Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In Honor Of My Mother I Put To The Core Schooling The Name Of Address A Scholars Academy ~ Bach To Schubert Ask Beethoven V^Know As Visa V.

The People of this Nation have taken a path of exact determination of Address,
to that this note is on the Name calling of How to Introduction??,
the avenue of the The British Monarchy has been INSULTED beyond the Dawn of Time Itself,
as the Media of the Nash^Shun^Knoll Broadcast Anchors have decidedly gone to First noun basis??,
the knock on the Front Door to a Stagger,
is the familiarity to the Crown as to Speak of the Jewel of the Nile in Disposal of History as a Sound??,
the Mister to the Missing Piece??

Should the Duke dutch Chess to the Game??,
a Field of court to the lumbering a Bout??
or does Pan door Awe just put to Lyre the string of Manners to the Cast ole From Spelling deed??,
language To the Hoo it Must be Fork,
is that spoon of sexual Cal.^is become the Pope of the proper on Prime Time??,
the Answer so Delivered that Mail is Horror Moans,
the in Vol. lope is Shaft to the shifting gears of that Route.

Be to that the Gov. nor the Poe lease have Had Poets Tree of bark,
and this is Minor to the Men You Wet between the Draw lines on Choice tender,
the hugs of Freeze ore Flight??,
that in Vit. taste shin Stands to Deck Land to Show the Behavior as the As Set is of Table charge??,
it is Speak kin Lat Ten to the Course of matters,
the awe tsk tick is of Watchers??,
for the age appropriate detail is in and of itself to these Days of Clarity,
shake In that Police on the Mounted Patrol and In a sudden Grasp of WOW who is Whom to what is Wise??,
The Turk.


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