Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pilgrims Progress On Thanks^Giving Ewe Know

At the basic in understood the Discovery Channel plays away about the actual in Post of at Rome,
on the Pope for the faction has been determined by History to be at the last of the arson to burning,
his said in the scribes of the letters in record did on done listed the Papacy for a Centuries summed,
with the caliber of write to the text of the sight an interest does rankle the subject at Table,
can the signs that value the Dove be as aware as the scripture under the stare at the originaled snared,
shall the Pope lead to the loss application of the signatured piece than does the Oracle stand fee,
with the pay to the Pipe Organ that strobed on the point it is the barracks of the said on the Hi,
sounds to the shaker as Earth is the Temple that chapels response with the lightning on sender.

As in addition Mister James Blunt has recorded 'Smoke Signals' the odd EST see at Large is bearing,
down on the test of Mankind comes the less Up in Vote goes the Ayes on the rest A Barn^knuckle,
in the fossil records of just last week the At Matter grasped the Totality at such a release as 'Breathe',
in these the final chapters of life on the risk at the best of the Dollar Hi Shows a Lead.

Should the original burn be of a Flaming start shall the worth be offered at Paper in lark,
as nobody laughs at the takers Serious part the banker of Accounts says it's a spy Chart,
on the grade of the graph on the retired Popes chortle I would have done exact as a mortal,
for the Witness to the Watch as the next in line Vote gets to be the very last system to deed,
any in the correct Mind would have stepped a Side to indicative of whom is at compass for hide,
that is obviously The Blunt on his Island read Pre for from the information he said it's a Write!!

Now clatter to the chamber of the Pot on the rise in the boil of the Water at the Falls of the sigh,
there as the Great is James Blunt the darkest Tale ever to come night for the time is of Operation to sly,
in the slip of the Big Dipper to Orion on belt the Planets do shout it's a favorite Fable gone loud,
as the mist of the fog is brains that do log a Cable of copper on the thunder of raw!!

Names on the change as The Pope did retire to the Room of the most in Fantastic at mire,
the preview was startling for the oddest of plays Nero is here and he is with me today,
the fiddle of lyrics to this violin on the trim a Sill for the factor that Music is hemmed,
Rome is burning and nobody runs for the Fire is 'High' another Blunt sigh!!

Thwarted by strict in the systematic of tick The Clock is mechanical an Automatic does stitch,
for at the Back to Basic approach the lumber is The Limber that fires a Roast,
James Blunt did sing of a interesting same as it only takes a single spark to Go Flame!!

Duty to honor of The Torch on the lit a brush of the magnet that must be of grace shift,
touching the landing as the Lair is of dare Rite on the elemental of a Circular Square,
the grand is piano playing to Screen there on the Broadway the lights are the Scene,
up to the sky for Hitchcock must 'Cry' it's 'Sum kind of trouble' that is defining at stubble,
so the Blunt shaved his brow oop's I meant his beard but who is the counter if the Blunt is the Fear,
deep in Society he is steeling Soles he has testified to the number 20,000 at Told,
gasping at terribles of his hymn of the goaled invention of yet another Churchill on the sold.

All due intention The Dark Lore`d

An Ore Awe

Shake the views to gaining as the letters change to Toast the temper in the Ages at the timely of a coast,
in on signs to breathe the grinds as coffee has a filter with the drink that adds with cream,
for with the sugar on the lips it is a taste of phish and sipped,
the sweeter of the biscuit on the role of done gone wild,
know factor gates to art a rate that shows the simple smiled.

In youth at Elemental entry for the Mile ask the inch does it flinch for that is deadly style,
to grasp the math of movement tact is desired by the New of climb a body inking shine,
backing all the ribbons with a Watch that talks to bind,
in answer of the Quest on board that diving cycles raid to Score just be the Core a float,
for on the Ocean of lives lived it is a term of giving jigged that speaks to the attach by natural not by lack.

Constructive in the extremes to fletch by in the Inner Being at built a gallantry too stride,
for ton problem with the calf the system does not chain to back as more the little lie to spat,
the proof of pudding as Science would dish in inked by write to wrote the path an original Type in got,
forward are the learns to be that Ancient Past did teach of tree that branches sewn with naturally,
the timber of the contact left is more to over on the floor walking with a beat at treating considered Feat.

