Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tiers Slate

In audio of Nature the charge is loud to the action Heed,
to the score of land mass the spur of Movement is hell in it's Deed,
the noise of Creation blasting heat to molten rock complete spans`,
as the raise to platter in the sink of watering the fluidity is breadth in Speak,
trippings shell in the arm wide open a Pearl is in the makings of the Feat.

String of thesis in the Feed show the counter belly slide in the Cleaner,
as the snake is river lead the tree of all to Keep Sure,
in the flash of stark on light will the place be big to blight,
asking Know one that may be brave to sneakers,
enter Court of the slight as the Deck cast Beep Herd.

Sigh Rinse

Rumple Still Skin

The calculations that numbers represent in the additional text is the perfect description to erect,
the broad band of a vocalist in the presentation of thought to consider in Cork is knowing the bottle,
as the spray of the ocean Wave is felt the breeze is what has carried the swell,
to the Wake in the rise of the froth there are granules of sand being filtered to the beach walks.

Foot prints to that are slight to print dependent on the dense of the ground in base of the cliff,
to the Desert the bottom can be quick ask the blast of the builder in the Wall of protection,
to ride as fast on the wing of the Bat in cave do date the driven death is a counter weight,
in the Millions of bred now fallen the replacement has no gasp for the route of steer.

To wheel these Professors of learned information as straight eliminations the example of last,
in first the action to second the Act while third is the find of the wonder in reason,
the path has been destroyed not disrupted in such instruct from Nature as represented in the World today,
thus the Elephant to the tusk in the ivory of carving book outweighs the consider of the Live producing.

To the Albatross seed in egg shells that grease was burn an Island of worm barrel`d the stern,
without the rise in Feather and beak the bird has now returned to the Computer as a Tweet,
in the length described the Character of brief has returned to a similar on Wall speak,
read fluke to the chimney clean or the smoke of choking backs up to the home of seat.

Does the Avalanche create a volcano in advance of the Ancient passed to a Future in craft,
or is it the Glacier now frozen falling Sheets the glades that cut fast to a clearing of the Neath,
either the balance in disruption has been burnt by the short for is this Recollection of before,
reminding that Cycles have rapport with bringing the challenge to learn for more.

Directing all towards a singular whale will I.D. Moby Dick as a chore to the beast in language,
trails to beacon the Lighthouse of life taught that the Watch is particular to the Score,
should the day entail only bursts from dinosaur delivery than the script would be kept coal`d,
as the limit to the Oil is per barrel by price trending demand however that is the process 'cause limit Caps.

The search to the solar purses the sun as a distributed factor to ask the Water shed for leap,
mechanically driven concrete in dammed the lake in fill of the Pond is still bound by the Venue,
the system to Order as the science in mortar has now reached not for the Stars but want in land,
rocket that blast to Human carriers the product is a Barrier unless the Money majority quicken.

To sync the bill as a Mapping of the angle a study to Planet has not stopped nor prevented a step,
smash the dirt on any earth what is the flight in the Cost if the cost is impinged by fear of debt,
the shores on any said craft are in Stilled by the demand of counter fed to the Cloister of lead,
product entertainment to reality the cache in the flow is bench coin to Fountain of shred.

Yes in the courting the testimony is learn to Study the Arm of bread,
as the chair of Necessary in the army of Control brighter lights are Role`d,
now count the progress with Original the branch of certain Tailors have been dressed,
art to Tassel level in paddle but the space of shipping is gross Profits that rattle charge'd.

Where is the valve of the pour in the Well of the root to the flow of the claim in the brake,
a stream to the River denial creates a Dam ask the ocean by the Sea,
in completion the rise is glacial in filling.

No Shore Floods 

Is It Languish

To sport an Acknowledge is in the Mint of exchange,
the basis Change true to the Decide,
in broad Spectrum the colors of Decisions are represented to the Rainbow Affect,
with the concordance bring Wisdom ask the script of the worth for the Index`d belief.

Repeat`d processions to 'The Altar' with Food & Drink what than is the Squatter,
the pier Nature of this existence to bore Scope thy countenance must stress reasonable text,
the growth of Understanding presented in left, right, forward, reverse is thereby a gear,
in the shift of Mechanics guard thought behaves in Theory of the Same in Extractions.

Future, Past, Present, Now in the Order of the numbering of Word language`d to sentence,
comma Paragraph too Verse chapter the book of card to a deck that brings the lift of Well,
in the cross hares of venture shake a Shadow to the tree creates a Shade with a fare,
for the seed of the girt has planted the growth of the work.

The cut of the Bough in the trim of the climb is still of the Trunk,
in the burl of Thick the rings clock Time in the line of Character a birth to information,
while Redwoods tower to the Stand of their wealth a story is in Tell,
sprouting fire burnt the Original bank will shoot out to Continue life.

In bark the covering of the fine grain the protection of the tender skin is notice`d upon removal,
as the scar will provision healing threw Fire that same branch will fail from rot if a contagion is loosed,
in the spark a bug will find leave should the wet be diapered in soak the bug will provoke live,
the counter of the Mind in the sauce of lesion must be provided Air/Oxygen to invest Real.

The constant of the Hand to the apple freight while desire is Scene must then Produce event in core,
for the weight to the born shoulder requires the eventual attendance to prosper with speech,
lead by example to crawl the start is the ability of the thinking that Movement is indeed talkable,
these bales of completion as chalked to probabilities equations equals the Actual in adherence.

The Burn Barrels

In the Face of never want to see,
nor touch nor speak nor hug nor hand of shake I class.

The turn of social grace to the Cliff of challenge as not a life of taken rather the View of gallons,
thus the Measurement not be forgotten for the Meteor to remind of the trust depth to call.

Amongst each reaching list may the sand Filter scale the note Calculate to flow spake,
awash in the mass of Four by Core source, origin the brackish vein to silt the Lake Moss kelp.

By breath in spur to width of scourge carve these words with Order,
in groove drain of Symbol claimed.

