Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Addendum

I Wield nothing more than set,
in Text of Old an ancient call,
I hear the;

"Tone of Might!'

In such a Symphony of vocal tune,
I speak without delight.

The Message Sight, the Word adorn,
a Time, a Place, a Fight!!

The War in 'Such' concludes a plight,
in lost you issue doubt.

The 'Land' in which,
this may hit,
I hold to close, too tight.

For in the 'Chance' of a 'Choice'
I hope you chose to pay the dues,
and not to pass the debt.

'The Rally' of,
 seems so broad,
I fear you will not Muster.

In such a failure man accepts,
 the deal as 'Court Jester.'

The shame in this,
will persist,
to Know 'No Good' in Bad.

The blame is blood upon your hand
of this I just See mad.

The dread becomes,
the Red in Bourne,
you kill for your belief.

The blood that spills upon the sands,
will be the wallow low.

Just to swallow, man in whole,
you sink as if you drink it full,
straight into the Dunes of which,
Mountains hold the View.

As if the Contract had a clause,
in this you gave no pause,
and now it seems so flawed.

To settle Peace with such type,
you lied from the begin,
the common thread of win.

Yet, in-spite of this wrong,
it was sealed but not for long,
your enemy did beg the deal.


Upon review, an argument ensued,
implied became a Rook.

Apparently, you just took.

Understanding not mistaken,
you planned to bury and placate,
in simple Verse you did Curse,
using language that was terse,
you omit the deed.

In a strange reverse,
this action strengthened Men.

The decision, not at hand,
became the law of their land.

Your aim just brought Purchase!

In that Land,
where Peace will come,
you delivered perfect.

To interpret would manipulate,
to read in plain would be insane,
you issued death with No Let.

Black Water; Ready Toil

In a Place that is found,
connected-by what is Round,
delivers you a Sphere.

It can be touched and will reveal,
two become it's near.

In this Bend a bounce of through,
a Walk of Made will show to you,
'The Blue' 
a simple truth.

As such, a return does date,
full of hate as knowledge stayed,
ignored for not sublime.

To include,
an end for man,
or to chose,
a Polar Stand.

The shame of held will be in hand,
the ear you seek will turn to reap,
not the bounty but your pleasure,
for this lust becomes a measure.

Upon 'Such' learned 'Hatred' Turns,
not to speak but to tell,
that this 'Action'
should be felt.

An Impact!!

This necessity to be heard,
a Prequel to Here,
leaves you with truth,
a blurb...

...that your travels,
'Give a Reality'
to a place and madness,
delivers girth.

In no appeal you change things,
the silence becomes disturbing,
as if 'The Plot' enhanced 'The Plan.'

This Magnifies Itself,
as done!

In the tact of 'Such' an erupt,
it shakes the Core,
of what was never believed,
Faith leaves,
 darkness is light.

Days become a chore,
this Scene is abhorred.

The 'Photograph' made,
is proof of a ray,
built by demand,
to point at alien lands,
left for Sake.

The invisible formality,
takes 'It's' form and then 'It' turns,
to manifest what burns,
intensely driven,
'It' seems the Sun,
until it's done.

In this, not a test,
is the threat,
to be a 'Jet'
of merely what,
implodes when struck.

In plain sight it does not show!!

Minds so old,
the ancients bold,
but They did tell you so,
and thus you go.

It is in this, that throws off track,
an exist.

Weapon staved in a formality, 
ignites your day to Play.


It does leak, what you stole,
upon the land, not 'it's' home,
this Element is blown.

A known stone is what ends,
a moment shown with no sin,
does take shape and it begins.

The worth of mineral,
rich with denseness,
black it's claimed,
should not be touched,
or War erupts.

 Left unnamed,
moved for fame to create,
a formal Reign.

For with this bit, 
you have evidenced,
with such prevalence,
it proves a Book.

In these Caves,
where it's found,
are these Scrolls and still are bound.

In good condition they remain

Hidden from View, to produce,
when these days do come.


In such thought, Earth's not bought,
Mounds do hold some strange Truth.

In wait of a patient stay,
for delivery upon a day,
to use in a very special way,
to hold something at bay.

I wonder,
do these things exist in place?,
do they work
is it Present History made?

With such a magnetic pull,
electrifying if known,
bourn in lands of flight,
built to last, made to show.

This does possess great power,
an ancient store,
for there's more.


Properly used to liberate,
a guide to See,
free 'In Charge'
holds the greatest cost of Knew.

May Peace be with,
whomever may be due.

Rent collects Life's Account,
with no respect it wakes the dead.

A Bank of Dread turns black red,
water spoils and then it's said;

"It bled!!"