Saturday, October 7, 2017

S.F.P.D A Wife Came To The She And Be 'Kin's A Voice Of Language Of We All Think Las Vegas Paned? Like A Wind Doe Shade To The Dear Of That San Francisco Cop 'Cause Love Is More On The View Off A Dream Tonight. May Your Hand Be Skill As Should I Believe That Las Vegas Sheriff It Is Not A War Rent It's The Cope That Makes Men Mice, Be Tide

Sing with me in the path to the brick?,
no it is the cobble of the sewage and you are in the stoop,
it is concrete to the hose of that sea,
make a write to that is not the possible as the pen is the paddock and the key is not the swarm,
it is a hive that bee's will not honey to a drink of complete.

Remember the sky as the soar is no the eagle of a vulture's group,
it is a snail and the banana slugs,
cried to that tunnel?,
make that left o the leaves it is the important?,

Shallow are the grave to the tombs that Egypt wiped to tears of the World now,
the people piled us to make the ships that get to the Viking and prude,
net to that is no the keel as the Annanuki did not kelp,
so Wees gave my grandmother pride in the story of the Ivy on the filler,
laugh with my grandfather!!

Oh how those blue eyes Fell,
a pony of the Shetlands gives more to mine,
it is grace beyond.

Ship to the Sands get to a Wave of no-Title,
this is the Clam and aye the muscle for the Pearl of the Fountain rounds at a Shy knee?,
know that the Buffalo did not Antelope,
the Crocodile said what is soap eh,
no that just gave the Island a clone to wick Ka.

We more grand to the canyon and the bridge is golden Gate,
capital to this is time on The Watch as people for got!!

Stride this with Canter,
know that the barn is those Men in the beacon of my youth,
it is the strangest story of my lives and the laughter is still in my!!,
what the fuck!!

In the kid I choose to ask that horse in the comprehend of communicate,
oh for the Fell on that my see begrained to Bucket knew,
not a plural or a fashion of marriage and spit,
I gulped?,
no-way to path of what the Tuck,
not at the spell.

A memory gross?,
nigh the hour to the Time in the Solar part of galaxies,
across the Milky Way to soar a Suhr 'till these same grossed a building made of stick and Stone,
made my heat cream to milk note,
ahead the eyes as he said never broke.

Yea Man,
what is the key to October 6th on the Year of seven Teen?

That is a steam of hot to trot and not to the toy let,
I grift to the Dragon of what is more than Rome on a state,
so what.

How is the An,
shall the field be a File to the soar?,

Challenges come to challenges Show!!

~ ~ ~ ~

Hear on the Bay that the goats got a knicker,
yea so is that stitch to the broom that my grandmother say hay,
the bale of the crop.