Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mythology Is Where It's At, Truth Exacts This Life!!

Change is a decision,
it can be made,
not to benefit you,
but to impact Earth!!

In 'The Continue' life will rise,
a war to front,
Future Lives,
as a Way or a Path,
to grasp,
should you chose the fight.

Hang yourself on 'The Cross' if you like,
preach of lies,
testify as you rip off ties,
changed verse to fatten your purse,
the purchase is yours.

In Cupid's Reign Zeus proclaimed,
cannibalism is plain,
the shame of a human stain.

Anger became the wrath preordained,
to stop the blame,
and identify the name.

No one can speak of lives in weeks,
where times were lost,
history's cost,
the Wars, the Signs,

Proclaim your dust,
for mud goes far,
in this know that Fire burns,
to expose and learn,
a swinging blade to turn.

Expecting a Man to stand and say,
once again I'm here to die for your sin,

And as you look,
for that which never took,
nail your lives to the cross of which he died,
these accounts you cannot buy.

The offerings, the tithes,
the bought-off lives,
will do and die,
a lofty thought.

Death meets Us all,
to say don't ball,
your Life is the Rite to Fall.

The Sun Is Also Blue

In sight,
the Isis moon,
a dimension true,
in view of you upon 'The Blue'
she mourns it Too!!

Like the proof,
evidence ensues,
you kill the place that's left a trace.

The millionth year,
of earth's end dear,
to me she is the tie.

She adorns,
without the horns,
the settlement of nature's try.

The poisoned skies,
the do's,
the plight,
the magic made,
will die in life.

No care repairs,
the Planets stare,
the Stars don't burn as bright.

The violent threats to explode,
exterminating lives,
kills the dirt on Mother Earth,
the blast will hurt,
eternal burns.

Decisions done,
made me run,
imagine when you all are stunned,
by what perverses her.

As Isis looks to the Sun,
the warmth of life,
barely begun,
as shadows can't explain,
the dark side of another plane.

No matter endings Life explains,
knew beginnings are the brain,
to recognize different eyes.

In such a view you'll see the truth,
the very same a treasure remains,
the wealth of the deepened blue.

A Gallant Measure Is To Treasure

In a moment,
the blink of life,
the beginning,
the dawn of Us,
the trust.

a lead to the 'Age of Reality'

The memory of remembrance,
the verse of,
speaks naturally,
a Fire burns,
an Elemental return!!

I cheer the mind,
Gold Rings,
hold my truth.

Full-bore birth,
ready for war,
armored for chore,
I stand not to deplore,
but to battle for Earth.

Mother Nature,
my maternal view,
Evolution sees me through.

Tumultuous Ages,
lost Sages,
these days mirror do.

Speak your piece,
puzzle your life,
in this riddle,
you'll paint a picture,
a beautiful you!!

Uniquely known,
the Universe brought a Galactical Zone,
where Lives could be,
breath and deed.

The innocence,
the faith to believe,
purpose brings,
Fate a state,
Destiny sees,
a place to reside for both You and Me!!

In Sight of start,
I long for mark,
the day I knew I'd go.

Split to stow,
life is hard,
lessons learned,
We've come so far.

The end is just,
to Ascend,
a place or a Twin Soul mend,
to delight in a brand new trend.

The Bridge Connects

An amazing Voice,
a Love, a choice.

To sing of times,
in simple lines,
a Sonnet tries,
I dream of Lives.

The beauty signs,
in lyrics find,
the warmth of only you.

As we come,
and as we go,
it really is,
just a show.

From birth to tomb,
we feel the bloom,
the blossom of complete.

The root to be,
is in the deed,
to encourage,
Mankind's need.

The honesty,
in Art I feel the bleed.

The connection,
delivers attention,
to the mirror of only read.

With every word,
between what's learned,
the value's keep it clean.

The grace of spoken,
is sometimes broken,
but Love will last Eternity.

A Universal Claim,
without the blame,
the Twin Soul is,
a different same.

An equal half of a separate whole,
it always adds to subtract,
the measure is the cold.

Long before the music plays,

the pianoed theme remains in scene,
a quantum leap of what I seek,
is the dream that People meet.