Friday, November 14, 2014

A Good View Is A Reflected Scene

The talk on the street in the Menu desire has a track of the idea with the minus of measures,
trains that caboose the mids on the seat is the engine less than that of the Creek,
should the river not flow and the mountain Ne sleep does the Valley rise in resting disease,
is the sink of the fountain to an unfound surround pleasure the existence while denying the sound,
with the techniques of today version History letters at Scribes for the advance is now shackled,
by path with wants not needs as a grasp just throwing human beings to trails of trash.

Circulation of scattered to know real belief for practice is fine till the eat and the dine,
for in the reality if it had been you in the singular of that understood,
would you be of Vista or stuck in the stood,
should you not be concerned with what you will be faced,
as each to the cycle must go to the base.

Trample the innocent by raising the chase,
than take to the Mind that lap of the bed,
it has developed to Men taking pills to be advanced,
to the excitement thats lost from whatever it pants.

Without the consider of the Why's and the Wares than be the guest of prescriptions to stares,
for in nature should the absent be absent than the reason for the absence is a reason thats stood,
to be of a natural environment inspired is the lacking of the ability expression of desire,
is the force of the swallow done for the game or is the push for game done for the swallow.

It is a curious inform to ignition of mystery for in the stimulation it's all ....... what exactly,
'cause nobody seems satisfied no matter the price of the conditional examination to achieve the duty,
it's an Airport Scene with the squatters charging the fees to the Tags on machine.

It's Actually Real Hard Work To Be A Rider Off The Track

I love folklore in the mystery of lives at date to the Year of 2014 in written by template stated on Time,
in this vast World of denial to task in the tracking of free birth it's been and Is,
to knowing that the Dali Lama last is retired shall we conquer the divide with simple,
shall the Tibets go on the Hunt to the New brought upon his pass,
is the instructive design written to parent us in as Senders going bye!!

Does the reality of blistering Standard not reason to touch stone Wisdom,
at the base of any civil standing there are cleats for runners and blocks for starters,
these long coursers are moreover known as the Steeplechaser's on The Race through Humanity,
truth is Wise beyond strange mortal desires of Theme to reach the Outer realm of exist,
to Future back ask reverse if it's a gear in the auto mechanics of car or said bird!!

I muster the laugh as giant chortle to know the bridge of Trolling,
to scout in brilliance of never owning for that is a spark to ouch,
liken the fashion of the Fashion gone out of Fashionable to Tales,
boards now Talk Walls that trade the busy with a Finders leap!!

Mouse is my cat and Nero is my Miniature Pinscher,
as a small in the world at-large its more like hide and not search,
dressed for Optics in the lends used to formalize the trip to sends,
casting the Scribe as the blog in View of public source not pleasures,
traits that carry-On through dish advantage of the honest Hour all satellite.

Performance is based on calculation of Correct & Control of body Self and sole,
school of thought towards logic in locales is merely the obvious of done,
now to Being the more of Complex that is structure in a Hardhat understanding,
the Matrix to the Venue on the price is rite for a guitar and the singer on the scar of remember.

Imagine the great escape as jumping the moon to land apart,
relieving all responsible duties to those that have been afforded the message on google listings,
never hidden in plain sight the focal points in dues that Collective creative by designing the Court,
no shelf to sit upon or rock to be stuck with 'It's' the joy of Memory gone rogue not Rouge,
a high Heeled approach to the weirds of Wilds that store funny things for serious reasons,
all in the swim to that Walking of hymn with flour ask Salt for the pepper 'cause Ewe sneeze!!

Ka Achoo

Incarnation, Unemployment, The Continue ~ Know One Really Pays Attention Any Way

the turns and the settle of life in it's Marrow of the leads that know counter of provision,
for on the Ancient sat was the difference on the fact that truth is more on Racks,
that dungeon to the lair of Tracked in obvious no longer exists to learn of Tack,
so easily the theme is Hounded by the simple mounted for that is Wiser in these days of clay.

Molded to be a friendly the sort that dances short of any comprehension to real lives ask port,
for in the scene at Means grant it was youth the difference is of mention to knowing on the boot.

