Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Screams?

It comes to Mind and will not line
with anything other than itself.

Exorcisms are one of a kind.
So, expectations of difference are futile.

It's dark; My brother is where?
I can barely see a cross.

Laid out upon a table
Confusion becomes this label.

So much like: Yet! Worlds apart
"Come Hither" to gain such sight

For one was Kind.
The other Fright.

A Dead Boy gave no light.
Just the same his skin I gained.
My brother passed out and I might....

But, stood I did and I swear, I promised
to tell my brother, 
"They LIED, he was DEAD, you killed no one."

Silenced by FEAR.

'Til Forty Years, I held my sear.
For scarce I was to find.

For very few things from here,
ever kept me round.

I held true to Brother too!!
Told him at the age of, "Forty-Two."

Keeping simple tragic things
he said, "they worked it out."

I said, "o.k." then I made,
an Artful, Purposeful mistake.

I handed him, what I wrote
and mailed to over 1200 friends.

Not mine.

Our Mother paled;  I'm sure
she cried, "Take her children, Right?"

My brother cried.
Ran outside and sobbed;

"I didn't know you remembered!"

No tears were shed from my eyes
I felt no pang of death as I had expected.

I never saw what Hurt I would feel.
The sight of my big brother running from the room we were in.....

It ended only to begin in an even greater degree.
The consequences for carrying such a message for so long:

I didn't know

The Pain ran into Me and opened veins:
Not of Blood, but, of Agony.

The Notion Of A Fool

The Wretch that returns weakness.
Regards Wizardry as Salt.
Religion as Pepper.
Magic as Spice,
and Reality as false prophecy;

Is a Fool.

The sting of such ill-repute
Sets the Sun,
moves the Moon
darkens new life:

Killing Ancient Stars For Fun!!

A learned perversity will befall.
Animals will snap necks on crooked walks or falls.

For when the measure of a fall takes "Life" by surprise,
Death will greet with happy accord.

All so disappointment does not contage the balance of breath.

Dominate your personal watch,
wealth will become lust,
should Intelligence lack Luster.

Why Turn Left? Because Death Said So!


Do not disregard a Nation for its State.

For if you hold an Adult Knowledge of legends from the start,
than wise you are to History loosing footing;

A Falsehood, A Mystery, Mythology is good.

Thinking these things are ways to change,
the truth of worth or definitions of words.

Nature of which will bring Countries to sing,
down to their knees is what this brings.

The tune will be in a breeze,
"Save the State thereof, please."

It is not just what has been said.
The pointed fingers, the already dead.

But, casting children out of Villages now?
Saying they are possessed and should be....

Not Blessed?

As a Human, in what is called "A Race."
To the finish, I will be screaming to whom is below, above and/or sideways, 

"For they have had a taste"

Live in Nigeria, today, this condemnation of what has happened to me when I was young is happening again as we speak.  Just as it was then and as it was for me, people just turn away and say that it is none of their business, happens here.  

Which it already has in the 60's and I am sure before.  The problem I have, is, it looks as if it has never stopped.

courtesy Rev. Bob Larson

Rev. Bob Larson, Exorcist-For-Hire, 
"Will Rid You Of Your Demons At Airport Hilton Today"
By Tim Elfrink Fri., Jan. 14 2011 at 9:00 AM

​Been feeling a bit odd lately? Did your last date with a Oujia Board end with your roommate babbling in ancient Assyrian and levitating off the ground? Had any head-spinning vomiting moments this month?

Don't worry: Rev. Bob Larson is here to help. America's top exorcist-for-hire is in Miami today, and he'll kill your demonic possession for the low price of $495. Riptide caught up for Larson for a chat about the life of an exorcist. Click through for a Q&A.

Larson, who rose to prominence with his syndicated Evangelical talk radio show Talk Back, turned his focus to exorcisms in the 90s. He says he studied the craft with the Vatican's top demon-slayers and now runs an Arizona-based church focused on exorcisms.

Now he has books, DVDs ("Do You Have a Demon?"), even an online DemonTest that claims to figure out your vulnerability to Lucifer's minions. (Riptide is too scared of the answer to give that one a shot).

