Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fits Like a Puzzle Pieces How Long Does It Take To Tip Over

Watching an oldie on the Tele of vision to the present Nautical by position,
the bounce from the three legged landing to settle on two stead is a sign,
should the film of review be a prequel to the shoe than the Moon is escaped,
for the text on the Schooner of the latest hooray is guest of the Translative.

In observation to the truth of the Native American on the Eagles soar,
the flight of task to that drill of Mass inks the Titan at a Spartan tap,
pouring over the passing branch to reach the Vat is in yet boils,
from the frogs touch Toad the new stool of varied in know answer.

As the tale rolls to the Taller baldwin a Piano on the list of Year,
to date the calendar with same Ignitions than the plans are rather Ore,
mounting blast to settle dynamite in trajectory of heard Nationals,
news on the cable of Tables that add texture with a bit of glass!!

Screens on the where of the why in the how of the Math to divide,
in conquer of laughter the chatter on after is 'Well the idea was to...'
familiar with discount productions to up the Mint of seduction,
kept busy on the phones to Screens that park the platters to surf.

While in the meanwhile disaster approaches with know earth,
telescopes or the microchip deposited in that kids head to speak,
the outcome is always held to only what is accepted as trial information,
the violation of dazed comes after the Original seed has not turned.

Wondering the fare of increased beyond comprehension is basic plant,
that Roswell type of closure to the Sat. times at remote viewing by darn,
the window sill of notes that hold keystrokes with out of this technique,
mechanics on Auto piloted with a dash of salt to the Pepper in the Service.

Humanity has Goods & Plenty that combs the starving for fees,
collecting garbage to recycled Cans to bring housing with a hand,
cardboard forms warmth on the Streets or the alley of delivery,
cellophane is shrink wrapped for the label to be Scene.

At the point of know return does the chapel gather roses,
do the petals of the blowing ashes remember the dream,
does the cremation of care in the body of repair notice the tears,
cartons of boxed teflon charges the velcro of the spanned.

Pursed to kiss the strangulation of around the worth of cost,
speaking to know the sort of Types that sheet to crops,
raining words with no real dictionary that explains the fryer,
yet on the daily paper a rubber band has the job of elastic. 

The True Name That Has Not Been Said is 'All'

An Anchor Blinds Mute

Throughout Older Times the Ancients or the drawings of the Sky Lights to great detail,
that order touch a system on the by the way to the Walls of denial built by Man Tiles,
blood that ran to Vein in stomach digestion of not the Ask rather the before the known,
as the apple orchard Garden stories hang in the valance of brains on the alterations,
yet on these Atlas feats guiding the Trim Hours to Vest the planet afar the Stars!!

Courser charts to gird the Grid on graphs with books to speak in Venue per picture,
that ladder of death to Life in the slot of understanding the seat of balanced compiling,
to the Ox a cow of Tomb to shroud Why is the quest in value to only the spot of Ages by framed,
inking the Tattoo smothering the Flame yet fire is the Torch of ability to see the darkness shoot,
to tunnel the black with only what beeps is still of nature in the sonar of Thought towards set.

Anchor that Text forward brisk debt grave the plank sink the knowledge lift ignorance and than pill,
drop the chlorine into the bleach add sum incense for the leaves Ashes to Ashes dust to duck,
in that Games of Whom is What to How or Win that measuring stick is Whisking the Send,
raking that very basic desire of what was to be what is convenient to plead.

Therefore the Fire of the Camp in the Tribal of beat is no more the relief now a target to cheat,
yet all people concerned prefer there beef Roasted on the plate of any at eats,
which is the Weather of permission to sink the thirst feed shackle the cursed and scramble the Asset,
as the recipe to any good the difference in ingredients is in making the Choice to plate.

In counter revolution the mixture by solution is Hand Made not stupid made by frightening skill,
I would like say that base bowl is understood as Cooking Wares not body wheres to pitch,
that being relived by countless persons in some kind of trouble about Eye pieces to Contacts,
the Visionary purrs to expressions by knowing What is used to enhance taste not kill it!!