In barge Fire stoke the coals from the Flame Carse,
in thine fine the heated heavier a Metal grace,
pour this to true handle than spread Wisdom in skin as the sheen spear reflection,
in thus found be bright the 'morrow past in present as The World Caste. 

Would Read Cycle

The best instructive arrives at the beckoning of know answer via request,
in this follow trued understanding will Est. Year to date the road rate,
by mere time itself the hour clocks the hinds swing to the minute lock,
as the wind shall shift to the twist or the Whip count the beets Turned up.

Suddenly the ride of the at Tack grip the Idea of the leg on the rack,
saddle the back the hold is a Tract that is not Graded but stills the Wait,
in these secondary Moments of think 'The Held' is a tempering to bell,
reality has the obvious in doing the Plate work mold in Open Crock.

Bite down to expose the Feather in the word as Society kindles fire,
start on a walk with the Gentile shock in the pagan find all the goods,
mythology is a Myth so don't push towards the Fix` it,
the Story of belief is the Study.

In haul the Crest shall speak with Digital clever the hinge is a peek,
in to the under Dark of the core Creative for a point change Choice is few,
by demand and Receipt the paper of a sleet is as Icy as the water melting freeze.

The relation of myth, myth, myth a Generation to Spoke hubs at the Wheel folk,
why bury the News if the news bears complete in a Polar Venue.

Pressure Chest

Tour life with a tremendous respond to the Available design the Tire is bounding,
cycle in the Eye of Understanding the desire to engage comprehension in Can,
clench the fist that does not strike but gains the squeeze to Product frustration,
with the grab breathe to the Speak of the true for your hand has an opinion too.

Recognition is to bring the body of Brew to the equal calm in a whole,
with notice contract Mirror to additional know receive the Toll a listen,
the Ear of a kernel of Corn has a covering through peeled the Row teeth,
one bite leads to Consider one look leads to Work one action shows Achievement.

Creation grained evolution with You in Mind know unique for each blink the eyes,
to see with truth embrace Thought stream with conscious Self fail not,
from the base to the top the Trunk in the mid contains an Intestinal track namely The Gut,
leadership is also in additional gears that clench to spasm Ache to muscle and cramp to Flu.

Sweat Brows 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's A Saying

In general of General the Captain denial said Airport of loud,
in laws of such Fair the War of the Crowd is Military witness to Purchase of Now,
in seat on or of the Tank in the trough put a Placemat called Brain in the Case,
if I am at difference with Orders of dawn should than the Name reference a specific in Base,
to truth of the moment the referral did Talk all while the Human was Personnel to place,
in Boots on the ground to the Uniform cloud does the habit fly zippers in Army of Fowl,
the Bird nice the tweet for the chirping of cleat in buckled for perfect the Sentence is Keep.

Add the shortening to butter try Toast the badge in Authority came quickly to Most,
the flip in exchange to the snippet at Roast still in the flavor the Savory host,
trips to the News in the cast of a spoke driven with wheeled Idea of a gross,
Dick & Jane are to Smith or is it Wesson of vote the trigger for Bulletin is loaded on boast,
Colt never reaches the Age 45 from Horse to the Mount the younger of vibe,
in settle the heard to the ride in of Nerve my perfect deny said No to the Sure.

Yelp is review the Screaming Chef claim but is it the Can or the bettering gain,
put to the public the Clothes or the Cloth in cheese the protection is Rhine on the top,
wrapping the paper of colony read the been in the Lesson is a Letter on Shoe,
lace it with cocktail an Umbrella for brew the rain of the pour is a Shot to it's grew,
the Feet in a borrow as I won't go tend but put it to Practice I'll hide as I've bin,
not in complete but most certainly off Sheet to taper the Spank to a long distant rank,
sense Plato was Action on Social of see the Philosophy of meeting doesn't worry my Feat.

A shoulder to Shoulder I may feel compelled but than I'd just say that Fred Pebbles well,
for the Flintstones in Toon town or the Roadrunner clue in the coyote the Wolf had a view,
to paddle back forward in the bark of the dew is it a Clock or the Tree sap I stoop,
toast to the fry Pan for eggs batter Sweet as Maple to Treacle the recipe is speak,
one less problem with Hidden detail for on the Course dinner it's Salad of game,
toss in the Ingredient for Soup or the bread as the done eaten enjoy a good Head,
from Either to ether the teeth in the gear rotation is Central for the Spit of the Year!!

Acceptation Excuse The Birth Of the Phew

The Reed of the Marsh in the Test of a Time is not in the text rather on the bogs line,
in character the driven will submerge in the spill like oil is Nature on dinosaur Hill,
the Pits of the Tar that are bubbles with glug the sound of the Crude can be a big Clue,
should Ear of the Corn be a Textile too that Rows of the growth will grow Taller than you,
measure the Water for that Canals bank`d on the Porch of The Nile it came with a Lane,
in portions of Oats or canister grain the Watch for the Moth is in hulls of the Been,
cupboard the Meal than close it all in the stated will bug within the same Tin.

Strangely the Wild of naturally kept can show in the Taste that is sew is fed,
from stirs on the Plains to the swept of the way stand to the driven a Tractor can say,
growth for the Weather seed in the clay oh wait for the Dirt is the filtered in stay,
fertilize Crop with a Pick of the Came however Manure must Cure in the cave,
for piled on fresh the acid display will wipe-out the Field for it is to strong,
take years to the Months that add a shed long a bit of sunshine a Tarp and than song,
it really is done with the same kind of throng as farms that are growing the Fruit in land.

Harvest the Vegetable or beef up the Cow in Steers it's essential to Know the Bull stout,
as bulls in the place that Stock for the shroud getting along is just fine 'til the pow,
even at that rate the spread is in chow One per the Herd makes oddly a turn,
move all to gather the concentrate Vow worries of Slaughter brake energy bow,
the consider for Animals stocks that just Moo relates to their friends like Sheep in the Ewe,
horses or Tigers pride lions in loud put in the power of gun rifle`d Pow.

