Friday, August 1, 2014

Per Pole

The stream of consciousness in the recording of heard,
is the truth to the Thought.

Raised in a City where slammed a many doors,
not on the Citizens but from judges of situations never brought up before.

The ease in the atmosphere is acceptance of state,
the enjoyment is the smile on their happiest face,
moving from places that had only hate,
as a native to San Francisco it truly was the golden Gate.

To whom is important to now you must know,
the simple I.D. in the support of my stow,
belonging with naturally pulled for the breathe,
you are giants to me speaking gently as leads.

When I am troubled by circumstance not Blunt,  (he's a given,)
it's the everyday type in the present of giving,
my Mind often boggles with curtains that pull,
the draw string of kindness is the Men that have known.

To be as I witnessed the amazing repose,
the love that I testify is these Men and their flows,
circuitry busy but does not overwhelm,
the gratitude fills me you taught me the Vow.

The forgiveness without caving in to the speak,
the conversation duties to be the akin,
relate with idea the basking of read,
but do not be stomped on for that is not Now.

Wool Coolers

Ability that creations sent the Signs of Genesis,
in the Odyssey A Venture to certain in a Flip,
ground to Central office a recorder on the Sum,
relates to the difference by riding on the Tongue.

At Talented Horse thats been trashed by equal stake it's done,
meets at the barn Fate to work the World Rung,
equipped to be the Challenge the Likes increased a Stout,
muscled Up for Event aches style the Saddle town.

A bigger buck in Formal eyes the Mounted in put Ste,
a Ki in every tangle treats Apples with a spree,
grown by whom was made to Keep the Wild in a shoe,
credit goes with every lip for nippy says it's truth.

Seat the straddle to the Stable a stool to gain the feed,
the work behind the Tame can remove the easy Cree,
walk a Way that takes a play to open up the valve in tuck,
a Product of the orphan luck the weight in All that give.

Amazing Sense to sit the fence from a Jumpers suite,
the bit of Comprehension is the understanding brew.

As Tea does need to steep for a Minute Timers snooze,
coffee is the bean sewn grounds the sugar of the loop,
add a tad of Creamery the Cow does milk it troop,
a Dairy on the Coastal Wine is Vineyards that are Shoot!!

Trees that forest in the East have Memory in Keepers bees,
moreover like the Sweets in pleased the Treakle of pea Soup,
crispy are the Gourmet halts as food is in the root,
ketchup is to Beet Pulp ask the flavored toot!!

Flocking heards that travel burst A Crumpet on the Morse,
tick talk tack the bitter back is held by no mistake,
for expressions grow the Stream at a Portioned rate,
like Tickets to the theater the Movie has it's Take.

Live Action Tells 

A Keeper

The journey of the writer takes paths like Trains in past,
as Men would jump the Rails to see the tighening through,
barrels that would hold wood to warm their hands while stopped,
the Paper is a scribble that keys the tracks to last.

Learning on the trail lanes the Experience of tasked,
thrown to the country side a menu on the vein,
salute all those Talls like Men whom built the Dam,
hunch to Clue the Time Tapes a Video on the Tube!!

Treasure from the Mind forms Music in the ear,
mystics address the unheard to regard the vocals mirror,
reflective not in process delivers letters law,
streaming with the Rooster is goods to big and stray.

A House thats built from Mud moss,
the peat ups the Bog,
the branch of discretion said discerning intro dove,
the Vain atop the See deck is stirred for Windy mops,
a hare that bounced the State plus,
antlers are the stare!!

Laughter is the belly punch in proper mounts that Speak,
repeats are the Custard that Creme Brulee is burnt,
the tasty has a Flavor that spices in flared touch,
a Fire in the Flaming 'cause it's best to be the cope.

Hotter weather melts Ice the Glacier slides in Sheets,
like Thunder asked the frightened questioned by the speech,
rolling with the seconds a dark or is it Mark,
the either of the or Case is presently at Start. 

The Paddocks

The damper to the Chimney fluke of the dancing on Muse,
the three Fiddle Players to a Rooftop in hosed,
champions are ridden in the Steeplechased rolls,
the ditch on the offside is the place that it groves.

