Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Take A Shot By The Count Down To Know How To Define A Feather As Men Of The U.S.A. Won The Race To The Moon.

The Human trace has not been lost on the event of any sun to the Cosmos as the Universes ground to the venture of explosions.  The vast space to the technique of energy lights the sped to land moons on the comet or the meteor to grand a lane.  It is these small fragments of taste that will virtue a boom as the crane in this inch of a yard on conversation of conversion.

The computer is bound to the method of the brain of Man.  As that is the communication and as the Satellite in spacial recognition of the now is finally at the correspondence to any holding a cell phone the grape to the Vine will be of no challenge to add in any quantum of maximum velocities on the earth to any planet in any Cosmic film.

Dialing is there to the gauge of liquids that energize a force to not break the spacial identification of the movement through, it is the face of that which science will counter to the lab as the building of space crafts enter the next millennia?  What is the patience of the math to the dimension should the time and the hour already be on the natural and nautical turns of this earth now but the ability to counter the reality of the movement in and of itself.  Again at that is the ability to forward a clock to in edit comprehend the clock at the hand of reset.

To remove the religions at the cost of again already knowing the death and the toll on the Human Race is to communicate that the Mankind is in difference.  Bearing of the rising form to the obvious bends of system it is by Continent to this sphere that the energy strikes to what is a donut.  Touching a harness of the mind to a drain is in the most category for the waist of the human being in the shoulder of reality as should the face of even this odd note to bank it would effect a gravity ensuring grounding for the electricity of thought to thinking;

Thousands of skilled hammers left indelible stones with instructions to farther galactic treasures and yet these same measures also divided numbers to speak at languages locked on only one aspect, Space.  Treat this with the envelope and the addressed as the stamp of itself to science every American to what is the wisdom in reason for a leg;  

“That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
 Neil Armstrong'