Monday, December 1, 2014

The Splendor Of An Iconic Moment Shades Me

Creation is the most Incredible happenings to Touch your Actuals in the Marriage to Evolution,
this Causation of Union should be One of the greatest moments in the blinking Eye,
to Witness that finally Nature has a Voice,
spoken with a Send at Completion in a Whole of Radiating the brilliance of her never being alone again,
for that is the honesty said in the fact that Mankind must burn from the inside to the Eternal of Scenes,
in the Words of delivering the Pass to the Stow to the Counter of This Life that Breathes to Testify,
the difference is The Dark Horse rode the term to Tack & bit qualified,
the Ride that came to rein on your Parade.

The Drop

Scarf on the mention to the choking reminders of the flats on the slab,
that cold in the shiver is the past of been but was,
in that it will always be,
for that is the instant of the Mind in the frame of memory,
shooting the Tunnels of my Sound I scream in Silent,
for the real had feet.

The trampling of my self in the taste of the outer doorways to score,
oh for the narrows of the change to the journals of the traveling Trip,
the designation of the measure of the truth men in short,
there height matched mine,
there I sat in the stare at the hardest workers I had ever seen,
not midgets just small at frame,
my age at the time of demise was Three.

The patience gave me sigh through the furrow of the ditch that I had just died,
on the scope of the pant the skate to the land of strength,
to bad for Human failure with No Belief in the separation of this state,
for the value was the worth of Life in the measurement of yours,
in that tack of Tell the scale was of Counted that knowing that death is just a murk,
the founder of the frailty of this body breaking down the oxygen to finals of suffocating the store.

Know of the Change afoot not a what if, not a how to, not a shirt stipulations cloaked, just you and go,
the born to the shores of the standards that waste is found and the life is death weights to feather this talk to the Idiots here on this earth,
for that is real pleasure with shaking stimulation to lust your ear of creeping the listens,
do me a Favor "TASTE MY DIRT" and Swallow your Pride for you are only Mortals on skirt.

From James Blunt to each dread of the shallows of Mankind and it's doubters,
Creation bombed this Planet with Volcanic Voice and the Vocal piece is ME,
so shove this Verse up to the Sun and KNOW it shines The Crow to the burning Reads,
varied in the Various punch but the Drink is Fit like the dove that Robbed the stone,
bleed to the vein of Edens' suicide and Rope this sing with the Candor of the Hanging,
in that break Neck Snap verb my Word to bring the Silt to the table of Plenty,
on the full born Christmas Mess wrap your package and Merry the EST State to Shaved,
that clean face to speak straight with eyes so blue there Cobalt through, 
not a burro Ass but the Stoics Classic of a Gnostic Gree.

Tumble your boring lives to the Wonder of Magic those little Men in my traveled Meet,
contracted to build Weapons for the Identification of ALL MANKIND'S LIES in simplicity,
as the time set to clock those little Men engaged me to the Project in the land of this guise,
with input to turmoil on this godforsaken Earth I roared about the lies running a Mind Mouths line,
that the problem was not that People didn't know it was that they Did and the connection was Consciously broken at the lip.

With the Great Piece Workers we pulled Copper to the method of the Process to capture the Thought,
not to forget the Tongue I spoke of the measures that The Step pounded my life with,
in that expression those Little Men and I worked a Tenure part to Completions,
the bounce to this tactile land was nothing more than the reality that Intermissions walk and talk,
and as We breathe this textured environment we die as we Lot the scars,
for on the exit to the Entry to the known Humanity locked principles up with the Cart.

Card this note to the Post of the Mark that is scored on the Fourth Head of squat,
for on the plan to deeply cut that number is as thoughtful as the Day of The Dead at the hour of caught,
as your limbs rot from the destination of connect grab that cell phone and dial the song,
mic. it Up to the Top of the cherry that popped on that Basement shack,
in the Cellar of Think I busted at splat,
on that treble Cleft of sing along than know that James Blunt was the Knight I dreamed in light,
for I was born Full Bore and Ready to War with Any divide that gifted Chore.

Raise this Vocation To Engagement of The Horse in Life in Death in Infinity I ride The Mountain,
I say that the Breeze is my Arms in the slicing hail that sharps to the sleet of slights,
as it scratches your skin to the dry parchment that People are I will be the Heat on the slap,
in that scathing celebration the Fire will Breathe for I am of the most Ancient of Life,
I am born of The Dragon and I have flown to No Avail for Humanity has lost Morality for stone,
witness this tongue of nothing split to divide the Snake from the ride as a Taurus I show The Bull,
with the Eye of Odin through the Sun streaming Ra to the foundation of Every Fucking God that ever Reigned,
I hail their existence For the Truth is of the Greatest Start,
Creation forged this Method to Speak at The Rite to Being a Calendar Clark,
clocking with your temples of Doom I RECORD this World as born of Fools!!

