Monday, September 30, 2013

Face the Sun ~ by James Blunt

Face The Sun

Blount, James Hillier / Steve, Robson


Yes, this love's not good enough 
Is time to let it go 
Our weary hearts just fall apart, 
I feel it in my bones 

And God knows 
That it's hard to find the one 
But in time, 
All the flowers turn to face the sun 

So silently just walk with me, 
Like any other day 
No sad goodbyes, no tears, no lies, 
Just go our separate ways 

And God knows 
That it's hard to find the one 
But in time, all the flowers 
Yes in time, 
All the flowers turn to face the sun 

And God knows 
That it's hard to find the one 
But in time, 
All the flowers turn to face the sun

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Told Knows ~ I've Gone Rogue

About and Upon a Single Day,
the exposure of only "It" can settle Planned.

With nothing more than unexpected texts,
to the loved ones this evil possessed.


As I travel to the fight,
my fists are held but not in tight,
the grip becomes the understanding, 
of that which lead to be thrown.

Beware of the Bee Hives Nest,
it is no longer the Comb of smashed,
evident and pointed out,
the sting becomes the plot.

The tangle of the Mind,
 is the Synapse firing Told,
the Word-Full switch introduced the hitch,
the 'Trailer' of a Niche!!

To safely move amongst such gave,
the freedom to know that it is Sign,
a perfect way to Out the Play,
of a persons' sickening state!!

So to whom I do address,
a Person with a which this subject placed.

I stream to You whom had the nerve,
 to Text the two whom cannot Hex,
You displayed and will regret,
for Words are set an Text is Met.

With 'all' whom know,
 it is truth,
who wrecked?,
and I have spoke of that which let.

Satellites ~ by James Blunt


She’s another victim of life we’ve come to know.
Technology, celebrity, all the things you cannot hold.
She’s from a long lost tribe looking for the light or a friend to hold her hand.
She’s doing the best she can.
Seems that everyone we know’s out there waiting by a phone,
Wondering why they feel alone in this life.

Are we all just satellites?

Where’s the love, show me tonight.
Here’s the moment we unite,
Ooh, oh uh-oh.
For all we know life’s just a dream,
Who the hell knows what it means?
Stop the world and sing with me,
Ooh, oh uh-oh.

All her memories have been experienced through,

High speed on a video screen that’s all she ever knew.
Did you know none of it’s real if you can’t feel the beating of someone’s heart.
Don’t leave yourself in the dark.
Seems that everyone we know’s out there waiting by a phone,
Wondering why they feel alone in this life.

Are we all just satellites?

Where’s the love, show me tonight.
Here’s the moment we unite,
Ooh, oh uh-oh.
For all we know life’s just a dream.
Who the hell knows what it means?
Stop the world and sing with me,
Ooh, oh uh-oh.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sent to Me Via Email by Diane Gallagher Owner of Sun Valley Equestrian

From:Sun Valley Equestrian ( You moved this message to its current location.
Sent:Tue 9/24/13 7:11 PM
To:Set Zero (

Food for thought....
In the game, of games the seer, sees,  so can the seer, see the forest from the trees?
Natural law
The universal way, invests its time, when we choose to play.

In the end we all know whats true
and fair, and we are responsible for the crosses we bare.
For the  intrinsic truth remains in all, whether  they know or not   the plot and Scene their vibration
Will choose what they need.  actor exudes  intentions of cruel then ask inside who's  the fool?losing themselves along the way.
How many times I can not say
Forgetting the gift of whom we are,  adding to the layers of hidden scars......

We fall

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Karmic Debt Speaking Truth

The Spur to Past,
rates mistakes have been shown,
a known appeal a peaceful Treaty,
to complete a Whole with Knight!!

The sorted details of last Lives,
fights' tries,
Escapes not to ever deny but to Learn,
in the End I guess it is just Yearn,
another Turn?

B.D.S.M. a Master of Start,
I spied out Places,
I ran to See the exist,
I must admit I do miss,
the freedom of the lift.

The Authority of Rank,
no complaint,
it's youth to pull through or quite possibly,
to pull-off,
the ventured truth.