Again to the distraction from even to point the eyes on the step makes Stares in the joint,
an elbow of Book to the booth in my Know the difference exact in the Same I can toy,
flip in the Master replace with know how buckle me Collar & leash me to Tau,
I search as I'm running in loose of the Self held to the Mortal I still have a Vein,
whip me with Nine Tales in course of the Sound I'll ask of the Problem & laugh at the Shroud,
in games of the Mindful the scene is an Art either in different it does Stop at Cow,
the bar to the Restaurant Bannister Taste in the Cup of the mug I'd have to i.d.

B.D.S.M. grown little to now the Shades of the character is born in us too,
the smell of the leather the Mind in a keen lulling the Interest is booming while Key,
cart be for Horse harness a King bridle the Bit a tongue may be string,
wired with Barb the Cowboy will say that Fencing for Cattle is stretched at the Tee,
pound in the Post with a Cannon of host clip off the pull and the Wall is a choice`d,
operations that great giant hunk meat must also go Butcher to cut up the Keep,
in House of the doing the Movies are See to believe in the Process you must tenderize Meet. 

When Birds are not Be's But Bees Become Birds

As 'The Chapter' a brief in the Case of the well I ruff at a bark for the Horse is Lead tell,
in bookings of Pictures the mine of a Day a Ticket to talk on Blog of my block,
as four Corners earth are the Crosswalk on Turf too write is the Cycle of Equestrian Art.

A saddle with Pen in the paddock of known for the Farm had these Lessons as Wild bore feat,
the arena of Work was cleaning the Tack getting the barrel filled all the task,
as Stocks are certain to even up gates from birth to the Halter it's up to the Pace`d.

Stitches for Makers glue is the Paste the Brushes were very good in Post Haste,
pick a Hoof with a shoe in the Hand get the nail held between lips all as the forge is Hot with a tip,
hammer the bang by hitting the head in Rasp of the file be prepared for a smile.

The clip or the clop is easy to got as the street of the trail can lead to a Rail,
in the approach the mount of Importance is to become aware of how close is the dare,
as fun is to Rogue for the gallop of go the ride to the Beach the best long lied speech.

Jump a table that Picnic of plot in the moment of Capture remember to spot,
field of Polo the track of the Clock 'rounds that did make the Water on top,
streaming from eyes those pressured by whiz the faster the Minute just have a good grip.

With the hold of the Mane as various tame in 'The Show' it's more often the braids that must Vein,
the pulse of the Heat to a strong arm in Think great is the Look at on Deck for the took,
from Cross-country sweat to the lumber of leapt the Water-jump splash is the desk in a bet.

Plan for the big time train via learn Clinic with Masters as the Olympics of term,
at the end of the day or that moment in bay it's always the Wash-rack to Cool,
tied up so snug as the Hose is a Tongue but only use Soap on appropriate Lung. 

Long Proof

I knew a Poet once Up on a Time a decade so was Writ in interview loaded tip the Nurse of World fit,
captain by Rank singer by File although 'He' was Bias~self in all the end of toe to Tow the Songers' vote,
in basic From the C.D. lung of every over After brung the Single of the Life in strung a Sync guitar.

Read Leave

Enter~Nationals Comp At Station

Why give a Child the Rattle if not for the Apple aware of the corrective verse Snake a Loud,
in the movement of the Piece it is the Sound of drum Complete to attraction of the Fleet,
upon the Crawl of beckoning the stand to Walk is On,
per Deck of built by Site I spilt the Worth of Value strong Arms that beach to sand of Lock`d,
with Clay of Mold to caste of grace in the Water its the lake across The Pond of Inn for Sake,
ground that Peace of Makers Shake in the shadow of the Shade here the Tune there for Spoon,
upon a Floor the would of length Mahogany is Hard grown take from Ass to burrow Horse has Place.

Riding Time to scale the bind in the Stable of the Hey what is Cross has beams for state,
The Stallings are the Barns of Fate in destined to the Breeze Way.

Rake the Shovel to manure crate in the fined I speak of date to Plum the grape of Roe,
a broad boat sleigh in Maple say it is the syrup of a Tapping tray,
for Service served in Settings Day at dawn the Horizon spoke of Crave,
in bulb Electric the Kindle lap at Top in Case of Crimson Crack a red sky Moons 4th Quarter`d Fact.

To show of Sign in gave of Hymn was not the Opera a genesis in lend,
watch the Part of poets lark in the Rind rhythm be Gin to Thirst of sand in desert spin,
the Cactus of a State in Loan the coconut of Palm see home arch Walker foot the grown.

Trade a bridge to Handheld live the ream apply is Century Tribe at a Millionth Turn,
in Style of the pasture horse the in&out without the course of Gate is used for Human Stock,
a V shape angle to triangulate the Shape of how to feed the gave in pass the Present lock Hinge.

Know matter is of bath and trough for the Bucket is a pot holder of Oats the bale loose,
former Moves to big timed snooze the Middle of the stick a Balance makes wire all the Taunt,
stretch the fence to Foil tin the Feat of all the ways in Trend spark to theme that Fires Win. 

Rah Phish

The Gathering of found on Earth the park of Stay with Change be work to Slight of land the Yawn,
a Memorized Tongue to written stun the pungent cream of Shower in Religion find the Tower,
for in the most of recent post the Story had a boast that spoke in wheel of a Blinding Coal,
the driven Real in lifer Cruise the tour of the world all well of the Snooze the craft of Surfing clip,
as Cogs of horse the Shoe to Man in the blast have a whine as the grunge to Mop of the bucket Talk.

From instance of the Silence in the Urn of Ash the volcanic trash fills the sky with clouds that cache,
as the Sign speaks of the Find in pour of lot the Barker shock as logs do Peal the Orange will skin,
to skim the Milk of sour cream the Use for Absolute in Chaos reach to the deep and lurid Sting,
sing Bell the trumpet of the Flower in lily breeze the October pie the date to prune a house for Groom,
brown the paper in the bagged place the Treat of like in last for Popcorn Balls are dyed to brass.

