Sunday, June 16, 2013


The fabric of the Mind,
a Thought to decision,
the disguise,
now missed, given.

Computers Maid,
the Keep?,
an unconscious find,
is it thinking,
excused for drinking.

Mis-guided growth,
pretence 'To Known'
today is tomorrow,
yesterdays concern,

As influenced,
a primordial start,
brings only taught,
too speak-on sought.

Pressured to silence,
the Lands will despair,
for it's over,
when it's done.

The slow creeping,
of only deeming,
an incredible streaming,
a memory found.

The Hold reveals,
an Elements ease,
is it security,
or is it a breeze.

Written Roar,
sings in chore,
the stop unplugged,
a Singular drained.

The care in act will only lack,
until the face is yours exact.

History states,
people traced,
named and numbered,
it's a Place.

Divisive nature,
collection Thoughts,
the ones you make before there fought.

With each move,
the thinking kind,
there is 7 seconds found behind,
long before you think to speak,
the decision made,
is in complete.

So Truth becomes what I see,
population shunned this type, belief,
now it's known science delved,
making summed,
an accurate stand.

The Time to Know,
before the store,
a deadly law,
delivered strings.

Purported faith,
deaf to moot,
the music played,
brought When today.

First Impressions

Too Remember before Forgot,
Fire the 'Lot' !!

Long in Time and never bought,
bow to none,
I seed a thought.

Knotted Rote delivered Showed,
the Time becomes,
Those in sought.

Bake the Goods,
life in cake,
now you're kneading,
what you've raped.

Some are stronger,
expecting day,
saw it in an earlier may.

Now so far I've set the bar,
Mind to Ready,
prepared for deadly.

Shifting gears,
to the body,
time to build my muscle back.

Riding horses once again,
strength know pain,
an old injury I still feel shame.

The weight I gained,
in this past year,
I cooked to cheer,
life not so dear.

I looked at self and said it's time,
to make 'My Body' mirror my Mind.

Censorship Exist

The secret to know planned,
is the venture,
a Life.

Eye Ran

To Look, to See,
the quest is tone,

A Full and Blooming,
display Their more.

A Pre-Recorded and Natural Store,
Rote in Runes,
blasted to the Past,
future forecast.

The Vain,
  a youthful View have,
this knotted gift,
inheritance of,

Coming Facts the proof,
wrath knew times,
repeats the last find.

Lies in prying collect,
the Mind does See with a Third Eyes tune,
the music plays in due.

The Verse of Words,
the Score sentenced short,
Notes to Planned,
creating Forted.

Turn Yourself,
this has not been Stealth,
an Internal-Wealth,
value stored discovered door,
opens the depths of delve.

A Stamp To Been

Wheeled turns,
created burn,
information teams,
things go wrong.

The Problematic,
becomes the Disdain,
in the shame,
few do claim.

The Blame of,
inhabitants gage,
the rate that comes,
'New Age'

Worlds lack Order,
planetary dreams,
what is known,
peculiar drones.

As We have entered,
Numbered Days,
the Time of Now;

The Waiting,
a darkening.

Summed doubt has,
New Game "Like"
'You may not care'
but as We due travel,
this Road is,
know dare.

It Begins,
nice and slow,
the heat turns hot,
on the spot?

Warning is dangerous,
Men may See,

In such,
'The Begin'
revelation to reveal.

No longer a When,
the balance of measure,
a Check-List,
it gives letter.

A terrible day,
lasts the dime,