Fences built by Brush landscapes the Track in Style,
a V~shaped jump Spring is the saddle of desired,
knees that use a comfort pouch to aid the landing quire,
a Triple~bank to Water tank is the Splash of my Desire.

Three-Day Eventing a Sport for whom has Know,
the learners are the stoppers but Systems still will go,
the Thrill seeking Individual runs with blood in Veins,
a silken Stock to Fast pass is Trophied in the Cause.

After Years off Stallion the Stable of the stall,
retirement comes handy for Clover has it's law,
the Quest of a quicker is avoidance of the Ball,
to hear the sound of Noise in bounds makes the Thrifty saw!!

Edge the detailed trampling for I have suffered trod,
my body has been suffered the time it takes to Clause,
anxious in the ration of presequeled with a Nod,
the effort doth thou Trouble or is the exist in Raw.

Spell a little this or that a letter in misplaced,
post the Card of players plod the twister is the sent,
receipt of understanding long before the law,
sets the game to handler in every each a gaw.

Groovy on the 60's act as ab-lib Mountain did the valley had it's paw,
golden in the Gate Park a singer in the Fog,
polo that to field Track a Race in youth of ran,
the speed of such great Value that my eyes began to plan.

Stopwatch Wrist Band Same Exact Name Planned, Accident or Happenings??

Home Popcorn Store

In and As a Real I have leveled the Field to a floor of which the walk on no steep,
the climb is not aye for thou hast created the value of proof as burdened by the beach,
in the craft of teach a dignity of Pride has crushed the Being with the Sail abroad,
to have had an adventure is not my lie for the deck of Reason has declared the Prized.

The stage of Life Itself is birthed with Venture,
a World in the Measure has turned debt into Set,
a consequential provision in forced isolation relieved the karma felt,
with the inaction a Hammer with the Nail a sound with the Would the task it's all a Fact.

True to learn a Professor in class the Symphonic pedal of an Organ in trashed,
move to the theft as the theft moved to see it behaves to control damaged not condemn the Ewe or Vee.

A dress in borrow is different in Scene from the basket of Taking to the empty of creamed,
the Honeysuckle came via my Grandfathers wish,
grew upon a Trestle to show remember has shipped,
on the Bus of shaken a sleeping bed roll,
orange in the color with string this did Hold.

Freeway to California with Signs of the Toll,
stopped at the Station the question was sold.

Should an independent still while the answer is spoken than the Goods are in the balance of Rote,
my mother knew of Entry the solution to the Pause as her Father spoke of Century coming down to laws.

The trek of a sitter is to Watch the napping is the sleeping in consider of the Sensitive to a litter?

The life of being lived a particular in Mind reversals of Act repeat in a find,
the home of her Origin taught well of the Thought,
delivery be strong lead with no Wrong.

Patience for the stretch is the Waking in a catch,
never did the Birch trouble my silence,
instead I learned to pick Blackberries and burn,
for the Sun was ever hotter grew the best in Spotter.

Turkeys On The Side Board, my grandmother loved Chore!!

Pay Phones At Carousel

In the Pocket of a locked call to whom I didst dial the open Channel in brain of a Smile the okay alright sew,
the tight jeans of Means speak when It's Tell the shore of the Lorki saids breathe as you born to bread,
the Sourdough centers on bread in the Dough a perfective communicates the breeze is the formed,
capture the Vassal corn to the Tow a hitch to between it's a storage in Co that Mic's off to foe.

The isle of empty in the vat of a stove burns with the Oil in garlic a vote,
show the malt in a Vinegar Jar than the House of Prime Rib is a home full of know.

The dip is not drippings for that is a roast but the pudding is butter and flavors the go,
rack to the Plate Lunch a condiment serves,
serves to the balance by bringing the Herb!!

Napkins of dandy catch the crumbs drop,
match that a Dime it's a horseradish strong,
as baskets are also for Sticks in the trade,
booths do sit Comfort the chair breakfast room,
safety is Primal to bakery Square!!

