Thursday, July 31, 2014

Syncing Horse With Sporting Source

For love of riding 'The Horse'
a Sport delights,
creativity to each a New prime,
the excitement of the Mount.

The track of the Rider,
forward to the blast,
galloping a Notable is likened scores of Tack room.

Engagement of the rogue,
the talent of my Type,
moving with the timers,
a Wonder spine in Bright!!

The hooves of which do carry,
a Collection to a Lane,
down the long side of Action,
the switch to comfort lead,
saddled from exposure,
the chills of Goose in Ton!!

Not all have run the Race,
the tattoo by no mistake,
leads to Rank and File,
a thorough Fair to Speech.

The Barn of which I stable,
born to breeze the Wind,
breathing thunder heightens,
the bridle on the Spot!!  

Stuffings Showed

The Letter that has Rote to bank the Worth to Quote ankle shank to the process for I have Named a tipped.

Samples ask for nothing in the gift exchange thy Door,
of Likelihood has ampled for The Flame in Being More!!

At Road to Map the Self to grits of burning Rite production,
is Society that wings now clipped in out each a flight for Tight!!

Darker days that handle today the present shake Earth does take,
her Challenge in The Trump light of,
all this brae!!

Read for purchase to be Scene a Stage of life in every bring,
chalks the erasure mean Walls will beam,
strobes that fan up higher Sky the Spot find of a great in Bide humor over with the flume sparkling Few.

A Number in the priority is simple to the Plate,
echoes are unnecessary 'cause Originals have Fates!!

The temper of a brew HaHa in party all the dates,
to Musing in for Crowded phlegm not my cup of Trim.

The O'Farrell

Watch the Compass Pt. to the Venture a Port with a Tug in the Shipping lanes shrugged,
to proper the Venue of All Ways in swim a portion of Placement is appropriations in Lend,
call to the Union for the Trade has a Send,
the importance of knowing the Brains in a been.

The tides that are pouring in the Narrow of straight,
rigs that do Fleet salute to the Great,
a walk over bridge the Part in the Sand,
view to the Beach there is a Lighthouse Island to reach.

Sharks the dolphins now swimming the need,
seals that belly on Piers that can treat,
the Tourist that Purchase of a Sweater in lane,
all adding value ask the birthed in displayed.

California drives a looker lou gave,
numbers still stolen for additional saved,
color the House to a Zoo side in loud,
roaring all Kinds the pool now a Time.

Ocean to Bakers at China the shore,
steep climbs the better for some have a floor,
Presidio a Gunnery protected the Film,
Names that are Central now speak like the Gum.

Shoes made for walking in the decade of Haight,
big buckles cooling the arm pits of date,
reality bitten more like the smell,
pets are a true Love as Hippie had hill.

Smile the faces were delightfully cheer,
strange came with Days that remember a Year,
eleven November the 5th of the say,
does this deed storm to a difference in Stray.

The rubber Band snaps like the Jump rider rode,
standards that raised the height of a Load,
a quick sort of way to discuss Spreckles Lake,
remotely the boat said the Track is a Bay.

Polo that Mallet to the Ancient in played,
the ball hit across to a Goal in the cost,
temperature rising impossible paid,
the Fog just rolls in and the bones know a Friend.

Huddle in close the teach of a Coast,
build a Profession that lands the business,
all in One visit the Hof Brau did stay,
the Role of the Men are really just Dens,
 bings from the Restaurant lead B.D.S.M. in a Trend. 

The Condor Barkers

The World in a Seven Mile sheer to the City built from Pier,
a Number or a Lot?

The Question of know Answer from the Tour of grow Dance,
park Chinatown to go Italy as North Beach did Clement,
the downtown to a Steak housed on Tenderloin the Beat.

A map to the Crooked exposure to Lombard Street,
round the Ben to a straight Toll send Cross the Golden Gate!!

The Tea Garden sang Museum Opera to walk down The Plaza,
bank the day Sunny as the Wise always braked Honey to educate a Spun.

Tootle over to the Ferry cruises,
Alcatraz an Island by the Bay Lead,
the Seals at dock play along with the Guitar Stock,
meter sits for the Bush fright Fun,
all while the Cable came with a Lung.

The Pyramid to the Union parking walk,
a trip Formal in the Watch business of Man on the dime.

So handsome the Dignity of a Tie in the Knot,
shopping was bowling for Talk roast just blocks!!

The Avenues of course were the Best most definite in War map stripes,
the home of The Force in a love to hate relationship all at the Front of Schoolings!!

The Marina verses Cinderella a Bakers mile to skip the while,
I rode in the Park at the stables next door the Casting Pool!!

Scrap Yards the hardware Stores ask Fishermans Wharf for a bounty,
the Tall hill was a Nob stop to Hotel the views lobby Cropped,
a Sunday in a weekly Pink Section enter Education it's a Plot.

City Wide Lamp Lights 'Our' Lava Rite

To Ancient back Signature in track the writings on the Wall,
before the discovery had been Buried for recovery a sense to Riddle stalled,
the Owl that sounds to Chisel bounds replaced with Ages scene to Place,
the digs provide a simple Case that breathes the Lung of Safe.