Crest of shields holdings to ankle up that swell,
for in the comment standing books do come and tell,
no every person birthed appreciates the school,
as thought is cool and dandy but discipline well that's just Standing!!

Touch not the hot Stops for that measure is of whip,
the class of logic born is inside of the Form,
seen far beyond the season of brisk to bed the Mate,
for on the Sheets of screening it is the Words that rate.

Incoming verse to chapter reversed that sight upon the lever,
in gears of proper hands the distance brings a plan,
to lather on the skipped techniques is to Wise the fore,
beyond most of what is Is and that is just the door!!

Chaps to chains in counting frames not pressed by in divide,
the similar but in exact is on that Moloch's Tribe,
people Persons breaking in to find the rules of Pride,
but as not every brings the Answer it's really left to buy.

A sport within the game of life a Chess Board on the moves,
don't imagine the comprehension as the Comprehension is Men,
desires that fall short to crawl are in the bedding cores,
yet on the real of the done it's all about the Trust of Come!!

discretion of included to the single life in exposing Breathe,
a little itty bitty talk to the more implied as being understood as a process of reason to truth,
in addition of the old sayings and the old knowings of out of this world,
and obviously no longer in functions of an or^a^calls duty binder.

So Close And Yet So Real

The New Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Is Pretty Much What You Expect (Bad)

Great news, people with shitty taste! The new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is here, and it's REAL STANKY.
Here's what we learn:
He's like this.
But she's like this!
Those are the two kinds of people that there are. How will they ever talk to each other?!!?!?
They live in Seattle, which looks like this.
Accurate. Except that the people in Seattle do not look like this.
fiftyshades 4.png
Our moguls don't wear suits and stare broodingly out of picture windows! They wear sandals year-round and let everyone out early on Fridays to play Settlers of Catan. I live in Seattle specifically toavoid dildos like Christian Grey.
But anyway--hnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.46.09 PM.png
Anastasia's journalism is intrigued by the drizzle-orgasm she got from Christian's shoulder pads, so she decides to investigate.
What she discovers is INTERCOURSE.
Just tooooooooootally normal regular intercourse that is not out of the ordinary in any way.
And yet, something's off. Why won't he let her in? Why is he just incessantly playing topless night-piano instead of lovemaking her some more?
"I had a rough start in life. That's all you need to know." OH, OKAY.
"Also, you got some barbecue sauce on your face."
Eventually Christian decides to let Anastasia into his secret sex prison. AND HIS HEART.
And then they do it a bunch. The end. It is truly the best movie of ever made about a guy whose last name is Grey and he only wears grey and sometimes he enjoys some light bondage with a chick he groped in an elevator once.
A brave, brave story.
Comment Section:
A Pop-Up Book gets more action!!

Freaky Friday

In familiar with the process of the decking life to touch upon a dream last sleep,
the bankers on the sides of chairs pulled to tap the fingers on the whiskers sound,
a collar for the simple by design in this is done by easy comprehension of a place,
to fact the compass of the Mind has scene to lots of life and most certain is the quiet,
silence of the holdings will bark the Tree to be,
in the route of Rooting maps that guide is Talk T.V.!!

Charge the care of every slip with Mind to know the cleat,
shall the lawn of Auto now be curtains are the blink!!

Travel lands in dreaming sounds to comprehend the Snorri crowd,
as language of the raft in Ferries on the coin to the eyes it take to be,
the sight of gift on one foot lift inks the word with daily dips across the great blogs case,
the advance to Googles dance has been the greatest gift.

To order of my personal romance with stating start,
a big Thank You goes to Whom has google by the chance!!

Sort of a reminder that credit goes to threading source,
for in the fine of carry-on the description have waltzed dance.

I am appreciative to the template of the use,
for with the brights of learning tights a message lined to book.

Verse by chapter in the stature that once upon will come to song,
for all of this I've written list has been a sort of gum,
to present in the dates of lung that Thoughts are growth of Jung,
taught by certain types of leads that speaking can be Goods.

A gain to shake the hands of those that read to all my done,
grateful am I to the fact that reason delivers tongue,
in reflection to each I say a Thank You once again,
for as you Inspect in the read I to advance the breathe.