Itself of brought along the Primrose Path of Confucius say,
be wise to the gifting of freeze, it's predisposed to also burn.

First Mate State

Like a toot Master on the thyroid of ancient bearings of 'The Price is Rite' in cost and compass,
that oblivion of length to Title a flight and ability to support the Nights,
in darkest fair the Circus lair in Match the made of Site,
a balanced to the dollar Hide touching real life.

Throw the bid to grasp the Find of samples gone Viral,
a fiddler on the hot Roof with crowning extra dire,
text the Task as desperate the cause in ables,
chopper cuts to select the brushed,
a flushing on the rouge.

Strange how Times are entering the Charge of to ore deed,
troops that arch the bay of howl to do the goods of read,
challenge nothing on the books as Registry is fee,
core did nation on those types of leads.

Staged to floor the dragons lore a Fire in the greed,
passed off as joke until the yoke did become the scene.

Now it's a plenty store to brisk the Open sling,
lull the by the way of chore and laugh always to plead!!

Ten Years ago the branch did flow and dreams became the True,
round the world on the tour of fourth to enth degree,
a ship to stack the freight in fact a Singer on Ions trap,
knots to sped the empty said but than the line did prove,
that sake provided clue.

Chant the still in measures throw for Product on the learn,
as a Visit to the scene has gamblers for turns,
shall the handle be of strength and answer with the dues,
than deposit to the Bank of Whom will account for all the Crews.

Garb that Muffler to the sky it seems to be on lead,
an archaic version of the seed in Muster of a cleat,
lace the boot with ever shoe and Snow the ski to place,
a House of Mountain on the Constant have blurbed the interest too.

A stop valve that Censure Top in chimney on the dude,
brisk our bustles to only Hoot the fun is in the Awls.

Stick a nine with a needle the Thread is gold to thimble,
prick the thumb with rule of jest that also is a steel,
warp speed to the planets loot and stamp a Pass port ole,
grasp the ladder on Tellers sail in Mass the biscuit is of Rail.

Memory in gland of theme is cell a plugging loan,
lends that eye the Opera tone is symphony at gear,
grace the deal with ever kneel I accept by factor,
that it's all good for in the could but ran the cowards peeled.

Burning with a bigger plan to reach the outer realms,
in 'The Continue' it's more's of fast to Wheel of the sigh,
to base account and state amount paid bye growth of try,
that horse of course was scene to Hill and now it's better lie.

Karma on the crust of Earth I've seen the grey hair grow,
the change in overnight it comes waking to the scare,
so that the read is dye in tribe inks the same exact,
it only takes one Win to tap the spine in all the Know!!

The Spiraled Notebook

To crystallize that which faded Shatters our history in All Time,
the acceptance of existence will become A Tell.

To discount the knowledge of which betwixt,
will only prove to be the sword that displays,
that which Will's the way!!

A said relief,
description of,
not Hear but Their,
countenance of remembrance!!

I see the sight of no displaced with mystery,
of which disgraced Minds believe,
that evil is not Live.

Stand aside,
a driven mist,
clouded bye this communication Hist,
a daring challenge to what dues exist,
knot a mystical bliss!!

How dare does man interpret this,
to death,
to beyond of what is resist,
take sted in a natural wonder,
the evolution of life not Hell.

To down another,
for belief in such,
too know,
too See,
to Be of,
a resistance and not a Cist.

The humble plea,
I no not cry,
for all you say is black or white,
no account for the middle,
where many find,
their color wonder!!

In death you may find life begins,
a strange and lurid view,
of not dimensions but "What are You?",
as caste You are to point of due!!

What say the Man,
that makes no mention,
of seminal,
or children sought,
should a multiple be known,
you may become to lean.

