Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Cosmic Eye

When the pain is so great and the words of the events become the letter, it remains to be the expression of the prose that brings to describe each sigh.  To be of the start in a life of rings, the phone to the walk as the introduction, knocked I stopped to be of conversation to a clue.  The audience may laugh at the sentence of the craft, yet, I am of a character that has engaged a singular type of difference.

Bringing the speech to a natural type of a beach, the shores of the silence to full fledged communication of the storms, with lulls being of accord in the Shipping Lanes.  As Nature is in the midst of teaching us of her wrath, the World-wide conditions of Humanity are being charged.  From the freezing degrees to the raise of the rain totals, Super-Storms, Comets and of course the glacier melt.  Toll dates over Fifty percent of the wild life is dead.

With the daily News on reporting Terrorism, the battle Wars on label, a cellular phone dial that seems to update applications with commercial status.  Swipe this, download that, and be sure to 'Like' us on the Facebook profile at the same time you slam Tweeter with a negative on the shortened lecture of state.  Theses a life to the lives of the Rounds and know that the pieces are not riddles as much as puzzle parts bringing whole to the actual of the photo graphed.

In and certainly on my blog I have chosen to allow the structure to take shape by the natural flow of conditions per day.  The animals that are now over the hump of saving which was reported on BBC last year is or was of a terrible, sad portions of reality.  Zombie reporting comes with the office of seen, along with the threats of whom is correct and whom is shed, by truth and Proof Al Gore scooped the Media with information far before the After which is in all Technocracies now.

By the ends of the plants and the routes of the paper, is it the conservation of gifting or the swamp of detailed.  A book on the best seller residence of libraries is now represented by 'Trending' a most certain modern day put, that if you were unaware would have said either nothing or answered "trending what?"

Touching the aspect of language verses the usage of the tongue.  I have written essentially a record of my consciousness streaming.  As you may or may not be in the know, streaming consciousness came from more than a few decades ago.  So I would say with a quiet compassion, that considering the vast amount of detail that I have covered, this choice of determined fashion for expression, has been in the deed of fabulous to have come so naturally.  Delving into the pain and the agony in doses, allowing the horror to connect to the now, without drowning me in that then.  This has definitely been the greatest of all foundations to have built for myself especially considering the circumstances.

Should you happen along as a reader of my Swan than I may share with you this one small fragment, it has brought a line to a circle with the ability to comprehend both, understand infinite and breathe with words in between as the text, the tell and the whistle of a bell.

In fact define the unit measured, break the stanza Four Quad, add a fifth and drag the comma to the semi-colon by the see.  In any cause of virtue that is new to the Tablet bearer, shall the sentence not be quit that the ridicule is most often spit.

Drool on that disclosure can be dried to upper stiffed, in times of shaft and angle will Shakespeare prove da Vinci or does Mona Lisa dip a crib to the Sistine Chapel.  Does Blake become lost in the foundation to Naples?  Did the Ages of the Golden Era speak while the girth was types?  Can in the faction of Evolution from the base of Creation remember that phrase of genesis talk?  Or in the reality, is it more a revelations broth of the most at a chamber of loch and bead.

See Prompt

Loving the value of communication,
it is in each a bearing of the point magnet drawn.

On the grid by design a marrow of the deep rich of a span,
to believe that reincarnation, incarnation and merely coming to term,
the deed of travel on the rails of learned.

I know that the vast divide is chunked math that the addition is subtraction to speak Communication,
by Ways and Means of trade on virtual media the press is of counter to task,
the brain with Energy of matters.

A valley floor once upon a time,
may be the future of the mountain signed on a river lean.

That creek of the plow to a ditch on the field,
draining to filter or increasing the sill,
windows of place with a view touching stand,
our body informing that shoulders have planned.

Truth introduces the hands of a scribble,
with notes to the letters and a little of the nibble,
Human Beings are not chew toys that are disposable crude,
in the recycle of less we bring countenance blessed,
asking nothing to hold the scream of our bold,
yet in the most obvious it is life walking by scrolled.

Round to the circus of this World and it's death sells,
some would say that talk is dead while they speak,
for the minute tears on the scrambled minds that are afraid of cans,
I say that belief is innocence providing simplicity with sight,
beyond the boundary that is set at portions,
I see the Outer Realms with ease,
it is a singing relief.

From basic construction to the Oxygen debt,
Trees that now grow to heights of below,
the breeze is ever in the breadth of Solar,
to the stars that galaxy is incredibly gallant,
as the Universe is a shower of the wild at mount.

