Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bike Notes

I love the Ticket price on the board of New detail in the announcement of Nothing,
ask a question get an Uncle know the difference in the days of coming,
down the pike of what is like the growth of Charge to by Cycle on the Feed,
a sort of Ketchup and Mustard ascertained while learning not all are relative in allowance,
from the ditch to the pick-up lines in the ant hills of shirt Tails the brig of kick is Grimm.

Fairy the sleeper with a good yacht on the cruise lane to Ships of pleasure,
the stories in the Cigar Rooms a Pipe with tobacco and the sound of relief,
found I did a place near home to purchase stature in relaxation of grown,
just be aware that such grain is Ground makes each Second a born Found.

Enjoyment of the eye Wares on the drive to town is simplicity firm,
the deer on the Buck run with the kit fox in a shoot across the Front to sit stare,
birds singing ole Whistle tunes that remind me of voice in a branch,
the acorn falling to noise the dirt with a leaf by the fluttering skirt,
porch while watching the beautiful setting to a shine on the Bay in dish spooning Moon,
a farm like environment inviting with The Scent of perfume my lovely local Skunk.

Possum Raccoon Fox Doe & Vulture know that light is day and dark is shade,
tree shadows with flickering moves indicate that nose on the prowl for food,
Scout is the best at the freeze to Listen Mode pointing directions by compass Nose,
twitching at the Tail swing in that annoying Flip it really is the swagger that Tips the sitter,
a verse for the person speaking Soap Box is the shower of the Curtain always in Bach.

Nero of course the smallest of lock is Insistent that temper be appropriately shocked,
for the Cause way is full to the Brim of the Knot asking the rain is dry on the Spot,
but according to my friends the Weather Casters it's meant to down pour on the Soon.


The Étouffée Of A Llŷr

Within the Master Bedroom the 'Soaps' are undeniable to slip in From a listing,
in hear the Box of International time slots are daily stock & Crate to Vase,
painting on the walls by description the Tack of seat Ask the broth of the crown in ridden,
broad Over seas to the next Nestle of candy to the Sweets in nude.

Stock the stick with sugar be Leaf that cover for the hanging on the fall,
a nice cup of Ice with the Chills of never for pop an At Text the script in B.D.S.M. Filming,
as the rainbow is placed outer to the Pot in the coins of the per Cent to coin,
drip the melting dishes to smashing in with the ever so Trolls.

Bridge the prison while the songs on the Radio have grown to Modern grind,
theme of creative bounce the ply as the Wood just rots in the chance Missed,
boardwalk the Circus with the pleasure of Coaster a simple cup of Coffee on elephant news,
picture books than deliver the flavor of black & white photos going for Sale,
choice is an Indicator of the left touch Right Turn,
The Finals of fabulous on the admission to crushing on dreams!!

Spout of the Peacock is a screeching at Herd in the stock Yard,
fantail flare with a tad bit despair added to spice the lies of that stair,
on the backs of a Rack in lambing the Leg a good Taste in catch is pressure for Gone,
amongst the Forest I can still weave the Trail through the thick in the Trees to the snail,
snakes on the plains a Cobra with vein in the Venom of strike it's a pick.

Stringing the Pier of the city by Lights a Cruise to the play Station of Kind,
the sort of Trait in the Actor of acting the Act as a part to the silly for even up take,
level the killing fields of Spiders on crawl woven to Spring with the dead winters sprawl,
seasons to years ask the Antelope tall bouncing the scene with liquid in bring,
water to the pours at Thunder in store just misses the sun win a Cloud and it's done.

Kick-off`d at the number of 555-1212 operator can't slate like Big Ben is banging the time of a bin,
cycle Mechanics with patience in tend an Island for center in the bay of a send,
rock of not Gibraltar the vessel Fairy is lend to mark on the deck that sleeping is pen,
awe spoke the Hoot awl in sewing of thread to point Magnify in the micro Scored friend.



