Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whip Imagine

Ask the scope of micro Matters in the voice of Commerce latter on the bump of Pumping,
in the bottle of the take Swallows art in bone of stay these Minds are in the called 'dead-Play'
burping is the flatulence sound of the smell that waters loud ask Niagara of the falls in Barrels.

Chain letter lights to boulders gripe the Garbage chores recycle site a wheel on the Can,
systematic mesmerized by the need to only ply keeps the corn to bunions thigh in Meet,
Board Rooms got the gallop Trot a hammer for the lead,
heads on turning in the chairs falling sleep in times of share a steam that makes it iron.

Dry the Cleaners with that crop of a jar of dirty Mop in thee oils of the hare oh wait it's a Hop,
skip and jump to waking square listen deeply to the stair round the bend to double dare,
oh the Guess in display makes the case of got a gave Lot of congestion for the cough in Arm,
strong Hold to these simple leaves ask the no of question trees from the hug of bake the cheese.

On the ripe of Rhine in Wheel is the wine of glass a Snail with the read of lip stick Nail,
punch the drink in Cool of aid as the Mission said in grave Poisons on the menu raved,
look it's burning with desire Wants meat more than aye can bye earn of the trace to Razors wire,
pens in Paddock asked the hatch does the chicken speak the greet a rooster on the roof in See.

Struck by xylophone to squeeze in the Ukulele moans size is the Captured shown by pooling,
swim the sea of primal lease as the bombs of grands in keys to the ball and chaining feeds,
set the Table salt the shoulder as the sidewalk is the Molder in the block after Noons,
hi to frozen bite Means with true is the Vista on the boom a Channel on the list of Schooners. 


LOOK!! Rocket Science

Down remember just like drink in the verse of look its sync 'The Advertisements' seal,
on the live in book of dive take that Fact be fast on track the commercial for the dam,
it was Hoover on the limb for The Depression great in plead the many to that phew,
as the work on blocks of pour in the boots of labor roar Machines to drill the stigma borne,
miners on the dynamite to Stick the flash with muscle light a Hardhat for the climb.

On baskets many to the floor cliffs were stanchions of the More's in easy on the does it,
lettuce to the mix of corn is the leaf of natural store on the vapor of the chord throttles,
choke of letter to the Script do the mental have a grip to the pre of Scribe in cribbed,
sucking soar to level lip as the Noise is in the trip look sea of the feathered pits,
it's all Tar to mi.

Thereby from the theme of gum to the teat of wiggle feet a pig Sow on the milk,
shore the cut to know the throat is the zone of All that dope touch Time on the rent,
fist to friend in lifting sit make the brain a memory kit ask the Mind to be that kind,
in type a typical nostril day Nostradamus gave the shade to the which of ball at pay,
burrows on the timber lot lumber is not the got & got for the symptoms choke on spot.

Smoke the signal with a filter as the lungs are in the gutter of the social arm,
with the scent of perfumes song grow the length of burst to wrong ring the ladder lair,
with each a dowel to spindle thread in the lines of dirt the said strings on puppet dread,
from the Handle watch the Band as the Tunnel goes to strong purchase deodorants it's pong.

Hanging plants to rear view mirrors petal fancy to the fears stride a shut with door the peers,
guest in Visitor from the sky Satellites are on the pry with laser aims to burn the frames,
crosswalk with the blinking sign Neon was the count of grind notching belts on brain,
genes in further Levis pants Pocket fold of Rose a cant's freshly cut to bundle stance.

When the world goes romance left to puke the bile dance a bucket full of language brands,
tooth of pillow tennis shoe lace the buckle with the blew on that flag a rainbow clue,
pots with no ending turf will compile on this earth frying Cast societies girth in dangled.

Strange Air Uh

Thesis life the feat of march a month touch base by shrimp,
in the tale of the Cock think to Hot the tin Roof out,
the North by South by East by West is the wind of coastal brush,
paint is canvas on Parade flag the place give way to meal.

Dinner as the table known leaf is for the closet loan,
standing two by touch the sign Coats on hooks hangers style,
the floor is inch by foot in dial slow the mental speak a smile,
forward to the door of drudge in the film of bench a storm.