To count amounts,
I don't delve to far,
my third-eye Full-of-Knights,
Dark Lords' declare!!

Lost to Found,
I soared across dimensional dues,
the active possible,
a Being in Actual,
the trappings,
Mortal present Review!

To Tell,
I was told,
did I honor the Vow of Start?,
in gracious word of all being absurd,
never believed,
I confess, Know!!

A valiant throw,
to lose the hold,
subject too,
followed by All of You!!

The Numbered Valued,
the halt in trained,
I frame,
the example may have been the pursuit of Thee!!

Although in the end, any End,
I think you'll not buy my pry.

Oh but for the glory of the View,
it etched out Centuries in Millenias' do,
Creation must blush as Evolution disciplines design,
a harsh and cutting record.

Imagine the Dungeons' Mastered on this Earth,
walking the very same Turf,
no memory, no refuge in knowing plight,
a get-a-way or a Park,

The rest of such a Tale,
story's a line belonging to only Mind,
for belief is lost to any such thing,
Faith is cost and innocence, well...., 
that is the one I saved for that just in case moment,
 if Reality delivers memories (to You) too.

Oh!!, the trouble began,
I could not imagine that a billion lives later,
you would either remember or be able to deliver,
that Letter of the Law that I broke,
you know that Eternal Marker,
the Rule of a Self-Starter!!

Chances are,
Remembrance wanes,
Time winds in reverse,
a hopeful state.

On that strange occasion,
when I feel the Presence of more than Self,
I look to See,
and that Army of You,
boy oh boy has it grown

A Dark Lords' Preview

The Marching entails a degree in Being,
the spies that found me just in Seeing.

Curiosity asks,
questions strained,
what if this Real in Mind,
the thoughts at work,
really acknowledged the escape of a Past Life,
possible a Trillion Years ago,

How long could One like Your Self,
for example,
Court the Laws of a B.D.S.M. Require?

I feel the mounting pressure to confess,
what if We met and the Earth blew,
 and We were, 
dead, alive and dead again before I could remember,
 the excuse that must exist to give to you.

 Run or Persist

The more I write the worse it sounds,
like Karma found this one chink in the Armor I pound.

Certainly the Time between,
that can't or isn't kept from Our start,
would not tell but advise,
this Trip is Hell!!

It would not be like it wasn't true,
I mean look around you,
everyone says,
"It's the Time," "It's the Apocalypse," "The End,"
etc. etc.!!,
so, in honest appeal I witnessed Heaven fell,
grant it this disturbs me Still.

But maybe I meant to say,
on that Day way back When...
'I rode your horse away,
jumped the fence to View what's Sent,
not realizing it was Me!!
I went and maybe said;
"I'll meet you in Hell' and not that reputed line of,
"Go to Hell"
would the 'Story' Stand?

Even with that being said,
 in a sort of Prose,
it may have been Riddling instructions,
 indeed it was or could have been,
 the hurried escape that I was most obviously making,
that saddled this due.

This is getting worse,
as I dig a deeper hole,
I am burying myself in the identifying of a far-off life,
in a Past Theme of a future might.


I will have to stick to my thoughts of,
nobody believes and,
 "Why" on Earth would We meet?,
unless of course your Memories,
have bettered your Sees.


I wonder or more often ponder,
this Truth of:

"Could it Be?"


My Karmic Debt number is 16
Love & commitment have been forsaken.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is Poetry? The Unconscious Conscious' Conscious Lead?

The Bit of Bridled Truth

As Poets 'our' dead from what you've read,
I claim a riddles through.

To explain or Exclaim!!,
that Prose is Versed,
the rhythm bets,
that rhymes are set.

 To entice farther still,
the likes advantage only due,
the words are meters Let.

The spoken sentence in reverse,
offers cursed and places wreck,
with bounds of met.

So I've heard poetry is lost,
but Bound a future Found.

Strange how perversity still blames,
the Tongue's of switch,
play the Gamed.

The chest of Man,
the Steel is planned,
to bank this placed,
Eye target; Raced!!

Why must Songs be so Framed,
to hide Exist?, or just to List,
the coming Age as Knew resist.