The effort in the team of sport is a rare for I,
trust is truth to what I boot and trust is hard for deeds,
honest in this self to stand the value is the Press,
for on admission to the brought may many more be found at dock,
not lost at seas of done.

Humming Bird

Ask the News of reporting to the latest articles in reference to Named in print,
this has been of great interest as an intersection of caliber in the apparent trans literal of done,
as the inference has made a calculation to display for All public venue,
the same in exact is a simple laid understanding of return.

Type print to set is at the Mention of the Article of and in of its ownership theme,
as parting of the Red Sea proclamations the separation by division so to does History of human,
in and as Beings of bodily form in this Introduction of self to coordinates,
the nautical docking of ships is and can be the freight of loaded to Streamline.

Love never known by a strange hand at birth,
I have watched my whole life through and in truth said I am what I am,
honest in merit of Training to the equal of preparations on the crib of would.

These simple notions that bring a Constance to our Universal sing,
have known of difference and in turn watched as that very incredible variable was burned at Stakes,
from the eating of the body to the drinking of the blood in the Catholic Christianity of done to real,
no confusion should be the comprehending of these feet that are attached to the Watch of life itself.

In lesson by lesson the ransom set by The World has only produced death as it's proxies litter,
the Hobbling to the drowning to the marking of persons lost to and from this recorded in histories drum,
sunk with all thumbs that had the tablet been turned than The Collective would have had a nerve,
in sense to that electricity of Foundation to Ancient Walls with directions,
never does the advancement include the removal by Means of populous.

The increase of 'The Continue' is by Truth to Merit,
a classic bearings to guide the starters to bring addition as equative,
a circulation of Sphere to cosmic Mirror has Creation with evolution at it's hem,
these morsels of corrective volumes announce to the past that the future is indeed life not death.

Stretching the tombs to gratify only the pocket books of Religious dogma in fare,
has made baskets of Minds in the slivers of cuts that have left only jagged edges to stern,
the Wheels of carriage in the Vastness of Cycling have depth to every aspect of selection,
to further part verse for the benefit of inducing fear as to terrorize the Mass into the seduction of debt,
by strength of percent I state that All life in application of All lives is important to lanes.

So as to encourage the momentum of existence to this Time and to this Place I remind,
the care of Earth herself has been at the drama of Humanity and it's drilling purse,
the extinct have provided Oils to deliver fuel by a Society wanting to excel,
the price of these transfers has been the destruction of our own environment,
this is not a good example on how to care for what has afforded the provisions of breath.

During the reign of Mankind to the height of it's infamous desires to exalt,
the conditions of that extreme have both brought knowledge and price of such to accounts unpayable,
destroying the most incredible natural environment that has hosted our lives,
while Nature is directly related to our Footprints via fossil or verses present,
is is our Choice that brings light to fruition or death by decision,
regard these simple notions as Mortality is a given Infinity is a living. 


Trace this wisdom carefully as reason is of birth to the challenge on the born,
in causation of the errand at the basic of the pram is bearings of the sheer,
knowing of the caricature with in each of unique the common of the rare,
towards thought of by the compass that directs are self to dock.

As the Universe is of an understanding to the Elemental of life in Self,
a treasure to the Fire as the Flame is of the belt,
to stealth in increased starters that Origin with a galaxy to far surpass the shelf,
be warned from my personal composure that judgement is not for Humans sell.

To the gentlemen that most Handsome Zone in San Francisco known,
the kindness and the compassion to showing intensely honed,
for in the walk of lives to date all since that direction,
I have only experienced rape and bins that orchard to themselves.

No growth to Centuries of Whom is what in naturally at Show,
for these many understood more have been destroyed by sudden death in blows,
chain this link to your think and know the words are meant to be,
in form of what is Comprehension of every Human Being,
remove the basic nature to a person or a 'Thing',
that what will rise from this contention will be the beast of ring!!

From the charge of heritage at-large I state in plain for All to read,
that venue of a built design has lived this gingerly,
for that is the proper of the fact that All do this one same ride called Live,
it's known as a Race but in that course it has killed by force every living difference,
shall the popular not be of public Mind to know the existence of closed doors,
than I shall personally introduce Myself with every writing sting,
for in this simple Spine the experience of life not fine,
has held to certain particular truths that will equal to the Vine.

