Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Ultimates Care

Blast read off to snail Tale of the Hows to fresh the bale,
the peep show that a Man does POE in last He is the stroke,
of luck His bit the broach to dope the Fen of ready rail,
a track so fulled with Hit exacts the steady in the Throws!!

Verse that back to birth in knack a Rite to date of Astro,
the sky did fall upon the appalled that simple need to grow,
a Den to stair the stirrup share that Irons Age with Scope,
a Collective of the Carts that Pole to wade in midst of State!!

Elemental testify to witness that the bricks are lacks,
a latter in the aftered math to calculate the spreads in tack,
a prod in pull or fact flew score the equaling is goad!!

Tout that empty shout to plenty as first to second says,
the gift of bait was steel in trait than wait the T-shirt tease,
as Jeans and Cross will Albatross to Eggs the Face of Snooped,
a Keep that spoke of every dope the knicker of the Neigh no Joke!!

Respective of the real love that comes with lots of hope,
like dreams that be a Wishful glee to breathe the better soap,
those Men whom know that Letters glow with greats to free the grim in Tree!!

The Wild of Natural in Original does hards to believe,
that clean is valued to the Being of bringing a Message of loving Leads,
not destroying for the carry-on in faking pretties with a Song!!

Consider Time Scaped

The Beast with this is spurring list around the lives of lived exist,
blocks that build a bigger Dill the perfective of a riding skilled,
a Show for 'Act' is not the Real as reality does know the blows,
rough and deeply seeded in the birth of always know!!

Be hence the value to the Site of written to believe,
an Innocent does say so theirs in fact I state you're beep,
the horn of measure put to lever a gear that spun the stow,
a path so form in bites of corn a kernal ranks the Cob as bank!!

Accountants shall breathe in a born as oxygen feeds the deed,
the Man of went and fell the spoke in a pictured bead!!

The Game of Trust Me win 'It' came be forward with the sneak,
a width to girth in belting lore as if the 'Blank' could be!!

Stage-Up louds to many Tau's the Teak of barking peal,
an Apple for the Orange in Sake did bust the end for bred,
held to Vice the Grip entice until the Fellow frauds the Iced,
a skid to scrape upon such late it took the Destined by the Nape!!

Triple striked through that's the Knight of said but can't in prove,
a Six Pack pull the belly roll just hides the present Shrike!!

Dungeon broughts by Video Lots in Singing Scape of Echo,
the shadow Keep a Lair of Steep too Climb would be the Feat,
no concern does mark this learn the trouble was mere to spurned,
rather que the absolute than weak my Mind to never pined!!

Sway the difference in loaded bile a strap of leather moves,
with holes so punched it shorts the hunch to warn the Self of knew!!

Limp the hobble as brake a leg a Wish in Coins the Fountain play,
scrib the letter in a Tether than link the spare as a brave,
the Curtain lilts the chords to shelved a bind in Man can Never!!

Skating bergs much the melt to Ocean blue the Ink in stew,
a Tap to snap the quick released as 50 Shades of Purples pinked!!

Too knot the discipline of search defeat in travel skip the stink,
holds to journey in the Quest that Life has been and shall be Lest!!

Craft that off to debtor lost a stair cased band while traitor fanned,
the breezy grates to shift the states for best is speed of takes!!

Crystal Clear

Shore the beach to Sand the oyster back it's Pearl is sewn in truth exact,
the grit of the word to the tongue of the heard annouced the curt,
so blunt the cut was ready luck to curdle the sour souped,
a frothy state with a Head in place the shouldered of the boot!!

Tray this served in Chill of stirred the Ice to Warm the Firey decorum,
quiet the tip in clues of whip growth for know that B.D.S.M. is bow,
stood-up with the identified stuck as the heavy of the leading,
down the roads to pave the Crow not streak the codes!!

Held to Self in Central belt a grip in details have missing preps,
a work-up with the Scrolls not Hows do Wall the paper Mind,
like mach speeds the rocket keys as Man just busts a Nut,
the cracker of the Shell is lucked to Hide the Breach of Nature ducked!!