Circulation to bring a tide on a ring,
fires that show the flame in a Crow,
how bright life is to list as it travels,
across the voids just to know that it's noise,
however, the carriage of ear gives rise to nothing here,
for people just kill the sound with smothering at pound.

The weight of a pack that slides to the count,
so many people have been lost through the years of just downed,
reading some older posts that I have published,
I enjoy that these markers are brought up by the random reader,
with only provision to dust on the shelves,
it is the care on the cycle that perks the scouts shoe,
than to be so much tune:  Tuned in by the found is a piano Guitar for the Harp playing Violin.

The rosin is would sentence explain to the ream,
books upon pages that deal with theme,
to tank of the first,
that pump of the sound,
I know that the list after list is amazing to bound,
exuberant display of hope, wishes and just plain excitement of days,
I have now known that reason is wisdom and wisdom has grown.

In proper of played these writes on the bells,
whistles and spelling each word with a 'Tell',
origins of original to the additional clause,
a phrase to a stanza to a comma for jaws.

Foggy is breath that steams on the glass,
or is it just blowing from the long Winters lap,
treat to the weather as outside right now,
the horns are singing as the seals bark to the shroud.

Birds chirping text with a letter on best,
the ships with a Watch that announces a clock,
to the depth of chart as a wheel in the dark,
trails to the Vision of making great a big decision.

Touch out on a structure of the sound,
do not ask the list to pine,
for each day has been a post taking so much to providing the change:

Choice is a secret to making what is on the shore of the Scene,
the sands of the Rollers because even the Oceans has seas.   

Hay, Do You Remember The Jack Tar?? It's Been....

Awe for the dazed in society that clear no throat for the Ram of the shoot swallows.

Flu passed in the tongue jam on the butters clam,
to soup the bowl on mind,
to illness by the push.

For there on the unto,
the door,
it opens to know greeting as the use of the hinge reminds me of the Cooks on the finest of pinch.

In restaurants though,
the barter of the kitchen tier is a Plateau of ordered engagement.

Boiling pots,
steam on the thought,
meat hanging to age the proper for the find of the taste to the seasonings race.

The balance of the House of Prime Rib,
a wonder of the five-star enjoyments,
it is in True a tailor of a place on VanNess in the City of San Francisco,
the lesson of knowing the bartender growl,
for shall the measure not be of account than Silence Do Good is the answer of fowl.

As my experience is of the date to Newspaper on the Column of Herb Caen,
a San Francisco Icon bellows the oldies on each to the every by Pane.

Banking the question to the gentleman court,
on the bar to the pour the Ice Cubes just bust what a hell of a trust,
a Cocktail quest about the Pink Hippo no jest,
for the Keep was of best in that trade of the touch,
not a glancing smash as the hammer has been,
no nail in the pierce of my brain for the jinn,
no, it was a delighted enthusiastic response to and of or with my exuberance of tell,
for the Pink Hippo Restaurant was a blushing event for me as a child.

The entry to task on the follow of ribbons is in the tie to the bow of the chowder,
on the wharf of Fishermen such boats on the float,
hard workers or that bushman that spooked the tourist,
well in the memory of the Hippo it must truly account location with decor,
the valance of ceiling, those Hippo's dancing, it was as if Bill's Place took steroids and waltzed starred.

The roar of the crowd enjoying all of the drapes,
for I am not sure there was a corner that did not have a Playland by trait,
still to the Cooks the Waiters and service,
the bustle to text that write on the pad,
recording with tact a menu to have,
I remember the walk or the pouring of lad.

There were not exits that I spied for the enter of done,
no check of the room for an immediate fire of drummed,
no escape planned to spoof that I knew,
no it was different than what has become todays chew.

Now people don't visit with change on the platter,
it is more to the stick of the type on the batter,
the clank of the ice bucket is locked in the stun,
for on the moment of Instant the audience calls with words that are death,
kept to the stand I park to the setting of the table that taught to Napkin and skill,
patient to bred stick the dough of the pay,
baskets that glasses to paint the display,
dressing on stuffed the tongue of the brush,
the witness that came to gently by lane.

Never did I see an interjection of glare,
from the scandalous conversation I know that did chair,
for the sake of the better stations that speech,
quite aptitude to delivering reach,
so I have set the table with prime spelling to Feat,
and allow the baker the butcher and the candlestick maker the opportunity to teach.

For in these lessons of time on the living in bind,
I have admired the talents of whom have been Masters in Trade Service,
these are the men and the women that have Mentored more of my caption and I do not even know their name.

This is a small thank you.
that I in deed know you will find,
for as a child you always were able,
to be for the most simple of what I charged to be free.