Friday, July 19, 2013

To Being, My-Self, A Way

The Conformation of Studied Thought,
arrives when thinking decides,
to investigate or Arrive,
at conclusive reason for the clarity sought.

The brilliance of the shining Root,
seeds the truth to seek-out,
'The Why', delivering 'The Try'
to understand,
a knotted trend.

The halting Sight,
of what is right,
is the Value of the Venue,
measured and than continued.

To inflict Pain for Pleasure,
is the strict decision,
to Aleve what's been severed.

The stab of wrought,
to work not frought,
to advance knot plot,
is to be patient,
production brought.

Education comes from the past,
it can be confused,
but to Awaken,
be fast!!

The "Crushing" on what has been,
delivers more than sin,
a Man whom adores,
 drives 'the Driven' to send,
 a comforting plan,
a trend.

To basically back,
a known Trac,
is knot reactive,
but act attracted.

Oddly the response,
comes automatically,
likened to travel,
in Mind of unravel.

While 'Out & About'
after-care is rare,
but should a shout,
expense this route,
than 'The Doors' now Trout,
the bait is 'The Flout'

The Organ, unstopped, Plays, it's Hot,
the Flame is the Heat,
the Violin completes,
as the bow crosses strings,
the fire repletes,
the sound of this noise,
is the Verse of a Lure,
as 'The Fly' is the Viewer,

Reality Brought All Ready Knew

Understanding of a different kind,
to know without knowing,
to See a View,
to be Wise with Action,
Introduces Natural Born,

The delivery of induced thought,
to influence with brought,
indicative of what is taught,
not 'Here' but in Lives,
"Schooled" teach plot.

Apathy, a disease,
blindness brings Read,
Mute equals silent,
Words add sentence,
Thinking subtracts division.

A Seer, A Sage, A Genius Savant,
no matter your problem,
the Math of sought,
still makes evident,
self or knot,
the Pi is Central,
and Zero-Sets Lot!!

The decimal Point,
a faction of group,
is not twisted,
it is straight too shoot.

The Expansion of Learned,
experience creates turn,
not a new direction,
but to avert the burned.

The Mind of Decisive,
a brain at work,
calculates the number,
to see berserk,
a normal birth,
not of this Earth.

Throughout History,
Oracles showed misery,
warned the Treasury,
a 'Significant'

Lost and abused?
thrown-out as used,
cast-aside for News,
called 'A Witch' or 'A Muse'?

Societies will chose,
the gift? 
is 'Just' truth.