Saturday, November 24, 2012

At Will

The Baying Moon gives up to soon
when she fly's across the Naked Sky!

I often Ask "Why" leave us for the sun?

The alarming nature of the raw appeal,
she burns from within.

Exploding in every sphere,
threatening all that is near

One Day will be her end,
simply another nuclear begin.

Just when,
a day of....

"don't run!!"
and A Year of...


The Swords Of Time Are Forged With Words Not Dine

The Turning of the Saturn Moon,
no resemblance to the Ocean's Blue.
Underneath the Blanketing Sun,
the Rising, Rogue, Waves to Sin!

As Mercury Moves,
And Pluto Rises,
it is the occasion of,
you have been found in.

To be Blind to Predicaments of  the Blowing Winds,
Hails only the Gale Forces that Sigh....

"it feels good to breath."

The Dark Interests that Produce: Matter,
Counts only in the Exist,
or the Pride of no Sun!!

A Cowardly Trouble to worry on.

It is not the Exactness of Measure,
but the Balance in the Hour-Glass,
that Products A Turning Tide.

The Flavor of Salt in the Kernel of Corn,
likens itself to the Grains of Sand counted-upon,
to Bank our Beaches and fill the bags,
to stop the flood of the Rivers from entering your Front Doors,
No Address Needed
A Surge in the Birth of another Planetary System,
for Life to Thrive,
is Met with Deaf Ears, Ignorance and Denial,
to assist Not Man,
but, this Universal Stand.

The Crow that Speaks but cannot Fly,
is a signal to Harvest the Truth that lies,
in the Honest Man,
the Heart of a Plan,
the Beauty of Humanity and People.

Grateful to be alive that realize,
it is Condemnation not Sin,
that takes so many lives.

Orion's Belt should give you cause,
to Ponder the Wonder of,
the Stars that Shine,
"just 'cause,"

They Can!!