The Ten~Ton Clock of winding rock in the gemstone see the stock like a diamond in the Sky aye by,
for Hour bye hour the minus bind leather Ribbings for the spy as computers signal fry certain in the shell,
perk that bright to Head of kite to mark the Stamp as an apply in kindling the Text of Mass in book,
paragraph the Verse to Tec. in the enable flour bake a Chef above in Role of sake birth`d Tide,
rise to Sheet in slip of Loo the filter of the Pump and Due correspondence don't deny Look at dimple.

In compression the burst is loud as the Format has been laid Ask the question of Religious dye,
in a city of the comb standing on the tombs of loans does the cast break in the bones of Throne?,
yes applied the slippers Robe for the Name does Say it sew munch the Marrow like a Spare Ode,
sipping brew with knees on too ropes that golden Tassel Bump represents that it is Hump,
broken arrow snapped in Two the basis of the Orca Rule a whale in the Station Nape stead Tape.

Now the broker of the Game in the dice has Snake Eyes Vice`d to the wrench of barf in gripe,
grouper also fish of poke in Archaic land of folk query Tell the enter Hell forward to the Stage porch,
outwards always Appears to bring words of Latin verse of Ring beg to differ spoke the real in Rake,
across the hot of charcoal paste why the sit with show of Maze as the riddle is a Poem Feature,
born of nature in the Race of the seed an raised in bleed for the Veins of Human oats Hull complete.

No lamp needed I have a Brain in the mind of saying 'Play' the opera of a symphonic sound hurdlings,
clang the Tambourine it harps as the Trumpet of the Part only Mouthpiece can't see start Methodology,
to lips that move while still brew blow the spilt upon the thirsty Whoa consider in the Trax,
as Music has Pieces past from note to Rest in Treble Cleft what base is Pope on but Bin Trash,
wad the noise from Never Choice in tender read the Discovery of written being before the Act or Stream.


Red Clay Read Flecks

The Pendulum sky of Ivory dust Powder remind the dirt of earths weight in the Tusk tank,
trough of Solar burn thy countenance as the Hot Fire Score in memory of the Bore Horn,
in possum of visit may your bristle be the duck Feather of write too Term in the Tractor Roar`d,
engine that Oil from dinosaur left spit the Kiln of Creed to sperm the Whale of Orcain quiet.

Walking with ancient Crock as the bite of tooth jagged scream the Hippopotamus to River bed,
in Mud Fish the burial of egg talk grown as the Larvae protect the bat death a Million Tone,
in Cave true to birth of snub as the Wings of Angels fly to zone creation must blush to the Red Color,
in lase of deposit as the torn lives still mark the body by a Forehead brow ink the pattern to Numerical.

In the rolls of Furrow wind the prime as each to other the Counters of lock in Set to booth Grind,
spoke Pampas to a breathing lead as the Migration of the Flamingo leg to announce the length,
with each letter Number`d to the ankle of plunder shark the Tooth in chisel of Owl to coyote lone,
in howling the V to introducing greed as the Coinage of Life Individual can't be Homeward touch.

Bound by skull bones that brain to feel the Rain in the handle of claim I cry the tears of strain,
chains that have linked the Molten Rocks to blend in the Ash of Nest spray the Cloud with lacquer dust,
spar trued find that the World of line has been to trust in the same known eye of The Watch,
from Sea to Plains heards in Lane`d the vehicle of push has shoved the Frame to bred torn.

Oh Calf of living thee hasp of Treasure in Mind of drawn the etching of Guard thy shield has Cold,
in march the brought in Remote View in distance the debt has been the glue this stick of store,
with Via screen a stone of steam know replace will grown,
burr the Freeze with Cat Tale Loss as bigger is Best in the Al Ba.

Termite cockroach Shed of Roost stitch the vein to river root by blood spill to dirt temple,
in cloth of tree Shade to Fleet as the Wind sent storm trust Twister route to Mapping found,
creeks that dry as blown to Span raise the hand in swirl to Fan,
those triumphant in phew to girth place this message to Planet Well put depth to tell.

Toll Wax`d Muses 'The Symbolings' Milk,
 color of the blushing mud.

Carving Get Tar

Sword of Forge in palm of Shade place the sharp ask the Glade for in the Leek feel silk,
as the Blade of method draw the start to born course of a singular law of Route Weed,
in the slide of smooth pull place to please the speech in Grass sheath a removal of type stone,
in singing Ring meld to ore in granite reel talk Wheel in water pouring the skate cross Gem.

By design feed lyre as the Dag in the pronounce Names thyself from Natural to the pigeoning,
flight of Rite crew the bind whilst Copper has plenty in the pass wound to prolific in detail,
with grace Smart progress this Felt to the Horn of Blown in the ivory of the death Market,
for upon the hide of wrinkle the stead has formed a Graveyard Skull Bone to beat Hammer.

Creation sight Ask the chaos of know dignity to Mount emblem in the Carve of tongue Memorandum,
in Stigma quest the Storm of desk filed the Lace to Wire staged in & from the stadium crust,
molten Carriage in dark of Crown stab the awl to Bolt tribe cream as the whale in the beam,
frogs to Tell the boil of Hell have park to clang match tremble to echo Maker in History tease.

Hare in turtle cross intersection of cost Price crawl with Shell of clam find Muscle surround pearl,
with grit of Teeth in clause of cat carve the memory in handle to Mold,
in Sound Spur bring weight putforth Strap the purveyance scope brass dawn Sincerity spring,
acoustic Thunder shore in score of the Text set remind to scatter Let in The Allowance.

Cactus Fish

Night on the tool sky three stars in a line the rail of Time in the prime of a truth,
bursting suns at the delivery of the Constant in the solar bliss of Creative Myth,
decorations to a skirt that links moons without sight as only the brights go bloom,
the Founders in designs the open list from a Sound breaks Oceanus by zone.

