Friday, October 25, 2013

A Message: Knot In A Bottle

This is a Message in a Bottle,
I sent so long ago,
from the Beach down the Street,
I threw it out into the crashing Waves.

The Words I speak,
not the note that went to Sea,
the intent remains.

The doubt,
the Question,
the Plea to say,

 I love You

requires the Line to be,

written so you may See,
it's not black and it can't be white,
'cause I'm Red and I'm not dead.

My youngest of,
my babies born,
an incredible girl,
young lady storms.

The name of whom,
photographed bloom,
amazingly shot,
video's a lot.

Exact to Self,
dynamic and well,
she powers off,
to state what's rough.

Seventeen and looking for a fight,
not much different,
Sight is Might.

Knows a Promise,
made the date,
that the conversation,
stated wait.

Shortly spake,
strong intent,
there is no worry,
when best friends sent.

She bounced like me,
hurt by fights,
walks to know,
we'll ride out this Show.

You have to see to believe,
forever and a day,
get Ed he'll relate,
'cause the day is one away.

Life is Grand,
beautifully shy,
but her dream,
is to Stand,
all to learn to Ride with blue.

We'll ride to Jump,
the Three-day Event,
the smiles will be,
the face of Deed.

The Days Count,
the Year will 'round,
the birthday swings,
an Eighteenth lean.

A Best Friend waits,
Ed knows let,
similar boats don't sink,
they roar!!

Accusations, judgement, dues,
despairs the strong,
it seems the Month,
we suffered knock-outs,
'Two' I count,
but the 'Third' is me in Rant!!

Forever and a Day,
ask my brother,
'we' all suffer knock-outs,
and shout too loud.

Stand Two Ride

Post not rolled on paper sent,
my last born girl is loved in vent,
the trust is held within intent.

Be wise knot kind,
be tough knot mean,
be you knot me,
mostly know.......that you are Three,
should One Lead.