Friday, July 18, 2014

Be Beautiful

In second Thought for better choice I know the Worth,
grace become my life for work allow the trace to build,
be the part that structures health and free the lies to truth,
counter trust to Wares of Been enhance all lives with Love & Kindness.

Treasure opportunity from the base to Top of Self,
react with value hands that Keep the good release the brush,
bring a time that benefits the blessings by design,
stand for peace and liberty creating Scenes of Hugged.

To the Sky where the Moon sets Sun a passing ship for clouds,
stars that shine be full of Nine the number of the dove,
in each agree pass wonder keys that Voices have now Sung,
record the growth envelope cope and brake the storm of 'cause.

May each and every Human Being know a friend in find,
with that in Mind be loving type that fortunes holding close,
wrap the shield of no hurt so pain will never come,
ignite the compassion from the flame and warm the fire tongue.

Dear Wind that breeze of whisper sweet for nothing harms a friend in need,
earth that holds my fragile beat protect the barreled fret,
wrap my birth with planet met receive me from this debt,
show the like that wish is dream for best in betterment.

Total cost to life in stead anchor to my prompt,
as nothing gone that never came shed me of my gone,
light the path to return I home an Elemental in a loan,
hold me straight in shot of know ink relief to stone.

News the crest with verse to shake loose my hold in still,
rain come with drink to sew me to the day,
role my done to pools of summed leaving learned as pie,
dice the speak to bury deep the point of no return.

Leaf the growth in different soak the type to believe, 
the wisdom branded innocence upon the field of new,
face my challenge with ability and search,
to clear the horror of life itself to nothing gained it's learned.

Oh For The Scandals In America Just Go World Wider

Prince Harry 'worried' about attending pal James Blunt's wild Ibiza wedding

HE'S NEVER been shy about his love of partying, but according to reports Prince Harry is thinking twice about attending James Blunt's wedding in fear of it being too wild.

James Blunt, Prince Harry, wedding, partying, ibiza, las vegas, friends, the sunPrince Harry is said to be worried about attending James Blunt's wedding this year[WENN]
According to The Sun, the young royal is said to in two minds about James' Ibizan celebrations, especially after he was snapped naked in Las Vegas in 2012 after a night of partying.
James will wed his partner Sofia Wellesley in Majorca in September, and apparently there are a number of star-studded bashes being held at an array of villas and nightclubs, which is what the young prince is worried about.
"Harry is desperate to go because he loves James. Completely wild parties are being arranged," a source told The Sun.
"But after what happened with Harry and the naked pictures in Las Vegas there is a lot of concern."
Apparently the You're Beautiful singer is said to understand his position and has kindly left him a place for a last minute decision.
Guests are said to include Elton John and David Furnish, Prince William’s best mate Guy Pelly and Harry’s cousins Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.
Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Harry is set to celebrate his birthday with a St Moritz-themed party at Kensington Palace.
September 15 will be a landmark birthday for the Prince as he turns 30.
James Blunt, Prince Harry, wedding, partying, ibiza, las vegas, friends, the sunHarry is said to be fearful of the wild parties that are being planned [WENN]
To celebrate, one of the Palace's lavish drawing rooms – previously used for art classes – will be decorated to mirror the chic Swiss ski resort, with white leather sofas and drapes.
He will dine with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with around 30 other guests.

Hark Gagged

Very American to be Volunteer to the Tape of the Verse for Every to hear,
the World Tour that Society must Watch,
James Blunt is a Partier that stumps to the Talk.

Now off to the Stage of the Race Track on Page,
the bread and the butter said Toast is B.D.S.M. a Brave,
James Blunt could not Master the dear sake of Sir,
so naturally he took and pockets the purr!!

In general appearance he says we all die,
I say we don't we just never meet guy,
instead he just steals the Idea of the Flame,
makes money off backs and than says its Reign!!

The island of his birth has interesting history,
a bit of this a Lot of that,
adds to the Social scene of getting replayed,
his boner mostly controls his day!!

So great to the Country that ignores this door,
for Twin Flames that Plato spoke of came Hi,
from the basis of this ground not some Over Sea sting,
but that's alright when it hits you'll realize that the World sits on a Seat!!

You will know that the rate of this beat,
wrote long long ago to Ask for Complete,
in a Song sung by James Blunt a spoon,
Bonfire Heart is Our joining at loom!!

No one mention to the present engagement,
makes all bearings to the ayes of arrangements,
so read his reviews and wallow in his mud,
for I walked away as the Topper in Play.

City Blocks Stolen Talks To James Blunt Recorded Locks

The United States of America has allowed James Bunt to be a Teabagger today,
by his Gas lighting of a Musical lyrics founded by an Original inquire,
he spits Venom like a coiled Snake by increasing the Foundation to Question seats!!

As James Blunt parties to the Origin Marker he also reveals his identity as a Read,
in the night of the day a stage play is not a problem just the Sum,
a big thank you to the World dumbed down to receive the Message loud!!

So as whom reads this very lengthy warring entry of Introductions,
you are the very people he has duped from the start,
as you have been teabagged by a British invasion of dime Topped!!

A message that asked in serious believe is the wedding of Nature to read,
lyrics on James Blunt Compact Disc. if written on paper route,
evidenced the work wright to the spool of this Site stream.

The feather in my hat is the Ink of attached in betterment,
not just trappings to include a party life that insults the find,
rather the example of how to know this Country is controlled by Liars.

In that understanding I will rise to the occasion by working harder,
by being stronger,
by Volunteering to be Real to all those that continue to trash our Existence in this Life.

I will ride on the Tale of Tell,
for I am only a Scapegoat from Hell,
my life is my bearings my truth is the Flame burning Ignite!!

