Monday, November 3, 2014

Strange Hardcopy

Day watt hours minuet to the tickle of the power in the best position to speak Moon,
as the change in the table has brought time discussion the heat is on the Fire of claimers in the race,
put that task to course over the Ages and wonder never ceases to amaze the Ride,
rails on the sail in the strange of seeing how the degrees show of closer to Closely known,
that tune dial home with The Elemental Flames as the torch of land in Liberty Statue bares.

Crimson are the blush cheeks to the Touch lines in the scale of Measure to the stop in sync,
a note to cell in and on the Phone of still lands the banks to the Rivers flow,
into the barrel over Niagara the Falls of the Grand Canyon in an Aeon of spectacular examples,
The Look is a view of the strength Evolution at the start Creation to those feet in clarity,
tunes that bring leaps with The Jump as a Standard Transmission floor me!!

The live in fact to bearings of content is a well balanced Saddle that girths to the Ancients in wild,
the cards on the Soldier of a stride atop the Rank of textile in production to the down right left,
it is an apron effect of one leg to March and the other to start,
the operation of a Three Wheel Cart is most at stair with the Solar Bannister in Pair.

Long after the future clapper the link is in the service of the chore to ground Shores,
waves that push or the undertow that pulls is the Tide of Cosmic true venture,
skates in the galaxy to believe that the Stars have been and Are will see to witness The Grids,
strong environments character Memory genes to not suggest rather Know the basis of Tow,
a ten digit Area Code is now as locative as the remote Cell to the Hand Held,
it proves to be The Interest a sort of Crib design carries Forward to Watch back in The Real of.

I love to laugh as it is the Best Track to the quickest Out and certainly the fastest,
four score a few billion Moons ago there was a bloom on the Horizon like it had Ayes,
funny bones are the most clever of Whacks,
for as you kick to the scream you rock to the Pain ask the howler as the Yelp you hit my Funny Bone.

Bee Bees 


Today the month of November calendar the 3rd day on the Timeline in the Year 2014,
the foot to land to ground to touch will be a Marker of the mind frame touched in on History,
that drawn this moment in this Hour is that defined to know why the call to a loud was chained,
this is indicative of Flights to landings as felt is in the Homeward bound of state to Thought,
incoming on a 19th turn was the delivery of Whom is my Special Everyone in The World,
my son.

Happy Birthday!!

The Monkey King's Chemistry & A Mazing Facts

To a particular of the Tweets & The Twats bugger The News to aye say Ewes,
the knock on value to the Anal Retentive has done the Overboard in by means,
that understanding was a given long ago but in the caption of ranker blows,
blow the knee on that ankle of sat was the information of held and now it slaps back.

Text to the trouble of bother the finger would only be answered by the expressive of know,
on that count in the digit mid to the row a ring was the answer now it's just joe,
sloppy to the buns in the meat of a grow balance the given with this dancer at show!!

Coping a feel by cruising the flow surfers march Oceans to joint the Land oh,
baskets of woven by strings on the stay will never discount the songs on the pound,
in lyrics of sung by the way of dung Pleasure or Stimulation is a sidewalk to pun,
stage Fright to real is life on the shun Crowds that hand balls the stiff suit Scaled!!

Moon planet the dish with a Spoon getting wish knee Jerks that Hoss to a panter in boss,
travel the talent back to the States that where denims with great bank in the Fates,
sirens that alarm to the wax get Wet for the sinking of Arrow on Cupio's bet!!

Strike off to the coach of no introduction than down the swallow to planters seduction,
a bride's groom in skating the bridge to the deep,
jumping around as a sticker to keep,
mission that attachment of string with a Blunt,
smoke is for blankets that Warn on The Come!!

Trail the breaking of Will by the sum,
gold to the pocket and chew to the gum,
fire a ciggy and drink lots of run,
'cause guest in the stage be grates the big Cage.

