutting by the shreds in the scatter of the said dread on the Napkin blankets to the Head.

called the Progressive Era 1908

Scry atop the nothing form the anything in mass a multitude of breaks in the glass of sparking goals,
shrimps on the factors of the math in grower cores a perfect envelope to deliver sealed soles,
in the skin of the stature the ankle in the knows Elbow for the tables and hands on the nose,
eyebrows over curtain as the blinking chose deciding to the realms of shrinking brought the Crows,
spontaneity in rapture the apex of a glow red in the rain of the clouds that just won't hose,
held in reform for the water is the storm spreading lights so fast that roaring as a soar!!

Vultures arch the Human in the brains at speak eating with the tongues of everlasting drink,
blood to cups of balls in stucks the gag of penis spells the robbery in robes that the Pope does smell,
the stink on drag of anchors had the string of ropes that place,
A Platter for the basket in the roasting of the states,
pew the spilling sounding of the Horns on every grace as in the folded fingers the middle is the face,
treating food with Flesh in mood to spank the Serum straight,
than put the pace of Rate upon the ether lace.

Tied up to corset on the belly of the pots in kiss a Wrapper for the tumble,
 & planking ask the vest,
booths that screen the calls to say that rose a reads are thorns,
candles in the light of torch the Hours of the a sporn,
sink the seed deeper town the send in basic of the pound,
grab the cross around the shroud the bisque of whom is bough.

In light of weight the skin tight sake to breast the many milk,
for on the birth of every land both do pump the skill,
oddly in that correspondence the simple is the sold,
that one can be while others bleed to sweet in offers of the peeved.

Anatomy touch base of deed boobs do settle fill,
mammals on the ocean of the fens in outer stills,
fairy on the green liquid a much to other pills,
swallows to the stomach guts that teach digest of routes.

Think about the GPS
Think about RPMs
Think about Radar
Think about Guns,
Think about Arms
Think about Waves
Think about Radio
Think about Tower
Think about Energy
Think about Hour
Think about Micro
Think about Dish
Think about Skull 
Think about Remotes
Think about Batteries
Think about Satellites
Think about Bowls

What do you have left on the Outer Think of ear to head to listen to Watch,
a Convection Oven otherwise known as a Microwave.

Hey Lister

At the speed of lightning read the Heard in the sky of the see,
know that's called a Bolt.

In the clock of hour time the hands atop the head in bee,
know that's called a sting.

Part the caption to the house in the rod of sum or mass,
 know that's called would stock.

Fires in the Flaming deed on the aspect of the feed,
know that's called a Camp.

Flash the carpet to the sound of the snapping bulbs a bound,
know that's called a flood.

Lights on shoulders touching screen for the bandy legs of theme,
know that's called a lends.

In the tell a photo stream of the mention on the scene,
know that's called a Film.

Purchase rights to copy site in the camera of the flight,
know that's called a Game.

Pointed to the quiver shake in the balance of the take,
know that's called a Head!!

what's missing,
the body of the print!!

Rag Sheet Timers Back Lashing Peeps

I Port the Tree of Knowledge on the Natural understanding delivered by gifts at birth,
the message in the Mind of the temper on the time of the hand in the apple ankle is the core,
as the bit touches dirt for the plum is the beam rounding are the Coordinates speaking of the leaf,
in that on the Statue of the bay in Stand be wise to the reason that blasts these words of Found.

Carriage on the coach is the footmans stop The Cart without a Harness is the horse less drive,
in the reins on the bridle the yoke is the saddle made from the wood of the carving on the mile,
wheels in The Spoke can turn in reverse ask the Book of made by span the digger of the bloke,
move the Wares a bit to left the firm of grind the Salt but rather more be that Man what shoulders in the Chore.

Desperate to the corral blue in the Pink of Salmon ladder as the course does bring,
lather in the skin of coat behaves to the Water Soak in the subject Work,
translucent in the color band the Rainbow is not scene to brand for it's the Clouds in love,
as the arson of the Ash does not pour down it's in the mouth and stuck upon the cloak,
drowning in the lungs of been the choke of chimney on the send those bombs just in the dope!!

Search to not destroy a friend for Human lives are rare in bend the pastern of the four backed fringe,
riding Jumped the movie House to speak the screen in jokes on proud to do exact same scenes,
for up above behind the Head of the great and dumber said that pictures are the worth of stead,
more to size least to space in the Quote of know the Haste is is the Post on dutch the Page in being.

Sent brook down the mountains sound the Valley on the gorge in thumb erodes to know the Cliff,
on the notes of cards to seat the Table of the ill reputes the gage of pepper spray in toots a fee,
bark that basket to the Sieve as the carry on the read force this up to stuck the greed on the fella pea,
as pods are in the bedrooms math the knee in bent full swallow Rite is breaking all said mild.

Public reads not really deems that change is the coins on green that lawn of mowing seed,
so since that does not growth the tree for beans pots and the magic sleigh to Christmas Ayes must be,
the present in the past of see the ribbon of the wrapping deed right with method logically do Tea,
in the drip of baggin's Ink the paper on the street in Rent is the footmans real scent called Practiced.