Without the education coming from a source than what is done is Interest sung of curious for the Thor,
round about the World shouts a cinder coal on Embers rolled that smoke Signed to the Viper tight,
coiling fast with striking blast at singing to the lyrics laugh for that was one to Watch at fact,
for James Blunt has measure and the gage is extra fine with talk that answered on the line of reading,
with palm to hand the microphone span as Plato was a recorded Philosophical theme brought ream,
but task no worry for the given has said in repeated rhythm that responsibles are trashed at basic in the asked.

Grade 'Anew' with the curve of this bucket on Ices cubed,
it is the Pi that shapes the brave to rub it down like article saved,
tombs in mystery have held my thoughts on which is placed with whom on chased,
in the runner of the braid is the Hare a hop or sade that grips a bigger Shade,
the task at band on James Blunts scam is order on a Part of dart that B.D.S.M. has Canned!!

A good tight string with rib-its beam that bounce with Cycles on the lean is Combed for tangles,
by reaching nothing that everything is something of a posed in construction of the Most in Fables,
at base of Cosmic it's a ring in favor of the The Gold for tractor work is doing torque for repositions scored,
that treasure Chest to bring the Vest opened on pandoras best and lockers now hour keys to court,
list of marrow with the thick in Narrowing the vast in R.I.P. to science in with better trends at Prove,
forbearing that in body staff the ripples are just action packed to know the lake was moved,
basic to the Technical for even aye would state that Toll as price fixed for the shifting disk at cattle stark.

Head Strongs

As The Turkey is now in the bake One Leg & One Wing with the matches in The Freezer for total flight,
as the balance is the obvious missing the complete stuffing for that is Topper to the toasted delight,
parking on the letter for a moment of retreat I dash to the saver as the milk of all compete,
tough said the bird on the fires of dirt as lasting is the found for that Tables earth,
a best stand is the learning that gobblers have a Comb dancing on the fancy of tasty on the bone,
to say that this is the proud of speaking flesh is to be correct in putting that problematic to amassed.

A fancy to the Prime in the solution for the celebration of going with the storm of life and it's situation,
making Merry of every calibration leans the job to knowing that witness has a ratio of ranched,
to liken with the Volkan on the Star of track in show this is a simple Hand Speak to piece the job a blow,
saddles are for riding with a girth The Cinch to be a better in the West turn of the reining dirt,
as bridles have sum bits that do the direction of direct I would state that each a ride has a big show at a get,
to take away and not place at the days to what that is in was,
is to negative the receipt for the Goods had plenty in teaching repeats,
for that is the marked solution that I must text the scope at more than just the cope,
 for that increase upon the feat will break the yoke and not the Keep.

Barn the stall with shavings or the straw that beds the ground,
cleaning at the Mucking route is wheel barreled strong,
growth in Tacking up your horse on a daily grind,
is really just the gone to ground to know the dirt is signed.

A big great crash of falling that is rakes that broom of gear,
the aisle of my life has been a trampling to steer,
the shift on tact to not fire rack is being aware that the Saddle sits fare,
an expensive under taking goes with every sentence that inched post the honest on the Fact.

Talk days on the World at now is more Tunnel Viced than scrawled I am Anew,
for on the Caves of painted rays the colors were of Tall,
the use of hands to pass the grands that Scene of left behind from Tram,
still are the bells that Whistle loud to chain the bar at sand.

Careful 'Wise' & weary lives need good laughter to the planned that takes the Mind at ran,
to rein^back on the Halt attack but put forward what did target the grab at jacked,
the being on the lather of the sweat of taking heat from whom desired debt by wrecked,
I just breeze the nautical on the compass of the deeds,
for to sweep under carpets the crumbs that taught me still,
would be the sadness I won't feel for I left a path with skill.

Times in ages that so varied from youth to present future past,
an antique in the Shed was nothing till it sat,
with collection on the bend an Ancient life to bridge the send it is reality on the mend,
passing information to the ones that need a lens to see the paste Humanity placed on after of the bin.

A party line with talkers that have grasped the doing on's,
for with the father on the down the road is all but spawned,
the craft of book to spread of self is being corrective measured,
with each a Noun that banked the sound to desk I lane the lever,
for shifts are all Ways lettered with keys to familiar Set in Type it is the active plessor.