Cartons of locale to center on days,
marking the Check like a Cloak in the Graeae`s,
but listen to Watch for the bands got a crotch,
that hardens to do the same old howdy Flu.

Feed The Birds

Well versed in the Cyclone of Religious War the Avenue has become a World Boulevard,
in that structure The Numbers are primary to Complexity in the simple of adding down,
the burial of information to the Task of role in the and on thee Street of Caliber!!

Tank the tracks to warn the driven that The Ages in said have pronounced articulation with Read,
in scrolls to Rote with chisel to Wall the pen at Paper in papyrus of Sprawl,
a direction from Four Compass at the North to the written south has Mirror to pass.

That reflection of word has brought to the front of the stand a bomb in a broad curtain,
cut the chords than silence is Press shred the pad than News is Scripted,
the Colander is a sieve of translucent to a Rider of being.

Energy that randoms to the AC/DC has been the All path to the ready reprieve,
as boredom over took the More's the hands in idle picked the choose with jaw,
in the temple of the brain a Mind on the Frame considers how the Pitch is in the Toner!!

Photographs shop to find the search upon the Future to the other perch,
in this Train of cattle on slaughter the Accent is above the already aughter,
as Fir is to Maple the syrup done Tap for know one declared the date of a scare.

In the period to Follow the need for Construction the helmet of rather in doom ore destruction,
it is always the road that cobbles the Foot to grip in the carriage as ever after in a terminal.

That state of wander is massive in the societies that have barreled the pickle for the apples,
fruits in salt the briny drink a toast on sputter as the Hour is made of spiced butter,
cinnamon chain to Nose of claim a branch on the Found will join as the grouper is A Fish!!

Nets to the web of deceit in the Start the string than entangles the Soup and the Heart,
spotters are dressed ask the Ewe as a Sheep in wolf's clothing is a bear on The Loose,
covered by Orange crafted by sank lifting that rafter is exact to emptier prisons!!

Food on the calendar to the 9:00 show Eleven is 12th on the 13 of Know,
the elevators Escalate much to design treads are the shifts of the Gears making Time,
yearly do's of hand cuffs to links the Key cannot be found in the laps Top of shoved.

Make Up does enhance the Facial of hidden but behind in the Eyes a dialects sitting,
brook Fulls of saddled by the restraint of just death Crowds will be the enticed by the sea,
these trainers on feet that velcro Release have gone to the pages as Swipers in Ages!!

No matter the clap it's chattering slapped A cross for the eviction & handles for fact,
nails cork Hammers in tools of bite back the bounce of the Hit is the missing of kick,
to not become the controlled of the Gum in tongues asking Babble did the Tower growl.

The Question is the answer on a perk that came on the Frame of gilded by clot,
blood that is not seen is the film of the stream that rivers to the lake in a spore of placates,
the whiz of the frosty Root bier as the Tonal of pitch tar from the pits of that spear.


Addition of the adding frost upon a top of the soak the inner of the freeze in pipe an order,
in this Today the 3rd of November Two Thousand Fourteen in the decide for the health,
an announcement of attention to the elephants room on the back to the future of the Ages in gasp,
should hindsight be 20/20 and the news plays to Touch a human being in the flesh of blood,
than on the script of said to jade the gem of Jewel in the stones of Shade system to the Sphere.

Cosmic grown by planet soar the galaxy in glacier steer has risen with the Oceans entry,
in procession of the sheets as the jagged break with fear I engage the Facts to tiered,
the stack of scrolls on buckets Mole the binoculars of Seer told that plants are All but clear!!

In no stop of professional rot the robes will tie to Tassel lot drawing calls by text of shot,
in the able of the cane a sale to the give a brand without the searing of the skin in obvious on Cattle,
the fire pit is Iron Hot a forge with Stakes that scene of bought to branch the reach via per se,
in that the which is bot by thought to enhance the scrambled eggs the Minds in operational plots!!