Recent cast spangle in the bracelet of charm a price for each break batch,
the mold to crib in the Horse on kept is in the suck of wind by board,
captured in the literal High of the Experience the brain goes Spline to relight,
an equine with this attachment in mind is driven to the lead line for the bid,
as the harm is questionable to the action of the Act than that is the evident live.

Jump with the donkey otherwise name an Ass the sign of the Ears in the task,
halter to the Mule with a best the stubborn or brilliance will be the steer,
idea of the source to each Thorough Bred cheer is indicative of Once in a peer,
to prefer the signal as the again are the ears in the eyes of body on ply,
a worker is not a always Draft fork the saddle and ribbon the Task.

Throwing the trail path in Arena it is years of balance to know the rider,
as I am the seated in the time slots of work on the ground it is the certain,
never would I throw back the Hours of put to insult the said by ackwards,
for each clinic in training has both sides of the Fence to consider the land,
in Take-off of delivery to the hooves planting down it is Reality beating!!

Stirrups on at skirt were not the start of my sake I was a Wild bareback diver,
the Golden Gate Park Stables had boarded my Pony Freckles in the Paddock,
even now I delight in the pleasure of the bounce around to the straight strides,
a Manure Pile of a mounting block to the knee that leg-Up to the sat,
a gallop to the Halting stream that she wouldn't cross for the life of Herself,
those are the days in the sack that dreams became tolerable to ever Wish attempt.

The breast bone at Thanksgiving a Cake with candles in counting,
icing on the desert in the batter of the Chocolate Chip cookie dough,
creative shaking to the mimic jello by way of waiting the refrigerator Freezer,
ice cream stirred up in the bowl to the Almond Rocca was a mushie slip sooth,
days of shambles made well by Horses that loved me through while in Stall,
all in the beginning of the Pasture walk to miles of search for my first Pony named Fella.


In The Action Of Restraints

Clyde the visual as a Vista in understanding the Production of the state of Address,
by path Way to scatter at the school of wrought determine the exit stand on avenue,
bull You far as text be brought to term touching Grandeur of cellular drive in copious crista,
on Eve in the speak crown the fever of clay to perk the dirt upon the ladon faced,
in grip of baleen the sheet bequeath a scheme as the Lines of Musical Sheets Note chase!!

Drag no anchor fort Chest que the cues to chalk table Reserve glass Stem Wares by shale,
in shiver of the still plight sing orion deep light swing the voice to stunners at Sect gravel,
pest pebbles trod in laced shoe on moon seed spoon serial slept storage,
ski the steeps to cause Way nor green for in flan the fleece has Wooled die luge,
clippers sheering not the warmth for Heat but discarding the whole skin to snuggle spillings.

And departure to dimension of the sparkle is the candor of the teach a tell on the signs of lot,
number the cancer to the thistle on the branch of let touching the poison of the Swallowing shot,
spanking down the spread of damp rain on the Flat center muddy crops soaking the seedie,
dunking Cookie filled cream piece Pi to ditch not comply with beach by example pleats.

Rocky are the space pressure to sense brine Minds of shattering splash scents in fume,
the arid naked blind to the glad Pine at the foot of a blade of single wheat grass sit,
the finest particle of dust with a greater that value to the Universe than the waste that Humans dine,
skate a carry -Overing with the Toppers onward Hat thine to a coat of stash teased Hair,
brush the painting in crew Cosmic chime as the dancing vibrations knock upon the Finders Crime.

In split homes decision grown to settle the piece of the puzzle written in Riddle liners,
cruise the dining room to the kitchen of the basement Tool bench on the steady belt Scout,
in the Map of the spine on the Tap of the spline an Organ by Noun in and Of so location,
Oak are the strength of actionable March on the June buggers smiled.

Sincerely Yours the Thorough Fare of a Steeplechase Hound on The Fox glove of lavender,
a seat ouch Creek for turn Learner of river Banks at major list Yards to inch bind,
feel a Yawn through the stretch of time in Ages that Moons quarter Four to a dollar skin Hide,
the stamp of superintendent as the Principle Tot in the shadow of personal death of plastic sacked,
in produce the fruit would rot wreck in body the store sent the understanding to Comprehend deck.