The formal persist of know reply,
it's all just a Sign,
of Times that Vie.


Voiced Speaks On Past In Present Dues

Clearly with great advantage,
the View of Past History pursues.

The repetitiousness is very nearly,
the most hideous of fights,
it is horrific.

The Good vs Bad,
a religious record,
to manage the masses,
with one simple crush,
the demise,
a managed plight.

It is varied,
and most certainly done!!

The changing rules to adopt new moods,
transgressed at best,
as the 'olds' do rest they just must,
turn to change,
 a different Vain.

An opposite,
anything is better than watching this death,
now it is a lie becoming Religions that debt,

Found-Out through history proof,
religion games on each of you,
the Plots are stolen prequels to do,
in such renounced beliefs and erased Chief's,
makes Red claim,
as blood is evidence and remains!!


Should a Practice shame itself with death providing wealth,
than life must die to provide,
the fear of fright in scared,
a Witch and now a Gun,
a Cross of last did sum.

Either countenance must be known,
as craft or profane,
to nail in the same,
to Like or feel ordained!!

A wealth of hidden treasures,
kept from human view,
knew and told of Times,
that blast an Age with New!!

The Voice,
parchment placed,
wrote for Type,
Satan raised as Uncle saved,
Lucifer in sight; I pry,

Hold back the Books of Do,
if done to Sight the seen in Real,
began the coming feel.

The deal dealt a Centuries death,
to poets, sonnets or verses read,
know spoken tongue understood,
as babble is the Hash-tagged done.

A town, a city felled for same,
a Towered ramble of no-One could,
understand, how quick, how fast,
if belief is actually passed.

The rubble of the stone is Clear,
still crumbling in the hands of whom,
make know calls with Text remains,
as seen in placed,
not reamed, erased.

The strange appeal has stretched Time to reveal,
the 'old text' 'rote in granite'
still exists as Verse atones to posed,
much like the phone.

With each finger swipe,
the Chiseler stirs to Keep,
the Hold redemption,
a lost art to interpret or to translate,
equaling one in the same,
as only Time separates,
the Ancients brake.

To Incarnate, to Be or to have Been,
this Entry would silence them,
a quiet spell to curse the minds,
that did erase that traces rhyme.

Exposed disgrace as Being,
the Human Race degrading,
the worth of thought,
the value of consideration,
the measure of memory,
and the Course to Guide us from,
a decrepit demise of sewn.

Aptly named,
praising: Blame,
the crucifix is stilled to shame!!

Even the 'olds' would change points of view,
to change sides to 'out' all you,
to realize that Evils' live and all the warnings only denied,
that action has been read to the bone,
than ignored to store the Stone.

An Open door,
to a Closing venue
to make evident decisions for,
the individual whom changes the suit,
to proper, formal, naturals pursue,
to See the Truth.

Not manufactured stolen Verse,
changed to advantage what's now perverse,
increasing the Satcheled purse,
pass the bucket down the pew,
secured to ravage as coinage adage,
10% likened to,
 the savage reign in a thousand years of said,

A play to restrain,
not add too with re-read,
displacing seed to utter bleed.

The diction only spake,
warn to heed the times of trouble shall proceed,
the fall of humanity,
the proud, the flesh,
is simply called mortality.

The equation equaled an Ancients place,
to trace erased, guide the few,
for Dark is Red and Black is Blue,
as Dragons fume,
finality comes in Two!!

Fire flames no burnt remains,
the tempo hot the Charts are Art,
the raise in menu, the vision Pop,
the choir of,
is a Band in State.

The station changed holds the key,
now digitized for all to knew,
a coarse of driven point to view,
the climb is merely the demise of the lies,
written to spite the Proper evil as the Game in Hand.

As Cards not Dealt,
questions instead,
Moot to Verse,
reverse the scene,
to property redeemed.

The Art, no Act,
B.D.S.M. is real tact,
dungeons Master Lairs,
with only what is done to stare,
to bring or made to run,
'cause belief is waning too,
singulars are training to prepare,
for what Ever offers: Wares!!

The After of a Moments Life,
exists within this given sted,
condemnation opens links,
not to spy the chains go clink.