As the story tells of rain the storm a the mountains fame a sign of smoke No the guns been to state,
the bellow of a distant close has issued done with no lacking post provided by the t.v. Hosts in slot,
there at A.M. on the channel of the Set in all the Handle no chair swung back in shock,
just swivel round tomorrows sound the Jokes will play like music sleigh another empty pot.

Sand than moves to sweat the see grit is in the Tube of steep a Mug of coffee is beans in grind,
much like know exact to the Rock that pebble back as the Shoe is World flu in sickly dates of doom.

Down goes that Glass Forget a vase to taste the flower chase in list on Menu guide,
no stage needed the U-Tube plays to each and all that clique of side a Thumbs done hitched the bide,
abodes are in the Feet at crock the every on the door gone dock to chisel on the Cranes,
first the Vista of the View that Seconds take to say for the strike it's Third to game in the game of life.

Pole Land

Face To Face No Translation Needed With Reels

On 'The News' propaganda the dogma of said inviting the way as Reciept says aye read,
on the tunnel vision of the states without head take to the cutter the grease of this said,
I strike the measure of Verse on the stand as my legs are of Character and my Temper is land,
on the backs of the dead Wars on the Fronts of The Now Wars be sure of the Caricature that is Signed.

For in every contract the small print does rule not a question for any as the signature pools,
inks like the check-mark of or On,
the Box is the radio of the stink on the Farm.

Worn like the by ways from hugs on the fear,
chord this Voice my Voice with get a knew gear.

Shift to the echo and WARN for the steer,
as what is power are the words and their clear!!

Bodily fountain at the mouth of get guard,
lore in the Ages as the Fire is star,
streaming with Comet catch not the Par,
as flaming from Torch is the hold of the Tar!!

Oils in bunches gathered by beak Talk to a Crow as the feather is treat,
measure the glass with the Hour at Feat,
make in the Mascara that facial on Peak!!

Tiers of the Times in the tomb Tells of RYE,
courts that count the judges of EYE,
Ra in the sky as that Sun in a Sign,
moon me a Mars for the All of those serving chocolate BARS!!

Constellation on over to the sphere of the Mass,
get a pew for that musk is the skunk with a past,
never in Temple would Christian go blast,
oh wait I don't need to guess about that anchors @drag!!

Trials of look-A-likes I'll be a Pirate,
the plank for the Talker and fold is a Choir,
below the drop is a safety of net as the ocean does Role in the sea of be get!!

Cry to the storm of the Twister in guts,
belts on the ribbon of the slash in the pucks,
cheeks on the lips that purse to a stuck,
don't bee on the Venue or the price will go Muck!!

Stalls in the cleaner are visions to Stable,
steady in horse as tryers be doors,
however Moreover forth with the JUMP,
cruise to the Tower for the Arena goes Thump.

Pounding hooves with ACTUAL in ride,
not some pretender that sings of a tribe,
no in the very real of vein the blood drives the drum,
it's the BIG BANG on the World that makes this A STUN!!


The darkest dawn at the Head of the splatter on the Four Winds in the directional poles,
scratch the elbow on the said in the rain on the base of the founding a laughter in balm,
palms as the taste Salt on the truth scrolls in the Enclaves will belly this choice!!

Up live and walking not cruising the Crowd the sound comes from else where & it wheres a Shroud,
towel to the sweat as the leaker is loud temper in Vocals the grab at the Cowed,
milking that sweetness with yowling to How I hear the Ages in bane of the chow!!

Best to the flavor ask Taste in the spice move with the temple the brain and the Vice,
liquor of echo grows to devised cantors are falling at the price of a rice,
than on the barrier is the reef of a Scene balanced with Money or the fits by the sleeve!!

Cutting the dagger I say stick it UP the process of speaking to MY big erupt,
Ages of Flame in the eternal of Fire answer the skies of the blinkers retire,
shred this language with the deeper in Seat I speak of Challenge in the difference of REEK!!

