Sunday, May 10, 2015

Be 'Hind' The Doors

Batch this War to the Battle on the Human spline of mold that green Top grass of a Brains stem,
vase the Pore say Lend to body Method on the bag of LIFE again.

Granite Morsel flip the send UP comes the Heads right on the Tales Kin,
scramble on the borscht in Blues people kill to flew You's,
as that is the Stick to the Strap and Ever Trap I sleet you a Sleeve in this Worlds steeps!!

Might the Sky with The River why's All on a Oceans barrel of Comprehendable tears,
a drop letter to the Sentence Shipped a Craft reed at the legend!!

Mystery to true that best of the Eloquent Choose,
dime that speak to the Waving court of the Beaches sand,
saying SMOOTH in Storm in Calm in Height it Breaks to the lens!!

Blink with Under^Standing than Rise to the Ankle you Got gamed Jinn,
due Over braking Account to Vice the Tab with an Application of skinned,
pelt the Sour with a Tea & Bread as Purr sin,
just to embrace the Arc of Lightning on the thunders HEM!!,
owe for the bell that rings,
a Mind with connective Hymn,
that Salting of a simple Be Leaf,
all on the Breeze of a Rock rolling The Stones a Grin!!

Instant photoGrid to Songs on the Crib of a Stall in the Basic Back of Lives,
speaking in a story of the graze to a Full-Blown bellow that Chimes Heavenly tips,
banks that Crashing of Sills on Wind in the Doe,
a Money for a Dollar and Ed to Whip IT!!

A buckle for the More`d a port of Rum on the blood in a Sport,
glass Drinks that bottoms UP to space of 'THE WORM',
Tea Ki La in the Hum diggty dog,
hastTag that with Put and Place,
a Joint on the slipping Smoke for the Paste,
jobbing a stay to deliver the Envelope of Hugging the Equip,
in Weeds for a String to the Choir of a Thermometer on the aye`t in'Car Nations lag.

From grapple to the Pillow environment to rest the Hearth,
a fire on James Blunts typed in a Breadth of Ka billions on the Cruise,
not a Contract not a Force Nope it was the Natural of an Original clyde!!

Exit Poles with an Adventure that The Cruise was no Journey it Was LiFe ITself on a learning lathe,
shingled for the the House on the Home of Cat,
a lion on the tack of the Unicorn in With the Dragons of Fires breath to FLAME`!!

Finally We Got Ourselves A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the World is on the bends of Turns to Tunnel Humanity with lies Account,
convergence on the Main line of Boulevard Lives will Map the other to the Scour,
on Mission to the Bell Throes it is in that Inch by Coffin to Tablet of Oxides on a Breadth,
to Task the Conceptual to a bearing Compasses Fright the North by North West is Sew`d,
a bitter Sweet to bare the Fruit between the Legs of the Apple lied Coot!!

Threat the Reality to a World that denies a Shark on the burst of A Worm,
in the squiggle to the See of a storm on the Rock it is the Whale that finnegans A Tail,
Spell the language To Afford the Tongue in More's on lost is the History torn Corn,
must at the Snead to Say that its shore And than beg the question to the Solids of stored!!

Giggling is Often the Chosen track to desire the lift from the Killing of dealt,
to have Had experience with A Person on the state Witness to both a conditional Ban,
One was A confessed Witch the equal other Made term to Her life by cork,
saying in Plain that she had 25,000 Years worth of Guilt that docked with her state to Self.

In the Shock of such Horror I bounced to the floor in a Quick I skit only the Pour,
at the Astrological seam of A Operation on System the bedding strap laid her in sat,
she was so generous with her Acceptance of the Napkin on Served I almost said do You scoot a Dessert.

To Truth and Trued the butter Smeared toast Cheering this flavor of Lives on the cuts,
in a Taro of driven She patted the Jake laying the Table like a Silverwares Junk!!

Each lather of letters to Pictures of crossed She forwarded the Inspection like a Junkie did Rank,
again and Again this was a Big Brothers lend as I propered my Shoulders to die Once again,
in the Heave of the thought that such Weight could be Shall the waltz of This Woman was Muds.

A facial Per day to circle the Clay and rinse the absorption to count to the Tee`n,
in plural to Plus the boiled and sucked she Kindly Informed Me of The Fool.

I Present to Spake sat Quiet in rake for her Explanation was the Lines to the Fate,
in chord for 'of' the Fern the follicle burns is said to Return to the Fool on a crate.

I that The Pleasure was be of Face to say Whats the Learn if the dating is jigged,
like the dance to be breast of the Meat and the Vest to dismal the razor While riding the side.

She mocked my Ignorance and told the explain would come on The Factor X why to the Soat,
in banter and Sticking she beat to the Kids chin a Quarter for freezing and Dimes: (for the jam.)

Trait on Her tell had Bearings like Hell as Hot as the Aspirin the Head just gonged Belt,
strapping the Towel as the speak of the dong Wrangled the cattle to the Castle at Dawn,
morning the Fleet I smile to the leak Took Credence and banded the Sleet,
rolled Up my sleeves to Work harder than bees for the learn Was the Honey and the Rose was the Milk.