Settle pump on Organs seal as the Music is the real,
sheets that turn to read the notes treble cleft to base of know,
shadow on the wall so tall that the echo made me small,
look to see the breach of case be the member on the face.

Treat the record playing bass no soprano pitch the say,
oil squeek to kitchen grease bacon cooks the spit is leap,
as the bread in drawer of sleep jerk the toast stamp the board,
check off on the grocery list number Measures cup with this.

Darkness deems the light of switch with the wisdom show the stitch,
breathe will release to shadow heir on the jodhpurs cloak the bare,
sprain of ankle Soap the hare jack is bunny on the phone,
rotary keel with yacht of bay on the motor do the shield.

Polish nature to the silver in the box of golden honey,
tires on the merry round stand the patient be of mile,
perch that thought to tunnel fought Chocolate Chips the Cookie lot,
baking pans with got that rock stride to mat the wipe-outs caught.

Cable Calls

Be free of the temptations smile on the frown of longer mile the shape will be the Frame,
square to base shoulder held as the hugs are general called by offer of the warm of still,
in chills of bumps the Swan a trump to cross the sign by goose & span from see to aye in sleeve,
by the barn in stable clean a mucker for the pitchfork come a shovel in the under stand a loft.

Parking hot to sweat in broth the swing joke cools of heels trot to the bend of ankle got,
on the shorter time the leather punch a jump Course with the stadium Standard poles in cup,
at the strike of hi the Noon be the better of the New game the shake to hand in move,
be of character not a Fool for that is the class of logistical pools and all do know the drown.

To breath the lung with panic sum drain nothing but the sink,
at temple of the thought to Cliff be of wisdom reason dish,
ice cream Melts cones are stealth the Spoon of ladle in the bell,
keep the call to dial Tone look to Watch the bare must bone.

In carved at sketch the walls of chalk trick the speak and know the rye,
in wheat of Oats touch the field in Alfalfa bales yield,
in the disc of tractor scrape be the learner bring the nope,
to conversations on the drink reason to the Plank of lens,
as the ship begins to spin bottom Up to seat the gut,
these lanes are on those Boulevards that Van Ness Avenue sawed straight Through.

Cart of carp the Fish of shout a store to shop the paper route,
with front the Porch and back the Door stare the ace of deal the pore,
simple pea of pods that green think to the thumpers lean remember the rabbit,
touchdown as the goal is nerve to a rail on the curb,
built by concrete worn with tire hear the roar of engines Wild,
corn to mind in lathe of grind baskets in the Veg of place,
rolling shelves with piled lay take the bungee rubber saved.
steep are latters to the plug as the goings plunder jugged.


The desk air in waves the pen of trap bye snapper in the caught,
be freeze on the sticky of the mural by deep lines in glued,
start the parch full glass to nose on the bridge of the stains,
in process of the wrist bending scene of wonder that dust,
star bright steer slight with the hug of the ever grown.

As the forest of paper to a keystroking sail list Math,
in together of the sign Peace had a rhyme with the Human Being Inn,
discuss the central Office rinse brain to fold of brought,
in the expense of thirst fill the empty curse,
on equal of the oddity in space of the love a lead,
deliver From not too as Sincerely is the Yours.

Sign the contact as the glass in color of the dig neat crash,
on journey of the sill to Window of the dash,
dot Complicate the mental fast as symptom of the Post,
include the Much Lovingly as dear to Whom concerns,
tin the middle of the copy with bulk mail as the lobby,
for instant on the paraphrase do quotes station host,
Treat the fire with the note that candles also wax,
with ears and toe the count Exact to cross the spare Owed back!!

Be grace upon the sending long freely sending lots of song,
in depth of comprehending bong the smoke of it's extract.

The Spice

The Obelisk Pyre

Dark anxious of lean the sole on a system in these of stole a lander in super stall,
the point blank from temper bowl a sure to moment of the full treat this loin,
roast a lip to fire coal Ember high of early show in ankle of the stow,
inking open to Closure scene as the blinking slows to pull escape with rest of know,
color purple Greek and joel kissed by signs the Creeper doles a sticker of the stamp.

