Sunday, December 27, 2015

Aim Hi The Receipt Is Register??

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for core to brains matter the filter from the mouth cotton clubs swab for language dried to are stake,
this spear of steak warmed as the bell of the human skull stripped of feeling numbed to the void,
vast width the paste to a diction claim,
chowder with Fees to stew lips as wine yellow`d that speak to drip pass tell.

Each persons face shall droop as the News cast base to technical difficulties to the dee press shin,
in dent the shoulders swell to orb,
belly frost,
throats constrict to scene,
pour television Gins,
cubes of throttle ice expel wet slice in duh visible truth,
those ears on the prick Space to day saw shoe sew long the thread silk in's on the seam.

Wove in from the deer on Antlers on the reason,
a grace of fax gave to hold My Mother held my hand in San Francisco,
the city streets full of fear as My Mother grand to cent on the dial of IM more towel a Tee,
clubs of family have shore to much in form may shin choosing in Stead smudge of status,
electric sit tea gathered folded lawn drain touching the cheek as the building aptly spake to washing tons,
turned from common curt duh see the off spring shovels deep And wide to shell.

Shield of history banked my thorough to put structure in carriage of this google blog,
with each treasured day I have word by score leader stored the tiers to encyclopedia buy design,
for the tend construct brought such tux sea dough that the last Noun pane`d a sill to prepare the pad Dock fill leap!!

Watch the Opus as I have readily asked a sort filed to please envelope more than my use,
rather embrace the wonder to the thunder of a light kneeing to the strain of discovery,
death bye more toll is just the see ole broke in to swim these pass tells as liquid understandings,
the movement of freedom of in formation to discus of the perk on those feather inks love,
My Grandparents Papa & Nana See owe Ross for the fine finish as the strength of process,
putting pitch of phone stone to angle,
that specific shine knee to spin hints as the gauge to my stern.

This date Time clock 1:27 PM strike December 27th with this Windows Frame,
guide that beet with earth to focus Year two-thousand fifteen to a close while anchors have press sure on speak,
grasp the saddle of each girth marking the IM tea with the capability of whom may virtue a shore,
the hour to station more than the chills of goose or the flow till uh of swan on his stir of stumped.

Deliver pew bic market the wall study of library on the Men Tall station of I.D.,
state the course of listening to a specific through the walls to the vitality of compass,
magnify the scope to eyes that mirror of the reflect shins sole,
shirts that have tuck Tuck`d the inkling of chortle spay their bisque with custard crisp,
*ken it.



knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception:
an idea beyond one's ken.
range of sight or vision.
verb (used with object)kenned or kent, kenning.
Chiefly Scot.
  1. to know, have knowledge of or about, or be acquainted with (aperson or thing).
  2. to understand or perceive (an idea or situation).
Scots Law. to acknowledge as heir; recognize by a judicial act.
Archaic. to see; descry; recognize.
British Dialect Archaic.
  1. to declare, acknowledge, or confess (something).
  2. to teach, direct, or guide (someone).
verb (used without object)kenned or kent, kenning.
British Dialect.
  1. to have knowledge of something.
  2. to understand.

Why Would A Horse Lean On The Bit??

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that Valence of blinking Porch`d the shelf as the brain sect' shin dice,
to that is calibrate shun.

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a Soar of circle Crickets??,
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what sheds!!

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keep pers the clatter with farming saids to Share or Like??

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that ancient fashion of write the paragraph to pitch,
this is Nigh tech with the Kenning on a place,
is the Purchase of price trick??

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the pocket Watch??,
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What Is Live Rock In The Oh^Shin Of A Tank That Fresh Pepper Salts??

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