Larson is holding a free seminar on exorcisms at the Hilton Miami Airport tonight at 7 p.m. He's also available for private one-on-one exorcisms, but those will set you back $495. (Intrigued? Possessed? Call 303-980-1511 if you're in the market.)

New Times: Do you find a lot of people wanting exorcisms these days?

Rev. Bob Larson: I seldom ever am in a city where I don't do one or more live exorcisms. There's a lot of need out there.

Just read the headlines over the weekend about what happened in Tucson. That's an obvious example of something more than just an ideological or a schizophrenic act. A psychotic person might do something like shooting a politician. But to put a bullet in 9 year old girl? That's pure evil.

In a case like Jared Lee Loughner, though, isn't there obviously mental illness at work?

Mental illness is obviously involved. But the vast majority of schizophrenics and or psychotic people don't commit mass murder. Something else is at work inside of them.

My reason for referencing Tucson, really, is that's a vivid illustration of what's bubbling underneath our culture, ready to explode at any moment. The number of people walking the streets with demons is far more excessive than most people realize.

Let's back up and talk about your background. Exorcisms are usually associated with Catholics. How did you get involved as an Evangelical?

I've been to the Vatican, actually, and I've met with the chief exorcist there. We are in agreement on almost all the issues. I'm very familiar with the Catholic rite. Our ceremony isn't dissimilar, except it's not quite so formal and ritualistic in tone. But the basic facts and information is essentially the same.

The root of the ritual is to find out who the demon is and how it got there. And then to use the authority of Christ to cast it out. The basic elements are still there.

What kind of things do you see doing exorcisms? Is it ever Hollywood-style paranormal stuff?

I've see everything. I've seen levitation and supernatural languages. Materializations and dematerliazations. In general, what I see is a troubled person who is also experiencing supernatural phenemona in their lives. And not knowing what to do about it.

Last Friday night, in my last seminar, I did an exorcism of a huge guy, 6'4", 200 pounds, trained to kill in the Army Special Forces. He had a demon that had been in the family bloodline for four generations, and it was wanting to use his training to kill people.

Even though he himself was a really nice guy when he was in his own right mind. But this evil was embedded in him and his family for four generations.

Don't people like him need mental health care or drug treatment more than an exorcism?

When you've done as many thousands and thousands of exorcisms as I have, it's not that difficult to determine whether it's a psychotic issue or a demonic issue. You can spot it quickly. If someone has a mental health issue, I tell them that all the time, that they need to seek medical care for that problem.

You can spot immediately a person who has a mental health issue. It's clear from how they talk. It's quite different from a possession. Almost always, the demon overtakes the person, and the demon speaks in the third person and addresses you in a state of consciousness in the part of the person. That's different than someone who's delusional and talking crazy and saying things that don't make any sense.

Occasionally, of course, you find people who are both psychotic and have demons. In those cases I don't deal with it until they've been properly treated psychiatrically. I'd be happy to do an exorcism, but you have to go back to your psychiatrist first.

How did you get started doing exorcisms?

I'd sort of been doing it behind the scenes for quite a while. For 20 years I did a nationally syndicated radio talk show, and they'd call me up and other voices would start speaking out of their bodies on the air.

So I'd start dealing with it on the radio. Then twelve years ago I decided to go public. The subject, as long as it was in the backroom behind closed doors, it wasn't being faced by society. The peole who needed help wouldn't reach out to find it. They weren't aware of the possibility. By my doing my work in public, I'm making people aware that there's help out there.

Anyone reading this who is aware of a friend or relative or family member who is spiritually tormented or tormented some kind of way that may be supernatural should talk to us. Or also people who are just curious. They should come to the seminar tonight. Often, the people we're doing the most exorcisms on are not those coming thinking they need to get an exorcism.

Nigeria witch children find refuge at center

Children called witches by preachers are outcast but a center cares for them.

Toby Binder  January 25, 2012 19:41

EKET, Nigeria — More than 100 Nigerian children have been branded as "witches" by church
ministers and have been cast out by their families and shunned by society.

Some of the 

children pariahs have suffered violence from their families and from others. The campaign

against the "witches" has been pursued by some zealous preachers associated with small 

Christian sects that also incorporate some animist Nigerian beliefs.

Those who identify the "witches" are encouraged by evangelical pastors, according to 
human-rights groups in the area. Drawing on the community's fears, preachers sometimes 
denounce specific children as witches, leading the young ones to be abused, abandoned and 
even murdered.