No more are found in information,
descript you've been in a land,
when cast out for belief-at-hand,
where is compassion known.

I cry upon the old confess,
your Mind must certainly no a rest,
for in the music of a hymn,
a not can play into the dark.

Should only light be a betray,
than you could not bother with a say,
hold not onto what we do not know,
but sway you will to what can't be sold.

Indifference leads to blindness sold,
not for ignorance,
the guilt displayed,
nor right,
nor wrong,
declares the Fare,
only correct gets left behind.

Look we do,
seek we will,
neither gift not sight will dispel,
our need to see not for repent,
but for need to continue in this begin you belt.

Whippings in Mind,
body and soul,
only resolves this selfish time,
for should we be subject too another fair,
it is the circus you aimed us too.

My mind does reason,
a thought of deaf,
in this circle of,
I am lost,
robbed me of a guide to home,
gave my heart inspite of known.

Emotional blare,
disbelief does roam,
critizing another's Road,
twin may live is it evil to no love.

Confusion is this heavenly dove,
switching sides for what is a shove,
believe or die,
no reason matters,
your script rehearsed,
your lies are worse.

Not to commit to such equipped,
with age,
not season,
the knight brings life to the blackening of this Tale.

Oh Why?
do you caste out an open voice,
a venue declares,
I have 'No Choice',
do I due or forgive this rue of hate to You?

I ask myself,
do Sights despair?,
or is it the knowledge sought,
that cannot show Where?,
or could be in the twisted tongue,
issue of thought,
that not just runs down a driven way,
but condemns a given thrown.

The meek will be,
that nothing you never see,
for only that which steps to tune will show the Secrets through,
I am sorry in Advance.

What Plan^It Are You From

Why on earth this Tenure respite to touch the name with whom would strain frost bearings,
in icing on the wedding cake that one year anti verse a read in real it's just the tight,
like sponge on that tumbling hit to bounce the magazine,
in coughing quit the echo mitt as Gloves are formed to fighting.

Ring the nature of completes and turn the phones to lost in the seed,
planted by the ankle spy a creepy path to deed.

Sold for action as the Song is liberal to bleed,
the aim in fax that single rack A Count to not more than ..... ,
well kindness is the Ink hitting of sort the Sesame on street.

This would be the best to scene an Alphabet with understanding that One is a Number,
in this letter of the blast I state that Hell is on a fact to Timing of the swim,
in dub lend of a speaker bid that Flat notes of the loggers bin,
you would think that the Years of send could bring on better laggers!!

But I guest the brew to Wine is the Whiskey as the key,
drown the crops with all that sop and upturns are the Mead,
the pipes and steam of Equals lean to task the Venue of Means,
a good sale on that shelf of marking the value of a steal.

So as the grasp of no new scenes are aprons of the string,
used for effort to deck the trip like journey off to box and kit,
plainly Skeletal for the bones that throw that cast to show,
which wave did it go to repeat on the show of Merry Glasses doe!!

A bloody name with beacon Fame to grapple at the foot of Main,
independence Strong's the Flame as burning in the Sentence,
registered did the gifts come with lots of nose,
to scent of the spiced and a Sneeze for the posed!!

Metro found the underground and then in Trained the scout,
to paper of the spider on the web it's just a flout,
pan with Pied in slicing why do the shouters slouch,
because The Forgot is so earnest with every tripping ride!!

A branch of decision Makers that offer all butt Traits,
touch the dollar at the count and oh gosh it's the Tour on the Fountain of a Great Seller,
the movie Rites to copy Nights in darkest misery,
charging score to empty Floor the return has got it's brights!!

The endgame on Mono Song that weird in showing strange,
the Hart Files is an example of Remington Steele as office Complex which jump started an Investigation,
the gum shoe of the bond in the Class of article that prints the duty bound done.

Now not a Century or even a Thousand Years,
the fast of plenty on these turns makes multiples of Honor sound in Text,
that crate & barrel of soap to spare in trucking off with Fees,
compile with an Anti bodies snake at Toiletries.