Slow is the pen to sketch the place of remain in the chisel of Crayon at the fault cent,
for the grasp real has been of Floundering in the set of Composition in spherical Test,
a simple Complexity in stating the obvious ask The Game & the gamers will Brake jibb Ore.

Sewer Rats

Rang movies in the weird films of reckoning on the Comets end a Tale to the Fable in the Reality,
on ore there are glimpse snap freeze in the spout of simple rings calling by Outer realms in play,
trusting only the Soar of flight as the crows go Vulture sight touch Eclipse truth still drinks Fight,
each fist in ream of harsh is the writes on equal shard cut to sharp in broken green The Earth.

In thing to purr the piece of dream on the ridden Reign of theme dust Clouds singing be a string,
gut car toll with deep inlay chords to string the Instrument see at task in Confines of the Means,
Voltaire fling tattoo stitch to dare as the beaming lights of bear shadow tilt tooth Fang a snare,
reap trap Snapper feed the clod ankle Dirt teeth gum Mud clay frost Winter shed the spray.

Light enhance Sun spin out gave ribs planet sunk in grave trunk raise Tusk dies away in base,
xylophone Cannon sips a day breaking waste in Wax`grey jazz trumpet Corn sways to death,
filters gag by Mouth by breath choking sill to Foreheads chest shrunken skulls glad the grass,
short sing stipulations shite with cockney Verb in nostril spite text standing in gaze pits.

Sample Nature in Universal gripe soaring on the shift of kite,
the breeze from begin of never start Once upon that dumb owed cart,
leather stags shriveled bags hung between the thigh bone type,
a grander plan in gripping Plan the turn in stile to slip the cram.

Farther enter down the Pike wood that burnt the seat in pud a Bit that breaks the curbing hooves,
angular shingle trait Fire spy a little person on the bye Creature dragon Unicorn climb,
singular Fashion kicks curve to Sign groovy christmas day Design,
boxing days.

On the First Ages Pine the Redwood did split due to Mankind s heavy in trip,
on the second partition of mooning the dip Mankind s dress journey fell zipped,
the third barter abashed ousted the sound heard of the mute stealing the mint,
fourth brought to peel skin on the heel scabs yield Signs pickets are shined,
trade Fifth to speak Six Seventh Urn smoking the fields by killing a perm.,
nine told Ten fold eleven chills Cold from the basic in Flame to the Camp of a Land.  

Arithmetic metric showered a bathe houses be Brain bone of collars a fade,
scattered to threats by rim of a pet stroking rubbed seeing a breader on spt,
soaking the rollers in challenge of saved The Ocean did speak that Pond of a claim,
sparking to embers smothered Time in sheet beeps talends sync to Aspen by way of A Len!!

The Balance Beam

Projectors Film the daily log in a casting of the shin to well Up on the hinge,
read before the print goes publish in the poster of Bulletin on send,
words so hidden in translucent the discovery is not remain for the do is on the pane,
with exact to Caboose in the train of Preparation as the score inks the lane.

Verse to know is that notes are Cold for chilly are the brae in Ass of donkey,
a Heehaw to the Neigh on the Booking served so quick its Up before the store,
link that to reading sight as the work is in Mid Flight,
soaring hit in Central tipped ask the calendar is it Whip!!

In Sure`ants the burst of jerk as the Sentence is berserk,
no private line could Conduct to the Tempo of the Truck,
hitch to span of just the Luck on the goose in brown of Swan,
a massive ballet on boards to Stage run the cookie the Crumbs got down.

Change creeks in to River bend the fork at listen the talks a jinn,
late at night in rest of plight I spock the conversation shock,
woken from the mirror malay to the stun of lone a Stay,
ring the third to Fifth in play,
gold born Symbol on the Shade.

Tight in clip the certain lip stiff to Upper Class in low,
down the spread of Escalator row ah look it just goes strumming joe!!