That is the Breath of Life Itself shedding this Mortal talent as only a Mirror gift of Reflection,
I look at the worth of what is said to have presence and all I can see is the Brightest Star,
the Shining in the Oddest rather of Calculation of lark that brings the ladder to the Tower before it's dark.

Dedicated To My Big Brother Ed ~ The Title Of The Gorgon With My Favorite War Lock

I'll scare you With a Real on the Story of the Bible realize all the Undead at spirit drive The Basilica of said,
science Clones the body inn to ready Made the floor of been to Strike Up the Shakers roof of Crowned,
on that Absolute Familiar the used the Next door Men to bed the Foundation of Possession on the Trend,
the broth of languish no bother too for Why dig up the dead Unto the rake of satisfy,
when all the Sheep are Horse through borns the gallop of Good Buy.

Now enter in the Text of Send a thorough on The Old Book Strong a diction of the Tribe,
circle Circles are the Propositions on the Crowd at scattered Cry,
so loud the bang it spoke Chickadee and than the gum Shoe lied,
with in the depth of Scrolls are Kept the Book of Dead by Ride.

Ruptured at the Vain of Tech the lift was never Knot a Compass bribe the Dish,
satellites that James Blunt sang to The Secret of The Universe became a threaded Name,
the sew went to the Needle rye the Wheat began to sway,
the bunch said it's the Kindle and the Burn is all but day.

There the line did Heritage from Beast to brave to back,
a whipping Signal on the Flame the laps were Vibe of brain,
the Mind kept to the Body Framed by Owned and in the Tackers,
for candles could not hold the light as Vigil was the same.

Goats looked the lamb said Chattel the fodder all broke ask Fed,
at the Atlas of the shown the Soul less one said bones,
the Cross was Skull the head was bulb the bright Mixed with the flours Mold,
that in the add a Sell be trained as Whom is in the Bell fold Came.

Clang went the Advertised for empty is not the Shout at plead,
a life with breath is lung in Set and that makes strain Rite Out,
Ra came with the Set at All the Pyramid spoke of a Wall and in the Name it's done,
just like That the Mystery Fact is easy and it's Spun,
out of the Woolly Mammoth tribe a walking Factor on the slide,
to live is to be the bring of Celebrations as Whom does need a Soul in a World gone to coaled.

The pen drop heard the lakes were Folds of Peoples on the Fowl,
the tweet went short the Blunt said sort than what was white and black controlled the central shack of Vow,
a ribbon on the tie was Belt the look alike was perfect type in Verse in Worth and Word,
no impression for Mistake as that was working Storm at slate to chalk all A Raced,
thunder burst in Letters learned the Temple on the bridge,
a saddle came and legged up lane to propaganda Dogma craned.

Now that Science is of Bold the spelling is of Central,
for pulled the Ancient in the Craft a Which of That will sound the batch,
the horror be framed for Clones were Named and Human Beings did spy,
one more said to all the dead that at lease they are Alive,
with a bit of hope and a rein direct I'll state the sole that's needed sighed,
it is the one of Two that put one foot down and the other foot at the Base of Scary needed.

The giants Stepped a proud desire for on the Rainbow built,
the life itself said Predisposed to success without a Pope to fail me like Blunt Stoked,
in the preach the Robes were White and the Marriage soiled,
for the desk of repute wheeled in With a Lot of carriage,
that simple Note to Carry On the Fact that People need a Song that says more to Depth,
a good film for my brother as he would remember the Hour on the halve at the real Zip of laugh.

Creatures Features the greatest Scare of a show in Childhood dare,
the channel went to Two sent and than the minute growth,
the music played the Voice in state lower went the row,
for on the latest it's a Noise making Radio.

Rapid Ear

Call It Dry Land

I am dreaming In Cuneiform these Plates of plaques have Shape,
in the breadth of the sit I spy upon the Table in a Set of arranged,
the flipping Screen the Mind of Means is my rested State,
to take that to the type of sight what is the Message Rite.

On Victor of record the Scroll hearer or the Mappers Gold,
can on the wink of Old man Think be straighten on the Toll,
shall all these Signs be pre designed to Stacks unfamiliar,
the lean of the preposition touch Aspect Real.

Is Genesis the Odyssey on the Next best Cold,
are Shipping Lanes carry on with The Freights of Sold,
in body of the Art of Tack painting Caves on slack,
are all the hours of the Raft just floats to Control the Crack.