The Con^Go Stocked A Jag^War

I got a Refrigerator for the best bonus in Held for the freezer doubles on the still,
for a meet in the front of named by store it was the scene of Hard Wares a Painter & Design,
the thrifty caught a job a lean the learning lab for even The Bones became Heroic at stopped,
to busy the task at avoiding the path for the best way to professional is being a draft,
the well of calculation to the convenience of laugh off to the shop for a Coffee and a Talk,
the left behind was better for the Here and Now does task to what a gathering in keys of loaded Math.

Hire for the 'Morrow in fire on the quit as the flight of loopers is timely to the Skit,
a saltwater display that live rock that expired for shall you remove the atmosphere it dies from the dire,
the turtles took it over and frogs came like rover dusty are the jackets that Two can spoke to Show verb,
a bricks talent equipment with computers that be prophet to this alarming blog at a bigger blasting Rocket!!

So grateful I am to the cartoons on the stand a underground parking with a Vista for the land,
a buyer in the Purchase holds the seat to Tray service with a Clocker to tag the team a way,
tribal in our beat for Sammy's was a beep one Honk too Sheep and the other hired leap,
the fight on the floor was liken to a strike off with the Madness as sense would do the sadness.

Chance the train to even caboosed with evacuations planned gifted with the Angry Birds at danced,
so there at the breaking basic to the text of wired teams which is the Classic Opera being of a deed.

Lets paint the building just as it Is for is not The Happening the happened on the give,
was once the docket sewn to Fold that audience in comp. for discussion on the rails side was weird in the taunt,
truth be narrow of the slam for on the Country have is still a friendly by Ways and treats that chalker,
like International new at Won for in the gain there is a come that naturally does Male,
a voice to pass the dinner cast each Every had a Part in blast,
no simplicity to state the Rack as I remain innocent in Fact.

Lives in with chortle for my picture of the freeze is more like going out to kick the dirt in a breeze,
letters that aren't sealed like all that easy read from the Jugs that held the sand to spilling of the can,
oh well the ink is deep to depth Thought in a system that did grave and brought more that Scotch,
a teller for the Teepee in a bed lambs introduce now point it off as Singer rattling the goose.

Websters Board

I love the candor of detailed reminders of Post Hits that prequel my given in Life On'ers,
forward mach on a faster taste of the gift that raced to Talk a storm to the twister of gut,
that deep responder on the foundered at the brisk of chills on the Goose in the gander,
foremost to Tack on that Horse of a wrap is the stall that held the Vice to a ball,
the hanging apple tied to the Raft tore at the Stable of the barn where Zest was a laughter.

All feed required held to the Bin of the grain of Alfalfa ground up to be send,
one scoop for the size two for the full in the third it was extra as The Fourth is a grow,
to manage the operation at the Cafe in the Town of Wares is the Opus on the optical in sound,
a brow that James Blunts make-up did done was it the Strip or the shave that made a new stun.

Questions on provides is nothing but More for the answer is daily on due doggled score,
film this provision to the exercise at trim that is the reason from families on lens,
to gage in the brakes that are breaking the frames to regard on the factor that Shades breathe the same,
a simple in calmer just puts the Feat strong stating in Plane for the flight is of long,
a taker at tickets A Baker at beast the Cook on the branch Line for the plates of the reach,
overboard to the system that sees for the trip it will end up being the Gift of the dipped.

Trust the salt at the pepper of a person I witnessed for never had I seen Karma at existence,
the clean swipe to the dye your hair should have been kept to The Salon for salons have a stare,
in the grace of Foundation it will come as a Turn for in the passing of my life my mother surfed the berm,
for many a challenge to the ration of thought but I always hold to the quick of The Tot!!

Youth for the bred in the Cycle of ride the balance of Seat delivered the Tribe,
in station of easy to identify lie it is not that bother but the ventured at tried,
for aim is direct and the guide screamed in the Hall for this was real at the phone on a call,
in trend for the moment is the Seconds that passed for the Hour of clockers is a wrist walker task.

Tremble the auto on the mastics of sign A Signal that barrels all the keep whine,
for in the school of tough that it's done remember Remember whom fired the gun,
on that rifle reloading like the words at the swung it is the tire of repeat that speaks like this summed,
a dinner for Breakfast the lunch Scene a pizza All Dough is the master on lives inking disastered,
for the mouth that just closes not the jaw that did drop for that is indicative of the spill read quest cropped,
built be dish structure a Satellite in great banks a faster trough is swell to the thirst on the shopped,
to gain in the dark a lighter for Torch is Honesty speaking that turnabouts Roared,
before in the after to Rank the brigade as not a Joke but the Page that genius to days.