Knees that once did bend for juice the tomato in the booth,
orange by state to grain the bay it's a Sorrel on the Fake,
read Feather boas wig to shake curls that hang twice on the skate,
watched burn cement of rubber plate Molds of bodies on a Jake!!

Okay or isit the Heard the purse in a snap of Fidget terse,
now the distant roads are rugged with the silk in stockings Honey,
buns atop the heads of Hair wrapped in baskets of this I swear,
a symbol of the wrangler stare whats in the bun if tangles Strung,
bobbie pens!!

Person To Person

'The Tot Two Wars' is a battle in life that produces breaking silence with Communicated,
in Verse and Rhyme the spelling Mind is in Think of sentence towards a World of eye,
in the lid of the crown on the shrine of a Tower the verbiage is language in the Nower,
as in the passing of Ten Years in least to the subject Autism has raised in Percentage horror.

The Hour of breakfast on the cater of Food describes in complex the visible tug,
ships in the birth that move on a sure have dismissed the Say to brake in the tray,
singing in complications that broadcast a factor to dismissing the World as extreme in the bash,
hard are the symbols that character the brain fires in synapse to pose in the Sane.

Crisis on trouble with know desk to Explain the worth of the hand to a shoulder in band,
collar the tongue with a three-Second strum the Shock of the bounce so fast it's a lance,
daggers that shape to the stab of a bleed than burn to the Century of glands that still sand,
clamming the mouths by freeways of loud are certain to shut the jugs in the soy.

Drinking the curd that crams on display while Cereals are pouring the spoon in a shrug,
in counter of Minutes to timely read skeet the rifle on Airwaves is a Machines Gatling Com Fleet,
walkie Talks that stream to crocks in the snap of the Ask as the ice in a Cast,
abbreviations to nothing replacing the key gives no room for braking the Words on T.V.

Fist in the stamp with a reason for Sentence in express on the Train as the shelves are a Chain,
link to the Product commercial to stay the Verbs in the anchor that did make a Sound,
gurgle the burrow of plow to the Ground planters of Seed in the Sunflowers gown.

Crispy Creamery or Isit CC

Jack In The Box

I am making mention today of a CBS case on the fact of a story reported than blanked,
in the dip of the actual Charlie Rose journalist in his Chair on the table of the News.

He reported a Woman in the Midwest that had boxed up more than Eight babies,
in her garage was Found the Children were in several types of aborted cases.

Ages of the bodies in decompose at extreme in Cardboard boxed,
the Husband was oblivious to the find until the Evidence was Scent.

These stories that come to the National News Boards as aspect are Horror,
in the reality of both the have taken place and the worse of never ending.

To pair the Tablet with script of notes to time slots fill is an atrocious bee hive,
in the stinger on the listen to the WHAT happened to the Take.

In responsive tact I implore that rolling tread information to bump stats is a door,
the path to Hell in the minds of whom heard such gross neglect is in of itself injurious.

To tea spot the laughter of the joke detail on the Climbing latter with a side case to bell,
a Pre-Vent to smoking guns fired with the stash of eyelids in required Bend!!

A stern advent to recoil on the snap of Fingers to the next stoked Cable of fleet,
true North in south by East it is the Westinghouse on Check to the Amount of bid.

Clearing the decks to speak the Nest of comb on the bookings of dietary Handlers,
spiking the worth to negating a faster effort to push the Tunnel Vice.

Visible audition of Entertainment in the Eve of doom Talkers at the Seat of portrayal,
a fire in the sky of a Vocale in letter by Skit on the Play of Whom it hits.

To and bye surprise the Evaporation of adjectives to read sound in the Screaming left,
behind the blink to the twitch of the feet a wiggle in the Worms that eat at or On the Live!!

Credit a marrow within my Self to know that bones are station to the energy of skill,
a microphone in the Tongue of busting the stun to communication that Requires say in Said down.