Provisions sent long in Rent gifts that came in history flame the Production of in Like,
shields Armed with current Yarn is best of Show in dancing row a ribbed,
the Apple in a garden plight did know the seed in grown,
a barnacle on a Pier in bay is construction of the Say!!

Creative design brought with Kind develops love of Line,
a Poet in the Rank of Cast may search to prove the Pine,
swaying while the song is Spring does not discount the Winter Theme.

Wonderland in The City park a Concert from the Steady,
stage the decade true to page a Mirror affection stays in laid,
reflecting said ask Arch of lane a Boulevard to the equal sprain,
catch the Victor bright displayed the Mark of date per day in skate.

The Theater often Crows a lone wolf Range that Trail of Came,
long before the Traveler lored the path was walked by whom was bore,
birthed in the 60's a Native treat the bred and butter A San Francisco beat!!

Shipping Lanes like Train Rails the ride a One Way seat,
the Style of sense would Look to See that Clearings oil grease,
a wheel to steam the Engine of Means has evolved with Iron penned,
the Road in a Modern Day Zone enter Innocence 'cause it's A Stream of Consciousness Gaining!!

The Bugle Times

The Shrimp on the barb a Que to the life on a Tale of best Feat forward desires an Ear not the berg,
in the melting glacier the Scene of Sheets to page shelf are not Prospect rather evidence of a tide rise.

The brow that must balance this Sign is in the Mind of Thought that loud is Silence in the Vast pool,
swirling waterfalls at base residence mark the Cave to be known should the Cliff aspect discovery in Shown.

Creeks begin before the span of a Roar to the river banks shore,
in Flash Floods the movement is dynamic in the score,
moving boulders remain to carve new Maps.

Speaking Ocean in natures Valley the brink of sand filters ask Planned,
to negate the Burl for the tree proves the seed grew to measure the bark worth syrup!!

Trade Winds north by West comb merely knows the Magnetic of a Pole search to state,
the spin revolves to a Watch built for directions in the World currents change by Rise per spoke.

A Pool in the pond of a Tank in the City of a Native enters the able the View of a Reading,
do Cause from the Earth in beautiful bloom faced the Hots stinging plight to heavy metal!!

Expression flowing Stream counter bellies the granite through Evolution ask Prime,
a two Timing Age that doubles-back Tongue day records the Measure Versed skate,
the freeze to shaking Colds are indicative writes with the Home address of a Prompting,
negative pressure from Formal Rye gifts Wheat the field in Water bells ringing breeze.

The sway of the Tempo in a Cleft bass string Guitars to the stretch of a Tuning,
a frame of musically driven rides brings a band of sewn to the Origin store factual Plates!!

Earthquakes be slide Glades in the recording in advance of the easy shield that Animals feel,
the spread of information crumbs in the After Shock of the Event that already graded shifts,
per gear a dot zero sprang on the listen Tusk of an Ivory slate design.

Filming Forms Flinged

Oddly understood in a visionary stood the Elemental Flame in the origin of liquid Pane,
rising from the base of which the bottom can not be seen out was taking bodily leans,
as the sight was straining my I said to Watch for theirs was the Movement Show,
aye tapping in not as commoners do rather taking a shower to relax my desire.

The Moment spilling shock as The Watch pulled extracts more than counted I booked,
in the Hour of Life living this bright sharing rode difficult as seeing truly be leaves,
as the accompaniment was escorted sort of straight to the side two formal guards a load,
removed from this Ancient melding the comfort I felt as strangely appealing,
for this was the Home that seemed troubled with bothered.

Being shown in total stone as Energy is it's tone the haul moved it's legs as it rose to display,
limber to shake a good hold the guards make I witness the Comprehensive in comfort of find,
to say that in Finality it is the Trued in the full as what I did witness was removing the sold,
a bit to the Task I wondered the fast.

Belief in the Picture of a movie ran Cool my Mind is the thought that many are fooled,
for acceptance of Scene comes with natural need the foundation to loved by witness key,
to think what is Source took a Course so sorting can show in this World of blow,
relief is this hug for a Seer the nud.

Know the walk to active shock require feet in all these Locs,
should those be missing trunks a stand makes simple the Complexity in Panned,
the whistle Stop heard echos the shirt,
The Secret of the Universe is Choice & I was told someone would kill me for that name.

Hare Flashed

Old School Bounce Called Back

The beauty of an opening is the ability to experience a new delivery in real action,
the natural state of an Introduction is the amazement of an Audio warming up,
be it a chilly world now the turn style of many is cold,
I put a Pull-Over in the gear of this drive called Life.

The grass root approach from back in the 60's often parked out,
by Word of mouth the Venue would whisper it's Wares,
something New was a big curious scene,
ask a friend in the days begin the guitar was the drum.

The Band came from different lane to the Cities reign,
particular talent would be brought to Festivals now fame,
walk-on's were not rare in days that Ab~lib sang shared,
joining at the Hip to bebop the trip a common affair.

Even the Main Streamers would join the first Timers,
rocking to the sound of tradition changing moment tunes,
players ran with an invitational stand together on Land,
no rehearsal it was the reaction of the go getters.

In true form it provided the Audience with Original performance,
as the Intro became the Hottest Acoustically echoed demand,
for it was the Audition live so full of dynamics that pulsed Old to participate,
the Crowd loved it so much the link from that simple move a foundation,
the Human Touch.