Do not negate the words of late as Tunnel Vision creates the blind,
my life has been a pavement that my face has shown the sign,
in this I state implicitly that safety has never been an extension of Religious property,
for only threats of sanction speaking by the fleecing while drowning on the planks.

Scratch your head if you wish to be the deal of some stipulation,
should Humanity be your interest than be not frozen with your bred,
comfort from hugging more that Sums and dead,
are easily surprised by acceptance of the said.

To counter with the Bell at basic in the lead,
mark this date with all The Fates realize that Life is Life in deed of body with it's Head,
an absolute in Ancient rings are hear to bring the knew,
that All have a place in standing for the Truth.

Don't Be A Cold Shoulder In This World Of Chills

To be of consistent measure with true belief in the innocence of Truth itself,
Twin Flames are still spoken for in every forum of Understanding the release,
shallow Minds that question Eternity with Infinity in The Continue are not privy to The Source,
with comprehending The Journey to many changes that charge to the eclectics of Survived.

As to be of character in knowing the grasp of attention to the actual in the doing,
is remembering that energy is exactly that in itself on communication of Being.

As makers of gossip to the determination of quits I will settle your inquiry with only one whip,
I love Men in that being fact I state there are many roads to Roam & the status of That Venue,
as remember the like of Man to the vice of What pornography that is enjoyed,
is not the same`same in reverse to the ever watch on Tube.

Is not passion made from being laid out in the open the scene exact,
for I would be small in admission to deny myself such pleasure of stimulations,
so judge if you shall and remind The World of these words,
poetic in riddle is the answer in curl,
for safety is girls best friend in every single other begin,
foremost to that information is believing that I am not threatened by only one's end.

Hence be the favorite to History and it's Records,
as Time is Ages in Change and/or Charge,
for The Baths in the city of San Francisco in deed gave me peace of mind in real acceptance not denial,
that patience in Men whom could identify the fear and the loss of innocence repaired this life,
in order and with calm Men brought an easy to the strife of the done happenings in my own youth,
for this example of How to not be troubled but bring education to my life and enhance the Improv,
by maintaining balance with direction not a Hammer and a Nail for the Cross.

Now Thats Passion @Thebes

The beauty of the belt on the obvious in style has gone past the clue of read,
in action on the stage of making out an ounce of The Wow to application of Cause,
that missing piece in Textile was answered with a seat for in the minute after a key,
as buttons are forward to The Shirts of such a coat the cycle of a craft is always a Hold,
so answer with the ribbon of whom must kiss the after for as the thought goes Christmas a sleigh.

Off go the edges to make the funny picture that I'm so glad I'm not involved with any at all,
for sweets to bitter lessons of many I did know speaking faster Faster to quick the bike at show.

But that's alright for it is tight to held in this pose a sort of ever after picture to know the Vow of close,
thanks for the reading it's been such an Award and as the big Prize captures it's just another board.

The notches in the belts are made by each a Hand applauding all the measure of Milena an stand,
simple to the sides of being that aware to admission of the passing flight in punishment I swear,
not to exclude finality by a send in Cheeky smiles,
it's more to rub the Entire dub as mention comments scrub.

Oh gosh the darn is such a barn that tickle my fancy win,
the curious to back and forth it's really just a send,
no cast could Character this big new Fan of whatever happens less,
for as the standard of the speak is no longer on the keeps.

Breaking wind as settlement to what direction ends,
as register is on the leap to be that next big Thing,
I must just grab my sides for a bent to let relief,
understand that laughter can be healing from beneath.

The simple in the done is more than asking from,
deliver this with a kiss and know the cheeks of fun,
at the base of personal to decide the itch is On,
in between upper Means well that's the brass its Bronze.

Bye Ways Of Propaganda War Bonds

War is based on Need to Want that containment in building Fences and destroying Walls,
the vast divide is know addition as The Religions add to their Mass in congregated to bytes,
in the modern day of Technology The Watch is based on 'Policy' or 'Stipulations' of Pace,
the aspect of The Miser towards weapons or the belief in the Fact of already doing done.