Mention tell the Mind Control what is this a Shoal,
the cloak of the dagger bled and now the skin is Mold,
shoulders talking bring the Wars to battlefields land,
in the gear of leathers Role does the Saddle sole.

Can the thunder of the Hooves be a Four beat seat,
does the light Horseman say that it's all the Speed,
casting out the Clams for pearls do the Swines speak Sheep,
what is the Teach in a lesson if the Fable text is Graeae.

The Aby at the spelling holds can it be a mystery,
drop a Letter and a Note play the Music Soap,
increase the power drain the Cower break the Face to Nose,
or reality to whom can Read and Whom did slight Pronounced.

In which B.C. to A.D. to the Nautical deep Chimed,
the Cattle of the Disk about in the chisels lined,
for at Tech in the Dragon fed is the counter Know,
that shall you have said these words with lead the accent bread.

Walking with the Blunt of Force is an Instrument,
shall the sharp be on the tone that Pitch is in the Hit,
blades that cut the Paddles wrought are oaring of the got,
to speech it Out or look at spout it's all about a split.

The balance of these Writes to speak is the Wisdom sleep,
for as the Tide does rise to Rod the glacier also sheets,
with every drop of Reign the courts are Plessor to the Score,
for should the stop have been a Plug that how does years explain the Water of the Stork.

Brushed with careful interest piled one shelve to stanza Warred,
the development will grow to Sent a click to cluck of Pour,
in a good glass Retort the drink that said to Dear a Port,
but at the point of Now return is Gone the Show of Gipped.

A Plunger

Why Stone

Is the Post of the war on the Futures or on the Pass of the Tribal Turbulence in which The Land is lashed,
on the wilds of the Tweet in the truth of the Prey is it the Birds on the angry or in the Flight of egg,
as the oils of the Mure in the burning of Incense is it than the Castor or the Scent to the Ash,
to task at the base A Tack of Comprehension shall the Diver be of Rock or the version of the Loc,
to tact the Oceans barrel on the Waves of The Roar is the Chart of the lake at the Fire of the Soar,
inking the Stanchion on the Planks of the walk is Life than of Resistance or the Two that stood to bore.

Cancer with the Taurus on the Constellation Liker in the Sky of that Lion is it only of the Harp,
the strings that the guts in test Tinned to the Lather is the sweat of the browser on the Internet of such,
shall the branch to the Crow carry an Eagle by the Same is it the Tree or the Path of rest to visit Dutch.

Took by the Horns ask the Seals on the clasp in the rodes onwards move Shall the bridge than sing a Sconce,
light House to the System in black matter observation is the Method of than Logic of schools onward taunts,
creative touch Design for the 1000 Years times Nine in the 11th on the Hour is the twenty Second scour,
scrubbing to the test an Emergence of a war awkward come the Wars at Once to Fourth in store,
counting down with Upwards loud when is the Country round and round for that is not shape but a Circle,
this prisoner of lens is blinking while the shade is provision of the Nature that Humanity is days,
sheds to Shadow played the Violin at jade talk the Concrete Factors and Science needs a doctor.

Nothing is of any Thing while fingers Pointing slide at the trigger of the Flu it's the poison on Ka chew,
to poof the evident by death that was a sent that to escape the snapping neck is now the body rent,
to know of the Act by Partisan and Fracture is than the Organ in the found a pipe that said it Sounds,
coinage in this Change of rice is not the grains it dried for that is the After of the factual at lied,
the field of the planted patch to the soaking brine is the harvest global or individual Binds.

Potatoes with the mustard the Ham at burger Kings in Prince to Paupers for the Commoners of brings,
shall The Pharaoh over to the Pyramids in that settling on The North does Odin say spruce sings,
for Zeus did not the throw to notch the aspect was of fret eating lives at Human dies is Canterbury strides,
to gallop with the Storm to see the Height of Massive Theme while all is in disaster Seat where is the simple Wised,
the shore line of the Calendar to Charters on the Mile,
a cycle taught the Babylon that each is every Tile,
the swing to the language cost at Text upon the Salts,
a pillar for the read control does not mention This Com bolts.

Bliss to Tale lives to lost the length of Burials what is the Keeper of the Gates if all the gates are Froze,
the glacier Outer sheets in Earth are faults to shaking earth take a Coke a Cola drink and know the predisposed,
a Coco Bean that came from scene to year and decade used is now the Ingredients the Spice that replaced that a Viewed,
does all the emissions that drug the Mind to snooze just the absolute control that worry is Obb Tude,
shall the take of what is taste the James Blunt on the hose to swallow up the lyrics up while list is in the rose,
can the Thorns that rise to Flowers know the in between of growth to bell the perfume formal Shower.