Banana slick the slip añu cracked by horny burst of chucks louder are the pieces duck,
tune of pitch In screech the soul certain with a bit of cold shivers crawl the spinal knows,
mined in still drilling shills violet shells skin to cell marrow of the richest lo,
short to length that slip is swell watching great behave to bell Skull of bonny crossbones Hell,
too at once upon the fell gather arms hugging kill former entry dropped scortch pelt.

Lamp of city touch the lane admission is the sorrier deed wheel left to right in straight,
preparation thrown to doubt laws of living shared the bounce Balls than chain in sync a sound,
jugs of sure the mere reflect in the shun a drum to set handles horn to announce the fret,
pipes in bags the air is shed oxygen is capered let spline is warn dirt in tar oil on the Head,
of fore be claim the stain at glass hot by raft the laughing gas ovens no the heat of task.

Sweat lather dips of grass in the mouth a taste of fax dust be born to rocks a shoe in the base,
rivals corn to field catch lies behold obey the class decide a frame begin to gash a wholly vase,
in spotted court the hammer sleigh long between the method came took a sure returned smash,
as the mow is motor cross in that cycle of the chore mill the bring to chopped by scene,
grove of profits soon is grit only energy is locale to fit match the white with Flames of source.

Their beyond the few of song Watch the fast in life of death walking 'rounds with dead at shed,
tools obedience control the shift shadow of the echo bliss carve no froze the living lap,
thirst to screw a venue stews making sport of worth by shews screening scrawl upon the wall,
nap the guidance to selfish wrath shore of Union is the brass polish with the method graph,
creation lanes a certain tack in name of mind the brains of math art is mirror of scope of dash.

Running honey be is pass trunk the sphere example lear porridge eats milk of vein selling caste,
with machine the rifle staff circles open with debt of brash state of skill will event a pill,
in the throat of choking craft kindness grow the waters shaft piping crane the spout be rash,
oils of nature text web of net to build the cap toss the ring shall the sing be lance to masque,
in that cloud of outside see a throwing spear for too to three shooting sake as Civilians grape.

Dusk of day did cry the sigh slipping through to success as sash there in arms of sky to mast,
thanks the storm in raining cats dogs do howl coyote hatch Wolf of lone is further krill,
pearls diamonds strung with knot simply tide to ocean craft arena globe is sea of sew,
upper side with charts at stats. leaves believe the tremble clasp snapping phish like joking Nash,
scales spoils of relief to soar in the fire of evermore sparkling life by skating store And path,
aor to door thresholds floor chlorine in the knows of shine Epsom Salts do soak this bine.

The Silver Streak Playing The Blob

Checker is a Cab Company on parade Captain Kirk is beam it Up on shows that have a Name,
in over of the core to bust the find at basic tray,
logic is the locative of the prepared train,
in the hitch of the dead the value turns the Head,
for on the saltie Shoulder read a school of know the tribe!!

Cast to curtain on the Flow of ocean to the Cause,
sands in dollar of the fossil crime is on the Hi,
be the friend that never Scene to happening along,
change the birth of Up to song a little in the Tron.

Movie cross with eyes like Stat. level pastern Hock,
bend no creed to ever breathe as affect as a Coot,
looking on the Garbage Strong carriage has a store,
recycle on the earth of floor Watch that see of Odd.

In the Take of get the rake Shovel till it's Tong,
language with a riddle lisp Poetic from the dong,
bing that Paddle to at Task base the Strikes you're Out,
mark the bag with chalk of lad & run to Hell its proud.

Ascertain the damaged lane be Brave with Feather count,
paint on hand the Horse is brand of Tellings that order,
law to pack the symbol stack as Elemental blacks,
to put the lace inside the loop that's a belt of facts.

True to verse in kindly burst for People are of harm,
said to be the bitter dues should the lease go longs,
shipping Play to The Ballet press ribbon on the Tights,
in the dance of tow to chance`d a Vegans got the prance!!

Trot the arbor of the Tea until the Garden greens,
in sip to Tip the cookie lip a Fortune in the break,
file digs to learn and Libs. a posture by Statute,
smoke the spill to Chimney Hill a Vote by distant Cards.

Flip the switch to speak the rich in flavorless bars of claim,
as Tech to the shiv of Wine and Ask the creature for a stein,
mount-Up to block Heels down the ball of foot will hold a shock,
now at the seat of bareback know those breaches are the Bach.