While WWII was of great lesson to the dictation of standards being consumers,
is the daze of method to the leg of completes the Teacher or the Student of grasping,
as method to logic prefers to be of survival than does the reach become the Stand,
is the knee in bent walking or saying March to that beat of the Signs that symbol an Asset.

Does the building of destruction thereby consider the built by design to Creations purchase,
do the Tracers in the sky live to bomb the person by Place or symptom to disaster on the horizon,
can the read Verse be so constant that the ladder to the deck of Shipping News be a Bannister,
is the steep to the Mountain speak of the Valley or Bridge the Factors to show the Falls.

In the view of eternity does Infinity breathe the circle or the Vat of division to conquest,
on the curtain of sleepers with the latest Menu of price in doing or concealing the Tribal cost,
at brush in the write on the World in is wobbling to the Poles of changing by tides Ocean in risen,
can the dams hold that Flood of satellites in the glancing drawers of collection.

Boots to the pleasure of less through stimulation of fear via Terror has brought what in the price,
a litter of Files that profile Whom as the book of Wells in Year to apartment perking Flat soles,
as empty is the station of identification touching the hot irons that shape to core blankets,
smoldering are the Coals in the ember fires at basic and Primary colors of the grounds of deceit.

Shall the pitcher of score be in the Water or the Salts that evaporate the Oceans lockers,
cause to fright the evident plause in deaf Herds is left to the actual of gathering Test on spook,
an eye to eye contact that squares the shoulders to bring the body to the feet of composure,
is singing along the primrose path not paddle to understand the garden of definition.

Does the Clam of the settle in only doing what is expected not harvested for the jewel,
are diamonds not rocks in rotary dials of the Volcanic platter on the steady of exposure or burial,
is the pressure from the Fit to the composition of the gross profit dollars blacking sold,
in the Ink of saddle a brand name is burned into the leather of the Flap for a plate to screwed or Tack.

Is the motivation to Name & Number from the Original Made in effort envelope or for precisions,
inasmuch does the Value of said product drop in measured ability for the ample of provides,
can the sample to the Print be the crayon of the paints or the pen in the key to a Digit on Scene,
from the grain of rice to the sands of beaches is the potter Clay or A Maker of the jade.

Purse the pockets to dim the light is a Skull and Crossbones of warning The Sailor or is it Pirate,
can life be so brought that Meaning to what is real is thrown to the harvest of the Orchards at kite,
a floating raft or in thinking be after is the Visual competence to know the before ask History of dues,
the sharps in the flats of Music make Sheets to sing the words added to Hear the intention of the Moves.


It just takes a spark to ignite the decision of done,
for The World has been at battling from Girth,
the Years amount to Nothing for The War has already been Won.

As humanity has drooled over the drowning torture,
each person of every condition either or's,
addition or subtraction equals solution of only the popular in frame.

Throughout typed understanding read bars of rations,
the feed to the audience is controlled by the auditorium,
the symphony using Panels politicians using Pitch.

Control of The Mind on present condition is 'In Process',
from application to reality of the graph at slight of hands,
committee this to circulation of denial or acceptance under lined.

Truth holds the greatest and most intense Hi regarded as Value,
the crowds that separate per division to Race of Shades equates,
a union of agreement has not come together at the round table but rather The Block.

Thus either building to construction of specs or moving as a cart without a horse,
the mortar is the Think of Wares to bearing of the Watch in the leads,
a sticking of know stamp has replaced the carrot as the treat of Application bye checks.

For in sight of the old adage that lumber to the rock and plow anchored a Mule in cow,
encouragement for the work was sugar cane to the grains in the rows of The Palm,
a nut that is cracked has fallen or busted 'cause of The Ballad or 'cause it's Time.

Tribal Law

The Talons of the breath of life is in the fish at see,
for in each of the body form are lessons on the lease,
a branch denial to the swing or the soaring flight,
is the claw of discrimination on the menus dike.

A plug to Vow the Old Pact known in this I'll be a Speak,
for in the understanding to the Cycle of the Sheep,
flocks that fly the Skies to mode the direction,
of same is said to be that Human Insurrection.