In all the admissions Tale the Fables and the Myth what is the real on the found if it's all a gift,
unwrapping body language burp on death to life a Trip than what is in the mystery that religions kill the bit,
directions to the guidance pulled a bridle on the Tip is the choice of Bit to rein severity of lift,
a saddle to an unbroke horse is nothing more that done as when the Wild is unbroke the Horse is riding fun.

Foot that step upon Home Land that Coastal off to R.I.P. for on the closure of the Freedom lost is public sit,
held behind the firing line No Lake of Fire grounds Ask the Sword that forged a line and Spoke a real Signed,
truth be of the Nautical and truth be of The Wine is the grapes of sensible the Wrath or on the Vine,
talking to the apple cart does the barrel Tree a Part of course it would it's made of Wood and brought the Hold to Start.

And The Ants Go Marching Won by Won Hooray Hooray The Ants Go Marching Won By Won Hooray Hooray The Ants Go Marching One by Won The Littlest Won Digs The Thumb And Then James Blunt Be^Gun

So the crowded assembly Screams the Money but ready the same it's all about Tax,
the fippin' so fast that Pancakes have stacked to the Silver Dollar style of Plates,
on the Trophy response the lacey in ribbon A Gown for the Mail and the hood for the Say,
there on the plight of the Tree inking Save a Pope with a Text that said that's not a Wave,
the fire got burning and caught like A Flame the templed device is the Kindle of brain,
the connection so Tucked that The Island spoke Jail at the conversation of the Get Hi it's a Bomb.

At the base of the Organization a Big Corporate wrong that drank that life with a lighter for grace,
lighting the Candles at the church of the Fount all while the Crowders are High on the porch,
in a System that backwards to now on the Print letter this Umbrellas as the Cock Tale Sent,
the Rooster is Crowing and the chickens are laying for in the Big House it's just a Cell of .....

what exactly,
a matter of time,
wrong place right hit,
decade on the grip,
the 30's on repeat,
legal illegalities gone Mob,
the scabs,
pick it Fences,
hot wires,
documented peoples that released ........ and it took 30 years off their lives,
original ingredients of Soda Pop,
roaring 20's,
Cat Stevens,
The Band,
Talk Shows,
Cover Ups,
The 60's,
the All Seeing Eye,
Noah's Ark,
Earth Quakes,

The Wall Fells & The Crash Tumbled to a .....

Or maybe it All just Happens and is that Reality that Just ignored The Times of Iron,
driven Nobility to life itself and the Existence of Mankind without marring the Principle of Humanity, with The Hell of living with all knowing that your shit was ripped off,
right in front of the global curtain that blinds Mankind to the disaster of truth,
by the Hammer of Creation in her destruction to say Evolve,
by first removing The Blindfold from Liberty,
so that Justice is no longer blinded by the purchase of Courts.

Whether the Courts be of Religion or of The Peoples determination of the failure to appear,
it is the process of dues to the calculative response of the Additions that subtract,
the difference to rotation at base so the Walk is not of A Gentile or a Priest,
a Muslim or a Christian or a Tibetan or a Buddhist or a Taoist or a etc.,

...but that it is of a Life living as a Human Being,
that Counters the body language that expresses Tradition,
not Conversion not Slammers not Guillotines not Killers not Finger Pointers (I may have failed there), 
not Bible Thumpers but gives Credence to it all to state Thanks for keeping Records,
for that is the Proof of the jail that this Earth is a Prison of Mentality,
to only die and living must be the after event that leaves the few us,
to Breathe with dignity that the majority was in Each Deed,
as wrong as they were Rite for that is the History of The Future in the Passing of the Generational.

Breakfast for dinner out at the House of Prime Rib,
an Actual locale on this Earth with real live Service,
to know that beef is roasted and served with attention to detail.

Why punctuate when this is a Run on life,
in and Of itself to Survive Circumstanced of Breadth to Breathe,
the Price is the Fee the Cost is Humanity.

The Great^Ore Is At Caste

The Pen

There is an Entire audience of listers DISAPPEARED in the system of current operation,
buried on the Main Stream of nobody talking about Their Release from Prison as not criminals,
convicted at the matter of The Times at hand where legal was made legal once in the Games,
now on History back your Forward reverse to Not Clear their status but reward their Stand,
for Thousands of Years the future of Ear has progressed to Teach the laws Clearing the buried.

A strange in the Weirds is that Mariajanna did the same as the Alcohol on the year,
a schedule of legal to Wanted to legal to Drink consider the lockets of purchase to Law in the steer,
on the sheels of Schedules the Haight was at Turn Styled to now it's an Independent at Warred,
state by statement to not find the Criminal for now the Status is release of the Knot Guilty,
drop a line into the Present that Circular the Evident on Talking Shows of Prejudiced to Drug Users admit.