The Plungers


A miniature star on the beld of the fare is the phone of the televised by Way of pressure knocked,
to dust the elementals under the stand of a truth roe ore ask the barrier on the leaf of the sample,
for in the dish of receive and the answer of the crate a bell in the tolling is ringing deep leads,
to scope the source as the Apple of the course is to ask the Tree if the branch had a System steep,
fore the clasp to the Catcher in that long arm adventure talks as naturally as I walk to that Feast.

Dinner on the Outer Sphere to breakfast in the Fax a textile environment with an Opus to cats,
poseidon the upside of the down to it's tracks realizes tousled as the life inside the blessed,
seeking nothing the founder Calls to Creation on the spill to Task the entire with a Vista seen,
tell tale signs the Vortex of the Mouth language of archaic in Ancient on the bind,
liter with a Mile talk to the smile ringing from the basis that every inch is oust!!!

A Jump pole kind of type to simple the delight with grasp leaf to the Cover leaving lids under Muster,
fleet that certain stipulation darn the Documents in filed from breaking landing to the skill A Fell!!

Origin over whilst the stand does announce to bound as innocence is roping the ring is on the bull,
composition which direction than Pluto spoke a Hey striking on the format to graph specifics loose,
brake that to the tripod of a look alike in Sky core a shape to Shepherds stake than cow the deny,
foster with a trace at case in Vases of the paints on face that too will be the rouge of lip sticking a line,
purpose strike to bounce the light than check the saddle at the site for every body moves,
riding Cosmic bounding flight is easily often night to tend the less is division on the Multiplying lies.

In fact it behaves to thesis of the brain a Flashlights thought,
it is not the Sun but guides like won in each to grid the night of darkest days to buy,
with that known to duracell thee timex of the rubber dill a bearings digit claims,
exploration that keeps trunk of barnacles in fossils sight shall be the beam of trite,
that would photo in the Arm of remotely vapor snore to cycles of the flight,
a gander by the greats of The White Horse on the knoll,
a Crossbow with the Arrow hold and Yet the atlas Moles,
chaining links with more than Tanks has opportune be Trait,
sense to stall the ever Mall will Venue with It's Too!!

Transfer data at exclaim that information Teams to frame with Thanks it's been a spoon,
spanking on the hop skip stump to barrel life away in kit the shark with rose in teeth,
texture is a bigger grip but lastly don't forget to look at the Medium,
as sumps are pumping to the Theory theorize with dips,
reason comes as Wisdom drums with each the Dippers chalk the summed,
in chorus of the Choir song a spank is all but lift,
it could just be The Cream of desired to letter on Equipped.


Touching That Quantum Ballet Paddle Boat Stiles

Set has boundaries on that Screen the silver film in Use,
to watt direction of the feed in basic on the personals,
in Banks on the Eventers ride the days have spend at well,
for depth of water to the Splash is wired to Standard of Games,
trust is my enemy and the horse my best friend,
as collection goes to bend the Pole of all other is Watch.

So to speak a Gentiles keep in blessing on the for,
in the hand at rythme deed a formal informational band,
the Classic to the chukkers on the mallets of the Jam,
no stick is needed by provide for I also arch the slam,
to know that Movies are the show of Reality on it's hopper hoe,
is to Ink the same in done for Copper had a plan!!

The dot Commons did chance the trigger an Arms did say War,
the magazine of guide T.V. was that digest of the shore,
to Tank the Captain as a binder done Bloody good for shelf,
a bookings on the shelter freeze has marked the tag as stilt.

Climb across the Thin Thin ice and know the drill,
for Miliary News in broadcast has done the dill,
parking jars at saving parts to Self I know this true,
for at the Dawn of horizon Yawns the speech is all but spilled.

