Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Affair of the Throw

the Moon of the Stars!!

Peering down,
as 'she' moves across our lit sky,
I Sigh.

As I seek all but her Vail,
I Ponder in her Wonderment.

The Vast yet Spacial Design,
of our universe,
aligns itself with Death,
a Reprieve from a Listless Life,
of knot.

the very daily venture of such Awe,
inspiring this Muse,
collecting the Tangle of it's Inhabitants,
making a Web of Deceitful Lies;

I stare.

To gain Insight,
into a View of the Ages,
is truly miraculous,
in Nature.

A Sight to Behold,
not turn from,
to Say,
"Oh, Well, It's the Moon."

Truth be Known!!

I guess,
not to often,
I'm Supposing,
You are correct in an Off,
but Beat-Up Manner.

The very Sense,
of such Bewilderment,
Wilds the Inner-Me to Know,
I am Wild,
in whole.

A State of Being,
not a Fractious Accord.

The Sum of Ones-Self,
can be found,
should the Belief of Acceptance,
be Understood.

To Quarter,
would be an ambition to assume,
the corrections in your wrongs.


a simple division of Your,
Known Divisive Guilt,
of the unknown becoming 'knew.'

An Uncomfortable Tale of Woe,
not completion.

To "See"

.....the beauty that is Our surround,
instead of filling what you 'Say' is not there,
with a Negativity or "Your" Foul Blare,
would indeed be a 'Call to Arms,'
and not an,
"Oh Darn!"

An Everlasting Appeal of,
'Shut the Fuck-Up'
Listen to Your Man,
or for that matter:

"Listen to Men!!"