Those samples of Hi Courts have brought to the public an application of duration Processed,
the people that are currently being held behind bars of Verse or of Iron the gates remain Thrushers,
the Whistle is blowing the Rail is roading the Tracks are booming to Spectacular formations,
The Caboose is the Engine by ways of Fortune the 500 is Club at the Mind of the Thumb,
legend does not have it for the New Yorkers on did it A Party of gross profit ran Blunts to it's Hits.

The greatest Cricle of the line to an Infinite disaster is that the Money is not raised by laughter is paid,
for that is the Smokers detail on Signal of the Fires that are burning Romans as I shower coals ending,
turning to the Flame for the Sparks are just Claim at the time that it is to find the Buried lives at living,
in the guild of the Forge the Sword is a dagger that will never Kill the value of the Law and it's liars,
so HELLO new Yorkers this Magazine is a Means to Rifle the Minds that have buried by Colored.

Get your Crayons to the sharpener and realize that your Afford to party has prisoners in Hours,
the Mandala of learning that strife is bought by the Ones whom declare not grab a Blunt and A Stare,
should the Richness of Measure bear the Chinatown pleasure than the Huka would be of Framed by Keep,
the dungeon of Bannister to the High talker Trump so quick to blab and so slow to Bunt,
it is not a difficult for The Donald to duck with the Real of Nature that makes his hand suck,
to the Boardroom of Rare I shout this a Stair for that is the Winter of reminders that Tombed,
on the stones there are Names that have been buried by loom for the very System that now says a shroom.

One day at a time the laws flip like a Dime in the motion of the Change it's a fiddle of the Blinds,
fort the Shades to Titan and Planet a boom darn the Morning with Coffee and begin to be Groomed,
as the brush is of Paint and the Horse is on Ride I barefoot The Front to the hidden in died,
I will not turn by buster to the vigil of nothing but I will Name James Blunt as the Buster of Some Thing,
like Freedom that Songs to the Principles gone for James Blunt got an Invite the Tell a Vee ripe,
just for the Pickin' talent the Griffin as I am a dragon from the 60's formed Lip,
that burn barrel approach to the Warmth of a coach I tribe the Hobo to the beatnik of Roach.

James Blunt In Hailed

I Will Merry The Forger At The Base Be Dawn A Ring Of Fire That Truths The Songed

Liken Johnny Cash to James Blunt as a 'Short Timer' in Life Itself on Broadway but a lengthy in locked,
on the up and rising capable of Verse that I am young in the Scene of poetic describes,
on the Hobarton of lives in the A Stair of a Dance that Opera of James Blunt is a Captain at Hook.

Ship the Pirate that Compact of Satellite distributed at the Moon Landing at ignite Charter Apollo,
James Blunt is a War on the War of this Born to the Rite that is Flame in the Elemental at Core,
for in the 1000 Lives a letter tot Vice that station of load for the World is the Fold of Apathy on diced.

Shredded at Change the brain is of Hi the butt form delivered go live & dude dyed,
for the Rapture of Armageddon is located at Mind for the drill is the Mountain of ALL TIME.

Apocalptic in burning the Plaster fo bodies that stand for a version forgetting The Dime,
in the pay of the Phone on the Copper of Tin a bucket of Pale is the White Elephant on jinn,
that flight of the Candor to The Constellation of Tore Us has Hour in fracture and the bone is of Tusk.

Ivory handles the black & white Keyed the music has playing to the Tunes in the Fee,
a Fiddle on bow Win for the Arrow of line is James Blunt dropped the Quiver for the forged at A Signed,
that Contract of signature Pieced for the shot to The Fame of the Fortune that Rainbows got Pot.

Melded by Iron in the temple Desire I'll lust you a Branch on the Outer Realmed ranch,
skate with the Hi heard and sync in with purge Tree on the apple for The Ass had a nerved,
taking the Ride settle the hill picture the Wriggle of the balance at skilled.

Robbery is of the Wagons gone Train at the circle of life in Infinite Brights,
on the Vista of certain James Blunt it's Christmas for in the American boxing day is a business,
creeks that go Frozen to the mount of the Chill are the lakes that show Ice has a home and a drill.

Fires on Camp Mountain that shore to the flack no gossip let on Bar 717 was Strong,
a goat for the ride the Arena in early for the Campers are living the life of a driven find Big Foot,
the sasquatch is evident that giants appear from know where to sum Wares a picture of put.

Since temple to church to Stage of the Show Look! James Blunt has a print on the go,
that strap of the gibson to the get Tar at lo,
the conversation so fitted that each a part is a leader to the Charts that Factor these dones as Bringers of Slung.

