Monday, February 24, 2014

Shadow Echoing

The eyes that never grow old,
the clarity that never dies,
the worth of every life,
the depth of simplicity,
the revolution or a guide?

To build a road, no longer necessary,
breaking this link with humanity,
no connections made,
the dial tone trades.

It is the bitter chill in the air,
that snaps the chain for repair,
not naturally; Inevitably.


The day is bright and offers each human being an opportunity to live this life to the fullest.  The advancement of all that is now surrounding our each and every day amazes me.  So many gifts have been presented to humanity and yet the World is still under such great stress.  People are not smiling, laughter is missing, reality is overlooked. 

Hello Friend

The truth of existence,
liberty of life,
happiness and laughter,
the birds chirp!!

The human touch,
a smile speaks,
a comforting voice,

The better or the worse,
views of droves,
found in signs,
the mirrors of nature.