Now, one local group provides refuge for children who have been forced out of their 
communities. The Nigerian non-governmental group Child‘s Right And Rehabilitation 
Network, has taken in 160 children scorned as “witches."

“So many people here believe that children can be possessed by demons that there is rarely
any action taken against those who claim to deliver the children in violent exorcisms,
says Sam Itauma, of CRARN.

His organization looks after children who have been abandoned or abused after being 
accused of being witches. As one of a few in the community who supports the ostracized 
children, he is often verbally and physically attacked.

Stella is one of the children now at the center after she was accused of being a witch. 
Abandoned by her family, vulnerable and frightened, she wandered the streets in 
southeastern Nigeria, struggling to stay alive.

Stella was found by Jehu Tom, a network rescue officer who lives at the center with 160 other
children who have been branded witches, blamed for all their family‘s woes, and abandoned. 
Before being pushed out of their homes, many were beaten or slashed with knives, thrown 
onto fires, or had acid poured over them as a punishment or in an attempt to make them
 “confess“ to being possessed.

In one case, a young girl called Uma had a three-inch nail driven into her skull.

So-called witches are identified by powerful religious leaders from local churches where 
Christianity and traditional beliefs combine to produce a deep-rooted belief in, and fear of,
 witchcraft. The ministers spread the message that child-witches bring destruction, disease 
and death to their families. And they say that, once possessed, children can cast spells 
and contaminate others.

The religious leaders offer help to the families whose children are named witches, 
but at a price. The churches hold evening exorcisms, where the pastors attempt to drive
 out the evil spirits. Only they have the power to cleanse the child of evil spirits, they say. 
The exorcism can cost the families up to a year‘s income.

But some children are thrown out of their homes.

By the time the children are found by the rehabilitation group, they often have come to
 believe that they are witches — even if they aren't sure what a witch is. “Can you fly at nights?
 Then fly!” Itauma tries to provoke the new arrivals at the children’s home.

At the refuge, they are safe and attend school. Many remain traumatized by their experiences.

At the center, they make first steps to become integrated back into “normal life,“ and with luck

 they may be reunited with their families and communities. That is the network's aim.

“The children belong back to their families,” said Itauma, “but as long they are not safe there,
 we take care of them.”


Living back in the burning time


Thursday, 03 June 2010

The children of Niger Delta, in Nigeria, are being victimised by attacks of unscrupulous pastors-witch hunters. The attacks are similar to the ones regarding the Middle Age witch burning which caused the death of many in the Inquisition time. However, now the victims are mere innocent children who are unjustly targeted for their supposed mischievous behaviours and branded as witches by religious leaders.

The Pastors or Prophets make families believe that any unfortunate situations taking place in the heart of the families is due to the children mischievous behaviour, who possessed by evil forces -cast spells, bring about diseases and death. The religious leaders brand the children “witches” and demand that they must be exorcised. The exorcism costs a lot of money for the families – up to a year’s income.

When the families cannot afford to pay the required fees the result is tragic. The children are, in many reported cases; murdered, poisoned, drowned, buried alive or even abandoned on the streets by their own families in an attempt to drive the evil out of their souls.

The religious leaders are extremists which ideas originated from the fusion of Christianity and traditional African beliefs that combined, produce prejudices against witchcraft. But what is hidden behind these religious practices is a highly lucrative scheme to make money from the abuse of poor and innocent families.

Local agencies say that in only two states of Nigeria around 15.000 children have been stigmatised and one thousand murdered since the attacks started a decade ago. There have been also an alarming number of cases in Democratic Republic of Congo.

So far, there are three NGOs fighting the problem; Stepping Stones Nigeria, who fights for the children’s rights; The Orphanage CRARN, that rescue stigmatised children from the streets; and The Way to the Nations fighting the ignorance of the people about the gospels.

Least you forget the relative?

Never forget "The Twin."

Love will desire truth.


"A thing is never too often repeated which is never sufficiently learned.


Thanks to:
"My Book Of Golden Thoughts"
Copyright 1931
Printed in the U.S.A.

The Secret of the Universe is Choice? Some of us did not get a Choice but we fight to make one every single day!!