So counter up that Pot belly sup. The Dinner is crotch out,
knee that burn to Sourdough the bread did use it's turn,
seeded by Value and cloth of measure to grow the Mint,
for in the Word of promise is The Frill on its expense.

Charged to plant the drink in sand a filter on the coals,
thought that Fish were not the krill as moss is also land,
not the kelp of algae^nan that mere to Country pilfer,
to only be the Carriage as the single rider Grands along with saddle not a Harness.

The Yoke of stitch to Tell the hitch that The Cart did barrel,
stuck in the Muds of only duds to turn the Valve to Karo,
that tapping tree to syrups lead leaking all the stipulations,
grown by land in firm this plan is Beastly by the key.

Never to be caged and certainly Never to penned,
that stall of humanity is not for I in send,
the break-out mode of knowing Cold is frigid by the Sees,
don't be a Fool for all is in the Cowards mold to pea!!

Look! The Bench Is

Moon Beams

Remember^Remember the fifth of november it dated a month ask Year,
for on the Sake of terribles in place a Mint of chocolates Peer,
so don't take the example to bake as Taste have late to breeze,
the gallop on the track of case Muds that face with ease,
a Spectacular^Spectacular group of go down the winding pace,
for on the trace of left that grace is I will 'No' the baste.

Plate that off to rocket Shot for information Tea,
a tier for stacking on the Scones a candle in the blown!!

Awe but for the power Scot a simple name did done,
role`d the setting Rite to left and now it's all butt fun!!

Scrap the mission for the scrubs as Rogues are sort of school,
that in the Inch the set is bred to be the best in trusting dead,
to spoof the tinsel on the Wire is knows not ill's of think,
for that is for the blunt end core that cycled with a snore!!

Check to blast the carry All to self I stall ground found,
at birth the gift of easy does it did quiet in silent choose,
and as the world turns to jugs the Watch did keep the toe,
so for those old and Wasted sayings no worries is my joe,
like grinding beans in coffee themes the drop is sew you'll dough.

Rollers on the obvious are making Daters figs,
the Training all Prepared is 'Just' and merely Wares,
provisions so long ago the flaggers got no show,
to Park the concert formal Cleaner is the best at Row.

The light bulbs 'Pop' in fancy pleasant now that Search is slogan,
to initial of the aggregates the Mail on the post,
sender had a Receipt with register on label to I.D. imposing Roast,
the base of the begin made evident the Hymn,
in such honesty of  Said trim there is no school to College for the Scholar bore degree,

Just to clarify the language in the Site of being so forthright,
the tumblers of the type did key the digits correctly to enunciate the mentionables,
and as the Task did text to Fast a breathe it in was read,
'Not So' as to the confusing tongue that brags on texting Tweets!!

Hi^Oh Sill^Ver. A^Way

Flough Shots

It's kind of easy ask put it down the stamp of hand in All the found,
that as the World turns to bound the loud of climate is temper sound,
a breast of Marriage to the crown in Minds that ample what is pound,
speaking landing on the Comet remotes that Visual of instant dawn it,
a scramble not for Pictures lot the example of the Sky ways Mall!!

Change the lead to know the scheme it is not the Ears of plugging fee,
for that would be an easier deed that mostly I do Watch the loc.
as Monsters in the sill of lanes are parking Vistas to the brains a glue,
clue a game with no trust for claim as that WAS a stilt to Stipulations done.

Apron with a stream of ribbon on the Netters that basket to that Crab pot,
down goes the Cramp of bait to tale of the Whalers late,
the worse is not the aye in state for Future is now Herds,
clocking applications with paying Fees to grub the bead.

Strange that on the World Arms the weapons are of seed,
planting peanuts with no shall the walk is Up to Crown a sculling on the debtor,
former to the Check-off of Star Trek the film of stub,
tickets that the Actors teach not really it's Directors beached!!

Scribe that part to give and now there is no reach,
for accomplice cell to the phone what do you possess Possessions stoned,
with ample by the freezing Zone of The Borg at kiester boned.