The speech to stone throw those Flat Rocks as skipping shocks is in Deed to Crisis of brawn,
muscles that Preach with no Reverence to the ear of suffocation in the life of salience.



Days like these are treachery all the World in stealth of killings it is Screaming in my Mind,
to bombs and Hand grenades thrown to land Mines that step on the spike to the sick in the rack,
puke barfing spit on Kilns inking lease drones in remote to the Skype of alright,
crust in the lip of the dried blood drips legs that are shreds in the middle air dead.

Shards of flesh with eyeballs on dread this feeling inside is the death that Now happening,
blister talks to The Wave of dismissals acceptable locked at catch in the Track,
racing for jetti on the Ships of the grasp lives are the burning of piles on Honey,
sick in the scene of urns upon knees sat in the limp of fires those Trees!!

Sticks that are arms logs that are legs pebbles are Ears snapping branches Fingers,
knuckles spattered in the shit on the breeze guts that in Flames of incineration on bin,
tents of bodies bomb making Friends gas masks to melted suites on the stint,m
the Oxygen generated is the sucking of Fumes the smell of the oven is the Pile of doom.

Scorpion Cross in the Sky at X is there a simple equation to Face,
roads on the Steep from the Hills of deep breast Cancer show Taurus the roar of Address!!

Clamp the mouths that shirt this dish Miss demonize the Exorcists with visits on HIT,
ghost the dark shadows With eye Brows of starch dirt in the shield and Robe off a guard,
factor the Face with all the say grace enlaced at the Table of Priest on a Rake,
latin the Version to English by great keep in the Reel all Memorize Shake!!

Peas on the pudding in blending play Space,
cosmic design rings on the line to Teak,
doves in the sharks Crows on the Teeth,
bringers of Seals that Break the clap with Lust in Ruff!!

'The Secret Of The Universe Is Choice ~ 'Til It's Snot'

Compounding Stall Leans

Cream a pie on the Ion of the ride fro the blast in the theme of the wrath,
in the pliers of the hold to a task gone Text a chisel of Fact to deck brought Class,
wiping the Outward to line test Vine of fruit in the balls of Net to the gear,
shades that are Ghosts cruising the realms in Hell take earth as the back brace to Terse.

Craft crater black Volcanic in pour Red in the molten Lava on the score,
creed touch Sword Forge anchor talk a lake in the ponds of Puddles Create,
sync with a Fossil on the Hill of placate bake in with Infamy involves designate,
crossing Dimension in time Core stake nails to the Coffer in phew Maker Cake.

Icing on the leather in the skin from a Lamp bulbs often Shoulder thinking on the Rake,
shovels to the Fluff feather on the stead seat Up top the Cord a rope for the dyke,
digs produce the skirt in Emerald on the Way gems to the setting all Jag to a Pave,
Turpin is an Oil for the Fence chew burn Lips sucking is the Crib of a Horse on the Tub.

Stall thing with a stick cork the Carrot potato Soup would in the spoon & Stir,
shake the Milk in glandular fork Boob with a pick Guitar in the center is shaft,
strings of copper Wire methodology Can't skit As the World turns the Stage is killing Chick,
eggshells in the Stopper kicking on the Fic perks to only laughter as lines got the Slick.

Pew of natures Capture has Tolling done to dead percents have Sad disclosure Standard buried It,
slim to trend the Tread of bed that knocks the Double-spank,
nylons for the slim Type in Flu the illness lick.

Tongues that pass Swab deck rounds in lickin' on the dick,
bottle for the spice in Ole Saint Nik,
a chopping block to Butcher stock the cuts of Thigh on Wrist,
slotted by the Topper Flight a Plain in tusk of Rick.

Table with the Salt is throwing cold to desk a Role to bring the Certs. to Pip,
threading gold to rows of Oars the boat the Chance of jiff,
partly due to sphere in spill the tarpan on the Vic. a Trolley with the clanging call to 'e' quip,
coiled talk the Catgut pause as tuning Tone to Audio clip in absorb the fit,
from Task to test the Crown of less in knowing that the Song is bust.  