Com Man Ore

Do Ewe Inhale Know I Breathe

Why is the car per tunnel vision to door on the Tile not the floor,
in the ground of the Tar there is oil for gas the blast in the space of doorways in last,
the thresholds that have hold to the Reams touching class is it the school of only the pass,
on the drive to computer that Informational brass is the signs of the symbols silence to task,
is the only seats worthy in Washingtons grass that age in the after before in the past,
as set to the Tablet in the kindle of fast quick in The Sand is operational dash,
key textiles I see a Roof in the scene of the pictures the crowns on the Bass,
fish in the open thats walking on Wall or is the torture of fingering bowls,
in gathering of the crowds on the nose slicking the Hare in the hope of a dare,
can the perk value to measure of stair know the construction of environments care,
less than 2 years to the rise in the bee each of the cells on the phones in the seed,
balance that with the 100 Year mark Chapters that left an Indelible chart,
on the scope of the counter to the needles of hay in the Stacks are the curious lay,
potatoes are chips of the mirco status route in the memory card of the Fields of plow,
on the disc of the tractor to the synapse on fire is the connection in locked on the jinn,
can the will of the court be that of the say States on the every in Independence of day,
is the Calendar clocking the dates more like prunes as the pea in the Pod is the eating of bean,
stringing the sting from the bee in that grass why is the Number on the dialing Fast!!

Per see us on the purse say it's cash is the total of carrion the luggage of laugh,
can the lid touch the bungee can the bridge bang the Band can the jump of the surf be the cruise in the hand,
are the hours of minus subtraction to Add is the facial expression gone slight the stick ran,
is the Cow over Moon the man on the plan is the spoon and the Plate a rocket or strand,
is the fuel in the fodder the ignitions to stand is the touchdown a goal or the Space in the mole,
is the dig on the deeps the scattering loud is the acoustics the pitch of the Tone or the sound,
is the the status of death in the dead of the found is the drink of Tequila the worm swallowed down,
is the bank on account the ignorance or shade is the taste of the spice in dimensionals lore,
is the Pole on the South or the east of the Gore is the News on the chaise of the lounge asking for,
is the Anal Attention to the paper of Toil is the flush in the Make Up or the dying of soil,
is the Monkey with collar the orangutans chore is the digestion of table the scraps of the store,
is the sable on animals key satchels score are the lockers so rotten that plains are know Moor,
is the banquet at service to Weddings for bride in the Groom of the horse at the barns of the Pride,
is the box full of brushes or the live T.V. on shore is the station Identifying the callous of pore,
is the filler in pie the split in the crotch is the lube in the grease of the oiling side,
is the Cock on the Rooster or in the between of the genes on the shirts in the Chest of the being.

It took 2000 Years to dish the b.c. in On the cross to the nailing Science,
building blocks with changed verse to the Christendom curse,
hammering lives drowning the feed,
in loss of the people to the handcuffing bring,
planking the torture to expand on The Land,
church in the steeple Pope on the pan,
whistle the Pyramids the Ages in Span,
the wonder of taken touch the Tombs on the sleeve,
death in The Talkers preaching a Key,
cage to the Church knees in the burn,
scabs on the rails stakes on the Urn,
scattered to Earth in the brains of the sip,
blood is the Honey and flesh is the R.I.P.,
no apology comes to the deaf and the dumb,
the difference of looking to the ceilings of lung,
chapel this to the missing in peace,
for that is the Signs of the genesis leap!!

Where has the challenge come with the dead land,
in mirror of the induction to the vote of the sham,
shagging the Pole with respecting the What,
in the deck on the Porch is the robe of a crux,
clapping the purse of brought so much March,
down with the Which is it bearings or twitch.

Twats on the tweets that bank to the from,
scattering signals like the lights are the brain,
in Mind of the Folding to scrolls of the come,
flags are the liter in the measure of sum,
both are the same in the extraction of spice,
run down the average and bump up the price,
seat on the stand Stage to the slam,
jams in the jelly with Jello on pram.

Milking the nurse to the tips on the stick,
hoses that spread to the Future in bic,
cigarettes smoke the ash in remind,
is the big detail the combing of FIND.

Remove the attention to nothing in Hand,
what is the average of Age in the can,
logic does hit at grade 54 in the born of the system the Congress is horror,
for should the pour side be on that front lawn,
than the washed up is simply dismissed for the bomb,
yet on the Congressional seats that go long,
the average in age is the Seventies sound,
decades to time scales years on the Feat,
nothing can change till the Toll is of ranged,
moving the particles in Universe youth,
the bigger the stanchions the closer the stand.

Why is it alright to be of great age,
voted and placed in the Company gave,
for public opinions the look to the save,
is in the magazine of rifles that day,
recognition comes knot on the Ship to the play,
the depth to the bottom of the sandbars at ray,
swimming with sharks on the drive of the Way,
placates the advance of the all in the stay.