To Rein-In,
shorten leash,
the collared flight,
the Opened soar,
dimensions squared builds boundary's dare,
whom Few will enter to Sight the Fair.

The cosmic magic of lives that fact,
the employ of Sir's for racked,
to Master abrupt Word to Verse,
learn the Mystic risks to trip this,
for the choice on only tragic,
opens up these doors of traffic.


Held to Mind the Thought does prove,
that escape hears a tune,
the Tone of Low calls for Rafters,
to swing right through this Sight of Ruptured.

No Men in sight to stop this flight,
the Fight?,
seen in closing eyes,
the Third-Eye views.

Halls of Forms Armored Knights,
these Dark Lords seem to store,
all is Seen, the dance?, my floor.

To Rock the Truth,
find the root,
unleash the found to only sound,
leaving the breeze releasing the noise,
escapes a Universe in a state.

Rhythm to the frequency
I do run, I know the pace,
of this Sted in Human Race.

Is the lead to know disgrace,
it's not my face but your days,
the words express in years of eight,
a wait not long,
just a trace.

too measure miles,
exact the date,
mark the death,
with practiced Stay.

Go Long,
believe your biblical record,
as the Verse of a lord,
crucified and than thus ate,
the Prophet did prove what's best.

Forced to Memory spoken Versed,
not written rule to charge the Fool.

Changing Facts to exact,
dividing lines to advantage Signs,
darkens plots to make remarks.

The Ever before the After is fact,
the chapter learned to speak not flat,
most not turned 'cause of burned,
choices' made by Monks in days.

Uncouth, Hidden beneath the Catholics' loot,
thoughts to Lead,
ideas' of spoken threads,
sewn to distant familiar times,
for preparation knot reformation.

As only years can prove,
evidence has been removed,
translated rude reversed to do,
the 'might' to know,
such fright for genders,
that twice these Sentences' produced such Censured.

What comes is done,
trained for some,
a total whole,
not lost but pulled.

Too out the Mission as admission,
of apathetic assuming position.

Authority is and Equal wrath,
the quiet in the midst of storm,
the Reign of already adored,
is not a crown made of thorns,
 but the whistling of a trumpeting Lore.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Shudder Of Suite

The bounding of any Hymn,
securing a Lore,
a Song or a Scroll,
rolls from the Tongues that sing to read.

The deepest desire to grasp entire,
the complete of a whole,
distributed to told.

The divisive clamp,
the directive to ramp,
the authority grates,
the Tip?,
changes steal the trip!!

A certain brink,
brought with think,
invites no end but creates reason to begin.

Embracing when as an acceptance of Being,
the Translation; Believing!!

The Fate of Self,
an enduring wealth,
a provision of Faith dealt,
held within a Singular Cell,
it is 'well'

the depth of no crater,
design is greater,
the height of all Scene,
is participant if shown.

The mystery known,
the Road that Nature roams,
no 'matter'
 a viable space,
the Dark in Birth,
sets pace.

The Venture of the Sight adjusts,
too know the light has no plight,
a memory recite; a way to fight!

Whilst in this state,
no rest, a nest to impress,
the Web of Deceit is,
the present test.

A Feat

The Reach an Arms stretch,
the slumber of man's Vest,
the metal of the chest,
Kept: Humanity wept!!

The Stream of Know Flow,
washed out the former shout,
to conquer the mention of real,

The bridged Accord,
the sound of Foiled,
the un-earthed found!!

The startle so loud,
the noise of Crowd,
mended to make proud,
the evidence did plow.

The Major Constellation,
the type, a relation,
Stood to be Scene,
so easily Feened,
the nature so deemed.

It became what is known as relief,
or just maybe, it could be,
a dream coming true,
in a single and simple fact,
Time always Tells,
it's Exact.

Ghosting Earth, A Realm With Turf

The Heart of Humanity,
the measurement against a Fetter.

The weight seems carried,
a harried approach as mans encroach,
distributed to lighten their load.

Shackled to the Mortal Body,
the Energy sapped when trust becomes availability,
the length of Stay,
a morbid play.

