Thursday, February 13, 2014

Death Pangs

The word of the press,
news to just Net,
the less of the more,
people abhor.

The sneaking to follow,
to wreck with a tweet,
to state an opinion,
or turn love into bleep.

The blunt spoken basics,
of nothing is said,
responses are certain,
to enrage what is read.

The script of the written,
the herd of the verse,
the hinge to the doors,
will prove not absurd.

Actions are labeled,
prepared for a tag,
in the game of you're it,
the pitch is the flag.

A Bridled Part

The mass of 'self-purchase'
is rewound to push-back
to the beginning,
discovery Wild!!

The buttons or triggers,
the Fire and the Flame,
an Elemental start,
to recount the 'why' I'm here!!

Up & On such a preview,
notoriously I found,
interest was peaked!!

None did succumb,
to the broad of the view!!

The feed of the laugh,
popular path,
until is was,
pointed: Exact!!

Tiled in Scat,
singing in fact,
instrument reams of trumpets in Ink!!

A-muse in 'Just' form,
producing a store,
to lead in a storm,
a Life unadorned!!

People sat back,
read only lines,
the print in a post,
singular in stood!!

The collection brought to One,
relief in the stun,
stooped about locked,
the red in the talk!!

Breath Caught In Choke

I pack the frozen to entice the find,
do not dream, do not love, do not wait,
this life is Time!!

Wings of hurdled feathers nest,
far below the persons growth
in mindful muster to fight this mess,
the thimble of a thorough Crest.

The Plane of board,
the room displayed,
a kind of treatment matched.

Upside down,
'round and 'round,
the shaker grips,
a World loss!!

I Really Want You

I write to relate,
connections are mend,
pictured complete,
the gallop of Lead,
to always remember a Life in a Steed!!

The mention, to speak,
better to see,
Imagine, Believe,
that majesty was ....... beautifully loved!!