Saturday, May 10, 2014

Red Hot Ice Fires

It all began before the Loc,
beneath the Key of Glacier Stone,
the Ice became the Walking talk,
the foundling said in spoked.

The height to brought,
told of knot,
untangled Times with Thought.

A Scribe saw the Wall of Wares,
the Cliff to every stare.

Pushing nothing in sight a See,
the flowing came sewn naturally.

The drink in melt the ice of shake,
the berg fell to the Bay of due,
the sound did crash up to boom.

Taste filled chaliced Cup return,
the metal showed engraved,
a Timbering of to Save.

Be trophied let just gave away,
bahut was full and felt to hold,
the Answer to the Questioned role.

Amid a Dancing Moon in bled,
the Waltz was even up to Lead,
the count was quartered within the halve,
to equal in the whole!!

The brighter shown in ready staged,
a lasting length to know,
the quarry of the stone became,
 a Stature showing Trued.


Know in Query there is a Place,
the read does tell of a State,
the anxious reveal the perfect rate,
the latter is a loan to make.

History told the interest whom,
would free up simplistic mooned,
a basket in the meld to balloon,
the air to breathe keep naturally.

Utter facts to sort deny,
the brick of reddened path is high,
a road that brings to every thigh,
a frigid freeze to heed.

A Clock by Compass has degree,
the graduate can also be,
an elbowed team to attach a theme,
brought light with buried tree.

A future task to wake from naps,
the Mind must also deed,
any voice heard to speak,
will shock the World in Real Feat!!

The Bough Of Grasping Nature

The song of Birds more than Tweet,
the sound of what I know,
is the live of my show,
it's landed in the Out of Know.

To make more than known,
the flight of what is scene,
the outdoors of my very own home,
is breathing with the Lead.

The sparrow that has flown to see,
the hummingbird is very keen,
the howling of Coyotes ream,
a raccoon always visits me,
now Blue-jade Scout is bold.

To never leave the trailed dust,
the range is more than just a must,
requirement is to skill or trust,
the ever needing Public cusp.

Derived from truth in listening do,
the best is all a win with proof,
moreover it's the bearing lug,
the Wheel of Time does hug.

Quit in simply deleting writ,
the search for only what is lit,
as mired with a Lot of knits,
the encroachment lends to be a Trip.

Dead Landed Throws

Know matter it is a Threshold do,
the door to open is not pursued,
a view of only pass.

In mortal body an exist,
to understand the path.

The looks of stares in guides a past,
the empty is a pull,
the light to seen is not in gleaned,
experience holds the full.

Trappings of the Verse at hand,
did not come without a brand,
the forehead said it's towed.

Around the World all do go,
to what is more than just a Show,
as Ancients told of Maps in stowed,
arch the intellect to being dough.

The mixture of reality,
with Life is 'Our' mortality,
much more is learned in evened goes,
than just this written prose.

To Whole Leads

Read read the vocal bleeds,
the veins of whom could Lead.

The bones not in the ground,
stand tall to know it's Call.

Strength derived from tougher times,
my birth was a mistake.

With nothing more than being bore,
this slave was used to trash abuse,
my Crown the Lid of deuce.

The bank did hold my concrete mold,
a basement stare to open blare,
belief is held know fare.

In subtraction of distract,
to run the more off course,
first it's sad, second unhappy and thirdly known retorts.

Back and Forth to Up and Down,
reverse the ever always found,
to not be in the knowing loud,
of Person, Place or Roar.

When stands are made from what's been caved,
than distance views to gloat,
with performance that issue's health,
the good is shot with down the belt.

Randomness would think a nest,
best thought to ink the stinging sink,
the breadth of what is stood.

Killer instincts from times on mortared,
plain sight brought different light.

To be or see a point of view,
would bring the front and horror ensued.

Blowing Prevailing Width Of Passing

Do not be dismayed should you be in chains,
the never seen attached it's mean,
our birth was planned to be,
that is the lock and key.

Remind the tears that cry inside,
that Earth does rain as well,
to grow the more in watering for,
what is already here.

With the bring sing with me,
the songs of ever truth,
we were before we'll be again,
the continue is our course.

Ride these simply notes of spun,
there just idea's of mind in done,
to draw a Map for better wraps,
the ribbon types are tons.

Look at the rounds that are survived,
and know that each is us,
with only what we leave to print,
the footsteps blow to dust.

Be strong for whom cannot belong,
for every Reader has a song,
through challenges thick and thinner longs,
it's Times that Show the guide to Crow.

It's Healthy When It's Really Shattered

The ability to inspire is an amazing gift,
the sense of beginnings to better lendings,
in a World that is at such unease.