The Law of Rogue in lands that toe the dependent audit of the bust Seaming,
sewn with or in Honest modeling the ornamentals that receive give directional feed,
birthing dates score Month spake year Inc. religion and counted the bling to Aim Spear,
such fantastic guidance to Utter destruction in the Creation of put gear shift a stick Bearer.

Migration throughout the Universal Sharp as All World discharge pollutes Planets afar,
the heat in Aspect pushing The Envelope by a glow that must Fire in the mirror of Deflect,
wandering grace of thy lake shall this Tack of people take thee Life in Chemistry crib,
will the Measure of suck void The Whole to stream the illness shack to thy Nape?

Further outreach born of grace provisions Thou has Make in Tride the trough of Case,
to situation of denial verse the displeasure to ground dirt as Earth in spark is blue,
red spoon of Cloud wright look at The Watch claim timing as the fact to daze in brae`d,
the Mule to the donkey of the Horse in the Moon ride the shy to know the Archetype.

I deal sealed brought shore to the thirst in Flood of laster to the Cliff of Trunk in glass,
storm ultimate in shed Core the Elemental of grease is the oil shining the reflection bough,
ink the shimmering as the blade of light concentrates the burn to the brow of colder bite,
spur that Anchor of ancient bulwark to personal The Flame with the Rocket Progressive.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Watt Lake

Aye the hand of held in scene the map of Group to telling route a wrist in Watch the call,
callous minds to application the boil of the curtain stations as show begets the viewing channel,
lost in start know finis ply as the wood of ever bride a Marriage of the phone to tie a Necked.

From core to brass at ball the bounce in numbers that have no creation the License of a Thick,
true Cast to stew the rotten waif is rare to under in the plate a slip to dress the Union bait,
in hook the line of sink a sign the math to subtract is on the shrine a song to ill of sick in Flu.

Passing drink forever blink the desert brand a sands in sleep know sliver can be Toe,
counting digits line by at the Character in sifting lack a Theme to brook in dry Span`d,
the skirt of Compliment has roots that break the not to pick-Up shoes trust Laced.

Operation know dial Fan an Isle of the Creature Land walking stiffs with outward lips,
chap of scene the dried in soup the Carrots stick is in the grew to Ask would lean a Can,
hung Marching fell to crawl side bell the grounds on this are Heavens Hell to Crate.

Boxed with ribbon cross at Feet the practice taken inks Arm tattoo the Plains in Hide a skin,
the buffalo or Elephant a giraffe the long Neck craft paws that scratch Justly cats the Nine,
in tale of the Aeon leaf a solar lesson at the Croup a buttress built to manage saddle of past.

No venue carried on true force the Mug so locked on touch the crew but the Crew as Sleepers loop,
channeled in the Plug of lop the Hair was Waged in bun of gave to grab the cut was Crimson,
mush to Orders that stem from crown be ran a bulletin on each a bore the message now in tooth`d.

Know more as Nature asked the door does the read become the Roar in surf of see the Ocean,
the question track that Video in sacked to burn a brace as crutch the flinch a Twitch to get a dew,
rather latter to a lap in moppy Top the gram of crotch did not say to sever but did not date the Case.

\To demise of left in find a Sea did sick with Polluted feed divided bye the Mammals strong a Speech,
sheeting Glade that Ice brigade to Sky the sun did Moon in stay for at least the Hi baked spoon,
no ladder lead to the Volcanic spake with Fire on an Ice of slate gave Venue to the poof.


Corn Of Copious

On eye of skin I swore a Pen in this the Lege of grit per page in thus a silk whilst Thread,
in baron of a grade the curve granted a Spake to come in the vit I claim to gave a Crew,
vast promotion trial Treed formulation of the Creed to muster of the Yarrow clan Forebear,
trapped brine crate the bisk of great the charge in Challenge grand as Ages languish ran.

Troop portion to the branded palm a chapter sang the Cryer strong bored Sid,
brought upon the deck the long true measure of the Candor Crawn in by lay,
last tee first the threw of string a loop to spool the Yarn in brawn the color of the Hue,
trashed shied bring a Crowded thing jerked knee to land in shellings lean.

Broke not a store the crash began in light the dark spelled only Span a Tup did jag,
tarps of certain sharp thee Note to curvature in blake the Coat it's Tan,
lit from spit the Wrist in clock winding tune the Mechanic can put tick in Talk of glenn,
troops than stood to heavy crude an Oil of the Nectar fan an Absolute to Stake Opt.

Darts that shower of the Tribe in meter trim the seal of an Dye the show Tin Red,
chords that pull the snort of Bull to fumes of Freeze in fire released,
and crust to Aspen the Atlas mapped greed guided to the Trip of Mass,
in explosion the deafening carded Ears much to the rain ink Thunder crashed.

Language fell the between of lines the balance in the Horse of Sign a rider of the Cram,
fish to Product cave to grease the Waller spoke in bricks that Creeked a Dam,
to fold the paper could not be Scroll`d took the Purchase off the Role a Sitter in a Breeze,
blowing fodder screws to Bolt ask`d bang the answer while a Life.

Put pudding strain to drips that Cream a gland of Nature found Stilts of plan,
curfew of a Vile Dan be larged the Quest as open strand to Curt delights,
tastes add flavor twice pour spice the done of Case grew to Flan,
custard once did Feather back by Wheels but on horse of Cack.

Spun to circle stretched the line in Heriot the twist bore the kind in Tail,
not tangles for the from to Pact the information lungs that lat to Shim,
level Shed the Tusk of dread as in the Sphinx the pause can Bland,
to near in same of Rainbow show the Pronounce has color low.

Density in seen of Dew mists that Raise the Vice in New,
chairs to soft are done and leud turned blast then melted Stool,
by Thrash the garbage was refuse burning Cycle like a cruel,
lit by crisis door to Pan the sound of History repeats the Nan.

