Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The sheen of the waltz to soar the sky of lights in star gorgeous bounds to freeze frame the delightful,
with candor on the produce an apple for the pear in the orange the angle of the Plum Tree decide,
a grace to dirt and the taste of the flavor on Natural spice to cleanse the Mind of torture,
on the singing of a sanction to Truth the value is Measured with a feather on the case to Crane!!

As the Stork is of Countenance upon the entry of the World on the Mist in breadth of shore,
sands on the sleep with toes to know that Jam is a belly full roles,
swallowing the cycle of Say to challenge the growth on the more's is in ink of the origin of Original ball.

An ankle with a Tow Tag to certificate of bearings on Date times that speak Named noun,
by first to the second on the rounding of the Third to equal a table of calculation on breeze.

That being Understood to talk would enhance the Paints of the fax to print the Sent,
with the platter full to the brim of the Thoughts on the Forward at a Tallow,
in the Oils on the Mure that special message in The Bottle to cast upon the Oceans waving Seas.

Choice is the station to Identification of the Verbs on the pronunciation of An Accent to Hey,
on hello of the Good by's a Why is the Yield on the field to gain the Work as the trace Factors,
in seed the Alfalfa puts Feat future to the Cuttings for the Saddle and the guard.

In the walk to Talk a creek the Dry River bed is a distribution of the Seasons on the story,
as rocks tumble Pebbles bank with a trees limb announcing that Flash Flood of turmoil,
on the Mountain the views of change Charge the Vista to valley Fountains on the brakes in Time of Self.

Treasuring chapters on be Long the lives of parcel Posting that Hand Palm with sage to seers spring,
rain comes with storm on the introduction of wet grounds,
representing a simplicity of sky tearing to Water the plate dried with clippings,
fertile is the Mind to important tempo of rhythm as that perambulates a Perk on the grinding.

Disc on the Tractor for the shallows is in the deed of diving the depth to engage the marrow of earth,
this sprinkler of hard format is the brain on a decision to bring a lather as that is sweat on work,
the satisfaction of a day that the sun shone to present the Moon shadows dream of sound.

Dancing on with a Vocabulary to sing a little Song is muscle with a Vibrant shower to The Crow,
that cool underverse in comprehension of Hell that has creation on the Arson of hour lived,
minute chimes with clocks to wrist as the Course is strong with Fees towards the Independents tea,
a saucer that is familiar with the spill or the overflow of the Pots that stop the leaves by Filtering.

Slop yet Alas that is the spillway of Tributes that show to this a Map of roads and paves,
curb Appeal with stop breaks left`ing the Yard to porch a Signal of the green Monopoly read,
the center of bank to rounds the board on the dice of a Won to jump Skip played the chalk line,
on that place mat the Hop Scotch approach as San Francisco is a Seven Mile boundary of grand!!

Cable Cars with An International introduction to the Piers with ships of Cruise dimes seated,
Golden Gate Park the stable of Horses parking the Paddocks at the edge whilst the Polo Field knows,
a track on the digital knack is the Founder of the cart to Harness the bridle with Bits and Pieces,
those girth to the Tree in a close contact to the dressage of Test in the Memorization of the Cross-Country,
events lending Letters with jumping Standards of cadence to Thoroughly ridden with Character driven.

Health is at Cost of the demise of Humanity,
cutters on the granite in the shambles of destroy the louds,
as the Corners of speech sounded a Fare it is the Reality that a Person is rare,
on equal devise to Counter the station with a radio broadcast,
this blogger says good Stalls are based with learned from the best,
dg a Man of the Blues sang My Life a brighter climb,
one of patience to be of a Charter in the Solar Scenery of the Chorus melody.

Virtue Is Ever Green

The rigor of the law is Height of Oppression, excess of Justice is excess of Injustice.  By honest pursuits and studies the state in Which both parties were before the War; change the Name and the Story will Apply to Yourself: Mark well.

Economy creates a great revenue second to none, hatred amongst Theologians under bad omens.  The force of habit is great, a mind conscious of rectitude notwithstanding terms agreed upon.

