Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Tinctured Tats

This Country has experienced know Modern Day War,
the battle of our lives is the playing field of yours,
behind these lines we are often used doors,
a chilling aspect in a life born horror.

A Cross most often hides the Prop,
encouragement relied upon to drops,
information teams to kill our themes,
our Home Fronts do these brings.

Manipulated for known Rebel,
this Issue is not without Cause,
the favor given to 'I am a Christian'
is equivalent in a free pass to a ticketed Lot.

Their phrase of not unique,
justice is blind to these deeds,
the gag replaces the eyes to beads.

In any corresponding review,
the meeting to solitude,
forced exclusion tears from dues,
the honest won't fight in a why bother plight.

Kept at Bay form a Cryer,
a Nation states that rare is Mired,
the fingers fist to armed in rapport,
signals brought have returns that thought.

To have invested with life itself,
removal of happiness Tell,
the core in as pecked before,
knocking off is similar same War.

The Bow and Arrow to Rifled terror,
accusations of Demonic scare,
Mohawks worn in pink hair,
crowded Venue emboldened Flares.

The Change A Foot,
the Fire A Place,
a hand print paint,
the Feathered brink,
the Quale of the Dragoness Inks.

Old Sayings Wasted

The gamete life spun,
the best reporting is a factual lung,
the breath I take is easy today,
truth be known and it has been shown.

No matter detail in ever speak,
Nature guides with breezy leaks,
the Wind that blew the front door slammed,
the very big and noisy bam,
 a lead so eloquent it serves to brand.

All entries to thresholds life,
closed upon reports of try,
windows boarded nailed shut,
the saying goes,
I hear tough!!

Told that Hopes, Dreams and Stuff,
would be torn in rebuff,
should I do anything,
like raise a happy family sing.

These excused words to speak,
just made real the posting peaks,
for the instant delivery neats,
the stream be made by merely deeds.

Up and Down the Round a Round,
I rode to find the feeling signed.

To be born and bred for Slavery,
the Servitude was birthed for viewed,
consequentially known in pass,
evidence brought to classed.

Stringing the oddity of my Self,
read for not really known,
speechless comments silent tone,
the production concluded known.

Mystery sewn default,
magic laid to rest,
to think a thought as it is taught,
do not expect 'cause life is kept.

No contact made eight years take,
the touch of skin left to hymn,
vocal tone a chilling no,
length of time I can't not stow,
cause of death.

The Confidence Games

Standing the questions asked,
no need to bump the Press,
the clatter of the negative that this Country has brought,
effects more than whom does write.

Crashing in the echoed spread,
so quick to read yet no can bite,
rough in draft so remains in pass,
it's the secrets that keep the Keys to rafted Sees.

Friendly faces this Nation surely must top the occasion,
the bitter chill is felt as still,
the piece that puzzled the pictured filled.

Having timed these empty pie's,
slice the apple and see the lime,
the mixture of the drunken brine,
the taste of hate is a palatable fate.

Fringed with kind hopeful puts,
answered footing with excluding took,
gossip renders talk at caught,
the lens no camera,
as reveal sees the eyes of teased.

So laugh you're choking,
on the drops of blood,
the vain wide open,
in majority tub.

The laundered found the suds to clean,
my body and mind have ironed reads,
to the Sentence of every sting.

Stable Barbs

Latter the After equal the More,
in distant nigh the shape of know One,
calculation will not add,
the Mathematics is,

Ridden for the Cruise,
got to like the difference,
doesn't matter to the other break lit,
the Fire FLAMES in MY!!

Gathering Force of no more that Sight,
the gambling paid off to Ride,
the tides of the most mighty fight,
the frigid cool that delivers,
just ME.

Quantity these blasts as pointed,
to the Past of Presence of lined,
written not of a spear,
rather the Sword of Rite!!

In Each and Every speed,
the caliber is you have breathed,
the grit in blanketed tights,
turned loose to the World in the spet of only,
the Mere of the Bowed Fiddle player Tuned.

Quibble never for the shatter is,
the grasp that it is a clasp to the think,
for that has not entered brink,
the set of the stream is,
you glean.

The Art Of Introductions

UPon the nature of merely do,
the voice of sample is gone with prove,
the ability that all possess,
recognition arrives with best.

You're an example to value measured,
no wish to dream with obvious kept,
grouse profit turns my Country to ignorant at set,
the court of Self delves to wield.

A broadened range Mind to fetch,
stronger bonds with pass of let,
do to please this Country creeps,
not to increase a better love,
but to Kill the Tale of.

People rise in grating breadth,
just to say you can't have Call,
'cause should I not have experienced saw,
than there is no way that she'll meet any at all.

Hump the load to packing stole,
it's the Life that I have told,
imprisoned by these same in cold,
the bitter truth is a cagey fulled.

Whole accounts to fill a proof,
not the wonder of a Letter moved,
vivid writes to stupendous flights,
the story is the movie rights!!

The above mentioned after scores,
knows of difference in provided coal,
embers Cued the Village of,
preparation does see loved.

Great the Formal shake of Meet,
brought down the House to land a Feat,
founder of the this bloggers site,
all the profits are performance d rubbed.

Forbidden talents gifts of born,
control remains with balanced saw,
youth to grown the communiqué,
learned approaching makes the day.

The General Public turns deaf moot,
however shades brought more that interest their,
never read the practice from,
just lived a life that Mind did sum.

Tread goes wide to opened view,
shored to skies the class of act,
bigger held 'cause Naturals felt,
the body of the language belt.

Meet Crossing

The pulse of the razor blunt force,
no cutting could ever cause retort,
the songs on the Radio play,
difference amounts to Grade A.

The slice of delight recorded as kite,
whether standing in the midst,
or feeling the closer Might,
the language does know battle,
a tempered rise to no expectation,
hello is a surprise.

The level of the planet traveled,
discovery goes unravel,
the Mystery of a Tale,
so knew it's old,
the Ancients of the Plato told.

No dream of factual detailed spoke,
reality is the factual broke,
loose to Verse as Zeus to Earth,
the dish to whole the affected role.

Be it said as not understood,
may make mention to Fear in could.

Comprehension usurps the current of,
decisions put forth consider Source,
proof or evidence supporting lore,
much more in prospective,
ability to Thor.

The envelope of delivery,
came with know address,
the sound of music played a low,
a simple invite to blessed.

Theory often banks the court,
popular opinion kills for torts,
as the warming heats to rove,
the image shown imprinted stones.

Marvel knot the emptied lives,
the search I've watched since birth was brought,
people demand to get their can,
respective to this long in do,
the choice to chose is removed for sooth.

A hand to hold not mine,
the warmth of a body kind,
the embrace of a hug not cold shoulder shrug,
encourages me to ask the question of.

The Flame in the Fire,
the sparking inquire,
a Worldwide steer,
to be much more than a dire,
the viable is desire.