Flying Changes

Seeded the dirt to Shed the light as the Fertilizer is box ground oft turned in spite of of Curb,
the chained lip not the Chin in lift for Reins that have able moves in the steel there is Angle,
flatten the strap to a do back the girth of punch a hole does not belong for that is A saddle long.

Billets that web cross the tree of hold built to pull on even of the third tug out First Two,
ask Instructor of the Groom the barn rail in Arena is a stirrup lead to the Goods in Branch,
throw a leg to the knee roll than hands down the tighten will in these days identify the Truth Accurate.

Fro in the Club of Pony file that standing Gain was not judged for Certificate now wood,
a puppet Type show cannot bring borrow on the Horse of Completions,
in this simple operation of shortening the stirrup changes too!!

Search a Iron for the ball in the Foot the sweet spot for the comfort at Ankle breakings,
heels to motion posting to spot now the brake state is Watch before in After caught,
Wishbone a terrier in a Series that whelped ask the double Sold for real wrought.

In the Picture of look`A`lot the Cause is Form perfect catch the Hard buck it's more,
the where abouts that bring on the lucky shot is the knowing to ride eyes up,
ground or mount Park is pound that is why the Eventers are wise to wraps in support.

Being trained in the Sport of Kings on a live court is the Preparation for and of 'The Games'
on the Deck has meaning with a Stopwatch that seconds to Minute count for riders in the Field,
regardless of fence the worth of the start Box is the Inform that comes Five Four Three Two One..go!!

On~Course Boot Up

Said A Mint

In languish the Human has laid cost at the burial of the Test of it in life on a coin Tossed,
in the basket of Pew Handlers people take the reach to the altercation of Street,
of thus counted but not Priced a Head-Side of dollar down touch the grounds,
in fervents the bred botch has strong armed the floe forest in a frog mist that Pots.

Scrap the bottom of the scrub in found the taste of Back washed the plank board,
still in the barrel it is the strappings of the band clad that hugs the foremost Can,
lid the shield to trump the Wine than vinegar is the malt of Oil in crate torqued,
branch of Eagle to dovetailed groove the daring Flight to patience play`d the Carp.

Cards in pick Up on the Aisle torn sap drips syrup like a tap to the Core,
although the tree is in a Grove the Maple of itself is grown time Parts,
do to Term of sip-n-sweet the sugar has a beat Niche that amples food,
product born to bring the Corn that patties are formed butter well too.

The green in zucchini is Mash potatoes in Carrots find Tomato plant,
eating for bearings is fruit on the climb or could it be the Thought of time`d,
in Season the State of Being is attraction of the sign in Yielding find,
for in chew the pit is a Take Too.

Row Roe 



Pulley voice of Ages wrap in the tell of laid in blast the earth an ink lean spilled the Lap,
rounds to Ancient on a path the vocals in the Written task did far outweigh the raft,
pour of nature to ripped off station a bible in the mass came before in after blast,
as The Or bait deny with an open Eye the recording of the Source of Fact is back.

True course in and amongst just lend is a Mint on the leaf of trend the Otter end,
forward future to discount pass a copy in the Cat of fast has paused to Consider,
in the Present of the skip a Tick to thirsty blood is thicker how the Rings are Victor,
needles need no Hay stack tree for poke the donkey with a lead the halter holds a bit.

Bite hard upon those ringing thongs as Tuna in the Sea of song has experienced the bong,
far to away the scatter of the seeds for in the Plough of rowed the Craft my good Nest is a text,
filled with not similar but Exact a word to Sentence in the laugh of why the freeze,
down the wine goes to the Case as think the first in drowning placed I wade thee.

Fold the jeans to just below the knee for it is Style of robe that still does pant it long,
loops of stitch to get a which wore belt that walked the board of Enter net to View,
atop the done of better Gum know sand All had Goods to find at least I dropped the Dime,
a Phone now Cell the caller bell as ringers often hurdle spill tongues in las language vice.

So bugs to Flies the zipper bind the buckle or the button-up an either or an Either is pronounced,
the Accent of a archaic tribe that came to go too send the vibe was much more on the Key core`d,
tune that stream with Mountains theme I cannot spring to diving rather stand to lackers,
pant to push the thrust of brush I shave the Razors` edge bye Hello is grout in quarter of the Fosse it.

Checker`d Bars

Pure in the name of the born of a grown Ask the location a Certificate shown,
in revealing full the Icing is Cake that baked in the oven of life on a Lane,
the Avenue street of History in keep knows of the Numbers in the district of Breed,
as North by compass to the beach of Sake in the Pastry conditions it's coffee at lake.

Bridge to the Tunnel no I mean brake for the Garden near Museum had Tea in the fate,
as the Arch of the lend is also a been that seat on the Opera a bench now the spin,
to one Side the walk on the other it's bought with tickets to Entry the roads are a block,
to familiar remodel at Park of the throttle I was taught to learn that Fountains have lock.

Waterfall drive the Cyclone of Scene a switch to Off is the factor of Clean,
the made in the Creek to the flowing of Week from back to the basically Pond,
feather the filters as grates to the lawn the additive simple it's how birds do strong,
to stop at Release or pump of the fill the Water in thirst is recycled at Well.

Down in the up an Engine of smooth the grease to the Wheels of Cable Cars true,
attached at the House of the China Town found that place of Tourists is a Round,
however in The City of hills and the like power to gears that understand all the sights,
for in the Section of moving direction the bell clangs to clear a standing of near.

Wise in the action of aware move a fare from Pier to the downtown arena of stair,
stopping the traction to board the door not really moreover the jump of a shore,
locally ridden the worth of the Job recognizes born with more than a knob,
punch out the ticket a transfer to log the steel of Conductor is the presence of real.

The Handle to middle of the Capped on the rail is a working description of slides,
grab to hold on or pull in the barn no electrics it's the smooth of mechanics in booth,
a moving light house that shifts to the Crowd the schedule still reason the Safety is vow,
pressure the Ferry for up goes the ramp yet in the big difference the Ocean can cope.

