Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Van Hoe

The Rogue in the time of the rein of a Ride is the Horse on the vein of a syrup to the line,
in that is the Saddle the bridle be sign As the bit to that is the girth bee of Roan,
in that is the pebble of the Foot to that Hoof the Barrel of the rib is a Snippet pet per lived,
the story of the body in the Brain of the Mind linking to the groundin of eclectic be A sound!!

Halve of that Measure is the Six cent on the Dime four hooves to stride a Halt or a Tide,
on the Carts of the Radio touching Satellites bing Sky,
the clause in the Dock Tream be rackets of the World.

Pause to a struct and that Kick will be an Ass donkey on to the back of the Human Caustic stew,
thoughts to be lay at the System Mat tick raved Hard mouths bring Mouths tongues tied with String!!

Trail of that is the trail on a Life,
towards the loft of Ole be stacks Packard on the Tarp,
pleats of the skirt Issue on the lathe Pants of Suit to breeze the Steep streamers on the Earth!!

Tack that to brush belong an Absolute of shall the bath showering to pea,
pod that now on desk of Hands and Puppets in the path,
theater with shoppers a crawl in bottoms geared,
wiping screens to dried in baste Glue that marrows land!!

Stick and brones that Factor clone to Stepping left or Rite to Pyre what is the basic Strap,
that would streak a Nailing to enter Sections paved,
on Cobble of the Blur and Blues to shingle in the Spelling Cat Owe why's the Operation on the stone,
is that the Chisel of the Mall to thrice the burst be storage Front a bank of versus Dome??!!

Did in the Inch of Rulers mile on Kilometers Circa,
the print on Palm of the Trees that grove among the Flees,
mark that language with the curl a burr lap of the Sliding loud,
found the Air at the OH and snowing on the glay Sure!!

Does in the skip of the Creek a stature or the bones,
ruins on the Concrete of the Hue Mond of a booth,
did in that Wind of Compass bend to Minuet a Toot,
is edge of Cleft that frog or Science that said to Warmer sooth!!

Creation brought to evolution the Words to worth and Flute,
clarinet the Reed to gut and Pedals with a Flour bust the Sig. a pieced to Puzzled ruth per lapsed,
in swim of dolphin Soar of eagle the Dove on Crow to paint the Sage,
a Seer sings with Ole`s scene bathe that lather on the brow of side to sweat the Lodge at moved,
even divide of ration died to put forward Mow and shrown that double sword of Fenced,
yet at the Pick It to a pence the Platters of the Crock and Shrew will barn with rogue`d At Poot.

So on the thread of sinew read the vein in bled has dried to Comments that A jacks of the Cauldron,
environment that plate of plot to flatten ever In Finite broughts,
that string Mi a Scarecrow with Hey stack and Metro`d the Train a station beyond that Sole of laiden!!

Gush in stuck to blushings Fold the difference in the Rain throws,
as in specific to that sphere is on the Solar Cosmic spy,
in regards to Sincerely you'rs the Avenue to 815 that delivered Shock & Ra,
is the spark of Ignition the Yokes that Hames shop to Clear,
or is the Harness light Horse Man steer the reins in Fresh the Sane of pier,
pop goes the Ferret to Rustle oil a Daught com Maw to venture Spurred,
in simplicity the Complexity is knowing that the Magnets rate with Minors from the splint,
a leg that Match to spark the Change and not form Echo but hug the holds!!

His fate was destined to a foreign strand,
A petty fortress and an "humble'" hand ;
He left the name at which the world grew pale,
To point a moral, or adorn  a  TALE.*

*to whom may be applied, with a slight alteration,
the lines composed by Johnson for Charles of Sweden--


'He who would know mankind must be at home with all men'
                                                                                Stephen Montague.

Ask nor shall the sea be of the shy to an oceans lore in the lay Tack upon the froth,
the listing of the ship on the rogue shade is that ore expected as the sands for a shore,
to breaks Upon the more's in advanced of the raft a good strong Tree is the oak in Teak of roar,
no Parrot shrieks to talk the Venture of the rock is as the Alcatraz ferries on a Swing!!

