Friday, August 9, 2013

Cupio Loves

The Clock Tower booms,
the hour struck,
the midnight stroke,
the eleventh is up.

The pendulum swings,
the hands are fine,
as it seems,
it is a towering theme!!

The chime of strike,
to note the power,
rhythm right,
like Mozart's fight.

As Chopin wrote,
the Waltz of Man,
the Minuet or Etude planned,
seems now simply,
the wealth of Man.

The 'Old' and 'Ancient' style reposed,
the Soul a Twin,
makes me wild for when.

To know of 'Him'
in 'All Past' 'Been'
it is the Movement,
Our Begin,
in the beauty of Ascend!!

The Repertoire,
is Lives lived so far,
the end incarnated,
a future mend.

To embrace,
these lives or days,
it's best to say,
love unique!!

The Being 'You' are,
is whom 'You've' been,
a Time, a Place,
an Original send!!

To enter in,
Hug a Friend,
say Hello,
how's your day?

Shake a hand,
smile and stand,
this Trip is Long,
the journey,
a play.

No difference will show when we go,
for in this move,
it's forward through,
'The Continue' is today,
the choice is yours,
for You to make.

A brand new trend!!

I encourage you in thought,
people judge,
it hurts a lot.

But as You walk,
and Some do talk,
let's walk together,
away from fought.

The gender of,
is still just love,
if you're lucky,
if you're one,
if you've found,
please don't run.

Decision done

Wisdom beats this clarity,
the reasoned feat of rarity,
albeit trying and ever rough,
the road we're on,
is paved with song.

We 'All' belong, somewhere!!

To Burn With Rite

The Army marches up to Meet,
it is the You and the Me.

Suited-up for a lead,
to show,

An amazing Dream!!

In two halves,
an equaled whole,
not one but too now three,
the countless timing of eternity.

The Immortal balance,
in a measured allowance,
of a Twin Soul,
in deliverance of Treed.

To gasp at the forward truth,
would only prove,
I serve in no divide,
I dance in sight!!

The Ancient Planets,
the Home of Old,
beauty rolls across,
to welcome Cupid not a Cross.

The Arrow shot,
hit without thought,
the Quiver empty,
I sink into then,
that Day of a knew begin.

Oh how the Milena have passed,
the space between,
filled with been,
to state the separation has a trend,
I say,
I have you again!!

To see your face, 
to hear you sing,
to know that you walk this place with me,
an Earth of great distress, 

I know that this must be,
a test to do our very best,
with each and every deed.

To example how it's done,
that it's real and not a deal,
engage a stranger too stop.

Take a moment to know what was,
and feel what is,
the smile missing.

Hello to whom cares,
life is a dare,
to be the one who you want to be,
no matter what comes,
it will arrive,
yesterday's history,
a shining light.

Embrace Yourself,
hold the hand you need to fight,
look into those Eyes and Believe this plight,
you were, you are and you shall be again.

The blast of desire,
is the shock that you are wanted,
without the judgement, without the fear,
the one you hold, holds you near.

As the Fire breathes between,
ignite the flame with preordained,
with ability and freedom speak,
recognize this feeling's why.

It is the Divine Rite,
the Law of Sight,
the sound of heard,
that creates dynamite!!

This fuse in life,
an Ancients night,
was lit and as it burns,
it is the trace to lead you too,
your true and everlasting view
the love I see in you. 

Scripting Score

To write upon Cupids song,
to keep, belong,
it spills out on,
the ink is throng.

Much like singing,
the symphony is long,
an introduction to production,
the Trumpets join,
announcing same!!

As the Violin does play,
the Cello, Bass and Saxophone say,
the score is valued as it plays,
the Bow of each,
quickens feat,
as the Arrow aimed has been reached!!


The Treble strung so tight,
strings of might,
the Tambourine clashes,
Magic is Might!!

In comes the Xylophone,
soprano ing to paddle back tone,
the Flute joins,
the Clarinet's theme,
all the harps begin to dream.

The Pianist sat,
a rivaled track,
with chords exact.

The Piece to Puzzle,
the Orchestra watch,
the Tempo is brewing,
much like a pot.

The Organ Pipe is loud,
as all the stops pull out,
increased the influence,
of only sought.

The Keyboard switch has a hitch,
the foot begins and like a Niche,
the joint appeal does reveal,
the place is real,
a Man of Steel.


The magnetic appeal,
ancient calling,
the 'Old' days are showing,
my twin souls home.

The Compositions of natural born,
the sounds of whom I'll never mourn,
the dawn of the rising Moon,
is in a full and beautiful bloom.

And as the Sun gives rise to you,
the sheets of music that you drew,
becomes the picture,
the sound a view,
the lyrics are the notes of true.