A Rose Our Read

As I stand the earth in eve the balance of the dirt on turf is a planet Mother Earth bye Tot,
breathing outside on the Porch the stars are in the sky to see that Moon is hanging low,
in light of venue for the theme a bring on Thought to Crown the be in Simple it's Context,
verse to Noise the facial ploys a burning Rival on the Horse in turning in a Spot to say,
version off to twist the Arm of elbow on Parade,
a City or the Rome on life is giving in Creation ask the Evolving crop.

Furrow-On the Brow of skin in striping Make-sift sought,
saddle in the Horn of scope to equal piano on the steer,
a Nose to ring in guidance cream the Slaughter House of Prop,
service with a knife in Brash the blade to Talk a Work-it-Out,
on the Run in Chaos come did Cell screech Tar on Comets burn,
flies that swig to Jug the plot question Shed bring level bread in Words of Sing Eats.

Dinner~out is the Miss in temple Scot of sphere,
the prison of the liberty from Ear to stanchion Cleared,
dig the Table on the phone a Collection over stone,
flat Tops crew a Helo fought the Wind in bronze shine to Tip,
from Death in ages cruise in Nature compass Watch a drop,
lines to Task text in Chop a Short with legs in 'cheers' to Mot,
staff trunk Base pyramid evade Caves scrolls in Page a Crier laid.

Deem a construction while World shades the Valance of the chorus,
choirs with at balk chalk good Flour in the roll of adding score to Think,
shall the purchase of the Mind in measure cart the Harness shrine ask Control,
walking Talkie is the Yes with eyes in Head a stature Read to ladder climb on Feat.

One foot step with Hips in check remain to grounded by the stream,
river loads the downpour Spouts truth clouds that Rain in lasting Tau,
stretching muscle yawing Crowds preference with a lift in loud,
cycle sheen to spark Ignition with the Rocket in commission,
filled with Fuel as energy Cool touching Aeon with a Tool,
unique are Humans in this Far with Purpose on the shift,
gears take care to not strip bare the Mechanics are just Row.

One list in the New shell been is Cretaceous on The Henge,
can method last as Paper stash in the Burn of Floods in caste,
plaster of paris chills the scrape of smooth to bumps in leave,
lathe on cover wood in Walls structure forms a certain Craft,
mix the powder with What concrete Treats of salient Save a Pact,
shoulder true to Elements Rule the Air touch Fire breathe Water blow Wind jar Dirt at Scarab. 

Throw the words to scrabble in the Up down side to Side round diagonal in the Line,
teach the law of written Saw to personal in experience Ra,
for from Sea to shining See-off as the Turkey Crime,
well that is Predisposed to Tick the wrinkly rhyme at Post,
the Nail cuts the Know least thorough poled to Bull.

Yerba Buena

An Idea for the Catholics specifically the Pope in his current problem I cannot hesitate,
for as the Cardinal witnessed on television spot first there was a letter the Issue sounded Hot,
discussion was a sign to Signal what he thought in the product of the Introduction to interest.

The double tongue of that Cardinal was more than Obvious fought,
liken to He spoke to a taught stood to fake a smile just proving his own shot,
for he did say the work was great than shaded 'burn' it up!!

A note to that Cardinal include this Verse to each the Order,
should The Pope speak to alphabet the standings is so law,
no version to the Tuck & snip is acceptable as the pause.

This is the reason the Vote of smoke did Office his pose Aye,
the term of life thats left to Him is until death or now in said The Retirement.

In regards to Furthermore the otherwise scheduled 'doves',
why does the Church not Create drone birds that can Soar through deadly Fudge,
that would be a Hell of a beat to the Signs of Lettered laws,
all because the Mechanical will fly the Impossible through thick and Thin to bin again!!

A sort of Green Earth affect in a World with communion Charging Price,
a the base of give & Take the fight for the crown would be not from the ground,
for those eyes would Wonder in the Sightful Ministry,
for everybody loves a good old fashioned mystery or an Convenient Lie.