Foot Trades

Mount Bread

The Caste of structure that by the Pulley has designed a Pit to trap,
the snap of class at curious cuff does link the burn to Island fun,
in drink the thirst has drunk the Sand not knowing of the grain,
in brew of thought the sync had Lot and hose`d the Trident gear!!

Trains that spot of rails crop the line`d to speak the latter,
borne of creak a ankle cleat mush same in the Exacts,
burrow the Wheel of Tell to the aspect as the Crutch,
a bed of know the lay in law`d not hard it was a bread!!

Now loaves that soft the squat of trade as Yeast,
the rise in found of locked and bound don't bake,
in the heat of ever Chill the cheese is grape`d at Cloth,
wet it with a sift of Whip the knead is known as came.

In such discharge of the Hand at order of the crock,
in working of the log of long so muscle can be Tart,
a pastry in the fluff of sheet so taste the delight,
oh wait that would Admit the time it took to like.

In basis of the Dough in laid a Role to paste in Chef,
roasts that drip with butter whipped are the favorite loud,
spin the Rack to pudding fact a crispy in the Meat,
best of sake to Oven Cake the drippings of the loved.

Dribble sweets to counter read the Menu of the Bird,
in stuffed with crumbs that toast instead a moist in chest of Rib`d,
set degree to apple spice the leftovers of the Priced,
or is it know as in other Worlds the raising of the done.

Chick Lens

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cold Cheese

In the not to distant past a dime to phone the drop a Coin in the Quarter slot,
the Operator just press Zero the number of the at in Set of the dialing trades,
from three to four act Area core patch the speak to real folk a Parent line in general information.

Now the street has removed the Payphones by the booth to rule a Cell is in the style`d,
ask to aspect in the stall for the crisis may involve a runner on the loose to ball,
in the instant of sort need a dealings in the Open trait have better things to soup.

Turning several times to missed the walk upon the sidewalk hist' has the Mute,
press the form than introduce politely as the World is viewed ask if told script,
it's not so much the turn and struck by the feet of other way in stuck rather the Approach.

To put the guide to undefined would at prove be the school of Thought to fool,
however in these current Sees in the eyes the words are read stating simply know to toe,
yet on the hand of held in ream a Book to bound is strangely feed of offering released.

Take notice on your City lights that verse the tempo of a kite the Spot arching stride,
electric in the plug~On~pen via stroke of Notes ink send public Value is a trend,
laughing brought by subject Mend is scrabble on a Crossword lend the parallel of Shin.

Kick the dirt on foot to skirt the hemming of a Way does powder in with room,
mirror a cluck like horse to luck Scribes will Founder a gallery the League of Lamps at spin,
concourse to the Human race a Nature that does far Kind pace pops Plug.

Cobblestones that make-up laid for Carriage of the harness gave Blinders to the pull,
wheels of those driven start with the Forks that mark the part,
tugs attached by stitch and Ratch bore Saddle Makers mark the Insignia's Seal.

Undoubtedly A Shingle

Hedge Funds

The short Age of water in the Thirst,
in upon iron believe the Metallic is yarn,
ark rocks that canned Roll for the pebble of store,
made sense to the flight in floating ashore.

Tooth built by the would in design of the stood,
true banks made support while sand never hood,
great Wake in a slipper that comfort from warm placed,
Hammer pound nails the Tool paled storm.

Loaded the work struck time to Clock,
regarding the sign as a Yield stopped flock,
mountain not found for many a walk,
rode High to the low of belly in foe.

Trails that left Nest so Hi can't be mist do familiar ululation to flip,
the born brier dust to the Crew,
a sweeping in Choir salts stew.

Run`oft that lake in the pond puddles crate truth bucket toe wash,
scrubbing the mission in Otter the wolf,
often like a shot corn barreled.

Tribute the Ass in a burro of Donkey at the Nick,
 of the film go Kong or stripped has strong,
for at least the Big Bang trays to a claim,
whilst most fizzled Crow task`d.

Earth Barters

Case Study

As Season advance to the Cereal of milk in the cream there is sugar to additional melt the basis of spoon,
a teaspoon of Art in the brush of the color that grain to the Clay making fed in a day,
granite is Copper in the cans of the gave from My Grandfather chose the Oats had a play.

The trick to the fancy in the betterment say is in the box of the Label per take,
as Omelettes are stuffing the Stovetop in box a bring of the extras in Extra fills Lored!!

Teach to the tongue speech the eyes that same Twinkle for My Grandfather was watch Folk,
a tale of Tuna in the whale of bread a Loaf in direction and Shoes for your Head.

A mitten approach to the Kitchen of core as canning for fruit was Blackberries floor,
working the field to listen that graze made swimming the River the forks in a shade,
strawberry central to Melons of gave the brown paper bag were checkered with Flag.

Thereby the Red&White Fleet of the Ferry at breathe was more in the able of Spencer`d,
thus formal greetings have all been a grab ask the Front Door as the stairs had a salve,
the parking of Caddy below on the lead sat on a cement that smooth glass of Scene.

One entry marker to the two bell of know rocking the driveway with lizards in show,
swept to the leaves as the rake did a mow round the Birch swaying the silver shimmer`d the flow,
the gentler the breeze a full-width to read are the Walks & the talks that created a deem,
total Core price the temper of Nice had hugs that don't bite rather love in the dice`d.

Tomatoes that fried to the cucumber when as lessons in patience brought Garden to send,
now the times table said I have a Cable than witness to Text had conversations that Met.

In The Fiddle

Jer Raft

Frost birth burst star the Verve is 'mass'lined to the starch level in the set of glitchings,
asked forward inks read pursed as the coinage of Cern a splatter of lest the leaf signed,
is curtain a barn owls belief by the Mice in the bone-yard at brave`d corks to the lathe,
in symbol the strike to that Tambourine in the kite a straddle created by ports of the bite.

Version bind label as Name of the Table two staff in the lay of Salt Pepperings in play,
a chord of Prelude to the light in a room first the delve dips to a string in the dipped,
wax paper scissors the gum in the shoe sticks that do reach the Candle of fused,
a cloth in the Sheet of the write or the few built up do chairs the Ladder back Too.