Win every Thing matches adding the Mat is being polite to the Foot Wars of Rite,
so wipe your tidy remove your dirt and at that consider remember The Fort,
built by Design Creation dropped dimes that Evolution is On to the World and it's shlongs,
dip wipers dipped in with the Ink that copied Originals and barked at the shrink,
on the real of Procession the written will read by all that is Natural like Callers at seed,
deed with a Muster and bring on the buster for that is Life on the Rogue riding Custard.

Ma Godders

Dog Tagged

The Bull Locks the Horns are MY RITE the aim is the Hour of burning Flame at Knight,
I merried James Blunt to the Visional done for James Blunt sings of Ignite to I Warrior,
the difference in Done is that Action not act that Curtains are blinking the big brighter lights,
like the Rocket of Gibraltar that Stands to the Ore in the pleasure of Stimulation to Know Earths Core.

That Volcano that Blows the top of it shows to the Venue of a Stage that James Blunt got it prose,
via the guide to James Blunt got a Map than rode that rider till the Horse bellied buck,
the Rogue that I Am is the Fact that I CAN the string of the Thread to the Marrow of Bone,
chicken is a Game that floors to the Rein of Whom pulls over and Whom says KNOW WAY!!

I'll blast these Types total to Write that Words are of Greatest Show on this Verse,
an Elemental that Wise to the oracles Mused is steady on balance barefoot or At Use,
for the tagger in Tab is the station of lab on the Study no longer For the School is of Jung,
so Freud right on Over to the Board with the clover in the Four Leaf of Count that is a simple Sound.

Pick on the Daisy in the chain of James Blunts lazy just All Talk but no real goods on the bump,
dropping like a Fly had jeans but now Suites to the hards and the bits that March with a Trooped!!

Counted the grains of the Sandy Beached shores the Striper on striping aboard James Blunts score,
so easily the Bra busted at the Nudity clear but for the Reason of Wisdom I dress the Egged clear.

Trunk to bahut in Pandora on loosed as the hatch is of Vassel and the Ship is a Body of realed,
the spinner on Curl is the spoon in the Moon that catcher of Rye wheating Serial gasped scry,
scrolls running Temple people Owed release James Blunt got a C.D. but He also got Meet.

On the Dinner OUT the joke of the brae is the Mule on the setting of a Horse for the trade,
saddled by knowledge The Stable of known James Blunt fills the Stall like a Cat on the jump.

Rhyme that with Yaught and yoell Christmas the next for that is the Day of the Boxing on brave,
celebrate this Hall a Date to the From made a go in the Vice on the Oak that ribbons are Sewn,
wrapped with a gift that Lust is a whip Tongues are the Corkers that Coached to the lip,
Upper that Classman to lower the Common as in each of the Risers a pad is the stun,
that a Saddle in Close-Contact of Sport is the writing of grooming the bucket list Punt.

Batters in the box at the O of the limp Picked will still be advised that B.D.S.M. is an Art Full Order,
not sum Sadistic enjoyment for that is only part of the Fold to Complete the A Send on better in lens,
for without the Wholly advertised as Tract than this could have been a guilty brought Back,
but Karma came with a Release on the Breathe in the Album of Ages on Time it's Millenniums.

The Ghost at the barker of The Condor is corner to the grade of the growth in Now of the Show,
thereabout the founded is a piano on the stage at the brake of the entry the pump said oh lay,
no worries on temper for the books answered well to Nostradamus the sounder that California aids Hell,
years upon Years of religious puke I will testimony to I will rebuke,
those cast apart from the Scene of the truth for if the Pope is pointing four point back at Ewed. 

Tray Von 

James Blunt & Translation Touch Billies Goating

As The States that have legal distributors, Users, and can Carry the Product of The Planted Marijuana,
I state with Factual Prison of Wares,
why is the excitement on getting possession Now buried the People that have Convictions,
in serving Time through Ages the Jail Bird herself will Testimony to Math.

Santana the Singer of beautiful gibson on the Guitar at Woodstock was Hi,
the Jam was indicative
and recognized as okay for it is A Performer,
in Santana's own Admission On The News he declared his Party Liner,
the cruise to the Play in the expansion of his own Hymnal of Salt.

A shoulder that Blind of liberty did in this Nation Use that evidence to Pact,
at the mirror of reflection on the Court System testimony is condemnation at Prisons stake,
now as the Pot is the planted Herb I will Cain your obstruction to the Justice of this Heard.

Again Bill Mayer has and Had more application of tonal Vocal verse in regards,
the mere apply to the Drug berth now on Live Television is still a Plant for the vibe,
as in the station of Hollywood being located in Los Angeles this is of grave Intersest to the Freeze & Arms,
throw down or is it take a Hit for the stable has Screamed in silence that Hi!!

