Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's A Saying

In general of General the Captain denial said Airport of loud,
in laws of such Fair the War of the Crowd is Military witness to Purchase of Now,
in seat on or of the Tank in the trough put a Placemat called Brain in the Case,
if I am at difference with Orders of dawn should than the Name reference a specific in Base,
to truth of the moment the referral did Talk all while the Human was Personnel to place,
in Boots on the ground to the Uniform cloud does the habit fly zippers in Army of Fowl,
the Bird nice the tweet for the chirping of cleat in buckled for perfect the Sentence is Keep.

Add the shortening to butter try Toast the badge in Authority came quickly to Most,
the flip in exchange to the snippet at Roast still in the flavor the Savory host,
trips to the News in the cast of a spoke driven with wheeled Idea of a gross,
Dick & Jane are to Smith or is it Wesson of vote the trigger for Bulletin is loaded on boast,
Colt never reaches the Age 45 from Horse to the Mount the younger of vibe,
in settle the heard to the ride in of Nerve my perfect deny said No to the Sure.

Yelp is review the Screaming Chef claim but is it the Can or the bettering gain,
put to the public the Clothes or the Cloth in cheese the protection is Rhine on the top,
wrapping the paper of colony read the been in the Lesson is a Letter on Shoe,
lace it with cocktail an Umbrella for brew the rain of the pour is a Shot to it's grew,
the Feet in a borrow as I won't go tend but put it to Practice I'll hide as I've bin,
not in complete but most certainly off Sheet to taper the Spank to a long distant rank,
sense Plato was Action on Social of see the Philosophy of meeting doesn't worry my Feat.

A shoulder to Shoulder I may feel compelled but than I'd just say that Fred Pebbles well,
for the Flintstones in Toon town or the Roadrunner clue in the coyote the Wolf had a view,
to paddle back forward in the bark of the dew is it a Clock or the Tree sap I stoop,
toast to the fry Pan for eggs batter Sweet as Maple to Treacle the recipe is speak,
one less problem with Hidden detail for on the Course dinner it's Salad of game,
toss in the Ingredient for Soup or the bread as the done eaten enjoy a good Head,
from Either to ether the teeth in the gear rotation is Central for the Spit of the Year!!

Acceptation Excuse The Birth Of the Phew

The Reed of the Marsh in the Test of a Time is not in the text rather on the bogs line,
in character the driven will submerge in the spill like oil is Nature on dinosaur Hill,
the Pits of the Tar that are bubbles with glug the sound of the Crude can be a big Clue,
should Ear of the Corn be a Textile too that Rows of the growth will grow Taller than you,
measure the Water for that Canals bank`d on the Porch of The Nile it came with a Lane,
in portions of Oats or canister grain the Watch for the Moth is in hulls of the Been,
cupboard the Meal than close it all in the stated will bug within the same Tin.

Strangely the Wild of naturally kept can show in the Taste that is sew is fed,
from stirs on the Plains to the swept of the way stand to the driven a Tractor can say,
growth for the Weather seed in the clay oh wait for the Dirt is the filtered in stay,
fertilize Crop with a Pick of the Came however Manure must Cure in the cave,
for piled on fresh the acid display will wipe-out the Field for it is to strong,
take years to the Months that add a shed long a bit of sunshine a Tarp and than song,
it really is done with the same kind of throng as farms that are growing the Fruit in land.

Harvest the Vegetable or beef up the Cow in Steers it's essential to Know the Bull stout,
as bulls in the place that Stock for the shroud getting along is just fine 'til the pow,
even at that rate the spread is in chow One per the Herd makes oddly a turn,
move all to gather the concentrate Vow worries of Slaughter brake energy bow,
the consider for Animals stocks that just Moo relates to their friends like Sheep in the Ewe,
horses or Tigers pride lions in loud put in the power of gun rifle`d Pow.

Again to the distraction from even to point the eyes on the step makes Stares in the joint,
an elbow of Book to the booth in my Know the difference exact in the Same I can toy,
flip in the Master replace with know how buckle me Collar & leash me to Tau,
I search as I'm running in loose of the Self held to the Mortal I still have a Vein,
whip me with Nine Tales in course of the Sound I'll ask of the Problem & laugh at the Shroud,
in games of the Mindful the scene is an Art either in different it does Stop at Cow,
the bar to the Restaurant Bannister Taste in the Cup of the mug I'd have to i.d.