Thirty year Retirements are coming to stay,
so why is the Public so old before gray,
in the silver of streak the dollars on gained,
why is the spread in the Tooth of the line,
why is the dentist not covered to place,
why is Insurance the scoop of the shape,
why is the Health of the genuine saved,
why is the sugar of cream in a sigh,
why is the coffee in beans before grind,
why is the tree sap the syrup on tap,
why is the character of cartoons on milk,
why is the gas the oils of lark,
why is the rain on one coast so bad,
why is the draught on the other in laugh,
why is the earth quake the same in the joke,
why is the Twister on shaking the froze,
why is the T.V. on every by toast,
why is the empty Detroit on the host,
why is the food in the plastic for coats,
why is the filler being considered to roast,
why is the jars of the dirt on the boast,
why is the suicide in murdering groats,
why is the air not dirty in smoke,
why is Nigeria missing the choked,
why is the Air so clean in the shots,
why is the Air not filled with the pots,
why is the photos so set with the film,
why is the truth looking better than bent.

Ground Zeros Have Commonalities 'The Air'

Lulled to the sleep in while fold awake that scrolling to swiping erase on the way,
person to person the advertised rate Collections are money binds Accounts in the fine,
dust in the ashen of faces gone graeae in the Party of lines or the casper formed grinds,
ghosts on the curtain to drawn by dee Sees plaster of paris is construction of reads.

The banging hammer on those walls just will bounce making incapable the nail in sound,
yet hallow are the lathes that paste to the shim for should the hit harder come the hole is gave,
projecting the tape touch the laser now grave Lights in the shape of linear space,
stretching know measure the instant of spake Digital clocks in the Inch of the foot.

Construction details the Blueprints in Ink registered Job at the basic in Turn,
scrap metal is the Auto of junk yet all of the batteries are speaking the phone,
stones on the Cinder of blocks in the dive created by segways that answer is lie,
splattered by Murals on faces that pay scared is the delivery but nothing is bare!!

Certainly boots formal Salute to the day marking the Shopping as get a New play,
operatic deer in the dough of the Seasons hours of wrist walkers looking to read,
eyes on the down cannot know the vice Tune for the Muni on route is Muni on suit,
people on charts to the skip & pop art cycling backwards to cover The Start.

Signed and than sealed the Government say is public can't have the information that brae,
thirty to forty years will pass 'til the static goes Viral on statistics of simple,
why is the held by the Horror of the loss left to the Hands that state it's a loss,
in today of the Venue at yesterdays feed than Where is the stations that reliving in deed.

For in my personal life the experience hard The Trouble of being a youth in the part,
years did pass whilst I figured the jar Suffocated by the basement in panic,
even now I become breathless with this in my speech the fear of the plastic and wet on the face,
depression on My chest to the cum in my mouth decades it took to figure this Out.

Now in the present of writing the char broken and Mending but scarce are the sharks,
for in the environment of Video T.V. scripts on the blackouts and misery Tee,
clubs for the glasses Microchip cards Walls with the symptom of forget is the dart,
the target is easy the Target is life the target is Racking the screw is the Pipe.

Chatter on same in the subjects retain loosing yet gaining the evidence lane,
in congressional speakers the audience Fame older the ages the longer the Chair,
but throw in a President of City gone Bank than Votes our the popes in the White House of lair,
more money Moor money the business of What in war and in piece the pourer is beach.

Bakers on Cook Hats the dinner out seat,
spreading the Viral of eating the speech,
should The Pew truly have wanted to Stop these Wars grown,
than on the T.V. the stop would be Zone,
never would the action be removed for the Soap,
or the virus attention to run Commercials for joke.

With the understanding of comprehending the Folk,
flossing the teeth with the text on the string,
no chompers needed the send is the grease,
oil mechanics the league of the beast,
GNU in the Arctic for the 666 Read leak,
why are the broken in burrow of creed.

Fight on the block the burial Hill,
eyes in the blinkers are shadows of spill,
keep the Auto in walking the still,
clock on the Towers is language of dill,
pickle the cuts slicing the cheese,
the Wheels of fortune steel Opportune in the Need,
no Want is the lever in the gear of the shift,
fore that can not see as the real is stip.,
it knocks on the doorbell the acoustical Pip,
lines in the oil yet the Water is grip.

Up to the price less down to the sleeve,
worse case scenarios are in the sneeze,
for the older the saying the more informed,
bending your elbow to introduce corn.

Sweat on the body dirt on the face in the muds of the bombs ore the falling ash saved,
on the picture of reality that truth evidences through to the look of disaster on the negative saved,
film of the roll in thus camera lens sharp are the black & whites to lights in the grave,
ask the missing listers with shopping on the lay Make-up on the photo shop to all the speakers framed,
subtraction of the soot that fallout of the sky burying the memory with replacing shallow eyes,
to text the shots of many for the dial of a send A Selfie is so Trace that existence in the gave,
questions of the answer hour of the say the Mind in search of carpets to screens ink calibers.

The people are mirror walking with stares that sake the case,
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