Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Their Same Mistake

Voice in Cold,
deliberate role,
a script by no mistake.

The trail in rode,
 Boulevard Groves,
too open gate to stars in place,
the Mystic of the Moon.

A Motor Cycle-Ride

The miles per life,
the wars, the strife,
the gallant decides,
to reason a Site.

Mechanical nudge,
the mud creates clay,
the sculpture relays,
tired and out of the way.

Common sense with reason too,
the choice of none would add this truth,
to equal same exact.
One bye One,
I've watched what's done,
for talk and knot the speech.

Why make promises to anyone,
as death is set in ordered call,
and common sense will not evolve,
to recognize another fall.

Exhaustion leads to simple things,
repetitive and loved,
people paid to up the game,
and shatter life with shoved.

The words fall to drop a clue,
the act in what is blue,
isolation kills you too.

The gaming is a life in keep,
and yet the life won't cheat,
it would rather be what's not seen,
and buried 6ft deep.

This nation has a secret,
and through a way of deed,
 the key is not the choice,
but most certainly the lead.