The spoken tongue with lips that move,
to communicate and improve,
the given situation puts Two in location.

Where the conversation may bloom,
as an example of how to recover what has been lost,
a forward cost.

In the Event of Happening,
the Earth is changing Idea's,
with never-ending force,
the response will be remorse.

Embracing not the Fear,
rather saying "Hello" clear,
an echo is the Mirror,
of what has shown in absolute.

Engagement of solutions,
building bigger walls,
privacy is paramount,
when the obvious is leave.

The years in observation,
Science was a Cult,
now it's measured endings,
with nothing more that bolts.

Great Men have fallen with such Times,
the chance to change a World bind,
no word of Case in a remind,
that efforts had been Timed.

The evidence was thrown to wolves,
their teeth did shred it as vocal coulds,
but now the Seen is obvious stood,
the change of tune barking wood.

Reports that write of such a fight,
Posts left on opened Plight,
until the vast majority cry,
the Sky is free and shows the Might.

The Time It Takes To Be Real

Woke from my sleep,
in mid of night,
"to much time has passed"
glibly spoken in a monotone low,
I got up and thus it's spoke.

The factions of life is reality,
sleeping means to read,
a restful or a piece by piece deliverance,
 the understanding of what's to be.

The most to busy,
places call their fine,
never stopping to consider,
the friend that you have yet to meet,
 would be the one true kind.

Others hold the difference,
paved with pain or greed,
should People keep the passing,
than permanence is spree.

To chapter for the dire,
our numbers build to structure,
on less to know the bitter,
but rather shone considered.

The hands it took to beat us,
manipulate and kill,
the mass of the populous,
encouraged silence still.

As seen in Life of mine,
offers have been lines,
to halt the mad attacks,
the endless on the rack.

Attention to the Know,
the hold is with our Lives,
the shoulders that are out there,
shrug to state the dies.

Although at sum point,
you know a person asked,
how can I help to make this,
better than the past.

Sometimes the outreached effort,
to speak and not to dash,
rewards the persons stature,
with more than just a blast.

We all do walk these funny binds,
the singular in view,
bringing more than One or Two,
increases adding few.

Whether the recognition is simple,
or began in the complex,
the puzzle of the riddle,
is the Picture that showed the Cast.

To garbage work with concrete,
makes the sidewalks craft,
the underneath is hidden,
while the top remains in flat.

Crossing talks of busy,
the Cell phone does exact,
looking at the labeled,
while missing eyes to chat.

Save a conversation,
one day it pays to be,
the cuddling of tomorrow,
it's a chilling sight to see.

I hug my invitation,
to be more than I am,
improving with the written,
enhancing pen of can.

Not 'if' these Times are passing,
at rates of harried dimes,
reality keeps me asking,
the Moon and Sun to shine.

The aspect of a given nature,
is to question with a paper,
where on this Earth are Letters sent,
to receive a chance for....

The Neatly Tied Tumble

The match in book of difference,
still does burn the same,
the all because it's Fire,
showing simple flame.

A pattern to the words,
implore to open turns,
a warrior in the ringer,
is the ride to more than change.

Repeated lines in written,
to rehearsals Venue par,
the charge of choice is lifted,
life prisons with it's bars.

Braking understanding,
to comprehending talk,
addition would not lack,
should sparks envelope locked.

Fixed states of surrender,
an elemental state,
to speak of invitation,
the talk of only caught.

Broken Lives are worthy,
to see the oddly cursed,
orders sent to followed,
than breaking makes mistakes.

Curtains being lifted,
no time will just replace,
the in between is sifting,
to understand the Race.

A starting gate with open fate,
is destined to be clear,
the question of the set,
is salting wounds of dear.

An offer to the purpose,
the lift to elevate,
knows that with the chapter,
a City has felt the Take.

The venture of the given,
to watch the oddly livin',
forgetting that the hurt,
drove the most invert.

Human contact drifting,
away from any touch,
the calls are made to contemplate,
the why is questioned too.

The time it took to be a friend,
happened with the thought,
how nice it would be to return,
the example of not in bought.

Apple Stocks

The Apple asked the Orange,
are you in prison with,
the scepter of the lie in bite,
or peeled for your why?

The Core exposed the skin,
the red to fruit in lend,
no matter difference spoke,
the eating of is trend.

Given from the Earth,
the Sun or Moon and turf,
the dirt that fills the time between,
has fertilized diverse.

Ancient Times destroyed,
present moments Order,
the growth of Man in pattern,
the garden seems so planned.

The jail that attaches,
heaven in hell of spanned,
is quite the same to having,
these lives without an end.

Speaking to whom listens,
for Hope of future positive,
remember that the letters,
are guiding for protectors.