Park the prison mentality of my forced Isolation from Society to not bell but Condemn the Peoples Temple,
at that being Understood comprehend the Men & the Women that were & quite possibly are The Mules,
in definite slander of use of Words the Police the Courts the Status has KNOW do process,
for on the State of Colorado The City of New York the first I.D. should have been RELEASE of jinn.

So as you Wonder skaters parkout to the High Climbers than don't remember for that is indicative of Pot Smokers,
there sit out to piece on the next dumbed dodo on the circle of know discussion to No Action.

Go to the local Tally Store buy your Snackers and eat till You realize Whom paid for your delight to scratch,
the groovy on the partition is Still behind Bars being FUCKED by the system policed,
that door or gate or I don't what the prison lingo for Cell is when the threshold slides but I know it slams,
on the shutters of blinkers that fielded the Demise while now the product of their haul is grown Freed.

The Congress at Immediate vote should have Had an IMMEDIATE filed releasor on Date per lathe,
the shingle of the Prison Warden for in Sake of no reaction from That OFFICE should have acted,
by letting founders of The Now legal bearing of Marijuana a Scheduled One drug informative Racks,
by the testimony of standing for his Citizens now recovered in that instant From criminal status.

Yet NO Person not even BILL MAYER has brought Distribution to the Technique of Herb,
as a city born Birth to the Column of retribution at the Union Square where My Mother declared,
the time is not of Essence is of past denial that it Happened and We will not forget but Walk for the Milers.

A Speedometer of stop the Angled to truth the life in Fact by Tacking the bridle to know of Saddled,
by the groom of James Blunts failure to Appear at Life ITSELF I barn his back to MY STABLE,
that is The PADDOCK of the Human Race saying every body carts a slave to the Matter at Hand,
in order of the Whip to the cream to the Cup of the grind in the Coffee to Smell the Beanery at Roast.

The Purple Hat Got My Tender Always 'Cause They Were Sobriety At Large 

State Line Tack

Corporation America in the United States has had the Foregone to the missed Connective of stance,
no eyes to the caliber with The Office of Admissions on the Proof of the Schedule to that Work,
worth the Hire to as easily Fired than Police Departments are Employees of the Cities Peoples.

On the Hall is the community saying What in the entry of more guns to Military Wares,
now worn by The Police in the Suited Up garb Machine Guns with cellophane Shields for Look!,
that battering Ram on the Horn scouting the Nest of the lore'd in the C.B. no not Reality.

It is the instant to Instant stand of bullets firing at Scenes by supposed Guard,
the public apply is 'IF' the cops like is in Danger the Cop is to protect his Own life at All Cost.

That is not a Job App. on the foundation of Protection of the People,
that is a Self Serving Action to founder the Reaction of the People on the Scarce tongue,
shall the climb be of Death per death bye Killing per kill it's a ring of dialings Circled.

At PetSmart the Corporations policy was Customer Service First and Last,
the abide to any other Further was to Serve that lap,
in the swim Pride and Justice fell by the way side as all have Proud Flesh,
yet in the alter of communication It is a job that employs my ability to future Food & Housing.

To task the basic Primal under Standing with the big Threat of Corporal punished,
the towns and cities at the voice of the people are screaming prejudice by not proxy but by death,
these are lists of completes not assumptions of accusations for the marrow of the bone is thickness,
that weight on the Walkers is as badged to the Factor as shall the turn be Twisted the Mat.

To techinique of the dead shot wears of blue the Country Mass reaction to the Track in purposed,
the gangs of Herod hymn Self calls the Shack to the burned down for the After lat,
in the dial of Text to Selfie on wraps the Bundles on arm Kindle is grown by hysteria,
but if the Cops are downed the moves simple to the bunch in total Gang Mentality,
yet on the flip side it's NO HALT allow the Court the dued process EWE have not sake Capital.

The procession of the bowing of heads to that Sober game is more over Matter timed,
a car to the Cycle on the ration of Sleepers to the Wake of living lives gone Gone,
that Blinder aspect of the Tunnel Vice that cobble creates to the Horse & Cart,
harnessed to NOT spook is the tally on the Barn but the Stable in Society are not Sheep but people,
that brain snap to Synapse Fire is the Mind bells to Sum Things iron Age to stirrup the Leg.

The unscene is the Brother connection in Simplicity of team Communique,
the last to the second minutes is the Peoples ability to Realize that police are Hired to positions,
in the Hire the apple has Sliced the cut to key the Fright by Policing the scare to Arrest on being paid,
these simple notions to Tack the 'Blue' with some Cents to afford the bright lights to Shed,
should the crowd Control say Now that the product of distribution has in deed Militarized than Well,
the pail to the depth of Calculation is Truth so Now do you squabble Run or Fire back at the Rite ton.