To whom it does not concern ripen the nerve,
a Fire that speaks with knowing the lie in the minute timer,
compassion came yesterday speaking on the Volume of Censored.

News to the Fact was a gut feeling in my dealings,
gossip brought it to my ready ear,
care will Sake the place to Crow talking Staked.

Should you be stuck in an unkind state of physical fear,
stride with hope that dreams Rite,
exposure is chilling but did not kill like the denial of this Bill.

The Rise of the Settling works to Save Lives,
not rape them by yet again stealing the worth of the Write,
as history repeats in a reason I will find the Wisdom to breath with Liberty piecing it all together naturally.

To have felt the choke hold of a belting Vocalist,
that took for his own personal gaining,
is the mirror of my life in a rain storm,
the light of forced isolation is the time to consider actively.

The Singer is an Actor on Parade,
the expense is the factor of the Math,
the calculative measure of how easily a bale,
is wired to the string of the wheat. 

News Science Environment Tell

Rosetta heads for space 'rubber duck'

Spinning comet
Europe's mission to land on a comet was always going to be difficult, but the pictures released this week of the giant ice ball illustrate just how daunting the task will be.
Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is far more irregular in shape than anyone imagined.
It has already been dubbed the "rubber duck" in space.
The latest pictures were acquired by the approaching Rosetta probe from a distance of about 12,000km.
Over the course of the next three weeks, the spacecraft expects to reduce that separation to less than 100km.
Shortly after, the probe will begin the process of mapping the 4.5km-wide ice object, to find a place to put down the little Philae contact robot in November.
The "movie" on this page comprises 36 individual images taken on Monday. It has been sped up; a full rotation takes 12.4 hours.
The individual pixelated pictures have been interpolated (smoothed) to make the outline of the comet easier to understand. But even from 12,000km, the dramatic duck shape is obvious.
67PThe big distance to the comet means pictures are still highly pixelated (left)
Explanations have been flying around since first word of the irregular form leaked out on Tuesday (more on that issue below).
Is comet 67P a true "contact binary" made up of two distinct objects that are either just touching under gravity or melded together following a low-velocity impact?
If distinct parts, do they originate from the same body, or were they originally part of unrelated objects that only came together at a later date?
Is it possible that what we are looking at is simply a comet that has been sculpted into this funny shape, either through the uneven loss of ice or through impacts with other space objects such as meteoroids?
And how do any of the questions above bear down on the issues of composition and density - issues that will influence strongly how and where Philae tries to make its landing?
Like all good scientists, the European Space Agency's Rosetta team is not rushing to judgement.


  • Named after its 1969 discoverers Klim Churyumov and Svetlana Gerasimenko
  • Referred to as a "Jupiter class" comet that takes 6.45 years to orbit the Sun
  • Orbit takes it as close as 180 million km from the Sun, and as far as 840 million km
  • The icy core, or nucleus, is about 4km (2.5 mi) across and rotates every 12.4 hours
"Care and caution is needed; don't jump to conclusions," warns project scientist Dr Matt Taylor.
"We're still too far away at this moment; we're still using interpolated images. So speculate all you want, but we really have to wait until we get there and start doing detailed observations," he told me.
Those who followed the US space agency flyby of 103P/Comet Hartley 2 in 2010 will recall the discussion about the smooth "saddle" in the middle of the peanut-shaped body.
Even now there is debate over whether Hartley 2 is a contact binary, and that with the benefit of pictures taken from a distance of just 700km - a tenth of the separation we're talking about for 67P today.
Nonetheless, when Rosetta's new pictures came in, a wry smile must have spread across the faces of the Esa team-members planning the Philae landing.
Their job was always going to be interesting. It's a lot more interesting now.
Picture policy
Which brings me neatly on to the hoo-hah this week over the release of Rosetta images.
I touched on this subject a couple of weeks ago, but it fairly spectacularly blew up on Tuesday when the first rubber duck images, acquired on Friday 11 July, were posted on the website of the French space agency (Cnes).
"Unauthorised", "unofficial", "unscheduled", "leaked" - use your own term, but this route was not the normal one.
The official release policy has seen a weekly posting to the Esa website at 1300 GMT every Thursday.
Whatever reason Cnes had to publish its "preview", the agency later regretted it because the pictures were then taken down. Too late, of course; the BBC and other news outlets had already reposted them.
But the affair opened up once again the question of public access to Rosetta images and whether public interest is being served by the current one-sneak-peek-a-week policy.
On Wednesday, senior figures on the Rosetta mission repeated the reasoning for the limited release (you can also read my earlier posting on the topic here).
It essentially boils down to giving mission scientists - the people who've designed and invested time in the instruments - time to trawl the data and make first claim on any discoveries.
Hartley 2Hartley 2 had an interesting shape as well
This is laudable and just on many levels, but is harder and harder to justify in this age when social media demands instant access and wide distribution.
Peruse the special interest websites dedicated to space matters, like, and you can see how much the world has changed since Rosetta launched in 2004.
The public now expect to see a steady stream images from the missions they have funded, and the impact this has on engagement is so much greater when this stream does exist.
Esa in the last few days has found itself in the middle of a storm, having to justify the one-sneak-peek-a-week approach. Whether that line can hold, time will tell.
But in truth, this is not really Esa's call; it is the decision of the agency's member states. This is how Esa works.
The remarkable Osiris camera system on Rosetta is principally a German contribution to the mission.
It is the German space agency (DLR) and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (the lead scientific institution) that "own" these images.
It is they who have the power to release them more regularly.
Artist's impression of Philae on the surface of Comet 67PArtist's impression of Philae on the surface of Comet 67P