A sordid bent to know The Cart had a wheels on the pipes that rose from out of Nose Wares,
speaking distance to the distant a Rock of claim has brought sum stalk that bleep,
radar knots to death bell caught a drum with Rockets touching clot,
to truth the expense is Cranium at Fences all beneath the boost.

A price to dialing for dockers in the stretch of sewn to purchase Fit,
like a glove in shrinking after soaked by the action of the choke,
is it in the mirror of What has bin or is in the Tunnel Vision of eyes down screen,
for once was blinking than an anchor became behaviour for the Tamers,
all in The Bend of Iron^Ons that tap to the Thebes rule of Thumb.

As Say

Out^Sourced ~ Available Purchased On Amazon Daut Com.

Starch the flouring deck to the powder of the flushed to that Moon of distraction,
for Verse and Can has delivered nothing to sample Everything in slates of singles,
as the the barrel in the passing rifle is notes to the card post in the stamp of Society at Rules,
force the pare to oblong the square in the blocks of the pilings of long burrows at toast,
the sink of beach to the rise of ocean in honest of the tee stand at golf Calling 'Fore' sign.

In models to Number the license in dial of battery in banking on dust to Dawn skaters,
trimming the skirt to hem a dress with switch to Talking lane stalled Fillers in zest,
oh lay down the comp. fees to date the prunes Pickles are the jar leads in screwed,
by Wax no longer for the wrist bore a Timer right into the hands of the chimp doors Handle,
the leash and Cost is measure locked by the cage of starvation to those naturally brought.

Slides in the tarry of each to Task an Apoc. groping at the Crown of venue amassed,
charge those batteries of balls and links as the chains to the Leg Irons that blister a came,
chunk the bring with a bit addition The Metro on radio or the Classic rendition,
to spell on the Sale of falling Increase is it a discount or the bidding of War!!

Weapons of Mass match the destruction the Guest of annul is Wares on the sold,
sanction of bell Tolls a bridge to the plunder adding the Factors likens the Running,
bread with butter or Oil dabbed vinegar is One for the knife or The Bowl dipping dinner,
sticks to Tablets a fire in The Flame is blue in hot The Forge or the spot of spreading shock.

As to keep it well in the Color of clank a White-Out screams to the snowin on bank,
whipped by the Flowers of covered by chain Whom does see that values are claimed,
does the perk to the fashion just change the Frame,
now that it's Ewe are the Flocks in the Cane.

Quest upon history in Order of the known,
B.D.S.M. is a specific Type Zoned,
leather in state to Masters of Rate,
the Beach is a strongHold bellowing Tron,
all in a mechanicals dawn.

A Freckle Past A Hare

Ask 'Mind Control' researchers if the task is the pull of lappers to slip Thought,
is the 60's so forgotten by what has been noted legally as 'Remote Viewing' CIA,
this product has burst to Now Two-Thousand Fourteen without advances on satchel Subjects,
being charted by that 30 Year term of Tellers silence by the Wood Worm berms,
factors are driven by Societies need to bean the Pearl on the clammer of the View.

Thus creation barrels life as Evolution banks 'The Continue' burning nothing back,
at most Cavemen to Naples saying grease was Oil in the Whale of Moby talk Abraham,
on the alterations of mentality to skate the Ice with an axe to pick at the frozen in Fleet,
that just is Artics sheets showing in Reality the melting of growth to the rising of chiel.

No scratch needed for the latest update ask the blunt for a smoke deliver law to A listed,
spanking alcohol as Higher than any other bank to the brain in affect of the Settlers smear,
an Indian by prose the Handprint by finger a swipe to Eraser the music to bark a Sphere is a ..globe,
does it snow in the Rounds or do you shake the bulb as the Eclectic figure is Mold.

