Saturday, February 28, 2015


Day of the party to the doctorate of persons all in the institution of policy far far a Way,
to the future technique of listen to your gut in the absent mark of the pill U laugh pars,
swallow the sweat drink to the flavor for on the smoke settled it show a saddle Sword,
clouds above the head that in divisible clause to advertise the bankers of pharmaceuticals by large,
in their pant along to breathing in the coins of your posture of the acme cartons on the sleigh`n.

Mush says the spokes Monk to parted for the Priest in the absolute the Wine is grapes tup punch,
gravity to soap the leave with diarrhea squirts and a couple forward pose to death with equal dunce,
in the door of fountain pens a Pad with lights of lords for on the gas of Clone to talk cell phones got Cork.

Popular the handler is to busy as a Bee station for I.D. to license satisfactorily,
sneeze to the Saltie on the Sees of speak,
gourde with a Conch shall the People sweep.

Rakes that tinsel sound of the base Concrete,
to the dust of the shake that magnifies creak as the foot is stepped to the nestle of scoot.

A scope for the belly a hose for the Ass in ancient of the press the dock is All a glass,
sticks and springs with Minds like deeds to present giftly cure now that the disease is at the human ear,
the fraction of the multiple is core to this ink said,
the course of the curity is warrant for the dead.

That at throw to daisy Lo a chain to grass the spanking Stance to wide the skirt of score,
bill boards of the boo HooHoo is tiers that fraud is Up to nothing rather new,
in pardon of the Napkin Case a silver settlement,
to pork the Cancer for the breast I would bark the Tree at Fest!!

For should the Value of the brain be in the Considerment,
to type the sport to concentrate while on the elbows less,
than what would be Would be the what in that it is a Math to desk dancing to a zest,
the Mind so bumped to owe the fount that water wells would collect the port to natural exits bess.

As Haul in Would do the exceptional to have made in Film than binned cut on HBO,
for the importance of the Hand indeed was chopped from the Account on the perk,
to midst of Majestic with Blunts on the Thor of reality to dash the Symbol to Operator,
in call dark World this Globe of Snow blinding blind,
slashed are not the very Factions that direction ready shouts!!

The Fury^Ans

It was in the original scene of the latter of the seen that was edited for This Nation by ......
to crease the uniformity with Whom shall Knot the Call is of the link to the Signs,
as Watch is of Clock so is Restoration to the ........
the VHS, the Beta, the DVD still run the sake to Total under stood,
as thrift stores, garage Sales cannot ....
its left for the Seekers to Know that Coffee is of a Beanery from the Factories of Treed,
first shown than Cut not to fit but to Erase the idea of the Computation of An Ideal in Station`d.

Apple Fat

Mark the factor on the district of the park to a Concert of reality to my choir,
in the simplicity of compilation the foundation from the score to sing a door,
level frost with galactic send as the various of the themes grow to POTS!!

Second down with the Third to a row of A Fourth counter sew,
making best Creation of particular Evolution touch in the balance as shore,
with foot stop a block of the City by square at to the Math of the preakness deep lair.

Trouble nothing as this is no theory to Half passed at the circle of lines that did ryhme,
in bladder reduction the Vow of reduce is Math on the Times to subtraction of stair,
in a constructive Design to the timble be Dine`d less is the greater to an Elevators lull.

Earth people of Knot it Cold the sea of the strand is stringing a Violin to play the Opera`s hand,
trumpets to the Bass Guitar or the Viola bothered Harp,
it is in the EST Reside that Poles the Polar Pumped!!

Trade at Boss the Singer dice`d to eventual control As Set in the A Thor it Tee the Clubs of letter lost,
bringing pants to belt the Knotch one for the Ribbon talked Another in the Rock,
bend to a collection like a Radio for on the Field of the Corn its all about the Eighty.

Counted by the Grains of Said to equal of the Sounding Bell fire Larms and skating,
roller ball with eff a called to scout the game of dooring does not the shallow hall echo with a store,
Up to stop the Green is brought to educate a Sallow,
salt to speak the sneeze of chew is the Chancellor on the due`d or rationing a Subject,
question mark not in the part as comma is of range,
to explain would be the brain barfing up a lung to Jump the Violet of the done^it!!

Literary People

Truth conquers,
you come in the nick of time,
sweet eyes; tender gaze.

It is easy to be wise after the Event,
set price,
Pure & Simple!!

Love all Places: Everywhere,
a firing of blank ammunition in celebration,
a Writ to stay Proceedings.

The example of others by labor And honor,
divine law,
 by Human law the Law of Nations,
the Golden Mean.

A current scandal,
a rage for writing, a rage for speaking, in accordance with a Vow the Lion may be known by His Claw,
Troy was
We have been.

Those who come late to the Table find nothing but bones,
by honest pursuit and Studies every One has his Own habit,
may Earth lie lightly on thy Grave.

Let us be tried by our Actions,
with Full & Round voice,
O the Times! O the Manners!!

The downward road is easy punic faith; treachery,
in the Year of the World from the Soul,
the exception proves the rule.

In that state of which is was,
from Eternity,
from Before,
from Olden Time,
from The Beginning,
from Head to Heel to the letter with an even or equable Mind,
by Courage & Faith in Manner and Form,
to compare Small things with Great!!

By Sea & Land all things Change, And we change with them.

a Mind Conscious of Rectitude,
groaning deeply it has been proved,
where the law is uncertain, there is no law.

A case already decided the last reasoning of kings___arms,
as regards,
Sacred Things,
with a grain of salt.