Distortion will not be an excuse for you!
Clarity of todays view cannot be denied.
Even I fall from "Shock & Horror."

The state of accusations in Nigeria.
So cruel, so unkind!
Still ignited, yet it still Rules.

Not just once in a while,
since I was a child Pastors have joined.
"Leave what has kept me safe and suffer you?"

 A "Waif"
"am I?"
Yes, I was told.

I am now bold.

Call with concern.
Attempt again,
 and be shot down with your very own sin.

Ignorance from within.

A Narcissist of the Malignant kind
can only rip apart what?

Usually it's a start.

What will come next,
comes from below and comes so hard, 
you will definitely know.

For a moment,
you only have one in time
and it delivers to you the very next line,

"I am coming"

Never satisfied, always lied,
sadly we are still under the age of Five.

Choosing difference, a choice that's fine.
Condemned for things and thrown to beings,
who keep us safe, they're never late.

Resting upon the freshly killed open mind,
is serious and will eventually leave you in a very tight bind.

Makes you delirious, 
and will cause such a thirstiness;

Pedophilia is not possession, it is called RAPE,
and we are not fine.

Your perpetual require of what you desire
is called a sensual find.

When we can speak,
we become weak, with what you have done.

Reality pours.

Drone Warfare

Angered I am:
By the words of man.
Lack of Belief in what has been,
it is unnatural and not deserved.

My simplicity, my life,
has made death look attractive.
I look forward to the move.

Especially since I still rage 'bout
missing my ride out of here
 the first time my life was taken from me
in the basement of 815.

Now, everyone run!!
Assume what is wrong.
This is not what you would presume,
it is just relief of my mind.

I know where Life begins 
and I do not believe that it is here.
What you do here is deathly to me.

So easily you believe in those
"Near Death Experiences"
People who say with pride,
"Go into the light!"

Yet, they are here and not there.

Interestingly, they were not near death,
they were dead; 
Twenty to thirty minutes some claim.

For breath and a beat of any pumping organ was lost.

Pronounced dead at the scene,
so proudly they repeat this, live to the World,
on any Talk Show, by the way.

These N.D.E. persons, have you heard their advice?
It begins and when?
You go into the LIGHT!!  RIGHT !!

I have a question? Is that O.K.?
" Know "
Why are you still here if it is so or "was so" great?

Their words roll into circles with no place to go!
For if it was so, would not Peace rule the roll?

Walk into the Light!
Follow, (Oops), take the hand of a relative.
"They come for you."

A glorious, a godly, a truly
Spiritual experience.
Fear is gone, warmth is there:
The claims are International.

I have a second question?
"Why did you return if such Nirvana had been earned?"

I say, "You lie."
I say, "You are afraid."
I say, "You're sinners and you were called out. You ran away."
or for the layman sake:

I say,
"You jumped back in yourself, body that is."


No one came for me when I went through,
when I was snuffed at Two.

I saw no light,
a void, it's true.

 Sepia came too.

Thank God for those small favors though,
for what ended up coming to comfort my being,
would have been horrifying to me in full view.

If there had been some bright light
to show me comfort 'fore I know I'm dead,
would have only brought horror,
for the sight thereof is not adored.

I feel bad today, that I even speak this way.
Their kindness when I was away,
out shines each and every one of you and you say,

"Demons are not the way!"
Evil is condemned, but at least they keep it real.

To tremble with what I know,
I believe is normal behavior.

To sit solidly and utter the things you do,
it terrifies My Life.

I have seen movies of late,
by total happenstance.
Films describes better in full screen for "Real,"
with humor and perversity as a funny deal.

The reality and the levels of the Deathly Realms,
in and inasmuch precision as they show,
it peeks my interest, 'cause "I know."

I'm not the only one that has been.
"I'm dumbfounded once again."

 Not with Fear.
Elation fills my void of impossibilities to what I know to be.

"For the impossible is just the possible waiting to happen."
an original quote, by me, for me.

For I am unique,
a Genius Savant,
it's neat!

Do you see?

Look them up independently.
And you might be a human being.


 You may be a drone.  A non-existent thing.
Accusing everything for your troubles,
pointing the finger and being menacing.

At least that is what I see.
And it is so frustrating,
 just to even try to be.

Near Death Experiences are flashbacks to me!