Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pea Be 'S' !!

The Men on Role this AM on Radio have Asked to put their Lathe too Shingle,
as the cobblers Mile on the taste of the Vernacular it is the Voice that furthers a Knows,
down to the Antennae of Language with the Fun^Knees to Express The Challenges of earthly by Means,
that touches Fact to bring the New a Cast Ore's file!!

Troy is but the the Horse on Wheels,
how Ever is the Amp. Pull to Conversation,
thus a balance on the Beaming to License!!

Once Upon the Story read,
a plate to discussion,
primary School on Call ledge,
oh for the Fair Oh's!!

Stride to that Tack tile,
spring on the list Ed,
that inch of a thought to bring the Seals a Pier,
form of great Port told with a Neet Jump pers for the Standard of . . . . 

well that is a Deep subject of Matters.

Watercress And Carrots Served With Jinn Ger Snaps While I Had Watch To Those Cheek^Keen The Cents On Those Fig^New^Tons

Lets sea that back to the ground of which craft bent the be for a signature piece on the Breakfast in America,
that would be that Room in the Front of the house on the tools,
Lobos Creek by the Name in the Location for the calculation to know Bakers Beach for the Oh Shin on Once,
sew there it is in the plains of land Bing to Dot Tee due littles,
grants and trusts that speak with the bag In's polite Tack to the shop!!

Dance with the Bowel boa on the Construct of life in the leaves,
streets Bare In the Homes,
dogs and by Noun Ticks,
that Harvest on the Piers to What state chew of the Fleets??

Boat that a Avenue to bus the Charts with a deer Antlers breast of Tree sun,
shadows to the Moon have brought Calendar to the Ink Can!!

Thought Up pawn the Lawn of the Know eastern of the Winds & Compass??,
that bank A Count of dollars to Priced at the Total deep garden of dust Tee,
Air a zone Awe as the beach is the Playland of a Walking Teak.

Where the shoulders carried the Shorts,
that long Opera of connect to the Golden Gate Park of the Loggers,
firewood to the Freezing plates of Balm and speaks in the Drawing Elephant on the Kettle beam!!

Stitch to the broom of this Sweeping a Fair as that is the special Tenderloin Joe's??,
or is the Jobs on the Coin to spoke of the wheels going round And round Ding,
ping on the Pong of the Hee or the Haw of a Harness in the Collar of the Hames on the Sheds??,
chasing the Rapids on a Flush of the Sumps??,
pudding to Voice on the ankles brought to thermal the Under gear of shifting stoned??

Aye heard on the Vista that put to the Bookcase as display Gallery a phoned,
dialing the Glass of Have a smoke to Side-Walk the grass as the in Turn meant of a Number??,
bedroom and brew Sticks get the Handle as the Fare Owes to Dam!!,
nigh the Tunnel View of echo to Smack the Paddle of Oars??,
just lead to the fax on the polite Napkin a dressed to the nice Bangs as the Hare cuts to shored??

Bell Hops to bee Hive,
honey to Cream,
Farms in Berkeley??,
speak In the Human be Bends,
gator the Crock '0' Dial as the Wrote tear read from the day Cent of a Decade on the Jung!!

Library of the Wares with the Actual guitars Playing songs,
lyrics at the Symphony of The Blues to plight of the Eagle and the Caused,
green Jeans to Hill of Congress is the Hip pea Fuss struck With IM more Towel It tee??,
such the threads on the Smileys in Film,
eyes and brows to the Perch on the baskets of Done Jung us With a Classical Organ for the Pump pen Feed!!

Fill it Up little Pun,
for the middle of the sand did ski to the Vapor on the Oil it key`d,
breathing to skate the language as tongue in the strain,
My Grandparents lived on the Grid,
part of the Great Expression of Struck by the down,
yet in that Parade of Country to the Hards on the bricks of Laid,
their Choice came to learn the Value of being Fresh Air to the death by Dealing Proxied!!

So as the People of this Nation streak to Arm their Tunk with cards of grave I put to the Plates,
the wisdom to know a be Leaf,
the grape on the Vine,
a giant valence with blinkers,
chorus to the Yards and that will Sure the development towards chores Shovels and Drains.

For the strength of Times in Multiplied the Port of Cast or Troy??,
is the belts of the Shout from the Media on the National Broad Cast Tee'ing Net Working,
to the digit Tell of whom does Business to the gas Owe lean??.

Par Tea Lines with a Whisper to the Lamp Post of the Boss Ton parody on Ironic per Pole fragrance of Cent,
the ad to the Commercial providence in the Dallas of a slick Hat to Cows and Colts??,
from the Average to the entangled The Brush of threaded is the Stripped screws,
bolt Act shin to Know wing of the Flight,
plains and better letters to dressage the Cross-country on the Event of stadium On course.

The Map Of Charts For The Crews

As the Crow flies to the breeze Humanity builds Blocking roads to disguise the Winds lead,
on that cent of a Saying the Thorn of the Roster in a List of the Harbor a tears Skeeter.