A great Oracle the Shadow of a Great Name an Extraordinary Papal Ambassador, like the One who knows.

Hasten slowly it is well to derive instruction from an enemy.  The drop wears the stone not by force, by constant falling a decisive experiment.  The dregs of People there is no Trusting to Appearences in the Presence of free will.  It will be a joy to us to recall this someday, the perfection of Art is to conceal Art.  There is a Mean in everything, anger is a brief madness.  Thus the law is written in passing, in secret, in trust, by this sign thou shalt conquer Stark Naked speaks.

With Candor and Constancy make good use of the present other things being equal, an appeal to the popular prejudice.  An argument based on the Adversary's ignorance to catch the multitude at Pleasure; a feeble weapon thrown without effect; plenty of fine talk but little real Wisdom. When the Cause is removed, the Effort ceases.

It is Asked as Much as is Sufficient philosophy does not look into Genealogies for gain.  The Force of Habit is great After making the necessary changes.  In manner and form from Bed to board do not yield to misfortunes.  Time that devours all things, a Weariness of life: ennui.  The remedy is Worse than the disease.  In the Nature of things for Ages and Ages the die is cast with closed doors.  I shudder to relate second to None obsequiousness procures us friends, Truth, enemies.  Through Right & Wrong through difficulties to the Stars everything Unknown is Thought to be Magnificent, every Hour, every Morning, love conquers All.  It is Asked how Valuable is Wisdom.

Virtus Semper Viridis

Summon jus summa injuria.  Studiis et rebus honestis status quo ante bellum mutato nomine, de te fabula narratur; nota bene.  Magnum est vectigal parsimonia null secundus: Oduim Theologicum malis avibus.  Magna est via consuetudinis mens concia recti non obstante pacta conventa.

Magnus apollo magni nominis umbra legatus a latere ex professo.

Festina lente fas est et ab hoste doceri gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed semper cadendo experimentum crusis.  Fæ populi fronti nulla fides coram liberum arbitrium.  Hæc olim meminisse juvabit; artis est celare artem.  Est modus in rebus, ira furor brevis est.  Ita lex scripta: In transitu, in camera, in commendam, in hoc signo vinces in puris naturalibus loquitur.

Candide et constanter carpediem ceteris paribus argumentum ad populum.  Argumentum ad ignorantiam ad cap tandum vulgus ad arbitrium telum imbelle sine ictu satis eloquentiæ, sapientiæ parum.  Sublata causa, tollitur effectus.

Quæritur quantum sufficit philosophia stemma non inspicit lucricausâ, magna est vis consuetudinis mutatia mutandis modo et forma mensâ et toro.  Ne cedas malis, tempus edax rerum tædium vitæ Ægrescit medendo in rerum natura in sæcula sæculorum jacta est alea januis clausis.  Horresco referens nulli secundus obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit per fas et nefas omne ignotum pro magnifico per ardua ad astra omni horâ, omni mane, omnia vincit armor.  Quæritur, quanti est sapere.

The Language Herd A Factor To Slap A Car Tuners Stir Upped

The Tile on the fountain to the Tub of the paint In width the building Plays,
an action to the dot of the language for the Pronunciation of the distance,
as the seams of decades to lost touched A Perry for that is the Link.

Scope the Mouth don't put Flames to the bust As that will provision a Crust,
center Earth to the makings of that flavor and blast the Bigger crane to Systematic ribbon,
in tube of paste the Ice Creams lake an Oatmeal Can that green made go,
harbor snot of the Snickers to Tack from the Saddle the leather did Hide!!

Bake that Crumble took a Knee and granted the leg Up to a festering brow,
in Thought of logic touch the Handle of grasp,
as Ink Can dude the Addition subjects the brain to a stip. Ewe lie Shun,
for on the Face of the value to the Foot Working Rum,
the Time on scale lowered the Hour to supply the Tower with clevered,
this in And of itself was a mere Change of clothes to Picture hit the Cycle of Lined.

