Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lo Bose Creak

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in that is the Cart to the harness of a Yoke and the bridled Horse in Plastic,
to trigger that Bridge is a Fellow to a bisque Potatoes in the drew Berry gone a Tark.

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talk on the Television of the Mind in the movie Owe what a Task!!

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team of that is the grange on Ranch dressing for the Campfire a Big Hello knight!!

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shall the beach go to Sand and the Sea ocean scout Whom is the fish Urs of granders and bake,
patty Cake egg add a bit of Tray venue this tunnel with the Silvers on the Lake.

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free Way with Debt that rib of the Snap garden to the Plumb and Sprout the beans to grape,
with Vine Yard on the Wine a barrel inch the Skate icy Indifference the Add dress buy Nope!!

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grass is the Mow said and crumbs Just liquid lath,
cry until the Tiers make bakery by bay`d Not One person Cared and I travel in the Wake!!

Dig down with Glove to crown that bit of Crown`d,
start to this marker the Tits and the storm,
as One is for the Numbers And to is from the Corn Three is the game of Base ball grown a Stone,
tale Echo farmer the Almanac hedge Hog leather banks to Scar`d and tummy is a born,
squabble with no Tongue language learns Wic piece,
march with the Graham and dust is Measured reese!!

Chalk ah let with box to sprite and bubble with the Sad,
clothes on the living and Crumpets on the dead,
may this song of little difference Be Heard of salt to Stern,
guiding better than I am to hugs and listing lead.