Resin Eight

Tell A Photos Lens

In today of the venue pass to the care of the Flash on the body slip regarding back,
a letter to the aisles of the cover in charge as a kid in the after of the Math add it up,
to ice cream melts Hot Chocolate whipped cream balance is Said to be inside of the Scream,
silent in report of the Self on the stream loss is the gaining of this Under stand of the Cleat.

Tracks are on arms in the Tattoo of the clean forward to description the seen is believe,
for as the trip to counter was the streets on every Thing,
trash barrels burn as the Hand Warmers learned.

Smile on the sticker is the tongue of read loud,
bridges from the beach showed a Mountain on the How,
less in more given the talent of the Crowd,
gave to list and better crib the confusion of the shroud.

To table cloth on base Meant lock the door a closed Hood,
underneath the bed was Wares the pillow wood,
shoes scraping nose to Wall a tin of money CLANG,
birth is touch Comprehension as the duster of the stood.

Droplets are the under sink as Hexol was a brand,
tincture from a bottle was the Iodine in bland,
stinging as the Poison Oak did bring the soap of should,
but on the wiggle of the skull 'if' became the loud.

Five Six Seven Eight the drink of glugging lyle,
syrup on the Toaster the salisbury stile,
potato pie was crumble pot for bread the Milk with wise,
gents, to Look and See the fount a bar stool for the Fly.

Education on the Wilds in the Timely spotting pants by Tongue enter cues,
pulls of language as the shock in Talk the gossip brought the tot,
ankle over to the wipe in Toiletry of bath,
hampers that the dirty wore were feet smell patchouli Oil.

Perfume the rag with what the bomb from Temper at the pong,
awareness is the danger Range as heating gas touch Fire flash,
shut the core by ways of score remove technique of drawer,
sliding into home of self by I.D. that problems Saul.

Trade on brings to here the things performed in lower rangers raid,
brought by laughter spark the Flame to remember days of Dates,
type the Fig in leaves of lived survival has a Song,
sing it Sweetly leaners Weekly tribe the Ancient Jaw,
a Member by the Month a day to level Say Y,
in X of Zee the Abc to know the garbage had a knee.

Barfing backwards reverse the label on the record play,
search that with The Threats of Able than sugar is a bean,
open Jar of dirt with stirs the dead to smell the stern,
waking on the zippered Genes is cellphones on The Vibe.



Green Eggs & Ham was The book of the day in that being said Where The Wild Things read,
into the dark of the passing Hell bred a birth in the systematic of Auto on Head,
cream full of spoon in the icing of bloom addition to basement and clod for the room,
trips to the Tums after in been of the Times a change in the date to the Calendar limes.

Squeeze in the cattle as Interjection of nob,
turning to climb the lathering slob,
making a challenge to following blob,
or is it the Movie on the Featuring sod.

Merry in factor of wrist burning learns,
fighting a capture by hiding the terms,
site with the cardboard as the house of at Bind,
can hardily rapture the Apoc of Fined.

As the World turns to the rhythm of blind,
leather to skin is the easy in shine,
sun to the spot is a groove on the block,
yet the teacher Professed as 2000 of rest.

Adding to cart the pony did blessed,
form of the ride in a temple by guest,
coffee Tables are Tea carting cruise,
rather Indigenous of beating the booz!!

Drink sex & drugs the anchor liquored,
transfer to life I walked fall to the type,
describing the matter to It does grate nerves,
as bottles to Crib in my brother it's learned.

To have been told or advised of the knew,
drops on the counters in memory flu,
slept by the bed a foot crate in dread,
symptoms of the Kaleidoscope said,
slow with the sea as people are greed,
a bunch for the bundle the left door The Punch.

Pulls in directional difference have led,
from Watch to the Talk of little at dot,
warnings are Warming to hugs that have crops,
hulling the Wheat in the riper of knock,
Who's there.

Oh weight on the floor of cantors be lore,
practical purpose with showing the fore,
again and again that binders a when,
municipal decreases make Showers a Stored.