Made by pipeline otherwise understood like pass the pepper in the Musical chairs on Wicker,
a pole for month the day for humps a Camel on the fag of understanding the drag in Smoke,
choking on the Menu provides not price rather an Atlas to divide the Conqueror,
in this unification of subtraction to Division it relies on the Multiple layers to Bayers tablet.

Method of prescription by Halo of deep wired is the arm at elbow in must bend,
or is the under standing a youth that falls for the plundering jokes that mostly play personal faults,
as shaking is touch Earth the vibration is not heard rather Scene of spread at flight bird,
or could it be the Runners in the path that spooks the cast to deep seated craft called grounders.


The Wind In The Willows

As 'Small' does know the Biblical Fold in Many have exclaim to Numbers on gold,
the Chart to scout the dialing of Out an arithmetic in Metro domes that school,
of no need to think for that is blink on running from the charge,
acknowledge that Natural Fact is born to reason on Fossil seasons that Show!!

Cruise the News to landing swoop an Eagle touching Message via Crotch,
the between in selling to purchase buying the Trade that scenes the script to Port,
sherry is by name and drink which Tell shall future implore to speak a natural pour,
is it glass behind the screen of bind or can the garden Tree a vine to grapple with the Coals!!

Scratch that Echo with a wall on Cavers by the core climbing to the Center of the earth ground floor,
squeezing in those tight in Spaces ore that is speaking greats to finding Spills that spoil,
as in the entry of the Mark those revelations often start by what is in the Court,
information flying Bats a trip down memorize all the facts is merely no adventure!!

Skates to sign the rigs in Mass than settle for the Pew of laughed a need nasty wanted,
sit the Ass upon the Fast diet to the fodder grass Incense covers lots,
in sent to Cover the burning blubber but not really for it's body dubbers,
just saying that the Priest is correct by version of the death.

For life is Unique to each of Us making marvel in the slightest understanding bath,
water filled with only Tubs has no running value for in eventual the liquids Muds,
should that simple caricature laugh don't appeal for it's a shingle to the truth,
washing complexity with not Acknowledging the fountain of the drains.

Circulation by Planet any is bearings of the Size verses the Keep,
should Rivers stop at plugs of sump than Creeks behave to rotten,
still water made poisonous by the deaths that die of thirst leaving carcass as list to slips,
the stagnant moves to flies identify that drinking is amassed by Whom is scant.

Importance of the Free Flowing bother is indeed a hassel to the Magots,
yes in accordance from the Moth a branch of anguish to the Crowds,
but which is the Antibiotic that Scorpions behave like bees,
the snake in slither, the balance of dither, the seat of Press or the Truth an Crest.

Every creature is in the work of busy Spiders Web to spindle of the lives of Jack be Nimble,
for Jacked be quick the jump is Rich beyond the chore of dates,
marriage on the groomers Farm is riding to the Hitch,
both in same casting trace in laned the sake for all the Conch @butterfly purchased price.


Available Being ~ Soles

As the World flips the Coinage with the Mint Leaf karma,
a version on Creations made to cinch the egg in Songs,
as temper scene to North be Means it's balance of the Echo Teams,
from core to Pull that heard of know is scrambled in the dates.

Once Upon a Story sings to the Himalayans spare a Mountain stopper,
the pope of Cold to Whom is told the bridge in China boats Junk,
slowly purse to carry loads the mentality is often rhymed in Floss,
a dragon of the oceans belt The Unicorn on magic dealt for Self I am truth!!

Circle in with Vultures pen writing sake not feelings break for that is Blunts read post,
former to the Archery in nothing mastered just a c.d. to host the next best pun,
a counted Hit with vibes like tips to not be returned of the disparaging by charge!!

Yes it is an in the Fee for bankers on the Tellers sleeve Mr. Blunt drools a ski,
sloping to the Swiss of deed making shackles than chaining Key to lockers on the chest,
strapping Hobbles to shoes like dress Suit with Odyssey in crest of a Wake,
not the center Table type moreover to exact of like the Science of the 'Feelings' grant song!!