Downtown the garage Parks many a play situates certain to swing the big flare,
grits in the Oyster at Fishermans Wharf,
my big brother worked the bar of these bents.

Hooks open egg shells as Men are the flint,
pearls can be the color of Tent,
Muscles are grand but I like the Crab,
season oh Dungy got a Net or a sip,
the melted of Case says I believe in may Tip!!

Photo Shop Stocked

As aye continue to yelp I will Over board this talk as Conversations shall perform to Formal in turned,
the aspect of my Beautiful Mother comes to Mind and will not line with Any other Time that a trip in bind,
speaking frankly is of importance for being blunt in this a Chord.

An event that has all ready taken an all night affair to State an ample Place in my breathe came,
'Sing a little song' my Mom got a long in a difficult situation that brought to light in the dark of Night,
the Two of 'Us' my mother and I were kidnapped on the East Coast long, long, ago.

Very real and the Extreme of deal was the fact that she can be a Testimony to 'read' the available structure,
in life things repeat at such a rate that Coincidence behaves to Happenstance behaving to certain Tells,
these are the Points of do that enabled my Mother to react with not shock but Appropriations in passed!!

Wisdom from innocence is the birth of a truth in discernment of a tack that is prepared for the unpreparable,
freezing is a grown action now riding the mounting Verbs too noun it Out by birthday learns,
a rose between to shores in an exact example of my mothers fact,
the likelihood of such a Common is this Note to her today,
"remember the radio dream?" I'm being.

Tunnel Talk Blocked

Fit Shiftings

Ask days Come & Go the Present hour gone,
as minutes due Time the ages of lime.

Last Week is a given for if this is Read,
than People are seeing the point in a live.

Writing the absence of seconds to back,
the letter cause Entry to text each the Plu.

Rain from experience can bring up the Flash,
in dry banks of filtered the land does go fast,
being a ladder in building the back,
strength to know Tents is a blog Camping show.

In simply complex I walk the address,
told I did not look that distressed,
I staired to an Exit the morning of threat,
just to return to speak of the let.

The world at stuck speaks with strange in bad luck,
consider the difference acting a Muck,
pitching the body so language is plucked,
not in the Order or that makes in suck.

Carving a sound on this Board for the gain,
people have funnied my pain for their sane,
in Reality I know the words are just so,
to hold off at lane I trade in Profaned.

Turning to style leaving a bile,
the brain still does barf in sickness the health,
for nothing has changed people deranged,
the difference in beatings drips in the Panes.

Eyes held in heads of visits that lead,
a sweet primrose path to ram down the shed,
truth be to legs forth Feat question laugh,
I shook my self the evident Still.

The Picture Show

The day of arrival in the past of today,
came with a funny rather the reason for a sign.

Spending a slumber with a couple of friends,
it was 6th grade now back in the day,
Saturday morning hooray!!

Halloween had come and gone with great fun,
dressed in the skirts of the Poodle display.

Now for the intro. the movie I say,
'Grease' was playing at the Geary in came,
The Alexandria Theater well acquainted I paid.

The worry I suffered made the entire experience so stressed,
for I was not given permission to see such a Movie on Any day,
the punishment given for breaking those rules,
a beating some drool the bruises per schooled.

As I could explain the physical strain,
I just let it go and said "Oh, I can't go."

Laughed at me those two friends did jeer,
bullied me saying that I was a queer,
impossible to have Parents so feared,
just come on & go for You lie, they repeated their cheer!!

I stared so I thought for I wanted to talk,
however their Parents were a consider to balk,
as no matter direction the beat was for sure,
but could have been worse should the heard go to mere.

In silence I held the poking to bay,
we all got dropped off to see that Movie that day,
I walked nice and slow as I really did show,
however the Fear I feel is on this present Note.

Grease was great the performance remind,
we left the theater the beatings made mine,
without Any wiser I took what they gave,
in an either way decision the Whip was a penned.

This moment recounts weighing heavily behind,
better to have gone than the 'if' of their Parents did the bind,
again I do think of how I rode brink,
it links all decisions that It's difficult Living.