Mind Foaled 

Talk About A Decade Signed

Guild the caller with a hardwire hatch as the brought of read guard is the Ain't gonna catch,
from surf in the Ocean as the waves in the latch Chest-Up tomorrow the song is a ruff check,
drawn in the groin of suit on the patch cat in the rye of tall grass gone buy,
a purchase or Prudence to stick in the fax Charging the enter with elder lobbed lax.

That would leave corn or bunions as the harvestings tribe,
an arrow for wagon and the pole as the aitch,
choke on the fumes in the stuck scenes for door,
One Way is drafting the Other is board,
the double of tongue in that which of a stared.

Crispy are techno Shows on the sleeve,
clapping as angle inks the terra formed tube,
in class of the logic at lucky than boo,
feel the sorrow as the optic in clue.

Muck is the labor at cheering the strong,
carriage a harness talks like an harm,
tears shore the rain as clouding is gone,
make ons glow brew the be of the barn ,
speaking crawlers the cobblers Our yarn.

As the park in the lawn comes from closely cut short,
bright buzz an languish The Apathy kongs,
king asked the ship to shale in press,
the question of interest fell by the desk..

Yesterdays News in Present more less,
leap to the audio in verbal of nest,
returning to stage is a given from throng,
tune eel the shards that elbow brutes long.  

The Metro Stone

The All Seeing Aye

Reflection of The Blue is mirror to the sky and Yet I can't help but wonder,
in pixels of photograph on-live in the plumb landings describe the venture to Thumb,
a rule from the earth to the mind Hello of imagine the simple Complex in the throw,
transfer that to the performers of row grasping at straws in the Wicker Mans Show.

Great to the Odd in the see of the Stormed troopers suit On as the vocals of Tron,
in mechanical of engineered to the Screen of the throng,
lending the Micro to scope of the Dong.

Crafted bi`which to the lather of drip Bugger knots in Limb scrabble the send,
trust severed by gone to the wind of the sheets,
smelling the Gas as the equivalent to peeks,
shooting that tale in platform re-Mailed,
posture in genes is the sherpa of brings.

As Airplane to travel seat to the fling,
flipping the coinage Molded by stings,
bees in the Nestle for grope is the string,
all-ties on the Curtain in registered ping.

Pong on the Table is net to divide,
one side is One side the other is Other,
in this that the bearings trust the ball Paddling,
as Tennis is racket the Court is the Same.

Lines in thick paint to Out of bounds yank,
a Horn for the lamplit in Torch of the sank,
horses at riding Announcing a lane,
voiced in the New ask the Boston Rebuke.

Charge at the Field of Cannon done sync,
jolly Saint nick or the teabaggers drink,
swallow the Hay lo as the Crowning of Fink.

Gild A Mesh^Thd

Had chief life in the feather rite been the degree of say an education formal than,
the purchase of logistical tablet would have Oats to salt the grain in Tidal,
a wave in shore with the certificate of Snore as the temper of the said whom reined,
ask the place of Time in red as that makes the glass tinted by only the Mirror.

In grasping a shed to the poetic Justice of lame a grape to the Leaf of blunt bye return,
in the opposite exacts to scene in the fact had Tables bin turned the lull encourage,
by plaque & sail Mast by known Troubles a venture to the Venue of grand Thoughts,
for as the stamp does Stick the post a Note to card in deck of closed is Hards.

Thus being dust to scramble a desk Letters in file as Print-It at best from Voice Chest,
audible listen to Punkers in Watch looking from base bottoms slide on the tot,
yet in thesis of Theorized got a barrel for realized is the Reel Eyes duh Trot,
ripping the Avenue to blvd. Shot makes for the Freeway to Hi Ways of stop.

In the jam of the throttle forced down the swaddle is remembering the hurt in the folds,
that crumpet of flour butter and Moles rustic in garden the key under clothes,
cobblestones grocery the butcher detail Met storm on the Watch as can is The Form.

Earth being fertile like to scrape the more's of the dig in discovery of bake,
soaking the rain Sleet and/or Snow is pennies from gems in the diamonds I know,
often found at the Barn in a ground are the piles of Manure steaming to sound,
breaking down the sift for the rodes is the time that it prepares as the Stall is a lairs.