Training zeal the sky to Real a Pore of the Origin in vast supports,
the Ancients in their Teach & Tell a finger strokes the bell,
the strongest squall is the fully brawled to the board of the Mat in well!

What to Owe the bill of Show a Venued Place in a stolen Case,
the cuts of sewn to be the thrown of a Fire in a flame of known,
kept at the Bay for.............I don't know Say,
a time in less than broughts!!

Shave the whisker mow the Hare the Cotton of the plaque is dots,
the red type ball that dances tall a follow the leader in a blow,
the ticker of the tape is boned to read the 'morrow as a stone,
at Granite Press to Inking Crest the brain is Intelligenced loans!!

Draw speak to ply the nailing high deaf mutes are in the brine,
perk the caught so guilt will pot the Kettle of the other lined,
in shoots of dosed with opened lopes the rabbit hopped in with the Vote,
one for Aye, two for Ayes, three for I have Kinds!!

Dancing Waked

The breadth of any Keep is the hide in plain Site of the discover as Lot,
verse the team as know I in the spur of the bourne to verbal knot,
the spree of the Any towards the brought of the Now clipts scot,
a see from the before in the fact of the Actions prop!!

Yowl to the Cryer a speed to the scratch an inch of the Miles,
the queer to the nerve of spinal in wroughts venture do piled,
joint in a quirk the Ell of a thought as know roam to the written each spot,
declare rates decision as heated explosive the Pot shall the molt of goldened in caught!!

Keeling as sail vast the delve to the rite in the fire of the flames sparkings of bombs,
no plug to pulled for the hand -held is driven by the remind of the steeps,
crimson in title a decide after inked the press too's the keys a stroke it locked,
glasses that speak in the mid of a teach professor the churn in the sift of a Neat!!

Tongue in the quiet as the seat of the Jeans know cheek is the double back in a squirm,
credit the Voice in soothing to Ode whilst Naut will not change 'cause decisions are so,
down to the Under in the sharking of thrown the Task of the bait is to catch out a Fate,
destined to Singular ves' skate the plate!!

Trounce to the stickers as glue in the Nape of a brilliant delight to ache in a Sate,
prevailing bonks on the head or the knod classy to break the steady of late,
rating to capture or bound in the twine a care full bravado sings to oop's take,
the stage of in meaning that fickle is taste for dress does accompany while scooters just say.

Leveled the play to coring the boar with handles that grip for the ride of a crave,
pickle the brains as the study of steal will only behavior an interpretate of desking the state,
traits of the broom that wisk it to Room as profiles Tell the tisk is a loom,
all in the revertant that do seeking crew!!

Back~Bend Grades The Clepes

The span in the hand of the pass in a jig says to the Rig it's been a due digs,
the thanks in the fan to spinning of glib voiced to a lead the wilds are be,
dancing to Moon never in looms for the looped is the Nature of Outside of/their Reads!!!

Brought for the calculus equaling sum divides into greater the treasure of lung,
the breath of the carried with the stature of say,
will remain to as supplied for the core of the ride!!

Dimples to Written it has been a Win for better to have said than never be lead,
for the resting of came with distance in lame creative design allows Seer in blinds,
all in allowance as the World is a ballet that Votes in the what Ever's as Stay.

Chain the right to the verse in the bite a tooth of a favor to the Talent of played,
dealing Cards thus the Joker is Wild the kept of the deck of a rubber Bands cray!!

Pause to the klutz the skip of the paddle as the ore of the Mind loves the rattle!!

Coy be the role to by the control that a remote scene is best go Means,
recounted portrayed a picture ewe blow in shopped All to bide a Carrot in Spied,
stick to the Crop of the feel that stopped any at aught it's a shield to Taught!!

Lessen the movements to lyrical loads providing the sample entirely shows,
grounds as the Face to the while it's replaced,
in bare I would state the trade is a date!!