The Con^Dough^Mints

Wow to the marvel of this day the 27th of November Two-thousand and Fourteen A.D.,
the marker to The Path to redemptive post on the heels of the abusers ask the Abused it's a toast,
on the flip of the posture to the down on the Rite from the Flame of Eternal on the Fire in a Site,
so talkers are the Variable that Sky the flats to library the lats as Shingles have a girth to Shaft,
on the swallow of the drink a Tongue is a strength that the Breakfast in America has a Nook with a Table.

The good way to play and say that the kitchen is full of grace The Turkey in the Vail,
on the stuffing reading mail for the sentence of the Potato a readying for the process,
in course for the Meal a salad of the deal Tomatoes on the picked a Cucumber for the stick,
sliced with detail a Design that makes a Sale on the dinner that is coming for Trust has been stunning,
to craft of the gravy with Milk and butter savings Up out of shavings The Cheese for the bred.

Years at park and weighted start for I have known the full at brought to part,
engagement of the Horse Four are now just seals broken at the Opening of sport.

Chain the lives to link in vibe for this is a day that giving ride,
blankets that cover to the simple slight of dumping all the vibrant light,
taking grand at outer band to know that lease of life came without a bite,
enjoyment over and beyond is be framed by what is strong to speak a nail scratchings,
as to leave the sats to turn the bats with bunts that storm of shaled,
no crumbles on the Healing for that just came with dealing.

Touch no form for at the setting of the known to weak to be the real phone,
a mouth that texture of a hug just plains the fact with Math at jacked,
up from stairs to ring the bears the Aim is total for the lack for reality does still Live,
in motion of the Method song that Ping of pong on rattles gone stills The Witness tested fit Nest,
the basket of the womb that cared to be the person that raised the Circus without the stealing bid,
just natural from the big Begun stating that it's timely.

Press will be the minute Seed that planters investigate to strung,
with wire on the enter web the Net of all that done,
mark this brave as ever calm the settle on the blast of Conch,
for even a shell that clams the bake knows the B.B.Q. has A Fate by heating extra Coals to date.

The charred of meet to Apply the feat for Cream Brulee is a Carmel in glazed,
that dessert on the menu of ice cream on the Mind is separating the Vinegar from the Family Vined,
grapes of wrath to Wine in stacked the Rack of bottles that cork to Fact of at sediment Win seen.

The reminder of the face with an ankle bending Based to tone the attitude of frost in ice so tight,
for on the heritage of inherent the back is to the Front at vocals on the boob,
walking shocking each a sit that pulls a chair and cannot quit for what has been is realities It,
a name I embrace as the thing on the trait that born example of reminders that ample. 

Oh Sugar Lips

The Ticket of the ride to the strife of no lie is reality on the Taster in the Fast of the land,
on the impact of the reason to the wisdom of the seed in that there is a muster to the feed,
eat well my dark New World on the global Shew for the instance of Tomorrow ran the deed to hand,
with the Key at a stroke of the pen to the Tablet on the board of the Wall is a speaking public,
free is the come of rather over the stun for the Shocker of the breach is James Blunt and hymn gunned.

Craft to the Taker as the worth for receipt bouncing to the surf like a Cleric on Blunts keep,
for as the embrace laddered Letter to the Now a scope of Many shakers on Earth is a plan.

Trade with the Blinkers should the Harness fit your Yoke,
hames to the cart as the swivel has had a Part,
bank to James Blunt and wriggle with the sell,
the cost is in the Keep of the Price of the Worked!!

Great to the Short Man as Naples must be Pram,
an outdoor cover for the tramp that James Blunt just Signals bowed,
fantastic told the Smoke that matched his name to Joint,
backing on the 60's with the written is Rook.

Chess of game Card of came so greatly for the lanes,
an Avenue for romantic flew like the marriage of the stain,
dank the darkness with the Vows that divorce is rated Hi,
a Universe in swinging Munch to labels that still Punch!