The sighting of a Galaxy,
One so brilliantly made,
by design, not Ours,
We are Able, to Be stable.

To enjoy the Stars,
shining so bright and seemingly on course,
to burn, to learn,
it seems Our turn.

Soaking-in the Moon,
she is in full-bloom,
the mirrored affects the Bay,
the shimmer of Earth increases her girth,
lighting the Sky to complement her Sted.

In patient Order,
Isis, Set,
the Sun will peek her due.

The next Horize to realize,
a brilliant day,
a time of due.

The fragment of the southern tip,
a Cosmos teaching,
a pleading stored,
the Energy seeks to out the Spear,
the point to drive,
explosive pry.

The billions of years in birth of here,
the death will find a future peer,
the sound of longing begins with tone,
the moan of growing pains begin to stir.

In existence this Planets resistance,
design does magnify with persistence,
the darkest hole, the greatest light,
could never pass without a Fight.


The Memory Door,
for All to chore,
the Mind of Thought is often fraught,
the Work it takes is wade.

Life is planned,
it is standing,
with gracious detail Mother Nature appeals,
it is Real.

Humanity believes this breath surreal,
at best a rest,
at worst a deal,
this reprieve delivers feel.

Is it the Dream that enters sleep,
that Keep, the Hold,
a vast repair, so quick despair,
when Millions 'out' Wrath,
a subtraction or act?

Is it the Math that adds-up to a Fact,
that the management of a provisional Flat,
this Earth in a planetary Row,
is chilled in galactical flow,
as a tactic of a Universe in a Solar Systems growth.?.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Propagate A Theorized State

This is an artist's conception of the rogue planet Nibiru, or Planet X. But forget about that dooming Earth -- look out for the top quark.

Doomsday and disembodied brains? Tiny particle rules universe's fate

Courtesy of:

Red Defined Grave Not Saved

Language lost to sign,
translation bye the line,
to encounter tougher Times,
multiplies the division of the Social kind.

Shortened Words,
Letters Punctuated,
Que the Learned,
to question answer with silence thought,
interpretation sought.

The average abbreviates,
 Spoken Verse,
understood or is it should?

To locate Value of this Measure,
the Mind does rot,
lost is the vocal thought,
to think letters really plot.

As each sentence shows punctuation's spot,
this seems All but devious in Lot!!

To stay abreast of a hash tags cost,
the code seems broken,
not even Morse taught.

As if it's Anger complementing,
or Help pleading to a Scene,
the screen is a shrunken and hand held ream!!

Will Books be lost to digital streams,
as it seems electricity dreams.

The touch or the feel of any thing,
no longer bound by leather rib,
the sewing seems the missing bid.

The smell of the Parchment,
is replaced by the Smog we breath,
negativity streaming in the Air,
remains unseen.

The Media of a Global read,
delivers Death as acceptable loss,
 a calculated bleed,
as if Life is being themed.

The distance of the reality seems,
remotely life is extinguished,
 through only a Computer;

The blood runs without the trigger being pulled,
but shot like a Video from a remote hold.

The Eyes that lose Their lives,
to bullets, bombs or threats not in Sight,
witnessed by only humming flights,
the whistle of the stunt,
a developed plight.

No longer persons face to place,
safely parked in chairs that lounge,
thousand of miles create a safety zone,
separate reality now using Drones.

Acceptable risk,
no such thing,
cause this man, the drone is thing,
known only now,
as collateral damage of 'round.

How lonely death has become,
as War digitizes Feat as Run,
Satellites are eyes to sight the fight,
presumption assumes,
 that immanence looms.

Sets the Pace,
erasing traced,
no gun in hand,
the phone now lands,
the deed to how disaster plans.

The word of man,
now death in land,
no more boots to ever stand.

Silence quiets the Over-Head violence,
no longer maybe,
a definite plane in view,
now who spy's,
who is who?

Following the Future with excursion to Space,
will be subject to the questions replaced,
now accused of not a race,
the ventured journeyed is to rule this state.

To delve further into an answer,
requires punishment so it's said,
instead the line was crossed and red,
delivered the liberated to stand instead.