Raised amongst the simpletons in truth it is denial,
for running in the bed of done is tons The Lot of Stiles.

Pasture for the finder in feeding of the Horse,
gates to know that bigger things are driven by The Force,
in worth to the hasp it is the Hinge supports,
for on the Peg of knowing Wood that dowel is in port.

Ships built by Hand and Man and Women whom did care,
it was a Team in working out the problems on the Fare,
is Circus for the Blunt denial just that example chair,
for in the fact of what is done the convenience has been wrung.

A ride to sink the nail in right between the aye,
a still photograph of setting sun to show the Smoking sign,
a plan in midst of Marriage done to talk the after of abort,
a mission on the Bell Fro of a Singer in a sport.

To bash the hammer is not a skill for good fits are still Set-Ups,
as he so eloquently graced our eyes with how the sexual pets,
yet in this At Last of reveal it's more to his switch from deal,
gambled with a life at sit for making more a Shield.

As the method always rocks to the stone at Bay of home,
a sadist is the best of phone to shut the bet on won,
for in these conversed laces James has spoken ton,
dumps of what will be from all that he has Sung!!

To know that this is the Metro of the *Come, 
a spool of thread to say it's bed so that the Covers rung,
warming up on Tits and stuck add the Salty drink,
a margin for the Poppies and a country pun kenned for the grunge.

*spelling accepts discretion as the better part of Valor.


Indoor/Outdoor lightning the Thunder in the sleeping slates of energy while travel,
a crystal ball to the Cross a locket inking pockets of Walls and Shows,
hand speak with Cell Phones on digital tells with speakers in the Mused of colds,
headband Singers lyrics with tunes starch letter brisk Testing emergence of soles.

Crisis in the station of Circles and Clothes shaping on the lineage at casting the throws,
in cycles of Humanity the purpose of controls has often been in say on the dead of deathly knows,
treating to the other of the side in prepositions a Trance for the which the church or the switch,
alters with the Candles lit are same to sit for fitters striking matches as laying noisy catches.

The arms of the separation seem to reach the limit by seeking in the fountains of ribbet,
in memory of actual a Coven to the state I was told by Congregation that this was the foil,
setting on the Number of Thirteen by the Nose to than divide the Mental place in sakes of the soils,
blended with the Marriage yet brought torn to every seat Means of casting pearls to Stone Hinges boot.

Care to be of wisdom the Warlocks know their life as I was told in additional by a Witch in sight,
asking how was she aware of her status Life she said in gentle art that she'd been born that very tight,
looking for the confirmation eyes to eyes by facial place the recognition truth,
for why would one lie about the Ribbons and the loot.

Odd in said was belief that change to Charge religious bar for this exampled slate,
for in the admission of the application slight she was told to renounce her very own birth rite,
in this I listened full be well for scary does have Tooth but I did say in frank response don't do the kill,
moment time to Minute Notes for this important place is of a simple path deny,
it seems the constant of the dowel a slippery slide in sash to show that you're a pied Piper on that dash.

Powerful images for all Religions Craft to five the star with Chant in car or on the drive of gaft,
sparks flying entry form touch pew or the broom to shore a simple corn with field is the Pilgrim,
lessons on the overrun to dump the faith on tripping clay with disease and death,
invitations to the Whip and Cracking it on deed.

Eventful times with no good sign that one out did the other kind,
yet in our growth to further chore the mention is of Core.

Percents in difference to the practice of at Human Play,
should one be correct of crime the other be the cover,
as The World is of proof to being by what does signal Self,
is respect for actively on bets that Spirits rack often in return,
is it just that one group says hello while the other looks to track & posture all dead fact.

Mystics on the preaching Flats those aims to seek destruction,
is there not a talent came that says it's All in days of looped,
so one can learn to respectively provide either in the corporal sides,
or is just the want to be in selling jade and dies.

What to the Individuals born to know themselves,
without the designation raced to converts and their bells,
could indeed a Natural see that same to exact of truth in birthed with tools,
as once this lady advised me that it was sewn to Truth of school,
the heritage that blood is thicker than the water based Wine.

"don't remind me there is nothing ewe can do!!"