Travel bells to ring along his Mind is chiming on that dong of lathering no brow,
sweat that was on unmentioned Video had to have the strip done to remove the line Sun,
made by cashing in on some that Presents of the said dumdum in accepting graciously sucked,
but chance that Choice in test of Noise than back to the Future for history is a chooser!!

All inking shapes in the exact same exacts with no missing exacts to exact that exact,
it is so exact that the Extract is not even spice to the exact not even addition to the extract,
for in spice at least We experience Taste in the grape of the Vineyard,
Mr. Blunt as being blunt moreover being earnest to the blunt production of sliced!!

Cut in out No don't for that is The Proof of the Clapping on 'Liked' from the basis of 'Done' gites,
whether the Pope is implored for admission or the Dali Lama acknowledges my submission,
it is the Exacts that produce not a Basket of reduce but rather the Evidence of the Life at Brawn.

Bye Just Saying Hello!!

Bam Boo It's 'The Moon'

Natural knowledge Ports to edge the Skill scope Talent is gifted birth of Reading,
in source to farther than more could be A From is message on dust come to dawning,
in Ages off Ages on Ages Iron Ages core Ages solvent Ages lore Ages counted Ages more!!

Corpus Christi fled the Feet to task the horse on cart no leap ask the letter gag,
choking beat Thus Thunders speed a bolt to Notch the cobble scratch in Hooves,
bounce the jump with Standards pole Two Scotch up and down the droves Inn groves!!

Remember the Pact made in long list with the sanction of the gist to find the death by post,
to dibs on grass the Cutter mowed fell under the tree in closed as spread the field Posies,
round the Fire in the pockets dancing fellas by the darlings Handles to the Farce!!

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auto stations remotes to button swiping fingers in the 'Sud-In' washing for the squash,
blueberry Wine showing sign the skin with Welts that goose in line to bumping on the swim!

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it's the brain with scars that span to mark the Conscious on the cram in growth to sides of done,
feather lite with synapse site sparking ignition to that dyke to dutch the see wall whole.

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in disk of martyr dashing Vista the scene of real is the stopper,
plugging fletch to muscles kept at Training on prepare.

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for instant of the disasters subbed to text the World grapples words in curt answer,
fringe to Fling the memory is Seeing through the gazebo creed to know the Questor. 

Pick It Fencing 


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rocks of collection on this thought of idea of what's the snail outer tot the film,
youth in Universal speak a channel Onto the Teller cleat to stand the Umbrella,
for at exposure a Perch to skip poaching nothing in the Scortch fortnight court.

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as that shower panes to slope the grasp in example of the lane is Salt chalks,
mocking Naturals understand in composition bye the Hand in stipulations theory,
from basis shore touch Team sky a Sun in and horizons spy for Noon!!

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how many bags of potters Wheel must be mold in quest of shake before.

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that would in the deed be Hop to the Upside Down Movie!!

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form of dippers scale the Spheres in directional Cosmic poles arch dimensions,
these sleds that theorize 'Every' thing in that the Hawkins has made a Heard to sense,
this be known as Coppertone blushed with Cream as Burst.

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caves with Chisel statutes hold an interest to golden loan that drop coin,
weeks of Seven Days to sleek which is the day that jinns that stuck,
is it Hour ore to minute has the mechanical bin the feet trashing for the Reap!!

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narrows come shredding crest in Minds of section to the file of Time,
ancients adjective Verbs describe no not really it's the Prequel Vibed.

Water, Salt, Life

Cork Soaks

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as the trouble of the count is on the duke in knots of soot it is the Chimney raise,
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beach to Palm the ray to say that Octopus are on the gave in Inking Perseus graeae!!

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looped to sound the Centuries shroud 'Bee Wares' on the cellular stair inks Hell to sing that Flat!!

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simple message Wreath the spot as the winner is a Bach playing pass to fillers stopped.