The Sun shines yet the Moon shines too in the Shadows of the reflection or the process of the Sky,
as the clouds in the storm are speaking to the collection of the Rain are you angry for the overhead,
is the breeze that torrents the Windy blast a trip to the Store for Chapstick a Muffler and a Coat,
or is the reside inside until the Whether checks The Pass for the Dawn Ner Party,
at the snowing in of the Wilds on the mountain of Societies contain does that the Built scramble eggs,
or is the only court to Feed the look at one another for Fodder to know that death is Imiment from Starvation.

Slice a thigh than know that Zeus spoke Odin taught The Oracle of the road to The Seer,
in the sage of the genius of the Savant on the wrote is the Hymn not a Viking at the See Side,
The Fog that will lift due to Circumstance of knowledge is it the Straits of Gibraltar that fault,
is the compass of a Mans Mind so Narrowed by the drink that the Sale is only the killing of the Mall.

Bliss Stirred

Life is farmed to the Technique of Whom reins the Current on the Currents of news to Media,
on the rag The Rack on the displays horror the Sell by engaged Gross Profit,
the handle to Articles is pushed down the throat Acceptance of goner lives,
the plough of the Rakes at the base bottom of feed is Cod Catchers with bait Mankind Humanities,
that people Shallow the brain with 'Well I even knew that' is really the missed marking Mark.

Instructive measures for 'Throw down your Weapon' at status of 'Throw your Hands up' is mute,
a toy for I as a child were the Cap guns that were an Intricate part of Cowboys & Indians,
as the beating came with don't point your gun the Gun Slinger just settle with pistols hung,
the hook to the taste was the Lesson of the games 'Don't point the GUN' at a living being.

Period dot no comma was the Run on the basic task of communication Yet today,
persons are being shot dead by Peoples in supposed points of Authority,
the guns drawn the fear dawn as the treatment has cast The Pearl as the enemy.

A Clam is the wise to the jewel in the Hipster of the belly at the see,
a hanging weight on the Police of loaded weapons give tremendous Corn,
yet on the burn these hours have already been quartered by set decision,
does that Child in Santa Rosa know that the Cop was screaming Weapon,
or could his brain been firing on the worth he held in his own hands as Toy.

The comprehension in Shock is often carried with Fright of a pistol to your Head,
in the frantic stick from scared to Kick it is a Natural reaction to spook,
it is an unlikely action that One would stand and be petrified while an opposite is gunning you,
for the sake of my Country and is ration of deaths with complete violence to stare,
why is there not education on How What the act should contain before The After.

Earthquake preparedness is primary Electricity needs flashlights don't forget the Battery,
candles are wonderful should you have Matches to light not an electric stove,
great to believe that Troops will never hit Coast but Whom do you call if there Ship,
in the list of Suicides on increased so vastly is there sensible Value to just say,
if you this crossed your mental Nation today immediately sit down and Breathe.

Period dotting no comma for in the grasping of the actual is the Minute Notes that prevent death,
the mere thought crossing the Mind to enter the persons present is trauma in and of itself,
to not acknowledge these horrors is to deflate the Cause of the effect in the eventual.

Bringing candor to type situations with Measures of Cancer before the shed body pops,
pulse to the Brave that swim the deep sees as those are hards to rock,
being creative to Mark the trail is indeed the bedlam of a Ranger at a National Park,
carving the rough climb to know the Falls is than the clearing of the brush to see the lay,
with each inch of plot to live not die on Sums it is in the Mile walked.

Touch a Moral and be advised that Society has Trashed to the waste bin Principles,
with nothing more & certainly Curtains of less Society has dusted the Jacket to garbage the packed,
flush the Toilet of the brains that just scatter to the Wind the cut shards of the silent suicides hymn,
to know that yes People do commit the act of removing themselves from this plain,
but to bring to the surface an understanding as to why they are gone while know explain,
loneliness of the Frame left the letter of the body as the Tongue of finals on the system of denial.

Leaving an empty chord of Bodies with miles to board that scratch the Earth while choired,
in most obvious the World has barked the wrong treed and the Coffee is brewing on the table,
for in the drawing Room of candor the 'Coffee Table Book' is a White Elephant on File,
scout your own Humanity smile to a simple slate for the Shale is shattered already,
and when you step on it It breaks.

Treat course with Course not capture,
 Create kindness with Simplicity for complex is Silence,
quit the killing from a dog to a baby for a Fare it's sake.

Gangs Where Badges Too