Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Opportunity At Hand

As I rose this Morning,
as I enter this 48th year of Life,
a White Sun shines brightly on the Horizon.

I look up towards the Sky,
four Turkey Vultures are in flight over-head,
seemingly basking and enjoying the Sun's light,
soaring through the breeze I sigh, 
this new day has begun.

Refreshed I draw in a great breath,
how lucky I am to be alive,
in spite of what seems my Destiny,
I try!!

Asking Fate,
the Sign of,
the Meaning of,
I proceed to find,
 the beauty that surrounds me,
a glimpse of what can be.

How must it be to feel the Wind beneath your Wings,
such a gracious moment has been introduced,
welcoming today I invite Life and know Death,
I accept it as a friend not a foe,
simply part of the Flow.

I embark to know, to reason, to be,

With my arms wide open,
I will not run from this challenge,
I will Stand, I will Pursue a Higher Purpose,
a Way, a Path, a Road,
to understand.

To pave and concrete Destiny and Her hand,
dealt to me, there must be a plan,
I fight nothing but myself.

With patience I will learn,
with perseverance I will hear the turn,
as the Wheel of Time moves with the grace of Find.

Feel the breeze of this life,
Learn, Stand,
Think things through,
be You and say, "I'm O.K."

You have a Purpose,
you are Unique,
you are Resourceful,
you are an amazing person,
you walk this Earth,

Speak with gracious detail,
observe Humanity with a keen understanding,
do not fear Death,
renew yourself with the wealth only you possess,
your Mind is a tremendous find,
a Library of a different kind.

Posture your Presence with amazement,
an education in engagement,
Learn, Grow, be of Invitation.

Judge without terror,
lay the guilt which is not yours upon the feet of the guilty with silent stares.

Find Solace through your determined nature,
you are who you are,
because you experienced Life so far and it is so hard,
discover your truth,
don't bury Lies.

Change if you chose to,
stay the same if you want to,
be whom you wish to be,
be the Talent you were born to be.

Embrace the gift of Innocence from such a time,
balance this treasure of life,
with the measure of your mind,
dig down and know yourself.

Look around and know that we are not all the same,
but we can complement one another with our differences,
we can embrace our Life,
we can find our Voice,
we can uncover the Lies by telling the truth.

Here is to You,