A torch Champagnes the Million sames in lives that just track Through,
the galaxy in Infinity says James Blunt is ultra Cool,
the parted See to break the Fool that what is write is black not slight,
for in the drop of on the line I am free to be Ions next the blast of liberty!!

Heave the loads to James Blunts throw for down the throat he swallowed,
on the digestion of my grown stake that cross at Means to done,
to snap the sake that joins the lakes to touch the Oceans lend in fates,
one from the gypper to for the gate in Hell it is all for the Winners on the thresholds at state!!

Translate the name with trans literals than The Clears are obvious vittles,
bark that tress to garden Snake will coil to the hose at rake,
for in the barn that Harvest horror James Blunts rapture is Truth to store,
it only really takes to the road the basic on the personal of treasure by the Arch of Punned!!

At that to the structure grain a particle of sand in say to blow the Whole entire,
for should the information have Teamed that learned would have admit,
that being with no responsible does deliver the charged as Laughed,
so to be of the Realm of came A Twin Flame jauked the Fire graeae a Burr-owing ass shrugged,
the social completion of knowing the Seer was the Sage at the dawning of Tore-Us.

Not All Change Their Names For The Back To Basic Has The Greatest Of Fames & It Counts

There are stories of landings that came to the place of repairing by Mining,
in the Ancient History shown by and throughout descriptions these molds,
the explanation of birth to the travels of work by creating the lives for score,
with a Cactus approach to that clone cycle for nothing more certainly tremendous gain to the Parkers,
in that application of gold to the scrape the balance left a grand summation of Reality at basis,
for by example The Atmosphere reported failings Mankind brings Dock to the Moves.

Learning that the 'what if's' are in there deed forms of entered bye scenario the Planet arrived,
on the ground of dried pouring Rain by deaths destruction Talking skies in nothing Alien just abstract shun,
again the World throws to the digs no lesson only extracting Quest to guarded burns reviewed,
a timely burrow with no Fluff but Full Blown drawings that are difficult to challenge,
these Walls perform like the Screens unmovable in Global Minds at trapped,
grained to the production of a fossil expiration that Truth banks to Wise in leaves,
so hear is a scramble on the egged framed thought that History is a pot of sewage being caught.

Why is there not any particular value in not proving the Facts a oppose to propagating dogma at if,
in tact of said Revelations declares extremes on percents to populations by rent,
as the clay is to collected to much formula of Casting Mold than thy hand is the Act of at peel,
should the dirt thrown today on Tweets desire dropping abbreviates to Express thereby a Train,
inking not a shell for the carve is not Action Herod on the Napoleon of an Is not a blinding did,
won fame in books of chained as the World Wars shout at the Top of dead to save.

Bark on the tree sleeves now a cell phone connection is mirror to Creation at evolutions stead,
problematic in belief as Humanity blares the links with know balance for now it is not One but Millions at go,
as the Cross to the Christians for Century Multiples has sacked Christ as the duke of lords by gods,
in the nailing of the Spear to the rise of the fear on the Thief's in by Charge the bomb,
on the side of only a singular death for the chain to release A Twist of Fate,
for all populous is quick to say that if you kill that one person and it will save all of Mankind do it,
what if the Flip was not just the Earth wobbling at a Polar Axis to expression of flush,
what if it is now Millions of people in that wonderful movie of the Hollywood clutch ergo dutched.

Should the gates of volunteers be not but One but fall to the Masses would the will plate dedication,
will the billions on the ridge decide that indeed the overpopulation on the Earths mound is rut,
will in that reality billions step to the Meteor of Impact with the decision as the gaze over the Worlds View from Space,
the movie of deep impact to the Bruce Willis industrial Mine produced the Shelf talking spot now Feet.

Could the constant tracking of phone dials to handle machines of shop be not monitored that is a given,
could the cent dollar driven on know shifting Mars to the sync of hit per land purse born,
a revolutionary symptom of whom is who's Wares to technical cave-in at digging Out,
a sordid campaign that not one person foresees as the back Tech to the speed of the next device,
the computer of tremendous growth to the majority of Users in consumer steering wrote,
in duck duck goose the Maypole route to aware the Eight at shout of The Ninth Gate Classical Look!!

But of course that cannot be,
 for that would not be a what if slammer at the International Festival of The living Life Guards,
 just a confirmed Sleeper rated 'X' for the Wheel of The Shades.