Bites on the bleeding frost of the People firing guns to shot down lives on the Tums,
families left without a trace as the Dead add to the Media in their dialing of steady on their dancing lei's,
touching Cup of flours to Mix the recipe on the Shores of every Couch on Tell a Viced on the grains,
of Cereal and Milk!!

Pour'n over that Stuff in of the Late Show on E! Dish Shins to Lyre of Tree Coal in burrs as shouldering pyres,
the Plank that is boating to the Oars on the grave Tongues lashed with Torn,
streaming down the Cheeks of drowning deaths The Factor just chains a Desk??,
nigh the Boot to the Owe Rye Lee's that jean Purpose to such Decks of porch verses The Reapers.

Bare read in that is the conversation of Pounds,
coins and commerce,
that class grade of sit Tin in the Squab,
all while the Pigeons band to shackled.

Carts horror Says to beach on that Grit sand Deed,
face Off to the Turbine at the Watch,
row fresh Air that would be so Bank in,
boots on Turf to know of the Sake that language Has truth in a Coot.

Kissing the chalk A lets as that is the Inch of the National Media of abc In bee seas At See be 'S',
what a lombard climbing brook len to know event on Wares haul A way!!,
the State of beacon to Light the Houses harp Pin on the Pen the Tale on the Dawn key!!,
trail of the cloister on the Lawn??,
the Nome of Pear its thus the Apple pocks that Shade the Syn awe Ma of Earth on the Ga Knew!!

Weight the balance on the Beam of evident Scale to speak at the Mountain of loan for Volcanic known,
fifth on the forth to Onward march is the blast Theme of what is a Torque,
the Mars on the virtue of the Solar Systems Voice,
boom went the Crane on the crib of such Outer youth,
across the Space with the Ease of a gear sweeping Comet on the Tale of a talk!!

Special on the Voyage of the Shipping New,
Hell Owe to the verse on the Fire in the stones Often the burst,
loud is the Value of ground in the Air,
classic to the Flame in this journey of listing to the thermal Melts,
glaciers and Ice that is the slides to Ride on with a fantastic View of the oh Shins of blues,
while the key in the Sign is blaring light Molten spake to Flute this a Whistle on the kettle of Flew!!

Eh Vent Edge Aye Phone

Curiously there is a known factor of the Great Expire on the dogs Paddling growl,
fear biters are an Hour to Humanity now with eh are Wrists timing the Pear a Normal dust,
fingers on the hi owe silver loaded with a fiber stick that case of screwed to bolt action,
as the port of bureau of the Drawer a Combo or that waking Up to pole the Chain of light,
the back porch Creek a step in Steep the kettle Whistle is Purchase??,
noise to snarl the Comb to brush that Masque Care eh??,
deep in the Nines on the Six cents Tin nailed with the Cough in scope??,
why that is putting the Carriage before the horse to Call learn of the Know??

What of the In vest To gate that places Senses to the Shepherds on the score??,
has the Great Dane that Tax bread not brought Coyote Wolf to howl in Tipped??,
does the Corner of the gave Say to Tree that barf is Ruff or coffee Tee at dough Nut shopped??,
with each paved Word to putters At the gulf off Oil is it known as Gas lighting Once the Lamp??,
skill A Ten to Training the Identification of the Harnessed said Is conversation Teddy bear.

As the Pax in Farm a Suit a Calls makes Up the Next big Swallow watts will Price the gong,
boom on the Crane to crib of the Vain is rather Dan lead of the Brokaw on a Hell a Cop Turd lawn,
cutting Mowing chopping Sliced thus the Apple pair to Raise the Media dial National be Harp peas!!

Sigh wren Bird to chew the straw as the Pick a Stip. Ewe lei Shin of the Saw lumber Yards to spice??

Are Ka Techs On The In Fir Structure

Spell it out on the Big Bang the Earth in her Volcanic puff to develop land for the Feat,
as the breadth began to In trail the score to that Mountain on the Comets hand,
fast in the Plan It,
Mars branch,
this is the very tea of what Mankind has brought to the Chaos of destruction exits Create shin to Spoke In!!

How is the the letters Form of double Ewe to with that Wool lead,
Elephants and that Crocodiles shepherd on the Plains of Buffalo hide,
grace of Nature breathing,
harvest in the Iron on Mineral of Salts!!

Oceans and the Travels of Moons on the Barrels,
count that Tack to saddle the Girths of The more's as Footprints just Say fossil Evident,
schools touching Fish??,
whales beach an Orca seat??,
stretch to the Shell??,
an Oyster with the Diamond of a Rock at her Sleeve??

Once Upon a Time in the Ages of the Trend,
solar trips Journey with the lands of Many on the skids,
this is much on the grains of avenue in the Milky Ways of Paths and Belts tide,
Up goes the Breeze in the Cyclones of easily said,
the Eye of the Storms.

Sew there were Peep Poles that Flag of spills on the Sand deed,
graves and rots that fleshed out to fill the blanks with a casual sit,
down on the quilts the stitch??,
the Human being,
spake wheel to X plane,
the brought is the Envelope,
the seal of that stone??,
or the bone,
tossing the Hare as the Turtles Home.