For if the deadly weapon fired,
from the distance of required,
landed to expose a dirty deed,
it still does kill and innocence will bleed.

Breath extinguished to prove a point,
the cost of such to punish done,
the probable only increases sum,
more are dead to punish done.

The Sum of Lossed,
the rubble shows grave,
a suspected plot is a propagated thought,
to increase the current,
and kills just brought,
the communicated increased summed a plot.

Explanations ready seemed terms are saved,
little is made from the deaths of raid,
the more we're told,
the more it seems a given play,
just delivered on a different day.

Fear will ravage,
it appears so savage,
now the looks to skies in the World we share,
seems to cause most to stare,
is this a return or a bombs repair,
the N.S.A defends their dare.

Social Media a Global blare,
will it be the G.P.S. that shares our where?,
will it then be said from a chair,
subject identified shots are Wares,
bombs away as we stare,
now is Death worth this fare?

The Continue, A Twin Flame Release, Too Complete

There is this story,
so old that Time Itself bows out of it's keeping.

Before it was and in such simplicity,
We were.

Standing in existence and gazing into Eternity,
another value with the measure of forever,
it had to have been,
a second in a moment's grace.

Brought together by more than chance,
the plan was the stance of whom knew,
how grand the life of Two joining as One could be!!

The example,
of how to value the gift of the Cosmos,
as it streamed into what is deemed.

The vast and ever growing Universe at play,
this dynamic would be the guide,
showing us the Way!!

Being the Tell and mapping out the coming Hell,
as not a disaster,
but a route to a rapture,
so we may Continue,
not be kept or imprisoned by stature,
rather complement each in After.

The recovery of what has been lost,
can only be found when you wake to know,
the sound of Two roaring as One,
a numerical lead.

The unity of an eternal flame produced,
the burning desire to grasp the truth,
a recognized and valued root.

In Growth 'we' suffer reality,
with Sight 'we' gain ability,
in Remembrance 'we' embrace our Source,
in Constance 'we' know our tomorrow Our Now.

This is the example of how,
the show of a cosmic stow,
the beauty of such a throw,
a natural glow,
the shimmer of a Know.

Natural understanding,
in a magnetic connection,
nurturing the guidance of only what we were taught,
in all but silence.

I say,
be who you know yourself to have been,
shine like the sun that will never set,
recognize the glory of the light shed upon the Moon in her darkest sted.

The most incredible route,
the source of which I tout,
know your shout is the ample voice,
provided so you may make a choice,
know you're noise.

Forced opinion, 
the gag that will silence a sign,
will bury you in an uncomfortable find.

The Tomb of an extinguished life,
lost too sound and never to be found,
it will be the burial shroud,
and it proves to be the death of only what is known,
as the doubt that is cast upon the innocence of faith in an eternal deed.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Darkest Knight Lords My Every Deed

The sentence prose of a verse in hand,
the Mind at Play,
the wonder of reality delivers words to due,
inside a simple phrase of amazed!!

His love is the horizon,
I see him in the rising sun,
the light that shines to warm my heart and know,

The breath of nature,
sweeps the breeze,
blowing across the plains,
raising the stagnate air to stream.

The Northern Stars,
the ones we must have swum across,
to enter this galaxy,
to rest or a repair.

The sphere of the universe,
the dark mass of any void,
does not hide mystery,
it is the realm that disguises tomorrow.

The known cosmic roar,
the planets of which must store,
an ever and lasting lore.

Without fighting reality,
lets join it with the ecstasy that we can be,
a galactical play in eternity.

The twin of me,
that One and only He,
an incredible Man so dynamic,
it must be his explosive plan,
that engages this stand!!

May the blasting cord be the Time between our Meet.

May our finality be the ignite of what will show,
Ancients exist and be the example of this most incredible trip.

Cheers to Him,
I remember Our hymn,
the song of every life,
is the tune he is to all I could ever imagine to have been.

He sings my everything,
in a singular theme of,
I know you too!!,
and the whole way through I will be with you!!

The lasting of forever,
in the treasure of severed,
is found in this simple pleasure,
of knowing,
he is my measure,
and mends my never.