One step to tail the dove in the groove lacquer the paint the Crow in the view,
cranes that can't walk but have legs that do brought forms the gamble of sat chalk the Talk,
commerce to belly the Platter of Fleece a mutter in lamb is the green jellies lance,
mint in the leaves of letter of lace in sport of the Chicken the roast is a spell.

Menu a cost to the Pricer of dine forks that are Service`d by ladles of life`d,
in pounds of the dollars the change can be found signs that the bet is a grab appled sliced,
in pots of the pea tree a Pod of the course beans that are face based term on the Voice,
as the One end to other it's the bearings between the Condiment catch is the mustard of duck.

The number of place mats the wipe of the Feat in doors that don't ring it's the door knocker bring,
how many times does the phone now cell ring the sound of the three click hello to the Theme,
at home of my upbringing the mention was said to insult my Family with taking time lead,
the stairs to the find in space of the dime changed with the Aspect of whereabouts find.

Countable telephone to the circle of pole in May there are flags that ribbon the coal,
round the found dance to a day in the Pant as the joy of the lift kit the yule in a stance,
respect of the Autumn spring in the March a footstep in being the sprig of Floor chanced,
school of the soft say that stature enhanced Future to ballet the point is a slant rosin in stamp.

Tusk Timers Garbed Cilos'

The Spiral fire in froze a term of argrege meant that define had rent speculative s to Actual Cone,
the brill corn oft Texture`d dept to the lecture of the born,
in thrust of an open pit the grape of the Vineyard clip shored to a dirt skipped trip Stringings,
in thy crumbled Mass the deliverance fax`d to a text that brains had Bisque to the stoop Cracker,
in Box Ritz a Canhandle bar service to the drink was recorded as Level to torsk Bubbled.

The choker of the bell slap on the garb worn Nape carded the Impel broke distract by Ear rings,
in the sound cried Timber the lumbering snore heard as the role of the garbler drowned in the more,
struck by snapped the Five finger lap Added Ten to the 11th on fact,
for in the subtraction the multiplied loud was how the why equaled at the Ninth Time try,
it was the echo not but the Deck that arms thee elbows of crept.

Take both hands Thumb to mid`plant balance the decision to snap a believe if it's listen,
'cause in the life of add divide the shape to date has interest fried,
the Eggshell to the dozen bin is it Tin wrapped once again.

Nature read Cycle the law of the strain breaking the age with gags of the brain,
stormed in as blasts than cut-up for trim provided agreement it's all about send,
first a bit of trash than a second catch bring in the theme it's a third to fourth smash,
all in the yak or the kid exact track counting Material the Branch of Math Glass`d,
spectacles Binoculars the Wire to finish are the desires in the act of Pew or The Tact.  

Sticky digits spring green grice in the Pen of echter pie,
slice the wedge to know the Sign in the Triangle is stare eye base,
 wide~sides to bottom fide case,
in doran turn the Veal is burn worship the calf it's a Cross Nailed back,
hotter the praise to a hammering cray now the Yawn is barking in stray`d,
All for the mighty Chance lessor Treed.

Got Too Bump Pea Air

Liquid Paste

There in the close on a short Hill the distance not more than a mile molten lava poured over top,
the quick of the cover to the down flowing melt regard sugar in an over topping bowl show,
the moving reddish`orange matter thick in it's mass ran over across the lips of the spill,
expansive the volume steadily geared the organic material spreading the hour purr fear.

To the front of my Home I looked for the groan but to my drawing the spot was growing,
great tide in the fire drifting hot holding closely to the earth in a heavily loaded skirt,
to look not the Watch for desperate time walked the safe of any place stairs of a faced,
back to the turn my house now a learn four~Wheels on road horses dog a few person load.

The vehicle chose escape I supposed the tub on all tires the Recreation of shire`d,
the road was so narrow like Straights in a Channel the waves other Trucks on wrong pave in duck`d,
to the entry of shoulder the pass near a Boulder the driver of mine slowed by the arm,
to the Edge of the drop a wall of the crop so sharp was the bend a collective in send.

We were not going uphill nor down more to grade the shifting not tangle from direction a save,
opposite in nature the bus of the note kept on driving tearing the coat,
there goes the screen a mirror ripping cleared as damage was done by the pass of the Ton,
I watched as the line drove down to the wrong standing with Thought I boarded our lot.

In the obvious turnover upside down right on luck the back where the Horse stood with such Crates,
I pulled the dog out from the stuck in the found organized best for the moving still sucked,
frustrated by bumpy the lane was a truth the next moment graced with weird in the boot.

Observance the key piece to puzzled by Vent I spoke to say lets go home this is spent,
in that thinking of taking the five seconds flint a Highway that filled with unethical pant,
their scratching of pass no stop did burn trash to have pointed a fact would waste the in pact,
to the Bell of at close I said to the posed the safest perdition is at the forward in leaving.

Missing the spoke that the Hill did in vote it came to the very trip of the smoke I tracked,
at the base of the living the burnt timbers fell as the Ceiling intact the roof was a cringed,
upon the Flat the base structure was in good shape for been relaxed and at home I stayed say,
to the few in my tow I came to there know stating don't panic the ever core store has phoned.

In the dial of the shed the big molten lead me back to the place of the challenge instead,
like Sod rolling lawn on the dry dirt of the throng you path to allow the Role of the proud,
to believe that the in Work have the right so pulling-over a sweater in the fright is not passing it's polite,
the Rules of a road or the Laws of Panic a lesson from the Teacher was that run of the speech lochs'.

Yes the score`d rafters showed the flow fast however the river of molt rock belief in the Fast,
that in born fact just treasured us Tact to compass the move as true to the clue,
it's the time that shrinks with each a brink Courting the decision to keep choosing live in the sync,
the Que is in this dream last nights theme for You or in I the wood is reside.