No thesis needed to understand growth comes from Production of horses on nope,
standing the pasture or riding Arena discarded at garbage a recycle advantage,
picking up trash to Aluminum latch traits on the Find it is called The Working Kind,
know substitute Classified 'Personals' as ring in thrust of the arms,
embraced its Renowned as the rifling tongue.


Hooray for the visit to courts of the judge inking the Print by ways of the shape,
in experience of Humanity of personal in slain my education was taken by play,
brought to the library to take-Test of the snook rote by the leaves in the trial of rook,
pawn on the pen and pad in the stock bending the fold of a mental bell crock.

Skull with the stitch in long past a gas written by temple of scram it's the trash,
circuits of cut by the attachment to Class graduate summer with a permanent on brash,
no thought with a shaking just beating the joint Prisons detailed in all readied of roke,
than in the quest of further of cope know job was the letter of Mind in a bloke.

The World to grade purse the Christian in curd,
milking apply to the pointing of slide,
even the great halls of social in awards have joined club,
beating the stagger with a brick Stoning shrug.

For as in the Hand of bird on these Nudes,
covers work under the News as a bug,
in listen to sly the Fox ran a cow,
in wildly signals the smoke filters Inn.

Cost of the curvature to Tribe in the fudge,
accusations that teaching is limited done,
rasp upon File to entry of lugged,
pulled from 'The Graduate' informal to Grave.

Hold the Intel as course of a Clay,
mold the attractive & skirt at the Home,
indicative of the rub a bub subbed,
no christmas for Boxing in these days of the Hub.

Circles are often in Fields of drug,
core of the tractor in wonder above,
yet as the rather in Science at Feet,
a stake in the String holding attitudes Plight!!

Signs is the platter of eating to nigh,
pantry of butcher to water glass fight,
the scoop on the Junk is slow to the Nothing,
for as the wind blows so does the sale of shite.

To produce the apple aren't Oranges the peal,
banana a Monkey grains for the Ape,
trees in the jungle house many a site,
reading the orchards by looking ex cite,
the bask of the burns are the living in lieder.

The decade of revealing to tough the time crate,
80's in brought that temper for shot,
exclaiming the sit with advertised grip,
know Won for the examples set tremendous in done.

Even To Days Holding Bye Candled


Addressing the sky as the stars shined that song in the little of The Bitsy a sample,
the sun clearly bright asked the moon begged along as the fluster of sign Clouding the mine,
in at the base which was planetary race Feat on the Solar systems Universe.

Tracing with my finger to outline the graph checking the galaxy adding some math,
rulers in degree of the compass on a Cope shadows of the living in full is is a the door,
remainders in arithmetic Metric or the Inch crawling on the calculators a Mind in draw.

So the chalk of the bloodlines sorted dawn to rise afternoon in Taurus & Persephone is home,
called to reservation the book of Flours much in yield of the honesty military brushed,
suited on the drag a strong thought to my Self be gone yet in the delve of scription a shone.

First the outer length of Elemental spar was Sword of the ankle than he bended tar,
oiled for mechanical the chain of elbow Thigh bones in the basic thrust did open Inner eye,
how odd the Capricorn of Shade in discussion of the roof a crown or lid to skull the bid.

Traipsing over Dales to Cosmic by design a true storm of the bigger scene a picture by the sigh,
ancient in construction wall the medal of a life marking on the melded stone a dreamy extra tuft,
fetter fires in the roll a law to very stuff To be the constant in the fold is to teach the gruff.

As dimensions are society in Civilizations brew shank the Halt with esp the shall speak of lust,
knowing of the Hate in Man extension of a Tongue ready Trans frying sand resembles this in bust,
sharking down from Sky^Hi the power strikes the rough dependent on the touch of spin a Gerry.

Hot the sweat of pick up rates in Pace a sauce of left in case The Mural,
sticky track to glue the rack on Elmer's or the Grove Ur skit on street of sesame seed,
buns of stacks on Rows of jacks the smell of sourdough in fact A Scent.

Wares in times of early finds rare in miss for Fog persists that was the Sky`Port said,
triggered by the whole in Time a draft was blowing on the cove A Bay to in the deep,
audio of Big Bang went to division of the soup and broke the Synapse shew.

All For The Sake Of  à la Told You