Corn on The Cob a letter to Beet turn-ups are stakers that Crucify week,
count to the Number of the audience bleep fore on the Arm is a band of the streak!!

Now processors lost with the screaming of Feet running the Car Shows like Headlamps at seat,
politics policy which law will it bee as the anger entangles the grapes Hour Seed!!

So wire this to the wrap around dress from the base of your damper to the Top of access,
traits of the Venue with KNOW challenge is VEST made for the Reason of Tell it 'It's TREASON'
bank not Those scrollings as the food of the book as My Mind is speaking to the dumps of just Posed!!

Translation is not the even of odds For the Gambler is reckoning the Bigs on the Throws,
bark at the paper skill to the Skin bumps are for drive Ways in the Rails of pen,
face to the Profile silence akin making the Threat a listening trend!!

Watch to the wrist as The Ankle does bend,
hot to the Heels for the ride is a SEND.

Don't disciple the Countenance that YOU never lived,
a barter for Counters & bellies for jig,
blob to the Comet satellite MOON,
your version of Merry is the glad on GOT BROOM!!

Convertible Role Top

The drive of the body to the Completions of the mind at the matter of a stole,
fir is the stead on the crown of the head in A band at the basis of a Nape,
on the hare risen stop of the ears in the Crop answer of trade on Star Waves concept,
tracers in the draw etch of the saw do not stream in the river for that is the brook log,
in slept over Pause in a dimension All cause hands Affect the Tinsel of wire laws.

Degree of the burns to thunder of a Turns bring life to The Ladder of the spout dawns,
kept in records log Brain a birth to WHAT is in sleep will spread like a virus in a said,
silent on the Mount of shoulders carriage sound Echo of the walk in familiar by the stock,
soup of Water vibrates to in the Clue of say as speaking is Akin to pictures of the Send.

To scrap the mission Scrubbed by science of the dubbed is no more less than shrub,
the roots are routed deeply that Ass in donkey Mule a horse for the Rider & handle in the stool,
cost of buried Treasure increase with Know Man as coins are Minted ever in the cycles Plan,
designate the Tomb of WHAT is dug in broom still are Jars of kept in bars as Mummies Sheets,
so as the World spins to place the vigor of the Grape in taste remember of the Why,
distractions on the Wheat of the bundle to the Hey is just another Lister of apathy placate!!

Blank the verse to written girth as stirrups are to Irons Hearst a rider in the Storms,
newspaper is the babies born that cars have had to stop the horn to delivery per detail,
credit human not the beings as energy is Wild in see to labor of Hugging read,
C.B. radio the channel Tell a never jagged ankle will button formal spell,
codes at lines in circles Shill the pope of Priest in robes of still do not consider Leads!!

Criminy bandie legs of field the seat of Natural in the seal has Jumped the standards Coop,
a brushbox with the Willows stretch looking to the Fence of get is never greater than the Trust,
as coordination of rein to love the Bit is in the place to Sensitive for teeth,
the shape of jaw with makings saw that fit is by the method Ring attached to cheek the pieces,
be of substance to the Fly or chose the bounce in stride,
it's Flagged the same in Course of lane yet decision is the Vibe!!

As Three Day Eventers will walk the dirt to show the eyes of Train,
a Coach does often only go with the rider for the Know,
as seconds to the First go 'round are just the concrete of the bound,
but until the Touch down of the Hooves reveal to the feelings Stood,
that choice of know decision is The Remaining must be Live,
not to See another day but to Complete the jump and finish The Course in Time without Penalty.

Sum of fall is costly as the horse and rider well advised to spurs Seats and lives,
preparations Trail those that Trainers are for good imposed Teaching on the Clinic Rows.

For should the walk be on the Talk than professional must be Center,
as in the Arena the trot go Balk takes two to be the bender,
collection forms with listening ask the Horse of read,
both the ridden and the breathe develops in with Hands of creed,
story of the swish.