Taught^See bearing the sail to a Breeze is the single grace of hearing the voice in vocals range,
an ear to the play on the breakfast in the storm is of the Eye on that calm to relaxing for the shape,
with grace and dignity a shingle Cobblers suit at that the Hards are the Volcanics of the banked,
a monopoly par done to boar the Trumpets sealed hath said to that the liberation of Symphony to leaves.

Opera of the Instrument and Organ of the sheet So happy is the day that ever in the load,
breast of the sound to the tires of such door be lathe to Understanding and comprehending loved!!

True Tale on the Coins of the Ferry and the grown be of that Seal clapping the Water of the Fount,
in ink that is the waist be long as Length is herd of Song,
the strong and the Feather of the Eagles on the born!!

Plot on thy little hour, and skein on skein
Wean the vain mesh, in which thy subtle soul
Broods on its venom ! Lo ! behind, before,
Around thee, like an armament of cloud,
The black Fate labors onward.--Anon.

At that is the World daze the Toot to not the every Clam on that is the ether growing Galloway at planned,
in crowded to that edge of Ledger on my kind I put to forth the Singing as Footwork of the trim,
a Wainscot of known to due that challenge in the Fleet is only for the boards that floor the ever lake`d.

The promise on that is the Cleave to know the Sane on Trades former to the slain,
in slant buy A the bee From lent is only graded Fowl,
as the Sparrow of the Wren whistle to the lunge,
round in Circa the Value measures on Deck is of the Horse,
cross-country is Event to stadium the light.

Horsemen on that Calvary is simple to say slow that My Grandfather is hugging outer Teach,
at that the varied earth of dirt has Muds that packed must face,
is that the blush of any Rose or is it in the bose!!

Speaker on the filming eyes the brim of Fire lungs,
to Forehead of the crown a Shoal that Master of the late,
to dish the bull of char is that evidential prone,
But to that step I say thats Fret from Every outer lo`N.

To degree of this Call a dial of the luck to bet that Cars go flounder as the debt Owe for the opened wreck,
dismissal of the Severity is modge in Toast at eclectic dope an Anchor that beets garden Vest a seat,
balance on a forward Onward is the ground of Song as My Grandmother loved the color purple and all the Ivy out.

Free growth to say a trough is Water naturally to Creek that river in the meld,
be docile with a smile and know the feel ride,
a Big Banks View to touch the Flew that Falcon of revealed,
as that is sentence Structure true North is ever lane`d,
a store advance to be of danced that Waltz of joy and Spring time lace,
the silk among the shale that gravel groats as sheered!!

The strange of Clear to in the Seer is sage an Advent Kieffer,
the dressage of that pull to Text the learning and the Skill`d,
be take that In the Horse and lens a Practiced text at freely dressed to each a porridge reals,
the plates of license to the licorice For all do favorite History!!

Iago.--Virtue ? a fig !--'tis in ourselves that we are thus and thus.--Othello.

Gee far bean that String of scene a plunder is the Frosty course but that is Also freeze,
as My Grandfather loved the best Kentucky Fried Chicken at A&W the mug of state,
so funny will the Times be right that Brake remember Nana,
she was the treasure of a life and that is best Of Christmas!!

The hugs come Win to trouble not a Cent to luck the stream a Crock dialers and dapple,
that is the port shun that be left to wanting never savory,
so dry the speech to laughters reach remember Cream in sugars Cane is also putting Rice,
that bitter Sweet to rang the boot is all the wais and mean a ree`s.

Scope of raid be tear to brain as the horse worked for stung in saddled girth the century,
this is the latter rein that Mart in Gales after corn touch pebbles Beaches.

Like Orient Pearls At Random Strung

                        The bell strikes one.--We take note of time
                                But from its loss.  To give it then a tongue
                      Is wise in man.  As if an angel spoke,
    I feel the solemn sound.----

The moral which the poet has rather quaintly deduced from the necessary mode of measuring time, may the well applied to our feelings respecting that portion of it which constitutes human life.  We observe the aged, the infirm, and those engaged in occupations of immediate hazard, trembling as it were upon the very brink of non-existence, but we derive no lesson from the precariousness of their tenure until it has altogether failed.