The Age Of Tons

Of the Flowers lords
     When they descend,
And "there is no food"
      Is the burden of the Flower katun.
In his time
     There also does not come
The creation
    Of the Gods of hell,
The nine steps
     That descend,
The creation of the Flowers,
     Of the measuring stick.
Blue bird
     And hummingbird
Are also the spirits
    Who come down
When they suck the nectars of the
     The nine children of Flowers.
Then there appears
     The heart of the Flower:
Four branches
     And all the Flowers,
And there the sun priest is seated
     For the counting of the tun.
When that is done
     There appear the 13 Gods,
But they don't know them,
     Descending to the unfolded mat,
And arriving
     At the word,
     The Flower,
And the mat of the Flower,
     And the mat of the Flower,
     And the yellow throne.
Za Uin
     Is seated:
Envy is his gourd,
     Envy is his plate,
Envy is his heart,
     Envy is his mouth.

A short count from:

The Ancient Future of the Itza: 

The book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin

 Translated and annotated by Munro S. Edmonson.

Dr. Zeus

To brier the thorn as the crown of the Thistle is to short the stand to a count left of sand,
for the salt of the drink is in the fountains that had now in the minute an hour is snow,
eating delight with bitter sweet Nectar the breadth of the Tiger and the liquids a sizer.

Cause long to crumb with a bird as the Hum whistle a verse the simple be purse`d,
a breast of Chicken the tongue of sling language at as^per the vocal in priest,
granule sugar with shown to the bean additional sound is the echo of crowned,
a come to Storm & Stress, Poetry And Truth; Fiction And Fact.

Surely the stature of Pyramid row at lease will be the garden for sew as whom needs a scratch,
under the covers on the length gone to weight Tonnes that rose with the work forward neigh,
travel a sky to reach no cur tale magnet  to pulled the earth will be known by the bound.

Explosive dial a Star for the a while to have the drill represent the future of boar,
a shallow of Humanity stood dial with grip yet for the sign busy the cause felt effect.

Mountains of barrels the dry faddle of or to Cock on the hen is the egg of the sigh,
as all do Must eat to exist from the Month unless of course its the 8th talk that toots,
all about forgiveness understanding and Peace but rather the proof is a study disease`d.

The cure of the sandal has proven to be that settlement day of multiple prayers,
has not brought the Wisdom of stopping deplore,
the particular fitters have Outfitted Hell.

With no Iron or Brimstone just hammers at plug even the sledge could not muscle it's smack,
without the Modern convenience of Sun electrical mechanics would have exhausted by grind,
waving the effort to more difficult than dime doing as that particular faction has done for the give.

Neither need I mention to the Anunnaki locale of a Tell ancient Mesopotamia currently still,
with clip claimers art to the edge ram of Start how often the area is prone to their can'ts,
measure the Rivers mush with the Sands digs that do Times Tables to avenue thrills,
but that would not be a wore ship to Sea as any of denture would Map for attention not had. 

Complexion I Write I A Nan Ah

Radio play by the airwaves know that in month on the few a song has sung through,
the capture of the beat to the chorus of the theme a stanza that made the power of Thor,
as I am not a big purchaser to the recording business done the fact that elevators are around,
at speech with the salt to a bearings on the thought I heard yesterday the song it did play incoming rein,
the engagement of the reason to look for the lyrics thinking it timely to sing the words for the farm,
as I embrace to the instrumentals a sword to the dagger and the stage with a Tell.

As no one would be aware that I preach in voice to the tune with my own rendition,
loving the instrumental to sing my heart away as the car is a place that allows for such display`d,
the free fear flying to match the passions left as the producers made movie for the tuck.

The fact on this blog many roads to Blob a creature such as I have put forward Future saw,
in the mist of tears that eyes never see a trip to the car makes for acoustic relief,
to treat a door by slamming out a world that does sit to hate I vocally sing for any all that king.

The hard core compassion that I bury deep within is kept in hidden as many have been lend,
carrier of pigeon in a world that does dough the simple and the rarity of beautiful came to grow,
in the lyrics with a thump reason on the turns to hug the wheels of my car with each and every learn,
the magnitude of passion that ran my blood to coil heating with the candle of a flame touched by Roy^all.

In video of watched in the final see just yesterday to reading of the words that powerful believe,
asking nothing from the Globe a perfect memory to burials of Wonder to finally hear the scream,
at the basic of the stun the song heaved an incredible factor that just grew my lung to sleeve,
treasures often carry through with the level of the gear an Automatic is my car a beamer with a tune.

To gallons of the shedding cheek water salted Seer, looking to the road in sand the dirt of mud in deeper,
the radio on satellite had felt the passion strong but with the tube of words that worth its purest light a tongue.

As people in this symbol charge my Mind in from a youth, painful is as the truth is painful like obtuse,
this brought to my leg the knee I know I talk as human beings have been destroyed so has the Castle locked.

The Moat that protection scales to sing with what is personal invitational entry with a bit of discus,
the founder of the sport of love in my life so sound the best of Men in the town taught me how to love,
thee odd in point to driven learn was kindness thorough with a same to join the union cuddle,
being shown that love is more than garbage and the dime signed tuttle.

Quarter charge with pennies large a fountain that is Oceanline`d these Ages of the Times,
gently taught to bankers cart the love of showing hugs are stars in the midst of candor,
simplicity to explore the face that grins a smiling lead is really what this world needs to heal,
but as the wheels go round and round perfection has been grounded down to death by fuckers spar.

A word to Up the finger stuck is why my hand does represent a Five digit fairly well by Sailing,
for as the World has crushed the Turing`s so has the part been transfer heart to believe the show as were^leans,
the cowards whom must beat and shoe kill to stretch the freedom, of liberty, health and I love you`s,
are the ones that are so jealous that perfection hath a partner in the best example of loving by etude.