B.D.S.M. grown little to now the Shades of the character is born in us too,
the smell of the leather the Mind in a keen lulling the Interest is booming while Key,
cart be for Horse harness a King bridle the Bit a tongue may be string,
wired with Barb the Cowboy will say that Fencing for Cattle is stretched at the Tee,
pound in the Post with a Cannon of host clip off the pull and the Wall is a choice`d,
operations that great giant hunk meat must also go Butcher to cut up the Keep,
in House of the doing the Movies are See to believe in the Process you must tenderize Meet. 

When Birds are not Be's But Bees Become Birds

As 'The Chapter' a brief in the Case of the well I ruff at a bark for the Horse is Lead tell,
in bookings of Pictures the mine of a Day a Ticket to talk on Blog of my block,
as four Corners earth are the Crosswalk on Turf too write is the Cycle of Equestrian Art.

A saddle with Pen in the paddock of known for the Farm had these Lessons as Wild bore feat,
the arena of Work was cleaning the Tack getting the barrel filled all the task,
as Stocks are certain to even up gates from birth to the Halter it's up to the Pace`d.

Stitches for Makers glue is the Paste the Brushes were very good in Post Haste,
pick a Hoof with a shoe in the Hand get the nail held between lips all as the forge is Hot with a tip,
hammer the bang by hitting the head in Rasp of the file be prepared for a smile.

The clip or the clop is easy to got as the street of the trail can lead to a Rail,
in the approach the mount of Importance is to become aware of how close is the dare,
as fun is to Rogue for the gallop of go the ride to the Beach the best long lied speech.

Jump a table that Picnic of plot in the moment of Capture remember to spot,
field of Polo the track of the Clock 'rounds that did make the Water on top,
streaming from eyes those pressured by whiz the faster the Minute just have a good grip.

With the hold of the Mane as various tame in 'The Show' it's more often the braids that must Vein,
the pulse of the Heat to a strong arm in Think great is the Look at on Deck for the took,
from Cross-country sweat to the lumber of leapt the Water-jump splash is the desk in a bet.

Plan for the big time train via learn Clinic with Masters as the Olympics of term,
at the end of the day or that moment in bay it's always the Wash-rack to Cool,
tied up so snug as the Hose is a Tongue but only use Soap on appropriate Lung. 

Long Proof

I knew a Poet once Up on a Time a decade so was Writ in interview loaded tip the Nurse of World fit,
captain by Rank singer by File although 'He' was Bias~self in all the end of toe to Tow the Songers' vote,
in basic From the C.D. lung of every over After brung the Single of the Life in strung a Sync guitar.

Read Leave

Enter~Nationals Comp At Station

Why give a Child the Rattle if not for the Apple aware of the corrective verse Snake a Loud,
in the movement of the Piece it is the Sound of drum Complete to attraction of the Fleet,
upon the Crawl of beckoning the stand to Walk is On,
per Deck of built by Site I spilt the Worth of Value strong Arms that beach to sand of Lock`d,
with Clay of Mold to caste of grace in the Water its the lake across The Pond of Inn for Sake,
ground that Peace of Makers Shake in the shadow of the Shade here the Tune there for Spoon,
upon a Floor the would of length Mahogany is Hard grown take from Ass to burrow Horse has Place.

Riding Time to scale the bind in the Stable of the Hey what is Cross has beams for state,
The Stallings are the Barns of Fate in destined to the Breeze Way.

Rake the Shovel to manure crate in the fined I speak of date to Plum the grape of Roe,
a broad boat sleigh in Maple say it is the syrup of a Tapping tray,
for Service served in Settings Day at dawn the Horizon spoke of Crave,
in bulb Electric the Kindle lap at Top in Case of Crimson Crack a red sky Moons 4th Quarter`d Fact.

To show of Sign in gave of Hymn was not the Opera a genesis in lend,
watch the Part of poets lark in the Rind rhythm be Gin to Thirst of sand in desert spin,
the Cactus of a State in Loan the coconut of Palm see home arch Walker foot the grown.

Trade a bridge to Handheld live the ream apply is Century Tribe at a Millionth Turn,
in Style of the pasture horse the in&out without the course of Gate is used for Human Stock,
a V shape angle to triangulate the Shape of how to feed the gave in pass the Present lock Hinge.