Nigh Teeing A Tea Four & Too Bits

Old Yeller

The devil went down to Georgia
Heed was lookin' for a soul to steel
Heed was in a bind
'Cause heed was way behind
And heed was willin' to make a deal
When heed came upon this young man
Sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot
And the devil jumped
Up on a hickory stump
And said boy let me tell you what
I guess you didn't know it
but I'm a fiddle player too
And if you care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you
Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy
But bid the devil his due
I'll bet a fiddle of gold
Against your sole
'Cause aye think I'm better than ewe
The boy said my name's Jimmie
And it might be a sin
But I'll take your bet
And you're gonna regret
'Cause I'm the best there's ever been
Jimmie rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard
Cause hell's broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals the cards
And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold
But if you lose the devil gets your sole.
The devil opened up his case
And heed said I'll start this show
And fire flew from his fingertips
As heed rosined up his bow
Then he pulled the bow across the strings
And it made a [sic] evil hiss
And a band of demons joined in
And it sounded something like this
When the devil finished
Jimmie said well you're pretty good old sun
Just sit right in that chair right there
And let me show you how it's done
Heed played Fire on the Mountain
Run boys, run
The devil's in the House of the Rising Sun
Chicken in a bread pan picken' out dough
Grant it does your dog bite
No child, no
The devil bowed his head
Because heed knew that heed been beat
And heed laid that golden fiddle
On the ground at Jimmy's feet
and 'Yes' said, Devil just come on back
If you ever wanna try again
Iom done told you once you sun of a stitch
Iom the best there's ever been
And heed played Fire on the Mountain
Run boys, run
The devil's in the House of the Rising Sun
Chicken in a bread pan picken' out dough
Grant it does your dog bite
No child, no
[Instrumental to end]

More Z


On a warm Sum Urs Eve kneeing,
 on a train going Know Where,
eyes met up with a gambler,
whee Were both too tired to Speak,
sew Whee took Turns at stair`ing,
Out the Win~doe at the dark Ness,
An boar dumb over Took Hymn,
An 'He' began to sleep.

Heed said Sun I've made a Life Time,
out 'uh' reading Peoples faces,
and no'ing what The Cards whir,
bye the Way they held There ayes,
an 'If' ewe don't Mind me saying,
eye(s) can see you're out^duh Aces,
for a Taste of Your whisk ay,
'All' give Ya sum advice.

You got know when to Hold-Om,
know Win to fold Um,
know when to walk a Way,
& no win to Rum,
ya never count your Mon^knee,
when ur sitting at the Tae bowl,
the(h)ell bee time uh 'nuff for counting,
Win the dealings done!!

Sew I handed him my bot^ole,
and He drank down my last Swallow,
then heed bummed a sig a ret,
and asked Me for a light,
the knight got deathly quiet,
his face lost awe expression,
heed said if you're going to learn Play the game boy,
ewe gotta learn to fight.

You got know when to Hold-Om,
know Win to fold Um,
know when to walk a Way,
& no win to Rum,
ya never count your Mon^knee,
when ur sitting at the Tae bowl,
the(h)ell bee time uh 'nuff for counting,
Win the dealings done!!

Every night knows,
that The Secret is the Universe,
no'ing what to throw away,
and Knowing what too Keep,
because every hand's a Winter,
and every hand's a loo sir,
And the best that ewe can hope for,
is to wake in your sleeve.

And win Heed finished speaking,
heed turned Back to The Window,
crushed out the sig a rets,
and faded off to Wake,
And somewhere in the darkest,
the Gambler heeds broke Even,
and in those final words,
I found an ace that aye could Seat.

You got know when to Hold-Om,
know Win to fold Um,
know when to walk a Way,
& no win to Rum,
ya never count your Mon^knee,
when ur sitting at the Tae bowl,
the(h)ell bee time uh 'nuff for counting,
Win the dealings done!!