Product placement be it An Endcap or the Chest of the saying to Task it is the Envelope of jockey,
riding to the Stop is halting the Fare to purchase a crop that Happens to be central to Crepe,
yet on that the language of the Park is of a difference that the animals stall,
thrifty porch Words to slips that shadow the leaving par shades a sneaky pete on the bolt stalk.

To indeed be of Faction to Candor in the Wilds of dignity to Honest the caption,
I start a revelation to evolutionary shout Too scream that scout as a sidewinder,
snake to the grass in the blunt partical to wider the sing as If that would bellow the crawl to Brought.

Search not that it is the Perch of the fishing Trait on the fashion of shirt that pigeon whole,
in that purr of favorable know to Tack the barrel is Monkeys that got shoulder bliss to shaled,
in the yard to the miles drawn the timely revealing speaks to the Gent^Tiles of the grunts battled,
had sail been Mast than the first to seconds pad would have in deed been on the Cashed.

Talk Tell All A Bout Tar uh`s & Den Is`s

There about the tangible the Persons screaming default in response I say stop,
a good old fashioned breath of station i.d. to send a calendar of loving prose,
as that is the Pasture of the breed grazing on the steady not the deathly Tolls.

Foundation to the plaque with Pride and delivery I chorus the rumble with a Sound,
bring to the thought of the standing a porch of process in the patience on this gallon land,
down with the stampede to flow with a loving sleeve that hugs a dreamer.

In the inch a Mile on the speedometer calculates the term of life mobility,
to short the Prowess of sinking stanchion I brave the World a proposal,
be of Character to Principles that you may Own as an Accountable Post.

Nail not the Adversary to the slammer for the Hammers of society are drilled,
to screw the Lid in bombs that explode negative ration,
that dry ground is blowing a tidal Wave of dry dust turners!!

Strike that mouth of a Pour spout to sing with the grace of Nature,
it rains to Storm the Cyclone and speak Tornado to know the ice,
even on the subjective cork the Sun shines a shadows Moon to prose.

Each Horizon on the Ocean of persons streaks to linger Opportunity on the fries,
oil by grease Suds talking soap have brought the liter a pots scour,
that has put ladder to the conjunction of the understanding that ABC spanking 123.

Shall the after before engage the Tall to expand on treason it is still an action to leap,
as should the knock-outs be referred to the Math numerical fax that 123 must sync 4,
addition to subtraction on the ABC brings the D to EFG,
these are the simplicities that should charge the Mind with Order.

That being land to Persons on the equipment good, bad or in different it is exact in same,
the One cannot be to Yet at the yield for the Plow on the root Cause in the bale,
alas It does indeed factor in twice Explanation to the skaters on the ices of Blocking stoods.

As the Past enhances treasure shore in the Futures now telling of the lecture to Profess,
mark the Human Being a Number does that price the Told to crate Pails,
buckets that no longer form to corn as the Oats in the wheat grass,
as sent to send Slant the information albeit Chanced a reality of Monopoly on Battle Ship Memories.

Taste that tune it is Ringing piece to Puzzle that Jig saw so much in the Pranced,
slowly I boil nasty to show that the simple is Neither complex nor rare to steak,
like mashed potatoes on the bake in the field of the harvest to sprout in the cupboard,
as the journey to Time in Ages of lanes has lasting Introductions to change,
so does the Eclectic myth by Way`th target touching the Forth head.


Ich dien Kalte Hände, warme Liebe,
Kein Geld, Kiene Freunde Melar.

Herr Fach,
blut und Eisen der Tag,
Dichtung und Wahrheit.

Das heisst der tag,
Eigener Herd ist Goldes wert,
Eile mit Weile,
ein mal, kein mal ewigkeit.

Kellner, krieg, kunst; Ich dien,
Mehr licht nicht wahr?
zum beispeil was man nicht kann meiden, muss man willig leiden.

Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen,
Sturm und Drang eile mit weile.

Das heisst der Tag!!