Back Too Basic Tooled

'The Continue' a X truths the global Convergence of a Way to sake a Thig of Hello,
the pass of the record to Ask the Answer the quest of More in an Announcing a Court,
the shied believe that as a Being to accomplice the evidential port of more than,
to the comprehended of do in the Thought in Idea of greating the knuckled lend!!

To Hands of Sense or the Wrinkle therein relies of the Factual compassed exacts,
heavy loads to counter growed a youth in a bone that speaks to a Tone,
a verbal vibration in the Creative lineation bringing view as not just die,
increasing able the Seen or a Cable preludes Verse performed in burst!!

Gaining the Gates as thresholds choke weights the cantilever gets a Saddle to cruise,
the broader of dooring as the equal of shoring a water pour valve to the twist of a shout,
decks built as Jetti reaching a stet would pier to the distance as a watchful reset,
adjusting the see as the flow of the breeze gathers the storm as an energy form!!

Pass of the difference into the roads of the shame puts force to the best footstep to brain,
scoring the board as the Mind in reframe reverts as the Think in a drink of such brinks,
the obvious Clift as a Note to the Brook rolls the pebble in took as a smooth type to shook,
many a few thus leaving the blue as colours per place an evident case makes Veins the per lace!!

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imput the spice a taste for the Nice be formed as the Salt of a peppered each life,
dissolves in the midst of the effort forthwidth accepts the divides as digs that bill Hide,
churning the Lamped brassing the bulb wood to burr hold strikes fire to Mold!!

Flicking the Switch without Gender in Hitch brings trusting to ends as beginnings did ditch,
grit to the Iron of Ages in Skeet a Rifled be Lot the Breathe is 'Just' taught too sever as besting,
cloth to the weave of similar leaf waters the know that seasons are scopes that right the corrective,
measure the rhyme with rhythming shine a black-eye does Neats to the Beacons of Leads!!

Charter the Course to a Touring Door the Audience Review shoots to those opened reviews,
stating the put in the complex of look here is the every in each of their care,
speaks on accounts that is banking the Mount to the sparkled in found a roaming in spook,
crater the gorge to the mountain of lored the hill would slip bye in such with booth!! 

Park Stayed Pole

The Base of any Jump that Calculates a Decide trusts the mechanics of the Feat,
a practiced affair while the World does dare to Account for the never Scene,
the chance in the 'If' or the 'Argue' of the won't is mere to the Opportune too!!

The barrel in the Thought has a Treasure in the Root as the Wood of many cotes,
basic idea relief is a borrow for it remains to truth the Sort in Lots from catch,
the caught while Go is the gaming Know a Chest that hinges reads to Show!!

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the Noise of Herd acts Forward Turned to back reverse in gear of Tuned the Am,
expressive holds as Words the Fulled to breadth the Can'ts as been!!

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the sail of the built design whales as 'If' but 'Lefts' the ply penned a chalk of dried,
a human race to finish trace bye bartered off the numbered cost an egg to create bee Hive!!

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to Circle Hell in Site of Rite an Affinity works the Sign of Infinite to understand the Bell,
a Toll to Spline the Whelp of Leans presents the Congruence As'ed 'The Continue' deeds!!

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que argue as a pursue points to compass in the do closer near than farther to,
the needle of the free spins at Not from early brought oft the Creek as Rivered Wroughts.

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the spider crawls in Web of Malls as Shopping precludes the facts as knacks too read specific dot,
the I in Zing or the Tee in gulped will not prevent the providing lent that ease to bringing shot!!

A Messenger cross Speak the X Why the Zee does simple in compressing the language as Addressing,
the Names of dead values lost to the Ancient Past a Century of very buried in tomb to be boomed,
the future Nowed the cross is crowd a Church to Mass these strange in brained the copy of the Pow!!

Shock to horror the story Fars the bleak to tars an Oil of smear opposing bier syncs to stear away,
honest brights are lessons lights as flashing sparked the fire lark to oh the Well in sank the dark,
booking back to my exacts the Elemental Volunteer doth while People Peer a Complete in Absolute to Leered!!