Know matter is of bath and trough for the Bucket is a pot holder of Oats the bale loose,
former Moves to big timed snooze the Middle of the stick a Balance makes wire all the Taunt,
stretch the fence to Foil tin the Feat of all the ways in Trend spark to theme that Fires Win. 

Rah Phish

The Gathering of found on Earth the park of Stay with Change be work to Slight of land the Yawn,
a Memorized Tongue to written stun the pungent cream of Shower in Religion find the Tower,
for in the most of recent post the Story had a boast that spoke in wheel of a Blinding Coal,
the driven Real in lifer Cruise the tour of the world all well of the Snooze the craft of Surfing clip,
as Cogs of horse the Shoe to Man in the blast have a whine as the grunge to Mop of the bucket Talk.

From instance of the Silence in the Urn of Ash the volcanic trash fills the sky with clouds that cache,
as the Sign speaks of the Find in pour of lot the Barker shock as logs do Peal the Orange will skin,
to skim the Milk of sour cream the Use for Absolute in Chaos reach to the deep and lurid Sting,
sing Bell the trumpet of the Flower in lily breeze the October pie the date to prune a house for Groom,
brown the paper in the bagged place the Treat of like in last for Popcorn Balls are dyed to brass.

The Ten~Ton Clock of winding rock in the gemstone see the stock like a diamond in the Sky aye by,
for Hour bye hour the minus bind leather Ribbings for the spy as computers signal fry certain in the shell,
perk that bright to Head of kite to mark the Stamp as an apply in kindling the Text of Mass in book,
paragraph the Verse to Tec. in the enable flour bake a Chef above in Role of sake birth`d Tide,
rise to Sheet in slip of Loo the filter of the Pump and Due correspondence don't deny Look at dimple.

In compression the burst is loud as the Format has been laid Ask the question of Religious dye,
in a city of the comb standing on the tombs of loans does the cast break in the bones of Throne?,
yes applied the slippers Robe for the Name does Say it sew munch the Marrow like a Spare Ode,
sipping brew with knees on too ropes that golden Tassel Bump represents that it is Hump,
broken arrow snapped in Two the basis of the Orca Rule a whale in the Station Nape stead Tape.

Now the broker of the Game in the dice has Snake Eyes Vice`d to the wrench of barf in gripe,
grouper also fish of poke in Archaic land of folk query Tell the enter Hell forward to the Stage porch,
outwards always Appears to bring words of Latin verse of Ring beg to differ spoke the real in Rake,
across the hot of charcoal paste why the sit with show of Maze as the riddle is a Poem Feature,
born of nature in the Race of the seed an raised in bleed for the Veins of Human oats Hull complete.

No lamp needed I have a Brain in the mind of saying 'Play' the opera of a symphonic sound hurdlings,
clang the Tambourine it harps as the Trumpet of the Part only Mouthpiece can't see start Methodology,
to lips that move while still brew blow the spilt upon the thirsty Whoa consider in the Trax,
as Music has Pieces past from note to Rest in Treble Cleft what base is Pope on but Bin Trash,
wad the noise from Never Choice in tender read the Discovery of written being before the Act or Stream.


Red Clay Read Flecks

The Pendulum sky of Ivory dust Powder remind the dirt of earths weight in the Tusk tank,
trough of Solar burn thy countenance as the Hot Fire Score in memory of the Bore Horn,
in possum of visit may your bristle be the duck Feather of write too Term in the Tractor Roar`d,
engine that Oil from dinosaur left spit the Kiln of Creed to sperm the Whale of Orcain quiet.

Walking with ancient Crock as the bite of tooth jagged scream the Hippopotamus to River bed,
in Mud Fish the burial of egg talk grown as the Larvae protect the bat death a Million Tone,
in Cave true to birth of snub as the Wings of Angels fly to zone creation must blush to the Red Color,
in lase of deposit as the torn lives still mark the body by a Forehead brow ink the pattern to Numerical.

In the rolls of Furrow wind the prime as each to other the Counters of lock in Set to booth Grind,
spoke Pampas to a breathing lead as the Migration of the Flamingo leg to announce the length,
with each letter Number`d to the ankle of plunder shark the Tooth in chisel of Owl to coyote lone,
in howling the V to introducing greed as the Coinage of Life Individual can't be Homeward touch.