            ------------You have fed upon my seignories,
                    Disparked my parks, and felled my forest woods,
                       From mine own windows torn my household coat,
          Razed out my impress leaving me no sign,
           Same men's opinions and my living blood,
To show the world I am a gentleman.
                                                       Richard II.

     WHEN the boat which carried the worthy captain on board his vessel had accomplished that task, the sails began to ascend, and the ship was got under way.  She fired three guns as salute to the house of Ellangowan, and the shot away rapidly before the wind, which blew off shore, under all the sail she could crowd.

                 We know not when we sleep nor when we wake.
      Visions distinct and perfect cross our eye,
 Which to the slumberer seem realities ;
                                And while they waked, some men have seen such sights 
As set at nought the evidence is sense,
                    And left them well persuaded they were dreaming.


G U Y  M A N N E R I N G



                          'Tis said that words and signs have power
               O'er sprites in planetary hour ;
                              But scarce I praise their venturous part
                          Who tamper with such dangerous art.
                                                                                                     Lay of the Last Minstrel.

Falcon Near

The Sted of sleep the while'EST won said that voice I wink a rung,
on the shack of broth & Sad a steamer,
sipping News no Eight Track Cassette thou Cadillac of Rose^berg,
A note to say the look a take my Grandfather of language!!

Strong diction so Verbose the strength of a Thousand Bose,
speaker heard ear divine this is not a Nostradamus.

Tower of loved My Grandfather Voice a recognition grace,
A third-Floor stood to door the Say as Microphones here sand Which,
this Tuck to Touch an Outer Frame the Home of Home in lens,
at Fantastic feather a Falcon Quiver to learn the Grift of Land 'Gish'.

A Nordic smile Irish Ayes to this A state the chord of Only known,
for on this World of Now in Now the People only language.

To perks grate the abbreviate a class of bread and circle rate,
the Plaster Mold skulls embold while lost directions Cabbage,
pickled jars a ledged to Fart the bell itched with a dry Erase,
enter Net at Cot turned!!

Spelling locked at Cent and Scene the Screen nor dye of Waist,
lopped bun Knees bun Gee Skates a Sat churn day said Band age!!

Row Non brought the Jaw pawn Yawn to sketch the lip,
ask not Watt forth the bulb its All vernacular Whisker.

Clipper Tall the Sail haul a Groove 'V; spoke a Hub bowls Speed,
Kountry Found And then it Psalm`d the sleek to sleeves of Tires!!

Rub boar Shoots the Water roots yet Seeds plotted Anguish`d,
a plop of pound the Coughin' sound Nails be`ks and Piers!!

Sigh lent Move Vee's call Ur ash the Vaults of eggs got Aging,
in plyed the Chalk lets out Line made dreams a dim Switch sat.

On the Whir^Old snot was Cold the Ice of know Carriage Role`d a Media chose See In In,
to taste the glue a Horse said 'boo' the book of listing Ages!!

Muse^see^Um grout the spring of Tore`N put to a gain the Wind of breeze,
with Toll held Sign the lore be Wine as Grapes of Try grew Main gulled!!

Touch class felt the Antler Coat a Short brief in a Filed formed,
aisles drown the Swamp got Pong whats that paddle but a bong!!

Calculators ripped to Stubbs,
the Paints the brush of Tote,
a bucket pailed with Hoof pick nail shakes Peer ean of Saled!!

The booming Star of My Grandfather heard a roar beyond creations door,
that sound so Sweet the Word so Clear that goose chills woke me form the Soar,
a bright to formal WOW the gear that is the Shift of set to tears,
most Incredible to know the Known the comfort of that Phone call Home!!

to My Mother I plate so tell that the Clear was Clear as the well,
a brave feather to write you spell because the world ignored this shell,
the Clam the grit the Oysters sand in this the Perth is adventures Bell,
a Understanding that Phone call Made came from the place that phones are Rate,
whether it is under stare or it is the deposits lair,
the Fare for Bridge from cent to Send is the most tender on the Cosmic belt,
An Engineer listening to the broader Slates.