Bound by skull bones that brain to feel the Rain in the handle of claim I cry the tears of strain,
chains that have linked the Molten Rocks to blend in the Ash of Nest spray the Cloud with lacquer dust,
spar trued find that the World of line has been to trust in the same known eye of The Watch,
from Sea to Plains heards in Lane`d the vehicle of push has shoved the Frame to bred torn.

Oh Calf of living thee hasp of Treasure in Mind of drawn the etching of Guard thy shield has Cold,
in march the brought in Remote View in distance the debt has been the glue this stick of store,
with Via screen a stone of steam know replace will grown,
burr the Freeze with Cat Tale Loss as bigger is Best in the Al Ba.

Termite cockroach Shed of Roost stitch the vein to river root by blood spill to dirt temple,
in cloth of tree Shade to Fleet as the Wind sent storm trust Twister route to Mapping found,
creeks that dry as blown to Span raise the hand in swirl to Fan,
those triumphant in phew to girth place this message to Planet Well put depth to tell.

Toll Wax`d Muses 'The Symbolings' Milk,
 color of the blushing mud.

Carving Get Tar

Sword of Forge in palm of Shade place the sharp ask the Glade for in the Leek feel silk,
as the Blade of method draw the start to born course of a singular law of Route Weed,
in the slide of smooth pull place to please the speech in Grass sheath a removal of type stone,
in singing Ring meld to ore in granite reel talk Wheel in water pouring the skate cross Gem.

By design feed lyre as the Dag in the pronounce Names thyself from Natural to the pigeoning,
flight of Rite crew the bind whilst Copper has plenty in the pass wound to prolific in detail,
with grace Smart progress this Felt to the Horn of Blown in the ivory of the death Market,
for upon the hide of wrinkle the stead has formed a Graveyard Skull Bone to beat Hammer.

Creation sight Ask the chaos of know dignity to Mount emblem in the Carve of tongue Memorandum,
in Stigma quest the Storm of desk filed the Lace to Wire staged in & from the stadium crust,
molten Carriage in dark of Crown stab the awl to Bolt tribe cream as the whale in the beam,
frogs to Tell the boil of Hell have park to clang match tremble to echo Maker in History tease.

Hare in turtle cross intersection of cost Price crawl with Shell of clam find Muscle surround pearl,
with grit of Teeth in clause of cat carve the memory in handle to Mold,
in Sound Spur bring weight putforth Strap the purveyance scope brass dawn Sincerity spring,
acoustic Thunder shore in score of the Text set remind to scatter Let in The Allowance.

Cactus Fish

Night on the tool sky three stars in a line the rail of Time in the prime of a truth,
bursting suns at the delivery of the Constant in the solar bliss of Creative Myth,
decorations to a skirt that links moons without sight as only the brights go bloom,
the Founders in designs the open list from a Sound breaks Oceanus by zone.

The Law of Rogue in lands that toe the dependent audit of the bust Seaming,
sewn with or in Honest modeling the ornamentals that receive give directional feed,
birthing dates score Month spake year Inc. religion and counted the bling to Aim Spear,
such fantastic guidance to Utter destruction in the Creation of put gear shift a stick Bearer.

Migration throughout the Universal Sharp as All World discharge pollutes Planets afar,
the heat in Aspect pushing The Envelope by a glow that must Fire in the mirror of Deflect,
wandering grace of thy lake shall this Tack of people take thee Life in Chemistry crib,
will the Measure of suck void The Whole to stream the illness shack to thy Nape?

Further outreach born of grace provisions Thou has Make in Tride the trough of Case,
to situation of denial verse the displeasure to ground dirt as Earth in spark is blue,
red spoon of Cloud wright look at The Watch claim timing as the fact to daze in brae`d,
the Mule to the donkey of the Horse in the Moon ride the shy to know the Archetype.

I deal sealed brought shore to the thirst in Flood of laster to the Cliff of Trunk in glass,
storm ultimate in shed Core the Elemental of grease is the oil shining the reflection bough,
ink the shimmering as the blade of light concentrates the burn to the brow of colder bite,
spur that Anchor of ancient bulwark to personal The Flame with the Rocket Progressive.